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Gwen finishes a call at home with a friend in London with information about Chanel’s case and says it will make a nice exclusive for the Spectator. Leo then shows up at her door and says he has a scoop for her, but she’s going to have to hire him first.

Chad joins Sonny in the town square. Chad says they have to celebrate Sonny’s first day back at Titan and announces this is also his last day at SJ PR. Sonny is surprised as he thought things were going great there. Chad says they were but Stephanie only brought him on to help with Paulina’s campaign. Sonny questions if she doesn’t want him to stick around to help with other clients. Chad remarks that Stephanie will be fine without him.

Alex goes to see Stephanie and tells her that she looks incredible. Alex gives her flowers and asks if she’s ready to go. Stephanie says she’s not. Alex points out that the dinner reservations are in 15 minutes and she looks ready for a night out, so he asks if he’s missing something. Stephanie suggests they instead stay in as she brings Alex inside, where she has a candle lit dinner set up.

Sarah, Bonnie, and Maggie sit together at the Brady Pub, Maggie calls it girls night out and is glad they did this. Sarah brings up a drink that Bonnie told her about it and offers to get drinks but Bonnie says she knows what they are doing and it’s not going to work.

Xander searches for a cockroach in his hotel room. Xander then remarks that with everything he’s done, he’s no better than the roach. Justin then shows up which Xander calls an unexpected surprise. Justin informs Xander that he just spoke to Bonnie and says that Xander is in big trouble.

Maggie tells Bonnie that they are just trying to have a good time. Bonnie accuses them of trying to cheer her up and get her to forget about the kidnapping clown. Sarah admits that’s why they took her out. Maggie says Justin told them about what the clown did to her. Sarah adds that Justin thought she could use a distraction and a night of fun. Bonnie is not exactly sure if she can have fun considering what happened to Susan and what could have happened to her. Maggie hopes they catch the clown, lock him up, and throw away the key. Bonnie says if they can’t find him, she can only pray that he’s a million miles away by now.

Xander questions Justin saying he’s in trouble. Justin asks how long Xander thought he could keep the truth from him. Justin tells Xander that he knows what’s going on as Bonnie told him. Xander thinks back to holding Bonnie captive.

Bonnie agrees that she needs a night out and it’s time to put the whole nightmare behind her and the best way to do that is with a strong drink. Bonnie then goes to get the first round of drinks. Maggie asks if Sarah talked to Xander. Sarah confirms that she asked him about his job at Rednax and told him that she thought he might be the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Maggie asks what he said. Sarah tells her that he denied it. Maggie questions if she took him at his word. Sarah wishes she had since he swore he didn’t do anything illegal, so she looked up Rednax and found a web site and even a job listing for the spot that Xander vacated. Maggie is relieved that it was legit then. Sarah is sorry that she ever doubted Xander.

Xander questions Justin as to what Bonnie told him. Justin says that Bonnie told him about the debt collector that came to the house. Xander is relieved it’s just that. Justin mentions that Maggie told him about Xander quitting his job over his boss asking him to do something he wasn’t comfortable with. Justin tells Xander that he’s proud of him for doing the right thing. Xander thanks him but says that doesn’t really pay the bills. Justin agrees that behavior doesn’t always get rewarded but in this case, he thinks it could be. Justin suggests they sue Rednax for wrongful termination as Justin is sure they could make them pay and says he’ll just need the name of Xander’s boss.

Gwen questions Leo wanting to work at the Spectator. Leo gives her a folder of articles that he presents as news about Alex and Stephanie, Julie, and Wendy and Johnny. Gwen argues that it’s all gossip and not news. Leo questions the difference. Gwen states that the Spectator is a very respected newspaper so they couldn’t publish this. Leo points out that he would write anonymously as “Lady Whistleblower.” Leo encourages Gwen being able to impress Jack and promises to work his ass off for her. Gwen agrees to run it by Jack and asks if job prospects are that grim for him. Leo admits he did get one offer from Sonny. Gwen questions how that happened and tells him not to leave out any details as she takes him inside.

Sonny questions if Chad is officially done working at SJ PR. Chad says he’s not officially and he doesn’t want to leave since he really enjoyed working PR and it was rewarding. Sonny comments that Chad and Stephanie seemed to get along well. Chad says it was a little too well. Sonny asks if Chad has a thing for Stephanie. Chad admits that he did. Sonny asks if she did as well. Chad says it doesn’t matter since it’s toon soon after Abigail and he doesn’t want to be with anyone, so now Stephanie has moved on with Alex.

Stephanie hopes Alex doesn’t mind staying in. Alex says it’s great and asks about her parents. Stephanie says they are still in Seattle with Tripp, so they have the place for themselves. Alex asks if they should order delivery but Stephanie reveals that she spent all day cooking and says she’s a woman of many talents. Alex tells Stephanie about Sonny being back as CEO at Titan. Stephanie asks how he feels about it. Alex says he’s fine as there are perks to having less responsibility, like more time to spend with her. Stephanie questions if he really doesn’t mind stepping down. Alex says he’d rather be here with her and asks if she doesn’t believe him. Stephanie sensed that he likes to be on top. Alex says he does but he’s flexible.

Sonny questions Chad being totally fine with Alex dating Stephanie. Chad asks why he wouldn’t be. Chad says Stephanie is great and it seems like Alex won her over. Sonny tells Chad that he doesn’t have to lie to him. Chad admits it sucked seeing Alex and Stephanie get cozy. Sonny says that’s because Chad was jealous.

Gwen doesn’t get why Leo turned down Sonny’s job offer. Leo explains that it never would’ve worked out and would’ve been a total disaster which Sonny realized too. Gwen asks how it would’ve been a disaster. Leo says that Will and Victor would’ve given him nonstop grief over hiring him and Victor probably would’ve fired them both. Leo adds that after everything with Craig and Abigail, he’s trying to avoid personal complications in his life right now. Gwen asks what he means. Leo points out that Sonny is married which Gwen jokes is his type. Gwen believes Leo is smitten with Sonny.

Xander questions Justin wanting his boss’s name. Justin thinks they can make a case for wrongful termination since Xander got fired for refusing to do something illegal. Justin says it probably wouldn’t go to court and they could settle. Xander appreciates the offer but says he’d rather forget the whole thing ever happened. Justin asks why, when he could get him a sizable settlement to make all his creditors go away and he could put this nasty business behind him and get on with his life. Xander responds that there’s nothing he wants more.

Bonnie talks about seeing clowns everywhere she goes. Maggie can’t imagine how nerve wracking that is. Bonnie keeps worrying about if the clown comes back for her and isn’t done. Maggie points out that Bonnie wasn’t Ava’s target as she had the clown take Susan to get back at EJ. Sarah adds that Bonnie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, so according to the police, she is safe. Bonnie thanks them and toasts to being safe and getting buzzed. Bonnie then looks up and imagines the Clown appearing to bring their drinks.

Stephanie and Alex drink wine together. Stephanie tells Alex about cooking short rib pho for their dinner. Alex tells her that he is also a man of many talents as they then start kissing. Alex removes his shirt and asks if she’s sure she’s ready for this. Stephanie asks what he thinks and starts to take him to the bedroom but her phone rings with a call from Paulina from jail. Stephanie tells him that she will make this so quick and answers the call.

Sonny declares that his best friend and his big brother both want the same woman which he calls a conflict of interest. Chad argues that only Alex wants to be with her, so he doesn’t have to pick a side. Sonny says that does simplify things but life is short and love doesn’t always wait until you’re ready. Sonny thinks if Chad likes Stephanie and she likes him, then he should let her know. Sonny adds that Stephanie is a grown woman so she can decide who she wants to be with. Chad looks down at his wedding ring and says he can’t yet. Sonny asks if he’s sure. Chad says he is and he hopes that now that he’ll be around Stephanie less, his feelings will go away. Chad plans to stay busy by finding a new job. Sonny offers to help with that and says job hunting has become a specialty of his. Chad questions if he’s looking for a new job. Sonny clarifies that he meant for other people. Chad asks what other people.

Leo assures Gwen that he and Sonny are just friends or are becoming friends. Leo admits they’ve had their differences but they’ve put all of that behind them for a do over. Gwen remarks that it sounds like her relationship with Xander. Leo brings up that Xander is also married, so that must be her type too. Gwen argues that she loved Xander before he was married and now they have come to an understanding. Leo guesses that is juicy and wants to hear the gossip. Gwen says this stays completely off the record and she’s probably going to regret telling him but it seems Sarah doesn’t know Xander as well as she does. Gwen reveals to Leo that Xander can tell her things that he cannot tell his wife. Leo asks what Xander did this time.

Bonnie starts to panic as she imagines the Clown bringing their drinks. She grabs the tray and begins attacking him with it but it turns out to just be Roman as Sarah and Maggie grab Bonnie to calm her down.

Justin promises Xander won’t have to do any heavy lifting for this lawsuit as he’ll just need the name of his ex-boss and the specifics of what she asked him to do. Xander doesn’t think it will work since it’s complicated and her word against his. Xander adds that he chose to leave instead of being fired. Justin asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want him to at least try. Xander appreciates him trying to help but says he’s sure. Justin apologizes if he’s pushing too hard but says that he and Xander are family and he’d like to think they have become friends which is why he trusts Xander to have his back, so he would like to have his. Xander then tells Justin that there is something he has to tell him…

Chad questions Sonny helping Leo Stark. Sonny asks what the big deal is that they’ve been hanging out a little bit. Sonny adds that Leo feels really bad about all the crap he did and he really thinks Leo is starting to turn over a new leaf. Sonny says Leo is actually pretty funny and decent. Chad finds it incredibly strange that Sonny is so forgiving and actually enjoying Leo’s company. Sonny says they aren’t like best friends or anything. Chad asks how Will feels about him hanging out with Leo or if he told him. Sonny says he did then admits that Leo answered the phone while he was in the other room and it didn’t go great. Sonny adds that he and Will are not in the best place right now. Chad asks what’s going on. Sonny informs him that Will called and said he’s not coming home for Christmas because of a work project and work always comes first. Chad suggests he find Will another job then closer to home. Sonny responds that if he thought it would fix anything, he would. Chad asks Sonny to promise to be careful around Leo because he doesn’t trust him. Chad then gets a call from Stephanie. Stephanie knows he thought they were done but says he can’t get rid of her that easily. Chad starts to explain but Stephanie reveals that Paulina is resigning because she thinks it will save Abe’s job. Chad is shocked and Stephanie says that she’ll explain it all when he gets there, but they need to draft a statement. Chad says he’ll be right there and hangs up. Stephanie tells Alex that she’s sorry and that they can do this again sometime soon. Alex says he can’t wait as they kiss goodbye. Alex wishes her luck and then exits.

Leo asks Gwen what Xander is up to that he can’t tell his wife. Gwen says nevermind and that she shouldn’t have brought it up. Gwen thinks it’s in everyone’s best interest if she keeps this to herself. Gwen adds that she and Xander are now building a friendship like he and Sonny. Leo argues that unlike he and Sonny, Gwen still loves Xander, wants to marry him and have his babies. Gwen admits she might still have feelings for Xander, but promises that she’s not deluding herself with him. Leo advises her to be careful because he doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. Gwen tells him the same. Leo mentions going to an AA meeting so he can get free coffee and donuts. Leo reminds Gwen to talk to Jack about getting him a job. Gwen confirms she will talk to Jack, but she doesn’t know if he will be too excited about the prospect. Leo urges her to do her best pitch which she agrees to do as Leo then exits the house.

Bonnie apologizes to Roman and says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Maggie offers to help clean up the mess but Roman thinks Bonnie needs more attention than his floor. Sarah says they are on it. Bonnie admits she’s not fine as she starts to cry.

Xander tells Justin that all he wanted was to give Sarah a good life and prove he’s worthy of her love but he’s just made such a mess of everything. Justin doesn’t understand. Xander points out that Justin just offered to represent him so he asks if this conversation is covered under attorney-client privilege. Justin says technically no but it will be covered under Kiriakis cousin privilege. Justin asks Xander what is going on. Xander claims he just wanted to let him know that he has no idea how much it means to him that he said they are friends and he feels the same. Justin asks what the mess is and how he can help. Xander says it’s just losing this job and facing down the creditors as he’s really trying to be a good husband to Sarah and the kind of man that she deserves. Justin feels like there is something he’s not telling him. Xander guesses he’s just not used to being vulnerable, especially around other guys. Justin questions if he’s worried about people thinking he’s gone soft. Xander says he does have a reputation to uphold. Justin argues that he has a heart and that’s nothing to hide, but his secret is safe with him. Xander thanks him. Justin decides he should go see if Bonnie needs a ride home, so he’ll see him later. Justin adds that he’s still looking in to this whole Rednax business. Xander tells him that’s really not necessary but Justin insists on helping him whether he likes it or not. Justin adds that he’s going to keep bothering him until he sends him his employment contract, so he better send it to him right away. Justin then exits.

Chad goes to see Stephanie and says he’s reporting for duty. Stephanie thanks him for showing up on short notice and hopes she didn’t pull him away from anything important. Chad says he was just hanging out with Sonny. Chad then comes inside and sees her candle light dinner setup, so he remarks that it looks like she had other plans too.

Alex goes home with beer and a pizza. Justin comes home and joins him.

Xander calls Gwen and says she has to help him. Gwen asks what’s wrong. Xander tells her that Justin was just there and he wants to look in to his employment contract with Rednax because he thinks he should sue for wrongful termination. Gwen asks what she can do to help. Xander points out that she created a fake website, so he hoped she could create an employment contract to match. Gwen supposes it won’t be difficult and she’ll just find an online template to fill in the blanks. Xander thanks her and calls her a lifesaver. Gwen says it’s her pleasure. Xander asks if she will just e-mail it over when it’s ready but Gwen says it’s best not to leave an electronic trail with this sort of thing. Gwen decides she will meet him at the park. Xander feels it’s a bit cold for that but Gwen asks if he wants Justin off the case or not, so Xander decides he’ll bring them hot chocolate and hangs up.

Bonnie tells Sarah and Maggie that she looked at Roman and saw the Clown coming after her. Sarah says it’s clear that she is suffering from PTSD and hallucinations are not uncommon. Sarah asks Bonnie to go speak to someone. Bonnie says she needs another drink. Roman comes back to the table. Bonnie apologizes again and says she doesn’t need them fussing over her. Bonnie then imagines Sarah, Maggie, and Roman all having the Clown mask on. Roman asks if she’s okay or if he made the drinks too strong. Bonnie says apparently not strong enough. Sarah asks if she’s alright. Bonnie decides she just needs some air and rushes out of the Pub.

Sarah goes home to her hotel room and finds a note from Xander, saying he went for a run and will be back soon. Sarah feels it’s a little dark and cold for a run.

Xander arrives in the park with hot chocolates and waits for Gwen, saying he’s counting on her to help him out of another mess.

Gwen creates the fake employment contract and declares that she will do everything she can to make sure Xander’s dirty deeds are their little secret as she leaves the house.

Leo walks through the town square and finds Sonny eating alone which Leo questions when he approaches. Sonny explains that Chad was there but got called away on a work emergency. Sonny tells Leo to help himself to the plate that Chad left behind. Leo asks about Chad’s work emergency and says he couldn’t have been too happy about it. Sonny responds that actually, he thinks he was.

Chad asks Stephanie how they want to go with the statement. Stephanie suggests down to earth, honest, and hopeful. Chad likes portraying Paulina as the underdog. The oven goes off and Stephanie remembers she cooked dinner for her and Alex. Stephanie asks if he’s hungry and suggests they make this a work dinner which Chad says sounds good to him.

Justin asks Alex how things are going with Stephanie. Alex says it’s going pretty well even though their date tonight got interrupted by a work emergency. Justin jokes that he’s his backup plan. Maggie walks in and greets them. Justin asks if girls night out got cut short. Maggie confirms they had some issues. Justin says that’s too bad and asks where Bonnie is.

Bonnie walks to the park and says she’s got to stop seeing clowns everywhere she goes. Bonnie looks ahead and sees Xander in the park. Xander declares that he will not let this situation ruin his life. Bonnie then thinks back to the Clown telling her exactly that. Xander turns around and sees Bonnie, who then realizes that Xander was the Clown.

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