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Recap written by Christine

Sally came into Adam’s office, and he could tell she had something serious weighing on her. She asked if he thought he could read her mind. He thought she was thinking that if they got Victoria and Ashland back together, Victor would never see Victoria the same way, and he’d remove her from Newman Enterprises. That wasn’t even close to what Sally was concerned about. She said Chancellor Winters would be major competition, and she was wondering if there would be room in this town for the both of them. Adam wasn’t concerned. He thought that Newman Media could handle the challenge. She said Chancellor Winters had created a media juggernaut, but he countered that they had Billy, who could self destruct any minute. Newman Media had a lot in the pipeline, and Adam said Chancellor Winters couldn’t touch it. Sally felt better.

Adam took a call from Victor. Afterward, he told Sally that Victoria and Nikki were going on vacation to a European spa. It annoyed Adam that Victor couldn’t see that Victoria was unfit to run the company. He added that Victoria’s vacation would put a crimp in their plan to get her and Ashland back together. Sally suggested the trip was a blessing in disguise, because distance made the heart grow fonder. She thought that they had to be patient. Adam said they couldn’t fail. He wanted to be CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he knew she wanted to be CEO of Newman Media.

Sally loved every minute of being CEO, and if she couldn’t ever be CEO of Newman Media, she’d quit and strike out on her own, but she didn’t think that was going to be necessary. She said staying here at Newman Media with him was her top priority. He was glad he had her in his corner. She said no more talk of possible failure – only positive talk and plans. He said she was the expert at seeing five moves ahead. He asked what they should do next. She whispered something in his ear, and in the next scene, they were bursting into a suite and The Grand Phoenix while kissing.

Adam and Sally held each other in bed. He enjoyed the distraction. She said now they could talk about getting Ashland and Victoria back together. Adam said they had to make sure Victor didn’t know what they were up to. Victor was having Ashland watched, so they had to make sure they weren’t caught up in that surveillance. Sally asked if Victor didn’t have a hobby to keep him busy, like a golf tournament or a boxing camp. Adam laughed, then he had an idea – they needed a crisis that would take Victor’s focus off of Ashland.

At Chancellor, Lily, Devon and Billy planned Chancellor Winters’ launch party. Lily called it the beginning of a new era for all of them. Billy said they had to get clear on their messaging and plan a logo. Devon thought it needed to represent family unity – brother and sister forging a new legacy. Billy had a stiff smile as he heard Lily and Devon talking about their family and Katherine and Neil.

Amanda and Imani were at Society, and they were clasping each other’s hands. Nate walked up. He was getting dinner for the Chancellor Winters meeting. He sensed something was wrong, and Amanda said their mom, Naya, was having more serious heart palpitations. Imani was worried, and Amanda was encouraging her to stay positive. There was some tension between the sisters about their different approaches to their mother’s illness. Imani made a comment about how they couldn’t all be as stoic as Amanda. Amanda maintained that just because she wasn’t bursting into tears didn’t mean she didn’t care. Imani said she was scared, and she wasn’t going to apologize for that. Amanda just thought they should wait and see what the doctor said. Nate asked a few questions about Naya’s health. What he heard didn’t alarm him. He said thousands of patients lived with a-fib. Amanda said that meant there was no need to panic. Imani wanted to hear that from a doctor, so Nate reiterated what Amanda said. Naya’s doctor called Amanda, so she stepped away from the table. Nate asked if Imani wanted to be on the call. Imani said that it was better for Amanda to take the call, because she could keep her heart out of the matter, while Imani got emotional. Nate understood, since he was close to his mother too. Imani acknowledged that Amanda cared deeply for Naya, but it was different for Imani because Naya raised her. Imani had gotten closer to Naya since Sutton went to prison. Imani was tearing up because she couldn’t stand the thought of losing her mother. Nate squeezed Imani’s hand, and Elena walked in and saw it.

Nate excused himself and brought Elena up to speed. Nate had planned to grab some takeout for Elena and come home to steal a few kisses before his meeting. Imani tensed as she saw Elena and Nate kiss. Nate and Elena both got their takeout, then they went back to Imani’s table just as Amanda returned. Naya’s doctor wasn’t concerned. Naya would just need to have some additional check ups, and she’d be fine. Nate asked if he should give Devon the update. Amanda said no, since she hadn’t told him about Naya’s health scare yet. Nate left, and Elena joined the ladies for a drink. Imani felt helpless, but Elena said Imani could help by going with Naya to her appointments. Amanda said she’d check in on Naya more often. Imani was glad to have a friend like Nate, and as an aside, she included Elena too. Elena said it was difficult to be called to care for their elders. Elena said she’d moved in with her uncle Jett to help him back on his feet, and she’d been really scared, but in the end, he recovered, and she started a new life in Genoa City.

Imani didn’t realize Elena moved to Genoa City because of her uncle. Elena said that was how she met Devon – his sister Ana was her uncle’s daughter. Imani was curious about the juicy details that lead to Devon and Elena calling it quits and her ending up with Nate. Elena laughed and looked uncomfortable. Amanda said Elena’s past was her business. She added that her sister had a hard time knowing when to stop. Imani said they were all friends, and whatever Elena said wouldn’t be used against her. Elena didn’t mind talking about it. Imani told Elena not to leave anything out. Amanda glared at Imani, who was unfazed. Elena said that she and Devon loved each other, and they grew apart. Amanda thought that was Elena’s polite way of saying it was all Amanda’s fault. Elena said that wasn’t true. Amanda explained that she came to town, not knowing she looked exactly like Devon’s deceased wife, Hilary. Nobody knew Amanda and Hilary were twins until Nate urged Amanda to get the DNA test. Imani noted that Devon was dating Elena, and Amanda was dating Nate. She asked what happened. Elena said she and Nate worked together, and he was really kind when she felt like Devon was pulling away from her. One night, they gave into their attraction. “No, no you didn’t!,” Imani exclaimed. Amanda chided her. Imani just meant that Elena and Nate didn’t seem like the type. Elena said she and Nate didn’t think so either, but she guessed there was something undeniable between them. Imani acknowledged it must’ve been a painful time. Elena said it was for everyone, including Amanda, since she’d been seeing Nate at the time. Amanda said they weren’t serious, though.

Imani asked how Devon found out. Elena said she told him everything, and he broke up with her and got in a huge fight with Nate, permanently injuring his hand, and that was why Nate couldn’t do surgery anymore. Imani thought it was incredible that they were all so close after all the pain. Elena thought things worked out as they were meant to, and now the couples were neighbors and friends. They toasted over the best being yet to come.

Nate went to Chancellor Winters with the food. He thought they should promote the family business as one that would continue to make an impact on a regional and national level, but also tell people to prepare for a global impact as well. Devon said Nate sounded like a risk taker, and they’d known him as someone who always followed the rules. Nate said he was filled with an aspiration he never knew existed until now. The Winters trio laughed and talked, and Billy was just quietly smiling uncomfortably.

Nate and Devon left after the meeting. Lily told Billy that he seemed like he’d been in a mood ever since Nate arrived. She said Devon asked her if Billy was bothered that he was the only one in the C-suite who wasn’t part of the family. She saw how quiet he got when everyone was chatting. He said he was excited about the merger, but it was a little difficult when she and her family were debating and talking about Neil. It was a reminder to Billy that he wasn’t part of the family, and he thought it could be a sign that his position at the company wasn’t quite as important. She told him his contributions were as important to her as Nate and Devon’s. He thanked her for saying that and said he had to figure this out on his own. She told him to take all the time he needed. They hugged and kissed.

Billy went home and recorded a podcast about insecurity.

When Devon got home, Amanda hugged him tightly and told him about her mom. She said when she was sitting here alone, it was hitting her harder than she expected, but Nate and Naya’s doctor said not to worry. Devon asked why Nate heard about this before him. She said she didn’t go looking for Nate – they bumped into each other at Society. Devon wondered why Nate didn’t say anything to him at the meeting. Amanda said she asked Nate not to say anything. She’d wanted to be the one to tell him, and she didn’t want to say anything until he was finished with his meeting. He didn’t want her holding things back from him. He said he could’ve had someone cover. He wanted to be there for her. They hugged.

Nate went home, and Elena was sleeping on the couch. He woke her up and said he’d tuck her into bed, but she said no – she was up now. She asked about his meeting, and he said it was good. She noticed that his face lit up every time he talked about work. He asked how things went with Amanda and Imani. She told him to keep his eyes open, because Imani was after him. Nate said Imani was a harmless flirt. Elena could tell Imani wanted more. Nate said that there was only one woman in his heart, so he didn’t want Elena feeling threatened. She said nothing would come between them.

At Crimson Lights, Noah showed his parents pictures of the wedding. Sharon and Noah teased Nick about a picture of him on the dance floor. Tessa and Mariah sent pictures of the hotel room they were at in Paris. Sharon was wistful, because she and Rey had planned to go to Paris once Faith went to college – it was their empty nest plan. Nick decided to liven things up by making drinks. The others were wary, and he reminded them that he used to be part owner here, and he used to tend bar with Noah. Sharon was pleasantly surprised by the drink. Noah and Nick teased Sharon about how much she loved whipped cream on drinks, and they knew she’d like a brownie next.

Later, Nick and Sharon were alone at the counter, while Noah was off at a table. She wished Faith had been with them tonight, but she was with Moses. Nick said Sharon brought up an empty nest – he knew it’d be hard on her when Faith left. Sharon said Faith went to boarding school once, but this was different. When Faith went to college, it’d be the end. Sharon put a positive spin on it and decided it’d be the beginning instead – the beginning of Faith’s adult life. Sharon didn’t want Nick to tell Faith how she was feeling, because she didn’t want Faith to put her life on hold at all.

Noah used earphones to listen to Billy’s podcast on insecurity. Billy asked what it took to overcome it. He knew his listeners felt alone, and he felt that way too.

Sharon knew she’d never really be alone – she had Mariah. Nick said she had him and Noah too, and if she missed having a little kid around, she could spend time with Christian. Sharon asked if Christian still liked bedtime stories, and Nick said the boy could be convinced, especially if it was Sharon.

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