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Theo and Chanel come out of the Brady Pub together. Theo says she didn’t have to buy his coffee but Chanel feels she owes him because she didn’t want to be alone with Olivia. Theo doesn’t mind and likes that Olivia says everything she feels. Chanel complains that Olivia wants to be in everyone’s business and doesn’t think she’s ready for a gender fluid granddaughter. Theo points out that he didn’t think his parents were ready for a kid on the spectrum but it worked out and they got used to it. Chanel thanks him and says they have enough to worry about. Theo still can’t believe Lani confessed to shooting TR at the wedding. Chanel knew something was bothering her but didn’t know it was that. Theo asks how Paulina is doing. Chanel says it’s killing her that she couldn’t protect Lani which is why she offered to take Olivia to the airport since Abe and Paulina deserve at least one morning together as it’s probably the only honeymoon they are going to get.

Abe and Paulina kiss at Paulina’s apartment. Paulina says she woke up this morning and thought their wedding was just a dream until she saw him beside her. Paulina says she feels truly blessed. Abe responds that two dreams came true in the park yesterday. Paulina calls it their first morning married and says his breakfast is on the table. They take a bite but Paulina says it’s terrible and she must have cooked it too long. Abe understands her mind is on Lani just like his. Paulina complains that she worked Lani’s whole life to protect her from Ray Coates and he got to her anyway. Paulina asks what’s going to happen to their little girl.

Julie visits Eli at home and asks about Lani. Eli says she is strong and has Justin for a lawyer but he has to get Melinda to agree to a plea deal and he’s praying that Justin can keep Lani from doing any prison time. Julie reminds him that everyone at the wedding was willing to take a vow of silence, so she didn’t have to go to the police to turn herself in. Eli says he told her that. They wish Lani listened. Eli says that Lani feels that she has to go through this to get past it. Eli calls her a better person than he is. Eli feels Justin has to cut that deal for her with Melinda Trask.

Justin meets with Melinda in her office to finalize Lani’s plea agreement before the hearing today. Justin thought they made real progress last night on the phone. Justin goes over his terms of one count of involuntary manslaughter doing 2-3 years in a minimum security facility. Justin is pretty sure the judge will sign off on this. Melinda reveals that the judge might, but she will not. Justin argues that’s not what she said last night. Melinda says she gave it more thought and that Lani shot her own father to death, an unarmed man who had done nothing to her. Melinda declares that if he thinks she’s going to let Lani skate then he doesn’t know her very well.

Lani is brought to the interrogation room at the police station as she has a visitor which turns out to be Susan Banks. She claims she had one of her premonitions and that something told her that Lani needed to see her best friend. “Susan” then reveals that she is actually Kristen DiMera, dressed as Susan.

Justin asks Melinda if this is a joke and argues that Ray Coates might not have done anything to Lani on the day that she shot him, but Lani’s husband had just remembered that it was TR that shot him. Justin explains that Lani left Eli’s hospital room and went directly to her mother’s apartment where she found Abe lying on the ground unconscious, so for all she knew, Abe was dead and her mother was next. Melinda tells him to save it as Lani should’ve arrested TR and brought him in. Justin argues that’s why he agreed to 2-3 years. Justin points out that Lani turned herself in and is a decorated police officer with a spotless record. Melinda argues that some things don’t make it on the record. Justin asks if she’s talking about Stefan DiMera and says Lani only fired that shot because Vivian pulled a gun on her and Stefan took the shot. Melinda responds that she’s talking about what Lani did for Kristen.

Lani reminds Kristen that she’s in a building full of cops. Kristen points out that her disguise fooled Lani. Lani brings up that Kristen used this last time she escaped and that the cops will remember. Kristen suggests Lani worry about herself. Lani admits she’s scared to death. Kristen mentions hearing TR shot Eli and says she was not going to leave her to deal with this alone. Kristen declares that Lani got her out of here once, so now she’s going to return the favor. Kristen reveals that everything is all set and by tonight, Lani won’t have to worry about spending a minute behind bars.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s having just as hard of a time getting in to the honeymoon as she is since in every way that counts, Lani is their daughter. There’s a knock at the door and they are surprised to see Beth. Paulina thought she had left town. Beth says she heard what happened to Lani and she had to come tell her how sorry she is for not stopping Ray Coates when she could have.

Chanel and Theo check their phones and find a bunch of articles about Lani’s arrest but nothing about her getting a deal. Theo suggests they give it a while since Abe said the hearing isn’t until this afternoon. Theo says he’s worried about Lani but the press won’t have anything to report until Melinda signs off on a deal. Chanel says he’s better at these things than she is. Theo says he just knows Salem better. Theo adds that them all being at the police station to show support meant a lot to Lani. Theo adds that even with everything that happened, yesterday was amazing, as they had the first Juneteenth celebration in Salem thanks to Abe and Paulina and the wedding was great. Theo brings up Chanel catching the bouquet. Chanel says that doesn’t mean she has to be the next one to get married. Theo points out that she could be, she just has to decide which twin she wants to be with.

Eli and Julie talk about taking care of the kids. Julie encourages Eli not to blame himself for Lani turning herself in to the police. Eli says when he remembered that TR shot him, he blurted it out to Lani when he should’ve called Rafe. Julie argues that he just came out of a coma. Eli says he told Lani right before she went to Paulina’s and shot him. Julie says he had no control over that. Eli adds that he was okay with letting Paulina go to prison for Lani. Julie understands he was trying to protect his family. Eli says that’s what Lani is doing now as she wants the kids to have a mother they can look up to. Eli says he has to get to court and thanks Julie for watching the kids while has a lot going on. Julie tells him to tell Justin to get the best possible deal for Lani that he can out of Melinda Trask. Eli thanks her and exits.

Justin asks Melinda what Kristen DiMera has to do with this. Melinda brings up Kristen stabbing Victor and escaping custody as she was aided by her friend Lani. Justin asks where she gets that. Melinda argues that if Justin really didn’t know about that, it’s because Abe made sure the police closed ranks around Lani. Justin asks where her proof is. Melinda assures that she can prove it and argues that Lani’s record is not spotless as she’s been taking the law in to her own hands whenever she feels like it and getting away with it. Melinda declares that ends today.

Lani tells Kristen that she has to get out of here while she still can because it’s not her job to save her. Kristen questions letting Melinda railroad her. Lani explains that she hired Justin and he’s trying to get her charges reduced to the minimum sentence. Kristen feels that one minute away from her children is one minute too many. Lani knows how much Kristen misses her daughter Rachel. Kristen says if Lani gets sent to prison, she will find out the hard way. Lani responds that she’s at peace with her decision. Lani knows Kristen risked everything coming here and she loves her for it, but she asks her to go now.

Abe questions what Beth could’ve done to change what Lani did. Beth responds that all she had to do was speak up but TR made her tell everyone that he was clean and sober and not violent anymore. Beth admits she knew better but she did it anyway and as usual, he had a way to make her keep her mouth shut which Abe questions. Beth reveals that TR offered her a lousy part in a movie and she went for it. Abe asks what made her come by Eli’s hospital room when he met her. Beth admits she was going to tell Lani about TR but she chickened out. Beth says seeing Lani waiting for Eli to wake up made her unable to get it out of her head. Beth explains that TR found out he couldn’t count on her anymore so he beat her black and blue and told her to leave town. Beth admits after that, she was afraid to do anything. Paulina knows what it’s like to be and live in fear of TR. Paulina assures that Beth can’t blame herself for anything she did or didn’t do after TR beat her since she was just trying to stay alive. Paulina brings up how she gave Lani up because she was so afraid of him. Paulina is glad she can tell the world now that Lani is her daughter. Abe agrees that Beth was not in the right state of mind to come forward. Beth states that everyone is being so nice to her but she feels she doesn’t deserve it because she knew what TR was going to do to her and she didn’t warn her. Paulina questions what she’s talking about.

Justin argues that if all Melinda has on Lani is something she think happened then she’s going to have a tough time with the judge. Melinda reveals that Eli knows Lani let Kristen escape and warns what that will do to Eli’s career when she makes him testify under oath. Justin questions why she’s been sitting on this for all these years then. Melinda states that she does have a heart and gave Lani a pass because she believes in second chances and it did seem like she was the kind of cop that Salem needs, but her instinct was wrong and now she has a chance to correct that error in judgment. Melinda tells Justin that manslaughter is off the table so Justin asks what the charge is going to be.

Kristen tells Lani to go ahead and take the deal but reminds her what happens to cops in prison. Kristen wants to keep her alive and questions why she won’t let her help her. Eli walks in and asks what the hell. Kristen then goes back to pretending to be Susan but Eli yells at her to shut up because he knows it’s Kristen.

Julie takes care of Jules and Carver until Doug shows up at the door.

Beth reveals to Paulina that TR planned to kill Paulina and steal her money which shocks her. Abe gets a call from Belle, who informs him that Melinda is on the warpath and Lani’s deal went south. Paulina declares that they have to make this right.

Kristen continues pretending to be Susan. Eli threatens to pull her wig off, so Kristen admits that it’s her. Lani assures that she had no idea. Kristen argues that best friends don’t abandon best friends in situations like this. Kristen tells Lani that she’s ready to help her, no matter what happens to her. Eli reminds Kristen that she’s a fugitive and orders her to put her hands behind her back. Lani tries to stop Eli but he feels he has no choice and warns how bad it would be if he let her go. Justin walks in so Eli stops and puts his handcuffs away. Justin questions what Susan Banks is doing here. “Susan” claims she had a powerful vision but they won’t listen to her so she asks Justin to listen. She says today is going to be a very good day for Lani. Lani asks Justin what happened. Justin wants to talk to her alone but Lani says it’s fine. Justin thought he had a deal with Melinda last night, but this morning she did a complete 180. Eli questions what the charge is then. Justin reveals that it’s murder one, life without parole.

Julie is surprised to see Doug as she thought he was spending time at home today with Jack and Jennifer because of Abigail. Julie cries that this is all so bad. Doug agrees that it’s as bad as it gets but says Jack and Jennifer needed time alone this morning. Julie feels they would need him to lean on. Doug says that’s why he’s here for Julie to lean on.

Abe and Paulina go to Melinda’s office and confront her over rejecting Justin’s plea deal. Melinda confirms that she intends to ask for a verdict of murder in the first. Paulina says no damn way. Melinda says all she is interested in is justice for TR Coates. Abe argues that murder one requires that she prove premeditation which she cannot do. Melinda tells him to watch her. Melinda calls it her decision, not his. Paulina tells Melinda that both sides can play hard ball. Melinda asks if that’s a threat. Paulina questions if she thinks she’s just going to stand by and watch her railroad her daughter. Melinda asks what exactly she’s going to do to stop her. Abe then brings in Beth. Melinda questions who she is. Paulina introduces Beth as the ace up her sleeve.

Doug tells Julie that he knows how much she loves Eli and that Eli’s never had to face anything like this before. Julie agrees and says he doesn’t deserve it. Julie asks why good people have to deal with so much suffering. Doug says when they do, they are lucky to have someone to lean on as strong as Julie, but she needs someone to lean on too and that’s why he’s here. Julie says just when she thought she couldn’t love him any more as they hug. Julie points out that Lani doesn’t just have her and Eli, she has Justin too. Doug thanks God for that. Julie worries that if Justin can’t get her off, she’s sure he can get her back to her family as soon as possible…

Eli questions how this happened. Justin reminds Lani that he asked if there was anything in her past that he should know about. Justin states that Lani left something out and Melinda knows what it is. Justin reveals that Melinda plans to tell the jury that whenever it works to her advantage, Lani is willing to take the law in to her own hands. Justin assures that he’s not giving up and will do everything he can to help her, but he’s starting from square one. Justin tells her that he will get back to her as soon as he can and exits. Eli complains that what Justin was talking about was the time Lani helped Kristen escape. Kristen tells him to let her help Lani. Eli asks what she has in mind. Kristen reveals she came here to break Lani out. Kristen points out that Melinda is going to have Lani sent to prison immediately. Kristen explains that Lani will get on the prison van and she will take it from there while Eli stays out of her way. Eli tells her not to tell him what to do. Kristen asks if he wants his wife back. Lani tells Kristen to stop. Kristen urges Lani to think this through. Kristen declares that Lani gave TR what he had coming to him and asks why that should cost her the rest of her life.

Beth explains to Melinda that TR told Lani he was a changed man and everyone believed him, but she knew he hadn’t changed one bit. Melinda responds that she’s sorry for what she’s been through, but her experience changes nothing. Melinda says you don’t get to pick your victim and TR may have been a reprehensible man but he’s still the victim here, so it is her duty to prosecute his killer. Paulina asks her to let them finish and instructs Beth to tell her the rest. Beth reveals that TR was getting desperate and running out of money but said he could still make Paulina do anything he wanted, so he planned to romance her, marry her, and then take her somewhere to kill her so he could inherit all her money. Melinda questions how she knows all of this. Beth reveals that he told her. Abe calls it premeditated murder. Melinda argues that TR did not live to commit the crime so her hands are tied legally. Abe warns Melinda that she is on the fast track to throwing away her job. Melinda questions if Abe is threatening to take her job if she doesn’t let Lani off with a slap on the wrist. Paulina says there’s a court of law and a court of public opinion. Abe explains that the people of Salem will realize that Melinda had a chance to stand up for abused women but chose a violent, drug addict who beat those women and shot a police officer in cold blood. Abe adds that the city council will insist that he demand her immediate resignation. Melinda argues that they only have Beth’s word and asks how she’s supposed to know she’s reliable. Beth reveals that she still has the photos she took after he beat her. Paulina adds those pictures could cause quite a stir if they end up in the paper. Abe declares that it’s all in Melinda’s hands.

Doug and Julie try to get baby Jules to go to sleep. Doug starts singing to get her to sleep.

Chanel assures Theo that she’s not leaning one way or the other. Theo wonders if that’s because if she actually picked one, she wouldn’t be the center of attention anymore. Chanel calls that mean and argues that this is hard. Theo says hard is when the woman you love leaves you at the altar while Chanel has a choice. Chanel calls it complicated since Johnny and Allie are going to be in their lives no matter what. Theo asks if she’s making it bigger than it is. Chanel says she’s been in a lot of relationships but this is different as she has to hurt somebody that she really cares about and then keep seeing them forever. Theo bets there is one solution that she hasn’t thought of. Theo then suggests Chanel dump them both and get back together with him.

Kristen insists to Lani that if they work together they can pull this off and asks if she’s in. Lani wants this over and says if she goes on the run, it will never be over and would drag Eli and their babies through Hell as they would always be looking over their shoulders. Lani refuses to do that to them, even if her life really is done, she won’t end theirs too. Lani asks if Kristen is really happy with her life right now and really free. Eli watches Justin through the window and sees something is going on so they have to get out there right now. Eli orders Kristen to stay there and consider herself under arrest. Eli and Lani rush out to ask Justin who he was talking to on the phone and if something happened. Justin announces that he doesn’t get it but Melinda is backing off and the deal he negotiated with her last night is back on, involuntary manslaughter with minimum time. Justin tells Lani that she can breathe again. Lani cries as she hugs Eli. Kristen watches from the window of the interrogation room.

Doug and Julie finish singing to get baby Jules to sleep. Julie then kisses Doug.

Chanel tells Theo that’s sweet. Theo then reveals that he was kidding as he’s with Claire and things are really good now. Theo adds that he was with Claire before Ciara and Claire has grown up a lot now. Chanel remarks that it must be nice to know you’re with the right person as she would give anything to make her life less complicated. Chanel then gets texts from Johnny and Allie, who both want to know if she saw their text. Chanel decides to take Theo up on his offer and let them have it.

Abe tells Melinda that she did the right thing. Melinda calls them blackmailers and warns that she won’t forget that. Paulina argues that they just saved her from herself and warns Melinda not to mess with her family again or she’ll be right back in her face. Abe and Paulina then exit together. Melinda punches her desk in frustration.

Eli tells Lani that it’s going to be hard for awhile but they will put this behind them and it will be over. Eli thanks Justin. Justin doesn’t think he should take the credit. Lani says she has some really hard goodbyes ahead but she still has a future now and something to look forward to. Justin says he has to prepare for the hearing but he’ll call her as soon as everything is official. Lani thanks Justin as he then exits the station. Eli declares he has unfinished business in the interrogation room. Lani says she will be right here and she’s sorry it has to be this way. Eli responds that they both know it does. Eli returns to the interrogation room and sees Kristen without her Susan wig on. Eli was expecting a fight. Kristen asks if he thought she’d make a run for it. Eli says if anyone could pull it off, it’s her. Kristen says she heard what Lani said before and she’s right. Kristen declares that she’s so tired of running, so she offers her hands up to Eli for handcuffs and says she’s ready to face the music.

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