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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Victoria was short with Nikki, leading Nikki to say she wasn’t the enemy. Victoria was furious because her parents weren’t accepting that she was an adult who had the right to live her own life without interference. She accused Nikki of knowing Victor was saying Ashland faked his cancer. Nikki explained that she found out shortly before Victoria did. Victoria noted that Nikki didn’t warn her. Nikki said she was in shock, and she wanted to think it was a mistake. Victoria hoped Nikki didn’t believe these hateful and disgusting insinuations. Nikki wasn’t sure what to believe. She noted that Ashland did die about his past. She added that Ashland acted like he’d just happened upon this clinic in Peru, when he’d actually been funding it for years. Victoria suggested she found it easy to forgive Ashland’s transgressions because she’d had to do the same thing for Victor so often. Nikki said all Victor ever tried to do was protect Victoria, even if his method wasn’t perfect. Nikki stated that Victor was trying to protect Victoria now too. “By going after my husband, he’s already lost me,” Victoria replied.

It broke Nikki’s heart that Victoria was talking like her relationship with Victor was irreparable. She asked if Victoria really thought Victor could make something like this up. Victoria pointed out that Victor was known to do underhanded things. She reminded Nikki that when Ashland had a heart attack, Victor made him sign over Newman Media before he’d call for help. Victoria asked if Victor was claiming Ashland faked the heart attack too. “What if these accusations are true,” Nikki asked. “How dare you, Mother!” Victoria replied. Victoria was sure the accusation was false. She conceded that Ashland had been ruthless, just like her father, but this would require a different level of deception. “You’re saying that the man that I adore doesn’t love me. You’re saying that he’s evil and conniving and that I have been a fool all along,” Victoria stated. Nikki gently suggested that Ashland had set this plan in motion before he even met Victoria. Nikki implored Victoria to talk to Michael and hear him out. Victoria was hurt and offended – she thought Nikki, of all people would be on her and Ashland’s side. “I am on your side. As your mother, your COO and your friend!,” Nikki was near tears as she stormed off. Victoria called Michael and left him a message.

At Newman Locke, Ashland blasted someone over the phone. He didn’t want any more surprises. “You disappoint me again, it’ll be your last time,” Ashland said then he ended the call. Nate showed up, and Ashland immediately knew he’d spoken to Victor. Nate wanted to hear Ashland say that Victor was wrong. Ashland said this was a revenge plot from some enemy he’d made along the way. Nate asked who hated Ashland that much. Ashland thought it’d be easier to name the people who didn’t want his head on a platter. Ashland noted that Nate was with him through the worst parts of his illness, and he was beside Ashland when he married the woman who changed his life. Ashland understood why Victor felt this way – he was protecting his daughter, assuming that was all it was. Ashland suggested Victor’s feelings had changed because Ashland wasn’t at death’s door anymore. Ashland needed to know Nate believed him. He valued their friendship, and he hated to believe Nate was buying into this. Nate wanted to believe Ashland, because one would have to be an awful person to lie about having a fatal illness.

Ashland wasn’t going to spend more time trying to figure out Victor’s motives. He said Nate was his primary concern. Ashland had few friends – the more money he made, the more isolated he’d become. Aside from Victoria, Nate was one of Ashland’s most trusted friends. Ashland felt he could confide in Nate and be honest with him. That was part of the reason he made the impulsive decision to ask Nate to be his best man, even though they hadn’t known each other that long. Ashland asked if Nate thought he could lie about something like this. Nate said it was difficult to imagine. Ashland said people had been coming after him his entire life. Ashland thought Victor bought into this because he never really trusted Ashland. Nate had known Victor a long time, and while Nate didn’t like everything Victor did, Victor was smart and thorough. Nate said Victor wouldn’t make an accusation like this without proof. Ashland said his enemies laid this trap carefully, but he wasn’t going to allow these people to dismantle the accomplishments he’d made with the Newmans. Nate asked if Ashland saw his marriage to Victoria as an accomplishment.

Ashland didn’t see the marriage as an accomplishment. Marrying Victoria was the best thing to ever happen to him. She was the true love of his life who stood by him through so many tribulations. Nate wanted to know what Ashland was referring to as an accomplishment. Ashland snapped that he was obviously talking about the merger, which was also the crowning achievement in Victoria’s career – she imagined it and made it happen. He couldn’t be happier more more proud of her. Marrying Victoria was a gift – she made him happy, and he’d made her happy too – happier than she’d ever been, according to her. He didn’t know how much longer he had left with her, but he wasn’t going to let anyone take away one single second of that time.

Ashland said Nate had gotten a look at how rough and tumble the business world could be at the higher levels. Ashland intended to expose this sham and put an end to it so they could focus on the future – one that included Nate at Newman Locke. Victoria came in, and Ashland told her why Nate was there. Victoria was humiliated that her family was spreading this rumor. Victoria said Nate saw Ashland’s records and the toll this had taken on him. Nate said everything he saw supported this diagnosis. Victoria asked Nate to go to her father and tell him how insane this was. Nate hoped the truth came out sooner than later. Ashland said they were lucky to have Nate as a friend. He looked forward to discussing Nate’s future at Newman Locke. Nate left. Victoria was relieved Nate wasn’t buying into this nonsense. Victoria wondered why Ashland looked so upset, given that he had the chief of surgery on his side. “Victor’s protecting his daughter. I can understand that. But why he felt the need to go to my friend and poison him against me…” Ashland supposed it was better that everything was out in the open. Ashland wanted to find out who was behind the disgusting allegations. He wanted to remove any shred of doubt from Victor’s mind, and from anyone else’s. Ashland was going to put all his energy in finding out who was trying to destroy his life. He asked Victoria if she could look him in the eye and say she believed him. She promised she’d always support him. She thought they should celebrate that. She gave him the contract that would make him her co-CEO. Ominous music played as Ashland signed the contract.

Nate met Elena at Society. He told her that someone was making scandalous accusations about Ashland. Elena said Ashland was no angel, but she’d thought falling in love with Victoria would’ve changed him. She asked if he thought the accusations were true. He didn’t want to believe it. He said it would’ve been one thing if Victor had approached him with this, but it was Nick. Elena understood the gravity of the Newman with the heart of gold reaching out. Nate heard Ashland out and found him very convincing, but Nate had doubts about Ashland and about taking the job at Newman Locke.

Elena told Nate they’d focus on getting a meal now. She wasn’t going to pry for details on Ashland. She told him to trust his gut – if something felt wrong, it probably was. Nate said that was what he was afraid of. He needed to find out who was behind this.

Lauren ran into Kevin at Society and asked when he last heard from his brother. It had been almost two days since she’d heard from Michael. Kevin had done some work for Victor, off the books, and he kept his employees busy. That was why Lauren had her reservations about this job. Victor persuaded Michael it was a part time job, then he sent Michael out of the country, likely on some kind of shady business. Kevin thought there were a million reasons Michael could be out of contact – his phone was lost or broken, he didn’t have cell service, he’d gotten on a plane and turned it off. Lauren thought about all that too. Lauren said that Michael knew she’d be scared, and he’d find a way to let her know he was okay. She couldn’t shake the feeling Victor got Michael involved in something bad. Lauren believed Victor hired Michael so that he’d get attorney-client privilege. Lauren said Michael loved the idea of handling Victor’s secret projects, and she was afraid he was now paying the price.

Lauren thought Michael was doing work for Victor that would usually be done by a private investigator. Kevin was sure Michael could take care of himself. Lauren agreed, and that was why she was so worried. Kevin said he’d do some digging. Lauren was glad to hear that. Chloe arrived and she wanted to tell Lauren about Chelsea’s trip to NY. Lauren was interested, but she didn’t have time right now. She left. Kevin confided that he was worried about Michael. Kevin had predicted that if Michael went to work for Victor, it would only lead to trouble. Chloe didn’t want Kevin to let himself get pulled into Lauren’s fears about Michael. Chloe said there were a lot of mundane reasons why Michael could be out of contact. Kevin had told Lauren the same thing, but Lauren said something was off, and she was right. Kevin thought Victor chose Michael because he needed help doing something top secret and delicate. Kevin said if his brother was in trouble, he had no one to help him. Kevin thought they owed to to Michael to investigate.

Victor went to Newman Media and told Adam that Ashland called his bluff and told Victoria everything and proclaimed his innocence. Victoria believed Ashland, and she was furious with Victor. Victor said he’d been forced into the untenable position of telling his beloved daughter that she was married to a fraud. Adam said they knew Ashland’s reputation before he proposed. Victor was mad he allowed Ashland to come into their family and spin his web of deception. Adam said it wasn’t Victor’s fault. Victor said it would be if they allowed Ashland to sign the contract that made him co-CEO of Newman Locke. Victor wasn’t sure how to stop Ashland yet. Adam asked if Victor had heard from Michael. Victor hadn’t, and it bothered him terribly. He hoped Michael went into hiding. Adam thought they had to consider the possibility that Ashland countered their move and had his people stop Michael’s investigation. Victor knew he’d need irrefutable proof to get Victoria to trust him over her husband. Right now, Victor didn’t have it, and that meant Ashland was in the driver’s seat, to Victor’s chagrin.

Just before Michael went missing, he texted Victor to say he was gathering all the dirt he had on Ashland and sending it to him. Victor never received the information. It really hurt Victor to think he’d lose Victoria’s love and trust. Nikki walked in and said Victoria was furious and heartbroken. Nikki was worried about how Victoria and Victor would ever recover if Victor was wrong. Lauren arrived just in time to hear Adam say they couldn’t count on Michael to save the day. Lauren wanted answers, and she didn’t care if they had an audience. Victor sent Nikki and Adam away.

Victor said Michael was on a delicate mission, and he’d surely be home as soon as he could. Lauren wasn’t sure if Victor was covering something up, or if he didn’t want to admit he’d lost contact with Michael. Lauren asked what Victor got Michael into. Victor said it was a delicate mission that Michael could handle. Lauren said supposed to be a short fact-finding mission. She told him he made it sound like an adventure, and Michael ate it up. She thought that he forgot to tell Michael how dangerous this was. Victor said he’d never put Michael in danger. Lauren’s gut told her something was very wrong. Victor said Michael was a good friend, and if anything went wrong, he’d move heaven and earth to get him back to Lauren. Lauren thought they needed to do that now. Victor said they didn’t know anything was wrong. Lauren asked what Victor would do if Nikki fell off the radar. Victor said he’d do the same thing Lauren was doing, and if Nikki was alright, she’d ask him why he was so worried. Lauren hoped Victor was telling her the truth. “If anything happens to Michael, I will never forgive you,” she said. Lauren left.

Victor talked to someone on the phone about Michael. Victor said, not only was Michael a good friend, he had the evidence Victor needed. He told the person to get to work on finding Michael. Adam returned and said Michael was a smart guy who’d gotten himself out of some tough spots. Victor never expected Ashland to get the upper hand. He thought Ashland would do whatever he could to keep Michael quiet, especially now that his back was against the wall.

Lauren met Chloe and Kevin at Crimson Lights. Kevin hacked into Michael’s devices and hit a brick wall when he tried tracking his brother. Lauren said she thought Victor didn’t want to admit he didn’t know where Michael was. Kevin said that if they didn’t hear from Michael by morning, he was going to get his cop buddies involved.

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