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Nicole says absolutely not to going home with EJ and insists that she’s not drunk. EJ says he wasn’t suggesting they do anything, he was just offering her one of their many guest bedrooms. Nicole asks if he’s sure. EJ asks what better use of the guest rooms and assures it’d be no trouble at all. EJ admits he could use the company. Nicole then accepts his offer and starts to get up but stumbles. EJ guesses she is more drunk than she thought. EJ gets up to help Nicole walk right as Eric arrives and sees them together. Eric questions what Nicole is doing with EJ. Nicole responds that she’s leaving. Eric asks where the hell they are going. EJ informs Eric that Nicole is coming home with him.

At the police station, Shawn finishes a call with Jada, telling her not to worry about it and feel better. Belle comes in and informs Shawn that Melinda isn’t backing down and plans to charge Paulina with this so-called cover up, so she’ll have to spend the night in jail. Shawn complains that the papers will be all over this and that Melinda just lives to see her name on the front page. Shawn asks how Paulina is doing. Belle says that Paulina thinks she can handle it as long as Chanel is out of jail. Shawn says that Belle has her work cut out for her. Belle responds that Stephanie does too. Belle knows Stephanie is supposed to be a PR genius, but she doesn’t know how she can spin this one.

Alex shows up at Paulina’s office, only to find Stephanie hugging Chad. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Alex explains that when she cancelled on their date, he thought maybe she wouldn’t have time to eat, so he brought her food. Stephanie thanks him and says that’s so thoughtful of him. Alex then calls it unnecessary since he assumed she was busy with work.

Sonny and Leo continue going through the wanted ads at the Kiriakis Mansion to find Leo a job. Leo gets why Sonny can’t give him a job at Titan, but asks if he could at least give him a reference. Leo adds that he knows Paulina won’t. Sonny says they have their work cut out for them. Leo knows Sonny doesn’t have to be doing this and he doesn’t deserve it, but he does appreciate it. Sonny responds that right now, he has nothing better to do.

Kristen remarks to herself that Marlena was wrong as sometimes her schemes actually do work, like tonight as she wasn’t actually going to visit EJ while dressed as Susan, she just needed to get Brady to see her in a new light and it worked. Brady then returns to the room. Kristen thought he was putting Rachel to bed. Brady explains that she wanted John to tell her another bedtime story. Brady questions if Kristen was having a full on conversation with a doll when he walked in.

Shawn tells Belle about taking this job to put the bad guys away, yet there are still so many around out there while he’s arresting Paulina and Chanel. Belle knows it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but he has tomorrow off so he can relax and regroup. Shawn reveals he doesn’t anymore as Jada just called in and said she needs the next few days off to recover from a medical procedure. Belle questions what kind of medical procedure.

Eric questions what EJ just said. Nicole confirms that she’s going home with EJ. Eric asks if she’s drunk. EJ questions if Eric is passing judgment and calls that out of character. Nicole insists that she is not drunk. EJ adds that even if she was, it would be none of Eric’s damn business. Eric tells EJ to stay out of this. Eric warns Nicole that this is not a good idea, reminding her of what happened last night. Nicole tells Eric not to worry about her marriage or her reputation, because it’s shot to Hell. Eric says he’s worried about her and argues that sleeping with Xander is the biggest mistake of her life, then asks if she’s going to double down by going home with EJ. EJ calls Eric the biggest mistake of her life. Eric questions what the hell is wrong with her.

Leo’s stomach growls, so Sonny questions him not eating dinner. Leo reminds him that he has no money. Sonny decides he will go talk to Cook about making them something. Leo hopes he’s not overstepping. Sonny jokes that they are way past that point as he exits the room. Sonny’s phone then rings with a call from Will, so Leo answers it.

Chad tells Alex that it’s not what it looks like. Stephanie explains that she told Chad that he could go home to his kids but he decided to stay, so she was just showing him how grateful she was for his help. Chad adds that they are in the middle of a crisis. Alex asks what’s going on. Stephanie explains that they were about to issue a PR statement for Paulina, but then Paulina got arrested as Melinda came up with some bogus charges about a criminal cover up which she calls just an attempt to keep her name in the headlines. Chad adds that it’s hard to counter because the charges are not exactly untrue. Stephanie says they’ve been wrestling with a revised statement. Alex offers to try to help. Stephanie says it would be amazing if he would be willing to take a look. Alex says he doesn’t have any other plans anymore and he did stick his neck out to steal the file from Sloan, so he is involved. Alex adds that Chanel is his friend too, so he’d love to help her and Paulina out. Alex then sits down to take a look. Alex agrees that they are in a hell of a mess.

Shawn tells Belle that Jada didn’t tell him what kind of procedure and it’s not really his business. Belle explains that she was just asking because Eric told Marlena that Jada is pregnant, which surprises Shawn. Shawn wonders if this has something to do with the baby. Belle asks how many medical procedures pregnant women have. Shawn asks if she thinks Jada was having an abortion but Belle insists there is no way since Jada told Marlena that she’s having the baby and Eric was so excited about being a dad. Belle just hopes nothing went wrong.

Nicole tells Eric to just go ahead and call her a slut. Eric says he’s not calling her anything and he just thinks her sleeping with EJ is a big mistake. Nicole argues that she didn’t say she was going to sleep with him, just that she was going home with him to his house and guest bedroom because she doesn’t have a house since she blew up her marriage to be with Eric and now Eric and Rafe both hate her so she’s been sleeping in her office. Eric argues that he doesn’t hate her while Nicole insists that he does because he thinks she talked Jada in to an abortion. Eric just doesn’t know why Nicole talked to Jada at all. EJ tells Eric that Nicole doesn’t have to listen to this. Eric then yells at EJ to get his hands off of her.

Kristen asks what Brady is so concerned about. Brady finds it strange that Kristen is talking to inanimate objects. Kristen jokes that it’s because she and Rachel have been playing with dolls so much. Brady brings up Rachel’s Christmas list having all the traditional items like a bike and a pony, but then she says more than anything in the world, she wants her mom and dad to be married.

Leo tells Will that Sonny is fine and is just getting them so food. Sonny comes back in and questions what Leo is doing on his phone. Leo responds that he was just talking to Sonny’s husband, so Sonny runs over and grabs the phone from him. Sonny tells Will that everything is fine and he was just helping Leo look for jobs online. Sonny says he remembers everything Leo did to him, but a lot has changed since Will has been gone. Sonny asks if they can just talk about this when Will comes home for Christmas, but Will then reveals that he is not coming home for Christmas.

Brady accuses Kristen of putting Rachel up to this. Kristen denies that and says every kid wants their parents to be together. Brady complains that now Rachel actually thinks it’s possible because Kristen blackmailed her way in to this house. Kristen doesn’t see it that way. Brady argues that Kristen is getting Rachel’s hopes up for something that’s never going to happen. Kristen adds that if she wanted to get married to him, she would’ve just made it a condition of their agreement. Kristen reminds Brady that in another month, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going to get sick again. Brady asks if she’s just working her way up to forcing him to marry her, but Kristen says she’s not and never will.

Shawn tells Belle that Jada told him the other day that she and Eric broke up. Belle responds that they are still going to raise the baby together. Belle talks about how Eric has always wanted to be a father, so he’s not going to just leave Jada high and dry. Shawn brings up that Rafe said Eric and Nicole were back together. Belle says that having a baby is complicated, but Eric would be a really good dad. Shawn guesses Belle is worried about him now. Belle hopes it’s nothing and says she’ll call Eric tomorrow. Shawn asks if Belle wants to get out of here. Belle says she will work on Paulina’s arraignment in the morning so there isn’t much else she can do now. Shawn suggests they go drown their sorrows at Small Bar. Belle agrees and they exit together.

Eric tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to go home with EJ. EJ asks if Eric is offering an alternative and suggests a room at his dad’s bar, next to Eric’s ex with an axe to grind. Eric remarks that he’s trying to overlook EJ being a dirtbag because his mom died. EJ warns him to keep his mother’s name out of his mouth. Nicole asks where Eric suggests she go. EJ remarks that he probably thinks she should go to Hell. Eric warns EJ to stay out of this. EJ tells Eric to go ahead and take a swing at him. EJ says Eric might feel better by blaming him for his bad life. EJ adds that Eric didn’t have to lose his baby and Nicole, but it was his choice. Eric then punches EJ in the face, knocking him down.

Sonny gets angry when Will tells him that he can’t come home for Christmas because of his job. Sonny claims he understands and says he’ll talk to him later. Sonny starts to cry and hangs up. Leo questions there being no “I love you”. Sonny says not tonight. Leo tells him that he’s sorry.

Alex, Stephanie, and Chad eat the Chinese food that Alex brought. Alex has Stephanie try Stinky Tofu and says he’s broadening her boundaries. They go over the statement and Stephanie asks what they think. Chad thinks it’s solid while Alex finds it tepid and thinks they need to go on the offense rather than just run away from the accusations. Chad argues that Paulina can’t admit to anything when it’s an ongoing case. Alex says they don’t have to get in to details and points out that all Paulina is guilty of is protecting her child and asks why she should apologize for being guilty of that. Stephanie agrees and says he just gave her a great idea. Alex smiles and looks over at Chad, who shakes his head.

Nicole questions what the hell is wrong with Eric as EJ gets back to his feet. Shawn and Belle arrive. Shawn asks what’s going on. EJ responds that Eric just assaulted him. Shawn asks if that’s true. EJ argues that he didn’t push himself over. Belle questions what happened. EJ explains that Jada had an abortion and Eric is blaming Nicole for it. Eric calls that private while EJ argues that so is Nicole’s personal life. Shawn separates them and tries to take Eric outside to cool down but Eric tells him to get his hands off of him. Shawn and Belle question if Eric has been drinking. Eric admits that he had a drink. Belle argues that he doesn’t drink anymore. Eric calls it a choice and says he’s not an alcoholic. Shawn asks how many he had. Nicole doesn’t know since he just got there. Shawn questions Eric having a drink and then getting in a car to drive to a bar and asks if he was going to have more drinks. Eric questions if he’s the alcohol police. Shawn says he’s just a friend and tries to take Eric outside again but Eric shoves Shawn down and reminds him that he said to get his hands off of him, shocking Belle, Nicole, and EJ.

Brady questions what is stopping Kristen from upping her ante on her blackmail. Kristen points out that when she got out of prison, Brady wouldn’t talk to her or even look at her, so she had to break through that wall somehow and now they are living together, raising their daughter. Kristen says she won’t keep giving him ultimatums as she doesn’t want to force him in to something he doesn’t want. Kristen reminds Brady that what they had was always real and says it still is. Kristen says she feels it right now. Brady responds that if she’s sincere about not wanting to manipulate him and if she really cares about and loves him, then she can prove it by just giving him the orchid that saves Marlena, Kayla, and Kate’s lives.

Leo asks Sonny why Will is not coming home for Christmas. Sonny says it’s the same old stuff as he’s doing another movie for Peacock and they want him on set. Leo asks if Sonny thinks Will is lying. Sonny says of course not. Leo suggests Sonny go out there to see him, but Sonny says he can’t and points out that Will didn’t exactly encourage that either. Sonny adds that Gabi has already made winter plans for Arianna. Leo guesses answering Sonny’s phone didn’t help. Sonny questions why he did. Leo claims that he called Sonny but he didn’t hear him, so he figured he would answer and let Will know he was there but he forgot he’s a trigger for Will. Leo swears he was not trying to make trouble. Sonny responds that Leo doesn’t have to try, he just does. Leo decides he will go and tells Sonny that he appreciates his help with the wanted ads. Sonny stops Leo and invites him to stay for dinner since the food is already being made.

Stephanie goes over the statement and says it’s better but still missing something. Alex feels it’s closer. Chad then points out that it’s missing Paulina’s voice as she would never say “my daughter”, she would say “my little girl”. Stephanie smiles and agrees. Stephanie then revises the statement and Alex calls it perfect.

Brady repeats that if Kristen really wants him to believe that she’s not manipulative and blackmailing him anymore, then she can just give him the orchid now. Kristen responds that she would really love to do that, but questions what would stop him from kicking her out, calling the cops, and going back to Chloe. Brady says Rachel’s reaction would stop him and as far as Chloe is concerned, he can’t go back to her because she’s with Stefan now. Kristen feels he will still move her out and that will crush Rachel. Kristen argues that this living arrangement isn’t so terrible. Brady suggests she ask John and Marlena that. Kristen points out that they are raising their daughter together and they are happy. Kristen asks if there’s a little part of Brady that is happy too.

Belle checks on Shawn, who assures he’s okay. EJ points out that’s two assaults in one night and one was on an officer of the law. EJ asks Shawn if he’s going to arrest Eric. Shawn asks if EJ is pressing charges. EJ asks why wouldn’t he. Nicole points out that Eric didn’t mean to but EJ insists that he did and he meant to hurt Nicole when he accused her of killing his baby. EJ declares that Nicole doesn’t owe Eric a damn thing which she agrees with. Nicole decides that if EJ wants to press charges, she won’t stand in his way. Shawn tells Eric that he’s sorry then as he doesn’t have a choice. Shawn then handcuffs Eric.

Stephanie, Alex, and Chad toast to teamwork. Alex points out that there’s only two fortune cookies since he didn’t know Chad would be hanging out. Chad says there’s no worries as they open them up. Alex reads his fortune which says “Help, I’m trapped inside of a fortune cookie factory.” Stephanie then shows Alex her fortune, which reads “You’re looking at the man of your dreams.”

EJ goes home with Nicole to the DiMera Mansion. EJ pours a drink and asks if he can get Nicole anything. Nicole declines and thinks she’s had enough for the night. EJ asks how she’s doing. Nicole admits she’s not good as she feels responsible for Eric going off like that tonight. EJ tells her she can’t blame herself. Nicole argues that even EJ agreed that she talked Jada in to an abortion. EJ argues that doesn’t excuse Eric’s behavior. EJ states that Eric wanted a baby, but Jada didn’t and she realized that while talking to Nicole, so if Eric can’t respect her choice, that’s his problem. Nicole supposes that’s true but since she can’t have a baby, she would do anything to be in Jada’s shoes. EJ asks if she means to be having a baby with Eric. Nicole complains that her head is spinning and she doesn’t know what to think or how to feel. Nicole brings up Eric getting drunk behind the wheel and killing Daniel and how she never thought he’d drink again after that. EJ understands she’s worried about Eric, but points out that his sister is his lawyer and his brother in law was his arresting officer, so he’s going to get off with a slap on the wrist. EJ hopes that will be the wakeup call that Eric needs.

Shawn and Belle bring Eric to the police station. Eric calls it ridiculous that EJ is a bonafide criminal and he’s getting him arrested. Shawn points out that EJ pressed charges, so he had no choice. Eric asks Belle to help him and do something. Belle responds that she’s sorry but she can’t.

Brady asks Kristen if he looks happy. Kristen points out that answering a question with a question is still an answer. Brady asks if she thinks he’s going to suddenly decide to want to marry her. Kristen says she’s not delusional and suggests baby steps. Kristen wants to start right now by spending the night together. Brady argues that’s not baby steps. Kristen points out that they’ve had sex before and she’s never known him to turn her down. Kristen urges Brady to give in to his feelings, say screw it, and go make love right now.

Sonny and Leo eat sandwiches and chips together. Leo finds a listing for an executive assistant job and gets excited but then realizes it was just Paulina listing for his replacement. Sonny laughs and says Paulina will never find anyone else like him.

Chad decides he should get home. Stephanie thanks him for staying. Chad says it was his pleasure but he’s not sure how much he helped. Stephanie says she couldn’t have done it without both of them. Chad says he’ll see her tomorrow and thanks Alex for the tofu. Chad then exits. Alex then apologizes for overreacting but Stephanie says she’s glad he came in when he did because a new perspective is just what they needed. Stephanie adds that she does feel bad about canceling their date. They agree on a rain check. Alex and Stephanie then start kissing as Chad returns, having forgot his coat. Chad then walks in to see them kissing.

EJ brings Nicole to the guest bedroom and says he hopes it suits her. Nicole says it has a bed so it already beats her office. EJ tells her that she’s welcome to stay as long as she needs, noting that there’s toiletries in the bathroom and aspirin for her headache in the morning. EJ offers to have her things sent over but Nicole says given their history, she doesn’t plan on overstaying her welcome. Nicole thanks EJ for this. Nicole then notices a photo of EJ and Susan on the end table and asks if this was Susan’s room. EJ says he’ll get that out of her way. Nicole asks if he’s sure he wants her to stay in this room when there are so many others. EJ calls it the nicest room and says he wants her to have it as she deserves it. EJ says he’ll see her in the morning and tells her to sleep well as he then exits the room.

Shawn tells Eric that court is closed for the night so there is nothing Belle can do tonight. Belle gets the circumstances but points out that Eric isn’t even pressing charges for the worst thing he did tonight which was assaulting a cop. Eric argues that he barely touched him. Shawn advises Eric to keep his voice down. Belle brings up that Eric was drinking and driving and punched EJ. Eric calls EJ an ass but tells Belle to go ahead and take his side since she did sleep with him. Belle asks if he’s serious. Belle questions him wanting her help and then provoking her. Belle tells Eric that he’s on his own then and can get his own lawyer. Eric tries to apologize but Belle says to get him out of her face so Shawn escorts Eric away to be locked up.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s sorry but until she hands over the orchid to him, nothing is going to happen between them and then walks out of the room.

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