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Recap written by Christine

In the cabin, Victoria didn’t want to believe Rey was dead. She thought Ashland must be mistaken since he didn’t even know Rey. Ashland knew what Rey looked like, because he’d seen him around town. Victoria was in shock. She said she knew Rey well, and he worked hard and loved his wife a lot; he took time off work to help her when she got sick. She recalled Sharon saying Rey saved her life. She insisted that they go back to the accident right now and see who the man really was, because they owed it to him and his family to make sure he got help. Ashland maintained that Victoria was in no position to travel, but she didn’t want to hear it. Crying and frantic, she ordered him to take her right now.

Victoria said Rey could be unconscious or severely injured, and they needed to stay with him and keep him warm until the paramedics arrived. She asked if he even tried CPR – they couldn’t just leave Rey all alone. Ashland was sorry, but Rey was dead. Victoria said they couldn’t just give up on him. Ashland checked Rey earlier – he wasn’t breathing, and he didn’t have a pulse. Ashland had even waited for awhile, then checked for a pulse again. He was dead. Victoria sobbed. “I can’t believe I did this,” she said. Ashland reiterated that the accident wasn’t her fault. He was right behind her and saw everything.

Victoria wanted to hear about the accident. Ashland didn’t think they should discuss it again right now, but she insisted, so he went through the story again. Rey’s car crossed the center line toward Victoria, then it crashed. It was so foggy that Ashland couldn’t see clearly, but he theorized that Rey swerved into Victoria’s lane because he’d been trying to avoid something in the road. “Nobody should’ve been on the road. I wasn’t thinking,” Victoria cried. Ashland agreed and said it was dangerous to drive out there at any speed. She asked if she’d been speeding – she didn’t recall going fast. He wasn’t saying she was speeding. He told her the police would figure all that out later. Right now, he said she needed to get to a hospital. She noted that his hand was burned. He claimed he was fine. “You’re lying,” she said. “It’s what I do,” he dryly replied.

Victoria thought Ashland must be in excruciating pain. He was concerned with getting her to the hospital to make sure she didn’t have any internal bleeding. She claimed to be fine, and he said he thought they should get a doctor’s opinion on that. She asked what about him. He said getting help for her was the only thing that mattered to her. He got choked up when he thought back to seeing her in that car. She started crying again, and he told her it would be okay, but she disagreed. “I don’t care what you say – Rey is dead because of me,” she said. He insisted that it was a terrible accident.

Ashland was going to go look for help. Victoria wanted to go too, and she wanted to see Rey. She tried to stand, but she couldn’t, due to her knee. He started to check it, and she told him to stop. He asked if he hurt her, and she said no, but she knew he was in pain too, and she said he didn’t have to worry about her. He limped around looking for a first aid kit, and he found two water bottles. Since it was chilly out, the bottles would work as a makeshift cold-pack. He told her to keep one on her knee and drink the other. He asked her to promise not to get up, because it could further damage her knee. She promised, and he headed toward the door, vowing to come back with help ASAP. She thanked him for saving her.

Ashland knew Victoria probably wouldn’t believe him, and he understood why, but when he regained consciousness and saw her in the car with flames around her, he knew he had to save her. He said she was the reason he found the strength to free himself. “I couldn’t let you die in a burning car.” The irony wasn’t lost on Victoria that he’d let the real Ashland die in a burning car. Ashland said he didn’t think about that until he knew she was safe, but once she was out of danger, the connection hit him hard. It took him right back to that night, and to the friend he couldn’t save. He didn’t want to think about that right now though. Right now his job was to get her help and get her safe. “Why is that so important to you? Why can’t you just let me go?,” Victoria asked.

At Society, Victor informed Nikki and Nick that there was an accident reported on Highway B, just outside of town. His security team was on the way. No one had heard from Ashland, and Victor was concerned he was involved in the accident. Nick said he’d go out to the scene. Nikki wanted to go too, and Victor said if she was going, so was he. Nick convinced his parents to stay, because if Victoria wasn’t in the accident, she was going to show up at the restaurant looking for them. Victor told Nick to drive safe in the bad weather. Later, Nikki was worried because they hadn’t heard anything from Nick. Victor thought Nick had taken their advice and driven slowly. Nikki regretted letting Victoria go off on her own when she was so upset over what Ashland did to her. Nikki thought they should go look for their daughter. Victor said they were going to do as their son said and stay put. He added that Victoria was strong.

Out on Crimson Lights patio, Chance told Connor, Chelsea and Sharon about a hockey game he saw. Sharon was on edge, but trying to suppress it. She promised Connor that Rey would make this up to him. Connor said it was okay – Rey probably got called away on police business. Connor likened it to a super hero who went where they were needed, even if it was in the middle of dinner or homework. Chance said Sharon knew all about that, and he asked how many times Rey had been called away from dinner. Sharon smiled stiffly and said it was more times than she cared to remember. Chance started telling a story about a hockey game at Walnut Grove. Chelsea saw Sharon check her phone and step away from the table. Connor wanted to play hide and seek in the fog, and Chance was on board, but Chelsea said no. Connor moaned that Chelsea vetoed everything fun. Sharon went inside, and Chelsea followed her.

Chelsea was sure it must be hard being married to a cop. Sharon was used to not hearing from Rey when he was working on a case, but tonight… Sharon knew Connor was looking forward to the game, and she was really sorry. She knew whatever was keeping Rey must be really important. Chelsea said it was fine. She was sure Rey would come back with a really intriguing story. Sharon wasn’t sure if she was tired or if the fog was making her say this, but she couldn’t shake this feeling that there was a connection between her husband and Chelsea. Sharon suggested that Chelsea would want to get to know Rey better if he weren’t married.

Sharon had her arms crossed as she looked at Chelsea. “You want to know if I have a crush on your husband?,” Chelsea asked. Sharon clarified that those weren’t her exact words. “If I say yes are you and the other cheerleaders gonna write nasty things about me in your burn book?,” Chelsea flippantly asked. Sharon wasn’t trying to set Chelsea up. Sharon thought Rey went above and beyond to let Chelsea know he forgave her and he was rooting for her to get back on her feet. Sharon loved Rey so much because that was the kind of guy he was – kind and generous. Sharon said Chelsea and Rey’s relationship went beyond forgiveness, and he started treating her like a friend. Chelsea said she and Rey were just friends, and no matter what happened in the past, because of the dark things Chelsea experienced, Rey was there for Chelsea and her kid, and she’d always consider that a gift.

Chelsea asked if Sharon thought Chelsea overstepped. Sharon wasn’t accusing Chelsea of anything. She just had these feelings lately, and she didn’t like pretending they didn’t exist, so she was saying something. Sharon said that Chelsea didn’t owe her an answer. Chelsea wanted to be honest, assuming Sharon wouldn’t hold it against her. Chelsea thought Rey was incredible, great with kids and a great friend to her, and obviously he knew how to have a relationship without pain and drama, but the reality was that he and Sharon were happily married. Sharon agreed that they were, and she thanked Chelsea for her honesty. Chelsea thought Sharon was asking her this due to Chelsea and Sharon’s history together. Sharon said that wasn’t why she was asking. Chelsea said that even if she had a fleeting thought about Rey, it didn’t matter, because she didn’t have a shot. Chelsea said Sharon and Rey were amazing together. Sharon agreed and said she knew how lucky she was to have him. It was clear to Chelsea that Rey felt the same way about Sharon.

Chance discreetly took a call from the station about the accident on Highway B. He learned there had been a fatality. Sharon and Chelsea returned to the patio and asked if it was a call from the station. He said yes. Sharon said that if he ran into his handsome partner, have him call his wife. He said he would, and he left. Sharon and Chelsea exchanged a concerned look. Later, Sharon let Connor taste test a cookie. Connor had learned from Rey that you always needed to have at least two cookies to be sure you liked them. Sharon joked that she was going to have to have a talk with Det. Rosales.

Connor said he’d put his saucer on the tray, since Rey also told him to clean up after himself. Chelsea noted that she said that all the time. Connor thought it was different when Rey said it. He went inside. Sharon said she didn’t mean to accuse Chelsea of anything. It had just been one of those nights. Chelsea was glad she and Sharon talked. Sharon was too. It was late, so Chelsea decided to take Connor home. Sharon was sorry things didn’t work out. Chelsea said it was fine, just to let Rey know Connor would want a rain check. Once Sharon was alone, she stopped masking her fear, and she adopted a worried expression.

Back at Society, Victor tried to convince Nikki to order some molten chocolate cake. She knew he was trying to distract her from worrying about Victoria. He said he was trying to distract himself. Nick called. He was in the woods at the accident site, and he saw three cars, including Victoria and Ashland’s. Nick figured Victoria and Ashland went to look for help. Victor asked about the third driver. Nick got choked up and said it was Rey, and he didn’t make it. He knew Sharon, Faith, Arturo and Lola would be heartbroken. “Everybody loves this guy,” Nick said. Victor asked if there was any sign of Victoria, and Nick said no, so that meant she was probably alive, but they had to get to her. Victor said he and Nikki were on their way. The call ended. Nikki felt for Sharon and wondered how Ashland was involved in all this.

Out on Highway B, Chance assured Nick that the cops were looking for Victoria and Ashland. Nick mentioned that his parents were on their way. Chance didn’t think anyone should be out on the road right now. Nick didn’t know what to say about Rey – Chance’s partner. Chance said Rey had gone home to get the tickets for the hockey game. When the station called Chance and said there was a fatality, he’d gotten a feeling. Chance stared off into the distance, and Nick asked if he was okay. Chance said he had to be, for Rey’s sake.

Nick asked if Chance told Sharon about the fatality. He didn’t, because he was hoping his gut feeling was wrong and that it wasn’t Rey. Chance was going to send an officer to talk to Sharon, but Nick didn’t think she should hear it from a stranger, even if it was one of Rey’s colleagues. Chance had to stay at the scene, so he suggested Nick do it. Nick said this was coming out of nowhere, and it would shatter Sharon. Chance said that was why this needed to come from someone Sharon trusted. Chance knew Nick was worried about his sister, and he promised they’d find her. Nick said they needed to find Ashland too. Chance promised to keep Nick up to date and that they’d get Victoria the help she needed.

Sharon closed Crimson Lights, then she called Rey and left voicemail. She said she loved him, and she asked him to let her know where he was.

Back at the cabin, Victoria asked why Ashland kept saying he had feelings for her when he’d just signed a contract saying their marriage wasn’t real. He contended that the contract was a meaningless piece of paper. “Much like our marriage license,” she replied. He said it had nothing to do with his real feelings for her. She said she lied about wanting to run off with him because she wanted him to sign away the company and she wanted to get him out of her life. She asked why he followed her from Newman Tower – what was his brilliant plan? He said he didn’t have a plan. He said he already told her he followed her to make sure she’d be okay on the road, because she’d been upset when she left the office. She wanted to know why he risked his life to save hers. “Victoria, I love you. No matter what’s happened… you mean everything to me,” he said. She wondered if this was his way of trying to get her forgiveness. He swore that this wasn’t a calculated act. He knew she hated him, and he said he’d figure out a way to live with that, as long as he knew she was alive.

Victoria heard Nikki yelling her name, and she responded. Nikki and Victor walked into the cabin, and Nikki rushed to Victoria and hugged her. Ashland shared that Victoria hurt her leg. Victor tersely said that when they had questions for Ashland, they’d ask him. Victoria asked about Rey, and Victor said that was nothing for Victoria to worry about right now. “Ashland told me that [Rey] didn’t survive, and I think maybe he’s wrong, because I would know,” Victoria replied. Nikki said the paramedics were on the scene. Victor added that they’d take Victoria to the hospital. Victoria refused to go anywhere until she knew what happened to Rey.

Victoria asked where Rey was. Nikki said the paramedics were putting him into the ambulance. Victoria misunderstood and sighed in relief. Victor had to gently clarify that Rey was dead. Nikki added that Nick went to tell Sharon. Victoria said she had to fix this. Ashland told Victoria it wasn’t her fault. “What in the world are you even doing here, Ashland? Are you responsible for this accident?,” Victor demanded. Victoria said it wasn’t Ashland’s fault – she swerved to avoid Rey’s car, and she crashed into a tree, she was knocked unconscious, and the car caught fire, and if Ashland hadn’t pulled her out… Nikki turned and looked at Ashland.

Nick went to Crimson Lights and watched Sharon, who was cleaning, unaware that he was there. When he spoke up, she jumped, startled. She asked how Victoria was, and he said she hadn’t been found – she wasn’t with the car. Sharon figured that was good news. Sharon told Nick to sit, and she’d make coffee, and they could talk about Mariah’s wedding plans. Nick fumbled with his words, and he looked upset. Sharon seemed to pick up on what he’d come to tell her, but she didn’t want to hear it, so she quickly interrupted and said she’d made brownies. Rey’s favorite.

Sharon walked away and wouldn’t look Nick in the face. She made cinnamon rolls too, and she said Rey would flip when he saw them. Whenever Sharon made the rolls, Rey would sneak a few home for Faith. She said he must be working on something really important. She didn’t know what Rey liked the most – the brownies, the rolls or her. It was amazing – Rey could be asleep, and when Sharon started baking, he’d pop awake. She thought he had a cast iron stomach, probably because he grew up with Lola’s cooking.

Nick walked up behind Sharon and said there was something he needed to tell her. She still wouldn’t face him. “I know. I know,” Sharon said, before bursting into hears. “Just give me a minute please. Just a minute before everything falls apart,” she said. She finally turned around and looked at him. He said Rey was involved in the accident.

Nick explained that there were three cars, Ashland, Victoria and Rey. Nick talked to the EMTs, and there was nothing they could do. Sharon broke down sobbing and saying no. Nick offered a hug, and Sharon latched onto him and cried.

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