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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Alex enters the living room and asks Maggie for advice on which shirt he should wear to an important dinner date. Maggie asks who the lucky girl is. Alex responds that it’s actually two lucky girls.

Chanel goes to Allie’s and tells her that they got to get moving if they want to get to the bar. Allie compliments Chanel in her dress. Chanel questions why Allie isn’t dressed yet but Allie says she is going in the t-shirt and pants that she’s wearing.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ and Ava talk about Gwen having to leave with a headache before dinner. EJ says now that it’s just the two of them, he’ll have a chance to get to know her better but then Johnny walks in and asks what they are having for dinner as he’s starving.

Kristen sits in her apartment, reading Stefan’s obituary. Kristen declares that it looks like the rumors of Stefan’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Li Shin calls Dr. Rolf and makes sure he didn’t have any trouble convincing Kristen that Stefan suffered a setback in his recovery. Li says he’s glad to hear it because the last thing he needs is Stefan O. DiMera returning to the land of the living, right as Gabi enters their room. Li says Gabi walked in, so he’ll call them later and hangs up as he then kisses Gabi. Gabi assumes Li was on the phone with his mother again and questions him not saying “I love you” this time. Li tells her that the call was just business and asks how her day was. Gabi says it was long but it’s not over yet as she needs to discuss some DiMera business with him that came up today, including the job that she promised Ava.

EJ explains to Johnny that the third place at the dinner table was for Gwen but she had to leave. Ava says it’s ok for Johnny to join them since she’d hate to see the food go to waste, so they sit together. Johnny is surprised they are eating in the living room instead of the dining room. Ava says that was her idea to keep it casual. Johnny says it’s nice to have a change. EJ informs Johnny that Ava will be living with them since Jake died, so he’s allowing his widow to live in the family home. Johnny mutters that he’s sure Jake’s DiMera shares had nothing to do with that .EJ questions what he said, but Johnny claims he just said that he already knew Ava had moved in and comments that they’ve actually seen quite a lot of each other which Ava smiles at.

Maggie questions Alex having a date with two girls. Alex says they met this afternoon and hit it off immediately. Alex clarifies that it’s not a “date” date but he wouldn’t have a problem if it were. Alex then assures that she won’t have to worry about finding either girl in his bed since they only have eyes for each other.

Chanel questions what Allie is wearing. Allie asks what’s wrong with that as it’s what she always wears to the bar. Chanel says she always looks great but points out that tonight, they’re going out with Alex Kiriakis. Allie says after working all day, she doesn’t want to put on heels. Chanel suggests the cute platforms she just bought and that she put on something fun and sexy. Allie questions why it matters what they wear. Allie then asks if Chanel is lusting after Alex and if that’s why she wants them to impress him.

Maggie goes over Alex going on a date with two women who are already a couple. Alex admits that when he first asked them, he thought he still had a chance but they turned him down but they are both cute, fun, and kick ass business women. Maggie encourages him to enjoy women’s company outside of the bedroom. Alex then asks her which shirt says “drinks with the bisexual girls”. Maggie suggests he worry less about what shirt to wear and more about respecting the girls enough not to label them. Alex agrees, so Maggie selects his white shirt. Alex says he’ll let her know how it goes but Maggie says there’s no need as Alex kisses her on the cheek and exits the room.

Chanel questions if Allie is seriously asking if she would drag her out on a date with a guy that she was attracted to. Allie admits she wouldn’t. Chanel assures that she’s not dressed up for Alex, but for Allie. Allie says she sees her all the time. Chanel points out that Roman has Henry for the night and they can stay out as late as she wants, so she thought they could make it a date night. Allie questions doing that with Alex. Chanel says the three of them will have fun and then they can peel off whenever they feel like it. Allie agrees to go change and meet her there. Allie kisses Chanel and then goes to change.

Tony and Anna go to see Kristen at her apartment. Kristen excitedly hugs Tony and says she wasn’t expecting them. Anna says it was Tony’s idea to come. Kristen is sure she objected to it. Anna says she’s here. Kristen questions what exactly Anna’s problem with her is. Anna asks where to begin aside from the fact that she kidnapped Abigail and married Tony while posing as Nicole and she was responsible for making Tony kill Ted. Kristen says she gets it and assumes they didn’t come for Anna to go over her crimes, so she asks why they are here.

EJ questions the looks between Ava and Johnny and asks if there’s some private joke that he’s not privy to. Johnny says no and repeats that he just already knew that Ava had moved in. EJ questions why that’s amusing. Johnny admits there’s more to it but he will leave it at that. Ava then says it’s okay for him to explain, so Johnny reveals to EJ that earlier this afternoon, he went looking for Chad and walked in on Ava naked. EJ apologizes to Ava on his son’s behalf but Ava says there’s no need, considering she saw Johnny naked too.

Gabi reminds Li about how Ava demanded a job or she wouldn’t agree to pretend to be married to Jake. Li remarks that she was clearly determined to get her money’s worth. Gabi notes stopping Ava from demanding a spot on the board. Li questions why Gabi has to give Ava a job at all and why she has to honor the agreement, since Ava’s only leverage is she can expose Gabi’s fraudulent claim that she and Jake were married but that would mean exposing herself as well, so either way Ava ends up with nothing. Gabi agrees that she holds all the cards but worries that Ava is a very shrewd women and will use living with EJ as some sort of advantage. Li admits they don’t know what EJ and Ava could be planning over there. Gabi adds that the whole point was to keep control of Jake’s shares, so if she blows Ava out of the water, then EJ could have them and she’d be screwed so she might have to give Ava a job or at least string her along long enough to take control of the shares. Li has no doubt that Gabi will outsmart Ava as they kiss. Li and Gabi lay in bed together and agree that being together is getting better and better. Li adds that he’s glad to know Gabi is open to their relationship being about more than just this. Gabi assures that she is. Li then declares if that’s the case, maybe it’s time she stops wearing her dead husband’s ring around her neck.

Kristen, Tony, and Anna sit together. Tony says they won’t stay long. Kristen questions why they dropped by. Tony says when he heard she was staying at Jake’s old apartment, he felt like he should at least try to convince her to come back home where she belongs. Kristen says that’s really kind of him and she would prefer that, but EJ refused to welcome her back in to the family home unless she gave him her shares. Tony comments that EJ has gotten a bit power mad in the wake of Jake’s death. Kristen points out that one person’s shares represents a lot of control, so she’s not willing to give that up.

EJ moves on from the topic of Ava and Johnny’s nudity by asking Johnny if there’s any update on Chanel. EJ says he knows waiting in limbo can be hard and that Allie’s a lovely girl, but he’s sure that Chanel will choose Johnny in the end. Johnny tries to respond but EJ continues that he knows Johnny doesn’t want to tempt fate, but having seen them together before, he could tell that Chanel was head over heels in love with him. Ava then cuts EJ of and says Chanel already chose Allie and they are very happy, so he can just give it a rest.

Chanel meets Alex at the Bistro. They compliment each others’ outfits as they sit together. Alex tells Chanel that he could show her some of the effort he’d put in to some other little things that might please her. Alex points out that Allie isn’t with her and asks if that means he gets her all to himself tonight. Allie then arrives in a dress and says she’s sorry to disappoint, but Chanel is spoken for. Alex asks how Chanel and Allie got together. They explain that they met in London and used to go clubbing together but they were just friends then. Alex asks when they became lovers. Chanel says it wasn’t until they both ended up in Salem. Allie recalls they met up and went out for drinks and they were just reminiscing when Chanel kissed her. Alex asks if they just knew they were meant for each other then. Allie admits that she took awhile to figure it out but she definitely felt something that night and then everything changed for her. Alex guesses it was a hell of a kiss. Chanel confirms that it was. Alex then suggests they show him what it was like.

EJ is shocked that Chanel chose Allie and tells Johnny that he’s so sorry. EJ questions how Ava knew about all this before he did. Johnny explains how Allie came by earlier and started going off on her which Ava was a witness to. EJ questions why Allie would be mad at Johnny. Johnny admits he spoke with Paulina to try and get Chanel back. EJ argues that Chanel proved herself unworthy of him. EJ assumes that it was Paulina’s idea but Johnny assures it was his. Johnny says Ava overheard him with Allie and defended him. EJ remarks that they must know each other better than he thought. Ava points out that they are all living under the same roof now. EJ says that’s true thanks to the sad fact that they lost another DiMera. EJ proposes a toast to Jake and says he wishes they got to know him a lot better. EJ adds that Jake must have been very special to sweep Ava off her feet so quickly that she was ready to marry him after only a few months. EJ tells Johnny that it’s now his duty as a DiMera to stand in Jake’s stead and support Ava through her grief. EJ talks about Ava’s new life slipping away before it began and how she was with Jake when he lost his life. EJ goes on about Jake losing his life so suddenly and cruelly until Johnny tells him to stop it already.

Gabi questions why she would stop wearing Stefan’s ring since she wears it to honor him. Gabi tells Li to just say what he’s thinking. Li points out that it’s been a few years since she was widowed. Gabi argues that Stefan was her husband and will always be a part of her. Gabi says they say that grief is love with nowhere to go. Gabi adds that she still grieves Stefan and always will, noting that she still didn’t take the ring off when she was with Jake. Li questions that not bothering Jake. Gabi says that Jake understood even if part of him wondered if he was just a stand-in for Stefan. Li asks if he was. Gabi says she promised Jake that he wasn’t and she thought she believed that, but the fact that she never took the ring off may be a sign that Jake never really had her heart the way Stefan did.

Allie and Chanel complain that they thought Alex invited them out to hang out and get to know them better, not to give him material for his fantasies. They start to leave but Alex stops them and apologizes. Alex states that the idea of them kissing is appealing to him but he respects their boundaries and understands it was an inappropriate request. Alex asks them to finish their story about how they got together. Allie says there were a few twists and turns. Chanel informs Alex that she married Allie’s twin brother first.

EJ warns Johnny not to try to shut him up. Johnny argues that somebody had to because he was upsetting Ava. Ava tells Johnny that it’s okay but Johnny says it’s not. EJ apologizes to Ava, saying he had no intention of causing her more pain. Johnny questions what EJ thought he was doing by going on and on about her husband just died. EJ claims he was just conveying that he understands the magnitude of her loss. Ava says she gets it, but she’s feeling a little bit vulnerable right now. Ava tells Johnny that it’s okay as she knows EJ didn’t mean any harm.

Tony offers to talk to EJ on Kristen’s behalf but she tells him not to trouble himself. Tony brings up that EJ moved Ava in to the mansion without demanding that she turn over Jake’s shares. Tony understands Kristen’s desire to hold onto her position in the family power structure, but he feels she can’t be comfortable here. Anna argues that he’s underestimating Kristen’s ability to adapt to any circumstances so they shouldn’t interrupt her adventure. Tony argues that there must be other accommodations but Kristen says she’s quite comfortable here in the home that her brother made before he died as it makes her feel close to him. Anna picks up Kristen’s tablet and questions if that’s why she’s reading his obituary. Kristen tells Anna to give the tablet to her but Anna realizes it’s not Jake’s obituary, but Stefan’s.

Gabi tells Li that she did love Jake, but she didn’t love him the way she loved Stefan. Li acknowledges that Stefan was the love of Gabi’s life and says he was very lucky to have her. Gabi states that she did love Stefan with all her heart, but he’s gone now so he’s not a threat to them. Gabi doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to feel the same way again, but she hopes so. Li is glad to know that door is still open. Gabi declares that when she’s ready to walk through that door, then she will take that ring off. Gabi admits it’s been a lot harder to let go of Stefan’s heart. Li jokes that Julie knows that feeling well. Gabi brings up being punished for that and how Li helped Chad oust DiMera for it. Li says he’ll forever regret that, but he didn’t know her the way he does now as they kiss. Gabi asks if it’s okay that she still wears the ring then. Li says of course as like she said, Stefan is no threat to them since he’s dead…

Alex asks Chanel about after she divorced Allie’s brother. Chanel responds that she decided she’d rather be with Allie after all and that’s pretty much it. Alex jokes that it must make for some interesting Thanksgiving conversation. Allie adds that Johnny already tried to enlist Chanel’s mother to break them up. Chanel assures that won’t happen as she already told her mother to back the hell off because nobody is going to come between her and Allie. Allie didn’t know she had said that as Chanel repeats that no one can. Allie and Chanel start kissing which thrills Alex, who comments to himself that they are so in love and it’s so hot.

EJ decides to go check on the next dinner course. Johnny mocks EJ while Ava comments on EJ being controlling. Johnny adds that EJ can also be insensitive and says he’s sorry about EJ going on about Jake earlier. Ava thanks Johnny for having her back. Johnny says it seemed only fair as she had his back with Allie. Ava repeats that they are all living under the same roof now which means they take care of each other. Johnny says especially since they are all DiMera, which he and Ava toast to.

Anna questions why Kristen is reading Stefan’s obituary. Kristen calls it a natural instinct since Jake and Stefan were twins, so when Jake died, she couldn’t help but think about Stefan and the tragic way his life ended. Anna is surprised she would want to relive that, especially since her good friend Lani is the one who killed him. Kristen argues that it was an accident as Lani didn’t mean to shoot Stefan and if it was anyone’s fault, it was Vivian’s. Kristen states that Stefan was a fool to jump in front of the bullet to save Vivian. Tony says it really is something to have two brothers cut down in their prime, leaving two widows behind. Tony recalls how devastated Gabi was when she found out that Stefan had died and how she was imploring Dr. Rolf to bring him back but there are circumstances that even Dr. Rolf can’t circumvent. Anna decides they should get going. Tony tells Kristen to take care and says they’ve all had a checkered past, but they are all family so he will do his best to convince EJ to allow Kristen back into the mansion. Kristen says she won’t hold her breath but thanks him as they hug. Tony and Anna then exit. Kristen then resumes reading Stefano’s obituary.

Li and Gabi kiss in bed until Gabi says she’s starving and asks if they can go eat then come back to this. Li says he promised his father that he would call him tonight with an update about DiMera which might take awhile. Gabi says she doesn’t mind going solo as long as she gets to see him later.

Johnny gets a call and steps out to answer it. EJ returns and tells Ava that dessert will be ready in five minutes. EJ apologizes again for being insensitive before. Ava says there’s no reason to apologize but EJ says she’s his sister in law and he knows how much she’s been grieving Jake, so he didn’t want to cause her any more pain. EJ hopes that she believes him. Ava says of course she does.

Alex tells Chanel and Allie not to stop kissing now. Allie jokes that they gave him enough of a show. Alex asks how could anyone get enough of two people being in love and says it’s good for his heart. Chanel and Allie tell Alex that he needs a woman, so he can do his own kissing instead of watching them. Alex responds that if they’ve got one for him, he’ll take it. Allie jokes that she doesn’t know if she wants to subject anyone they know to Alex. Chanel jokes that some of their friends are pretty hard up. Alex says he is too. Allie asks Alex what his type is. Alex says he doesn’t really have one which Chanel says isn’t helpful. Alex states that he’s not that picky as he likes beautiful women like everybody else. Alex then spots Gabi and says like her.

Anna and Tony return to the DiMera Mansion. Tony hopes he can change EJ’s mind about Kristen and asks Anna to imagine as many DiMeras as possible under one roof. Anna tells Tony that the last thing any of them need is Kristen hanging around the house and making trouble. Tony knows she’s made their lives difficult on many occasions but says that’s all ancient history now. Anna argues that if he wasn’t so oblivious and determined to be loyal to his horrible sister, who is only loyal to herself. Tony says he gets it but Anna questions if he does and if he realizes that Kristen is hiding something. Anna states that Kristen was acting very suspiciously to her. Anna adds that Stefan died years ago and now Kristen suddenly decided to read his obituary. Tony says that Kristen explained that and he thought it made sense. Anna says maybe it would if Kristen was a normal sane human being but it’s Kristen DiMera. Anna doesn’t know what it is, but she’s sure that Kristen is up to something.

Kristen goes to Dr. Rolf’s lab looking for him but instead finds Li Shin inside.

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