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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Faith were at Crimson Lights. Her college counselor had recently helped her narrow down her list of colleges, and so far Faith was leaning toward the University of Michigan. She looked forward to visiting it with Sharon in a couple weeks. She’d been thinking she might want to go into the fashion or beauty industry, like Summer and Victoria, and University of Michigan had a good business program. He asked where this interest in business came from. Faith really liked the econ class she took, plus she had a lot of businesswomen as role models and relatives – Victoria, Sharon, and Summer. Nick believed in Faith. Faith wasn’t sure she wanted to do this, but she wanted to explore it. He said she didn’t have to make a decision yet. She said Moses had his heart set on being a doctor, and then he changed his mind. He understood being inspired by her family, but he didn’t want them to have too much influence. He wondered if Victor had given her career advice. She said Victor didn’t say anything, but she looked up to him, and she thought he’d be happy she might follow in his footsteps. Nick was sure Victor would be thrilled.

Lauren met Michael on the patio at Crimson Lights. He was doing some work for Victor. She asked what Victor wanted. Michael wasn’t sure what Victor wanted, since Victor was often cagey about what he was up to. That was why Lauren was surprised Michael was so eager to go back to work for Victor. Michael said that Victor, like Lauren, kept life interesting. Michael was about to tell Lauren about a call he had with Fenmore, when he had to stop to do something for work. Lauren was resigned to it being like this from now on, but Michael said he’d set up boundaries to make sure he had a personal life. Nick came out as Lauren said that she’d hoped Michael would have a little more time between resigning as DA and going to work for Michael. Michael promised to make it up to Lauren. Nick was surprised Michael was working for Victor again. “Better you than me,” Nick stated.

Nick wished Michael and Lauren luck with the arrangement and left. Lauren wanted to know what Victor had Michael doing, since it seemed cloak and dagger. Michael brought up lawyer-client confidentiality. Lauren wasn’t sure she liked this new gig. Michael had to take a work call again.

At their home, Nikki asked Victor if Adam was going to work for Newman/Locke. Victor wasn’t sure. She asked what he’d do if Adam said no. Nikki knew Victor was disappointed in Adam, but she also knew he valued their father-son relationship, which had come a long way. He said he’d do anything in his power to maintain a good relationship with his son. She’d always be wary of Adam, but she didn’t want him and Victor to have a blow up. Nikki wasn’t surprised when Victor revealed that he had a plan B in mind, in case Adam didn’t stay at Newman Media.

Sally went to Adam’s office to see if he’d made a decision yet and offer another pep talk. He said he’d made up his mind, and she’d hear his verdict soon. He walked out.

At the Newman/Locke office, Ashland thought he and Victoria should discuss what would happen if Adam stayed on at Newman Media. Victoria was confident that Adam would never deign to work under her. She thought that he hadn’t quit yet because he was playing mind games. Adam showed up, and Victoria thanked him for all he’d done for the company and wished him best of luck with his future endeavors. Adam commented that Victoria was very sure of his decision, and she said that was because it would be the only one that made sense. He said to call him crazy then, because he was staying on. He was a team player, and he didn’t want to dump such an important piece of family legacy in her lap when she already had so much on her plate. Victoria welcomed Adam aboard. He noted that he’d been on board, so he should be welcoming her. Ashland wanted to make this a smooth transition. Victoria was sure Victor would be thrilled, since he worked so hard to protect Adam’s job. Adam thought his work spoke for himself. He said the success of Newman Media was enough to prove he knew what he was doing. He expected to maintain the same level of autonomy. Victoria wasn’t ready to grant that.

Adam thought they should ask Ashland’s opinion. Adam noted that Victoria didn’t seem to be consulting with Ashland about the company that was once his. Victoria said she and Ashland talked constantly. Adam was sure Ashland could see that he’d taken Cyaxares to new heights. Ashland sided with Victoria. He said Adam had done a good job, but once Newman Media merged with ChancComm, it’d be a larger division, so giving Adam instant autonomy might be a bit much. Victoria said Adam would have to prove he could run this larger company. Adam pointed out that he once ran Newman Enterprises. Victoria remembered. Adam said he looked forward to showing them what he was capable of.

Chelsea was at Society with Chloe. Chelsea complained that it was just like Victor to blindside Adam with this sale of Newman Media to Victoria. Chloe lamented that all their hard work at Newman Fashion might go down the drain. Chelsea thought their jobs would be safe as long as Adam stayed on at Newman Media. Chloe wasn’t so sure of that, and she hated leaving their fate in Adam’s hands. Chloe always worried about accepting a job from Adam. Chelsea wasn’t giving up yet, and she thought they needed to fight for their platform. Chloe was glad to hear that. Chloe put so much energy into this, mainly for Chelsea. Chloe felt like she owed Chelsea after all Chloe put Chelsea through. Chloe agreed that they shouldn’t let this obstacle get in their way. Chelsea said they didn’t have to leave their fate solely in Adam’s hands. She said they could go straight to the top.

Victoria was alone in her office when Chloe and Chelsea showed up. Chloe congratulated Victoria on the sale and said she hoped that Victoria honored their contract with Newman Media. Chelsea said they’d be happy to share their accomplishments and goals with Victoria. Victoria felt a connection to the platform because Sally made her wedding dress, but she intended to jettison Newman Fashion. Chloe and Chelsea protested, but Victoria had made up her mind. Victoria knew that Chelsea and Chloe eventually wanted to have their own label, and she said this way she wouldn’t’ be holding them up. Victoria thought the ladies were talented, but Newman/Locke wasn’t interested in the hassle and cost of creating a new clothing line. She wished them the best.

Chloe and Chelsea went back to Newman Media. Chloe suggested that they could keep the platform, minus the Newman Media name. Chelsea said they didn’t have financing. Chloe knew they’d get severance, and she said maybe they could use the money to shop around for a buyer for the platform. Or they could find investors. Chelsea said everything they’d done so far belonged to Newman Media, so it was Victoria’s intellectual property. Chloe said they could start from scratch, like they did before. Chelsea was open to that, but she didn’t want Sally to be part of their new platform. Chloe thought Sally was a proven asset, but Chelsea disagreed, and she said the downsides of Sally outweighed the benefits. “Why are you still so threatened by her when you and Adam are clearly over?,” Chloe asked. Chelsea said Sally couldn’t stay in her lane, and Chelsea had a feeling that Sally knew about the sale beforehand and didn’t warn them. Chloe asked if Chelsea had proof, and Chelsea said she saw it in Sally’s face. Chelsea said she and Chloe trusted each other implicitly. She asked if Chloe knew Sally well enough to trust her with their future.

Chloe and Chelsea arranged a meeting with Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally said they could just keep working and prove how invaluable they were. “I’m guessing Adam didn’t give you the head’s up this time?,” Chelsea said. Chelsea brought Sally up to speed – Adam was running Newman Media, and the fashion platform was being killed. “Adam would never do that to me – to us,” Sally replied. Chloe said Victoria pulled the plug. Sally didn’t think they should give up. She said Victoria liked her. Chelsea said they already tried to talk Victoria out of it. Sally asked what they were all going to do. Chloe said it was time for them to go their separate ways. Sally said they could start a new platform on their own and find another company to back them. Chelsea told Sally it was time to move on.

“I could’ve predicted that Chelsea would throw me overboard, but you too, Chloe?,” Sally asked. Sally noted that she and Chloe got the platform up and running while Chelsea was deciding whether or not she even wanted to join them. Chloe said she was as devastated by this as Sally was, she just thought it was time for them to cut their losses. Sally said that Chelsea and Chloe had enough money and people to rely on until they moved on to whatever it was they were planning to do. Sally though the others were conspiring to start something without her. “So what if we are? We don’t owe you anything,” Chelsea snapped. Sally said Chelsea and Chloe’s project would fail, because Sally was the one that made the fashion platform a success. She brought up the risks she took with Victoria’s dress. “Enough with the dress. It was one garment,” Chelsea shot back. Chelsea said Sally had some nerve predicting Chelsea and Chloe would fail. “You are a has-been,” Sally said to Chelsea, “and you are a fool to follow [Chelsea] around,” Sally told Chloe. “So good luck with Chelsea 22.0 or whatever number you’re at now,” Sally said before storming off.

Adam tracked Victor and Nikki down at Society and asked to join them. Nikki said they’d been eager to hear from him. Victor was pleased when Adam announced he was staying with Newman Media. Nikki adopted a stiff smile. Victor asked if Adam told Victoria. Just then, Victoria and Ashland arrived and went over to the table. Victoria said they should celebrate. Victor agreed to a toast. Adam smiled and said he couldn’t say no to champagne. “You might want to. You might tick off your new boss,” Victoria replied. She went to the bar. Ashland pulled Victor aside and said there were some changes he wanted to implement to strengthen Newman Media. Victor thought Victoria should be present for this. Ashland was sure Victoria would agree that, since his specialty was communications, he should take point on this. Victor said they should go back to the table, and they did. Victor raised a toast to to his two children and to all things Newman. Victoria and Adam didn’t look enthusiastic about the arrangement.

Adam said he looked forward to working with everyone, and he suggested that the key was staying out of each other’s hair. Adam had to go tell the Newman Media staff about the sale. Victoria told Adam to call her assistant to set up a meeting for him and Victoria, and he said he would. Ashland thought he and Victoria should go back to the office too. Victor wanted to discuss the transition of power with them next time they met. Victoria and Ashland left. Nikki said that was more civil than she expected. Victor said he knew what he was doing. Nick showed up, and Victor told him that Victoria and Adam had decided to work together. Nick didn’t know how Victor pulled it off. Nick said Victor had assembled all the troops – Victoria, Adam, Ashland and Nikki. Nikki added that Victor would be working there in and advisory role. “So many members of the Newman family working so closely together,” Nick said. He warned Victor to be careful what he wished for. Victor smirked.

Victor felt that having the family work together was a boon for the company. Nick hoped it went well, especially since there was another Newman who might become an executive. He told them about Faith’s plans, and he asked if Victor had anything to do with that. Victor said Faith had good sense. He suggested that one day, Faith might be able to convince Nick to work for the family business. Nick didn’t think that would happen. Victor was sure Nick loved working with Noah. Nick did enjoy it, but his concern with Newman/Locke was that there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and most of them thought they were the head chef. Nick’s takeout was ready, and he went to get it. Nikki thought Nick’s concerns were valid. She asked what Victor was talking to Ashland about. Victor said Ashland seemed to want to push through some changes without Victoria being there. “I knew it,” Nikki said. She thought the power dynamic between Victoria and Ashland was changing. Victor said it seemed that, now that Ashland could manage his illness, he wanted to exert more power and leverage. Victor wasn’t going to allow that. Nikki asked if Victor didn’t think Victoria could handle Ashland on his own. Victor said that was beside the point.

Nikki and Victor went home, she wanted to talk about how he was planning to take on a bigger role at the company than he’d indicated. Michael came to discuss business with Victor. Victor asked Nikki to leave. Nikki protested that she was the COO of Newman/Locke, but Victor still wanted her to go, so she did. Michael said there seemed to be some question regarding the legitimacy of Ashland’s cancer treatment. There was also some question regarding the legitimacy of the Peruvian clinic that Ashland went to for said treatment. Victor had been skeptical about this from the beginning. He thought it was odd that Ashland traveled all the way to Peru to look for a cancer treatment, when the best scientists were in America. He told Michael to dig deep.

Adam went back to his office and wistfully took it all in.

Back at the office, Ashland wondered if it had always been Victor’s plan to unite the family under the Newman corporate umbrella. Victoria said bringing the family together had always been one of Victor’s goals. Ashland wondered what Victor thought of his role – would he settle for being an advisor? Victoria said they needed to redefine Ashland’s role first. She thought their conversation from yesterday was unresolved. She wanted to know how he saw them specifically functioning. He wanted to take on a more active role, and he hoped she welcomed that. He told her to imagine what they could accomplish in a united front. She agreed, and she saw the sense in him having more control, since he was more familiar with some of the divisions that were previously part of his company. He was glad she saw things the way he did.

Elena and Nate were at the Grand Phoenix on their day off. He pictured the mountains of paperwork piling up on his desk at work. He didn’t realize how much administrative duties a Chief of Surgery would have. It made him wonder if he should take the job at Newman/Locke. Nate said Ashland suggested Nate could use his medical expertise to do good on a larger scale, and he even offered to mentor Nate on the private sector. Elena remembered that Nate took business classes in school. Nate said Ashland brought up AskMDNow, and Elena worried she was being replaced. Nate clarified that Ashland was talking about expanding AskMDNow. Nate didn’t feel as passionate about being of Chief of Surgery as he did about being a surgeon, but that didn’t mean he was ready to leave the hospital. Elena blamed herself for Nate not being able to do what he loved.

Nate didn’t blame Elena. He said he made his own choices, and he deserved the punch from Devon. She didn’t think he deserved the lasting consequences. He stated everyone, especially Devon, felt bad about that. Elena still wished she could go back and change things, but Nate said no regrets. He was happy with her, and Devon was happy with Amanda. He had a great life, and he didn’t long for the past because he was happy where he was now. He loved her.

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