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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Nick didn’t know what to make of Ashland’s disappearance after his apparent death. He wasn’t anywhere in the house, and there was no trail of blood. Nick said that they had to assume Ashland survived and was out there somewhere. Ashland’s blood was still on Victoria’s hand, and she wiped it off. In the next moment, Nick wavered – reminding Victoria that Ashland didn’t have a pulse. Victoria said maybe there was a pulse, but it was so faint that she and Nick missed it. She said obviously Ashland was alive, since he walked away. She added that the good news was Nick didn’t kill Ashland. Victor let himself in. Victoria asked why he came, and he said he was there to protect her.

Victor told Victoria that he’d put security on her when he found out Ashland was back in town. Victoria knew; she’d seen them. Victor said the security detail was discreetly parked outside Victoria’s house. Nick asked if security saw Ashland and if he was alive. Chance arrived and asked what happened with Ashland. Victoria said Ashland showed up uninvited. Chance heard Ashland and Victoria split, but he didn’t know the details. Victoria said she let Ashland in, and he rambled and when she made it clear they had no future, he grew more agitated. She said he grabbed her, and she knew he was going to hurt her. She explained that she got away, and thank God Nick showed up, because she knew Ashland was going to kill her.

At this point, Nick took over the story. He explained that Ashland told him to get out, and he was in a total rage. Nick wasn’t going to leave his sister alone in this situation, so he told her to call the police. Victoria added that she went to the kitchen. Nick said Ashland tried to stop Victoria. Nick stepped in, it got physical, and he socked Ashland, who fell and hit his head. Nick checked for a pulse, and he couldn’t find one. Victoria said she checked Ashland’s pulse too, and she even tried to resuscitate him. The idea that he’d taken a life was hard for Nick, so he’d gone outside, and Victoria followed him. Victor said it was obvious that Nick acted in defense of his sister. Chance agreed. He told Victoria he was sorry this happened, and he was glad Nick was there to intervene. However, he wanted to know where Ashland was now. Nick said when they came back inside, Ashland was gone.

Chance examined the fireplace hearth and said Ashland had to have had a concussion after hitting that sharp edge and losing that much blood. He said that sometimes it was hard to find a pulse, but Ashland must be alive since bodies didn’t just disappear. Chance was surprised Ashland was able to make it out of the house like that after getting knocked out. He asked Victoria how long elapsed between Ashland hitting his head and her calling Chance. Victor wanted to know what Chance was getting at. Chance felt the best way he could help was to know precisely what happened here, and his questions were based off what he was seeing. Victor said Ashland had a pulse since he walked out of the house. Nick said Ashland couldn’t have gotten far in his condition. Chance asked about Ashland’s car. Nick didn’t see it when he got here. Victoria suggested Ashland parked in the back, or on a side street. Chance said he’d get some officers to search the area. He reiterated that he was sorry this happened to Victoria. Nick wondered if they should tell Kyle and Summer about this, in case Ashland went after Harrison. Victor thought that would unnecessarily alarm them. He asked Chance to send a squad car to the Abbott neighborhood to look for Ashland. Chance said he would, but he doubted Ashland would make it that far in his condition. He said if Ashland was smart, he’d go to the hospital. He promised he’d find Ashland. He asked if Victoria wanted to press charges, and she said yes. Chance asked if there was anything else Nick and Victoria left out or forgot to say. The sibling conferred and felt that they’d said everything. Chance left. Nick asked Victor what really happened to Ashland.

Kyle took Summer to Dive Bar. She was glad he suggested it. Part of her had wanted to stay home and watch Harrison sleep after the bullet they dodged with Ashland earlier today. He felt the same way. They were grateful to Diane. Kyle wanted to thank Summer for being such a great stepmom and wife. She noted that he was her business partner too. Summer spotted her brother on a date with Kyle’s niece. She wanted to say hello since she hadn’t caught up with Noah in awhile. Kyle knew Summer just wanted to spy on the new romance, but he also wanted to talk with Allie, since they hadn’t chatted much, even though they lived in the same house.

Kyle and Summer went to chat with Noah and Allie. The couples danced, and then Kyle and Allie went to grab drinks while the siblings caught up. Over at the bar, Kyle told Allie he’d like to get to know her better. Allie brought up Diane, and Kyle appreciated the directness. He asked if she was one of the people who was angry with his mom. She was undecided. She didn’t like that Diane used her to get to Jack, but Diane had been nice to her. She did note that Diane had a lot of enemies in this town. He admitted his mother had done more than most. Allie said a lot of people were interested in her opinion of Diane, but Allie was good at avoiding trouble. Allie said that for the first time in a long time, her future looked bright. Kyle asked if Noah had anything to do with that, and Allie said perhaps.

Allie asked if being an Abbott was as perfect as it appeared to be. Kyle said it had its upsides, but it could be a roller coaster, as she’d find out if she stayed. He hoped she did. She said it was looking more likely. He was sorry he never got to know her dad, who was his brother. She thought it was weird that her dad and Kyle were brothers, since Kyle was barely older than she was. He said it must have been bizarre for Allie to find out her father had a whole family she didn’t know. She said it was, but the whole family had been so warm and welcoming. She knew Ashley was skeptical of her at first, but she felt like Ashley had come to accept her as part of the family. Kyle said Ashley and most of the women in the family were tough and protective, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. She agreed and felt lucky to be included in that group. They talked about her new job at Jabot. He was glad she found her place. She looked over at Noah and said she was too.

Noah told Summer he was leaving New Hope. She worried he was leaving town, and he said he was staying. She wasn’t surprised he was leaving New Hope, since it’d seemed like a stop gap to her. He said their dad was accepting. They agreed that they got lucky with their father. Summer recalled that Nick helped her get settled in Milan, even though he didn’t want her to move away. Noah suggested that Nick had always been more hands off as a father because Victor had such a heavy hand in his kids’ lives. Summer said Nick wanted different for them.

Allie, Noah, Summer and Kyle had drinks together. Summer was glad Allie put a smile back on Noah’s face and gave him a reason to stay in town. Allie said she wasn’t the only reason Noah was staying. She encouraged him to share his idea. He told them about his plan to start a club with a glam vibe. They thought that was cool, but Summer didn’t think Victor was going to let Noah change Top of the Tower to a nightclub. She said their grandfather used the restaurant like a second office. Kyle didn’t think Victor knew the meaning of glam vibe. Noah said he’d seen pictures of Victor in the 70s and he was a stud. Kyle thought Victor was more Burt Reynolds, less Bowie. Allie had never heard of Burt Reynolds, and Noah said they were going to have to have a movie marathon. Allie only met Victor once, but she heard he was a great businessman, and great businessmen could see a great idea. Summer had another idea. There was a space on the top floor of her mom’s hotel that would be perfect for Noah. He said if it didn’t work with their grandpa, he’d keep Summer’s idea in mind.

Adam went to Crimson Lights, and Sharon approached. She noticed he looked like he was mulling something over. He asked how she was. She felt she was as well as could be expected. She asked about him. Connor was away at camp, and Adam was moving away from the ranch for the time being. He was staying at The Grand Phoenix. Sharon heard about the personnel change at Newman Enterprises. He asked if she meant Victoria’s return, Nick’s rise and Adam’s fall. Sharon said she was surprised Nick returned to Newman, but he spent a lot of time thinking about it. Adam always thought Nick was the type to go on instinct. Sharon said Adam and Nick both acted on impulse. She wondered if it was an impetuous decision for him to turn down the CEO job at Newman Media. He said it was a calculated, yet defiant declaration of independence from his father. She wondered if he’d change his mind once he cooled down. He felt like she wasn’t hearing what he was saying. She apologized and said it was because she knew how much building Newman Media meant to him. He said he built it up, and his family rewarded him by using him and kicking him to the curb when Victoria, the anointed, reappeared. He said he’d tried for the last time to be part of the inner circle, but they wouldn’t allow it, and he didn’t want it anymore. He’d finally cut ties with Victor. Sally was out on the patio eavesdropping and she heard it all.

Sharon said she’d seen Adam go down this road before, and he never got very far. He said it was different this time. She said if he was really making a clean break from Victor, she applauded it. He noted that she supported Nick rejoining the family fold. She said he and Nick were very different. He knew she always thought he needed to define himself in a way that was separate from his father. She said that was because the tortured dynamic between them was responsible for Adam’s worst tendencies and actions. He said she was right, and that was why the only way for him to truly be free was to make a clean break. He said that as much as Victor said he was going to give him autonomy, it wasn’t true. Victor wanted to take the reins whenever it suited him, Adam said.

Sharon said that the last few months, she’d seen some glimpses of the good man she knew Adam to be at his core. She couldn’t believe she was saying this, but she wondered if Sally had something to do with that. He said he and Sally were through. Sharon was sorry. Adam was surprised because he didn’t think she was part of the Sally fan club. Sharon wasn’t, but she thought Sally cared about Adam and supported him extricating himself from the complex family dynamic. Sharon thought Sally and Adam seemed to get each other. She said Sally came to see her awhile ago to talk about Adam. Adam said Sally shouldn’t have done that. Sharon had come to realize Sally did that because she cared about Adam.

Sally pressed her ear against the wall to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. Adam said that he and Sally were holding each other back. Sharon asked how. Adam said that Sally wasn’t a popular choice with certain people. Sharon smiled and told Adam he could be an acquired taste too. She reminded him that he said he didn’t care what his family thought. He replied that there were a lot of other factors and he didn’t want to get into details. Sharon reminded Adam that they could be honest with each other. She said he was the first person she could reveal the full extent of her grief to after Rey died. Sally overheard Adam admit that he set Sally free so she could soar. He was sure Sharon knew he could be an albatross on the neck of anyone who cared about him. Sally burst in and told Adam that she didn’t want him to do this favor for her. “All I want is to be with you,” she said.

Sharon decided to leave. Adam tried to leave too, but Sally wouldn’t let him. Sally didn’t know whether to be angry at Adam or hug him. She said she knew he loved her. He denied it, but she said she heard it with her own ears. She told him she heard him say he was setting her free so she could soar. She just heard him say he didn’t care what Victor thought. Adam claimed he’d lied to Sharon because he cared about her opinion, and he didn’t want her to think he still had issues with his father. He said it was cleaner to make Sharon think his actions were noble. Sally didn’t buy it. Adam said Sharon had intimate knowledge of his history, so he lied to her to avoid her judgment. Sally felt like Adam was scrambling to come with an explanation. He said he was, because she kept following him and eavesdropping. She denied following him. He told her she looked pathetic and desperate. She slapped him, then she pulled him into a kiss.

Sally challenged Adam to tell her he didn’t miss that and miss them. She said she didn’t care about what his family thought of her, so he could lie to everyone, including himself, but she knew that kiss was the truth. “You love me as much as I love you. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull?,” she asked. She said Newman Media was just a job, and what they had was so much more. She kissed him again, and he gave in to it, wrapping his hands around her waist, but then he suddenly pulled back and told Sally that she was making a fool of herself, and they were through.

After Adam was gone, Sharon returned and brought Sally a drink. Sharon asked if Sally wanted to talk. She did. Sally always prided herself on being able to read people, but Adam had her head spinning. Sharon asked what happened. Sally said Adam claimed he lost everything because of her, but then she heard him tell Sharon the exact opposite. When she confronted him, he said he lied to Sharon so she wouldn’t think badly of him. Sharon said Adam could be hard to understand sometimes. Sally said the last time she came to Sharon for insight on Adam’s relationship with Victor, she was really helpful. Sally asked if she was fooling herself with Adam. Sharon didn’t know what was going on with Adam, but she guessed the truth with Adam was somewhere in the middle.

Sharon said Adam just told her he was done with his father forever. She found that hard to believe, but she could accept that Adam had to step away for awhile, and that would give Sally a chance to prove herself at Newman Media without her relationship with Adam tainting people’s perception. Sally thought that should be her decision to make. She said that despite what people thought, Adam never influenced her. She wondered why he was suddenly doubting her ability to make her own choices. Sharon didn’t know, but she said it was a human trait to think you were protecting people even when they didn’t ask for it. She said that happened with Victoria when everyone stepped in to save her from Ashland. Sally said that if Adam was doing this to help her, she thought she could forgive him, but she wasn’t sure how to get through to him. She asked how to stop him from being noble and go back to loving her.

Sharon said, unfortunately, when it came to Adam, there often weren’t easy answers. Sally said she couldn’t help loving Adam. Sharon thought there was truth to the notion that Sally’s success at Newman Media was precarious as long as she was with Adam. She was sure that Sally must know Victoria didn’t like or trust Adam. Sally said Victoria didn’t hide her feelings. Sharon said now that Newman was back in the family business, Nick would be part of the equation. She said that Nick and Adam’s relationship had cooled down right after Adam donated a kidney to Faith, but they still had a complicated history. She thought Nick wavered between tolerance and outright hatred for his brother. Sally knew Adam was flawed and complicated, but she didn’t understand why the family had to figure so heavily into her relationship with him. Sharon said Newmans came as a package deal. Sharon felt the important thing was how much Sally valued her job at Newman Media. Sally said it wasn’t as important as Adam. Sharon said Sally had to find a way to prove that to him.

Adam went home to his room at The Grand Phoenix. He flashed back to his kiss with Sally and remembered her asking if he didn’t miss them.

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