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At Crimson Lights, Adam thanks Sharon and tells her that he took her advice on how to handle things with Chelsea.

Upstairs at the apartment, Chelsea makes a stack of pancakes for Connor and cheerfully assures him that it will be a good day.  Connor tells her that the bully at school who picked on him about her was nice to him in class the previous day.  Connor also tells her that he is glad to see her being happy.

At Jabot, Summer gives her brother Daniel a tour of the Marchetti offices. He’s impressed with his younger sister. He asks her about the extra security and if it’s because of the  competition trying to steal Marchetti’s ideas. Summer deflects his question by telling him that there have been a few incidents of “corporate espionage.”

In private, Summer and Jack talk about how Kyle got Diane to the cabin safely, that they have to keep the truth about her whereabouts to themselves and get rid of Jeremy before he does any further damage.

Chelsea goes downstairs to Crimson Lights and says goodbye to Connor as Adam takes him to school. Chelsea then talks with Sharon, telling Sharon that part of her therapy is to make amends with those she has caused problems for. Chelsea apologizes to Sharon about their tumultuous past. She also mentions that Sharon had her own illness to deal with. She adds that she’s sorry for not seeing “the true Sharon” sooner. Sharon looks stunned as she accepts Chelsea’s apology.

Chelsea tells Sharon that she wishes she could apologize to Rey. Sharon says that he can hear her, although he would insist that he doesn’t need an apology from her.

After this, Chelsea talks with Adam about their troubled past.  She apologizes about her lie about Adam not being Connor’s biological father. She also say she’s sorry for other things she put him through, including faking the severity of her stroke. Adam accepts Chelsea’s apology.

At Society, Billy wants to talk to Lily because she got up and left the condo very early, before he had a chance to tell her a morning greeting. Lily is standoffish and appears peeved. She tries to shut Billy out but he is persistent. He asks Lily about her conversation with Chelsea and why she recommended that  Chelsea keep her distance. Lily tells him that she didn’t do that and that Chelsea may have misunderstood. Billy counters that Chelsea isn’t blaming Lily. There’s tension between Lily and Billy and he asks her if she feels threatened by his closeness to Chelsea. Lily tells him no, she’s not.

Lily tells Billy that she thinks he is gambling with Chelsea’s recovery and feeling a high from it. He tells her that he’s not getting some sort of fix from helping Chelsea. Lily is not surprised at all when he gets a text from Chelsea. Lily tells him to go check on Chelsea, that it could be something serious.

Once Billy’s in Chelsea’s apartment, she gives him an update on her mission to make amends with people she has wronged.  She tells Billy that he’s next on her list but she says she’s not sure she can find the words for her apology to him.

Daniel stops by Society and is happy when he bumps into Lily there. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee, sees the expression on her face and says that she could probably use a shot of tequila. Daniel can tell that Lily is upset and lets her know she can tell him anything.

At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Phyllis and Nikki that Diane is officially gone. Phyllis and Nikki are elated, as is Ashley, but she is also concerned that she has alienated Jack.  She also mentions that she feels bad because Harrison keeps asking questions about “DiDi,” who he loves and misses. Nikki, on the other hand, says that she feels Harrison is better off without Diane’s destructive influence.

Over at Jabot, Phyllis shows up in Jack’s office and feigns not knowing about Diane’s departure.  Jack tells her that he holds her responsible for tipping Jeremy off about where Diane was and for getting Diane to leave town. Jack tells Phyllis that he hopes it was worth it and stomps out of the office.

Summer goes off on her mother and tells her that what she did to drive Diane out of Genoa City was indefensible.

Jeremy gets past Jabot security again and happens upon Phyllis in Jack’s office. He tells her that he is looking for Diane.  Phyllis says that she doesn’t know where Diane is since they are not friends.

He says that Diane didn’t show up for work, nor was she in her hotel suite the previous night. He also mentions that Phyllis was the one who let him know where Diane was and that he wants to go somewhere with her so they can talk more privately. Phyllis appears uneasy and unnerved.

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