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Abe hopes Paulina is kidding about hiring Leo. Paulina confirms that Leo is her new assistant to work on the campaign. Abe warns Leo not to get comfortable. Paulina questions what is wrong with her hiring Leo. Abe asks where he should begin.

Johnny finds Wendy in the town square and informs him that he spoke to his sister so Wendy is free to stay with her and her girlfriend until she finds a place. Wendy can’t believe it and calls him her savior. Wendy says this is so unbelievably nice of them. Wendy asks if Johnny’s sister is gay. Johnny clarifies that she is bi and so is her girlfriend, then adds that her girlfriend used to be his wife.

Allie asks Chanel what she wanted to tell her before. Chanel then gets Paulina’s text, saying their problem is going to be taken care of and things are looking up, so she tells Allie that she doesn’t even remember so it must not have been that important. Allie points out that she seemed really upset and questions her just not remembering.

Sloan meets Chad at the Brady Pub and questions Stephanie not being there when this is a major deal. Chad assures they will be just fine and offers her a drink. Sloan calls him quite the charmer but continues to question where Stephanie is.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there. Alex remarks that it’s obvious what he’s doing here. Stephanie points out that he’s doing it alone. Alex informs her that Sloan had to go to a meeting. Stephanie asks if he’s okay with Sloan just leaving him handcuffed. Alex argues that what’s happening here is between two consenting adults so it’s not a crime, while Stephanie just committed a felony by picking the lock which means she wasn’t expecting Sloan to be here. Alex asks Stephanie again what the hell she’s doing here.

Chad informs Sloan that Stephanie isn’t there because it allows her a certain plausible deniability. Sloan questions the sudden urge to make the deal. Chad says they got the funds together so they are anxious to get the deal done. Chad asks her to give him the materials and then he will give her what’s in the briefcase. Sloan questions who talked Paulina in to the deal since she seemed pretty dead set against it. Chad responds that he can be very persuasive. Chad tells Sloan to show hers and then he’ll show his. Sloan remarks that she’s starting to understand why they sent him to meet her.

Wendy questions Johnny’s sister dating his ex-wife. Johnny adds that Allie is his twin sister but they have different dads. Wendy can’t believe it but Johnny swears it’s the truth as they sit together. Johnny talks about he and Chanel hitting it off right away but then he found out Chanel and Allie were old friends that had kissed a few times but they were in other relationships at the time. Johnny tells Wendy about how he and Chanel flew to Italy and got married but then The Devil came along and ruined everything. Johnny adds that after a bunch more drama, he and Allie both wanted to be with Chanel but she chose Allie. Wendy understands that must have been really hard for him. Johnny admits that it was but says he’s really happy for them now.

Chanel questions what made Allie think she was upset. Allie reminds her that she said no when she asked if everything was okay and now she’s acting like she can’t remember why. Chanel then says she has to run an errand and will be right back. Allie questions Chanel leaving when Johnny is about to bring Wendy over. Chanel promises to be quick and hurries out of the apartment.

Abe informs Paulina that Leo was recently facing multiple felony charges. Paulina exclaims that she knew Leo looked familiar and remembers that he was arrested for the murder of Abigail DiMera and stabbing Sonny Kiriakis. Leo argues that he was totally exonerated while Abe says he’s hardly innocent. Abe brings up how Leo blackmailed Sonny in to marrying him and conned Craig Wesley in to becoming his husband so there’s a pattern here. Abe calls Leo a gold digger. Leo argues that he was but now he’ll be earning his own by working a legitimate job. Leo questions if he doesn’t deserve a second chance but Paulina does when she’s made mistakes. Leo brings up Lani bring in prison. Paulina decides she likes Leo’s spirit. Abe warns Paulina not to let Leo fool her. Paulina says she has a gut feeling about Leo and that almost always pays off. Paulina tells Leo not to make her regret hiring him. Leo assures that he looks forward to serving her and he will see her at 9 AM as he then exits the office. Abe picks up Leo’s donkey mask and tells Paulina that he can’t believe she hired this jackass.

Wendy tells Johnny that it’s a bummer how things ended for him with Chanel. Wendy asks if he’s seeing anyone else now. Johnny says no and admits he came close with someone he really cared about but then his dad forced her to leave town. Wendy asks if that’s something his dad does a lot because she was talking to Tripp earlier. Johnny is surprised to learn Wendy knows Tripp. Wendy explains that she met Tripp and Joey in Hong Kong last summer. Wendy informs Johnny that Tripp told her that EJ forced his mom out of town, but then realizes Tripp’s mother is who Johnny was interested in. Wendy points out that Ava’s old enough to be his mother but Johnny says so what. Johnny praises Ava as great, funny, smart, and beautiful. Wendy tells him that she’s sorry it ended. Johnny jokes that it wasn’t as humiliating as what happened with Chanel since he didn’t lose her to his sister.

Sonny goes to Allie’s and brings her a picture frame that Arianna made her in art class for her birthday. Allie asks how Will is. Sonny says he’s good but busy. Allie guesses Sonny misses him. Sonny admits he does a lot. Allie tells Sonny that he can always come over any time he’s bored or lonely even though it’s often dull around here. Sonny questions that and brings up them being friends with Alex. Sonny asks if Alex isn’t keeping things exciting.

Alex says if Stephanie’s not talking, he’ll have to ask Sloan when she gets home, why Stephanie broke in to her apartment. Stephanie tells him not to so Alex tells her to start talking. Stephanie then informs him that Sloan is blackmailing one of her clients and they have a file full of damaging materials and they want money. Alex questions who the client is but Stephanie says she can’t tell him. Alex guesses that it’s Paulina. Stephanie says it’s a dirty deal and Sloan is fronting it. Stephanie remarks that Alex has horrible taste in women. Alex points out that he used to be attracted to her and calls it her loss. Stephanie questions how it doesn’t bother him to be sleeping with a snake. Alex blows it off. Stephanie argues that Sloan has no conscience or soul and profits off greedy cowards. Alex reminds Stephanie that she broke in which is a crime and questions how she knew Sloan wouldn’t be home.

Chad tells Sloan that he’s ready to do this and questions if she’s not. Sloan says she is but she wasn’t sure she could trust him, so she didn’t bring all the materials he’s asking for but he can just go back to her place and get them. Chad tells her there’s no rush. Sloan thought he was ready to do this. Chad suggests they take advantage of Stephanie not being there and says instead of working against each other, they can work together. Sloan doesn’t know what he means. Chad offers to go to Stephanie and tell her they couldn’t make a deal and that Sloan doubled the price, so Paulina pays up and they split it. Sloan remarks that she thought Chad was the good DiMera. Chad responds that something very bad happened in his life recently and that changes the way you see the world. Chad removes a stack of bills from the briefcase and suggests they talk it over drinks. Leo interrupts and asks if Chad’s giving that way then says to count him in. Chad questions what Leo is doing here. Leo responds that he smelled money.

Johnny tells Wendy that Ava is a very special person and was going through a hard time while he was rebounding. Johnny says nothing happened but now he’ll never know if anything would have thanks to EJ. Wendy understands Johnny’s motivation to take EJ down and realizes this isn’t just about having Stefan’s back after what EJ and Li did to him. Johnny admits it’s personal for him but he wants to move through it all and move on to something or someone less complicated. Johnny then decides they should get going to Allie’s.

Allie tells Sonny that Alex can be a lot of fun and that she and Chanel really like him. Sonny questions them actually liking him. Allie explains that they ran in to him in the town square in the summer and they really hit it off. Allie mentions that they were thinking about hanging out tonight. Sonny asks what was on the agenda. Allie says they had no set plans and were just going to see where the night took them. Allie questions Sonny’s look. Sonny then asks Allie if she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Alex questions why Stephanie doesn’t seem worried about Sloan catching her in the act. Stephanie informs him that she arranged for Sloan to be otherwise occupied. Alex realizes it was the phone call earlier and questions if Chad’s just coming through for her in all kinds of ways. Stephanie tells him not to go there again. Stephanie begins searching the apartment for the file that Sloan is using to blackmail her client or at least find the name of the person behind it so she can neutralize the threat. Alex reminds Stephanie that even if she finds something, she has another problem in him.

Chad tells Leo to move on as they are in the middle of something important. Leo complains about Sloan interrupting his business to remind him that he owes her money. Sloan points out that it was in the town square and he looked like a jackass in the outfit. Leo informs her that he was just promoted to a high level position in Paulina’s campaign. Sloan finds that hard to believe. Leo shows her his first pay check. Sloan takes it and decides she’ll keep it as his first down payment. Leo argues that he was about to head to the ATM with that. Sloan tells Leo that he has to pay up on his debts. Leo asks her to give him something to get by on, so Sloan takes a bill from Chad’s stack of fake bills and gives it to him. Chad asks Leo to please leave so they can get back to their discussion. Leo then identifies the money as fake, questions Sloan about it, and says to never trust a lawyer as he then walks out of the Pub. Sloan questions Chad about trust. Chad tries to tell her not to listen to Leo but Sloan says she’s never met anyone more obsessed with money than Leo, so if anyone knows a fake, it’s him. Sloan declares that she’s out of here. Chad stops her and says they can figure something out. Chad says he’s just the messenger. Sloan questions if Paulina sent him with a briefcase full of fake cash to pass along to her. Sloan says she doesn’t think so and now she knows why Chad has been working that charm. Chad declares that if she wants money, he’ll write her a check right now but Sloan says she no longer trusts him or his money. Sloan warns Chad to tell his boss that the deal gets made tomorrow or else Paulina’s daughter’s secret will go public. Sloan then walks out of the Pub. Chad texts Stephanie that Sloan is coming and tells her to get out now.

Paulina is glad that Abe came around on Leo. Abe says he wouldn’t go that far but he believes in second chances. Paulina calls Leo a breath of fresh air with the election getting so close. Abe encourages that Paulina is well on her way to victory. Paulina calls him the most supportive husband but she doesn’t know about him stepping down as mayor if she wins. Abe tells her that’s already settled. Paulina agrees not to argue and tells him how much she loves him as they kiss. Abe brings up that before Leo showed up, Paulina said she had something she wanted to tell him, but then Chanel arrives. Abe invites Chanel to join them for dinner. Chanel thanks them but says she hoped to talk with Paulina privately. Abe says he’ll see Paulina at home and exits with the food. Paulina asks if Chanel got her text. Chanel confirms that she did but not until after she told Allie there was something she needed to know. Chanel adds that she was about to tell her but someone interrupted them. Chanel worries that Allie knows something is up so she won’t let it go.

Sonny tells Allie that he’s just wondering with no judgment and she doesn’t have to tell him. Sonny talks about Alex being braggadocios so he wants to hear it from her.

Johnny brings Wendy to Allie’s apartment. Wendy admits she’s a little nervous. Johnny encourages that she’ll fit right in. Johnny then opens the door with Wendy, right as Allie reveals to Sonny that she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Stephanie orders Alex not to say anything to Sloan. Alex questions why he should protect her. Stephanie finds a file cabinet and says she’ll be gone in two minutes, then Alex can go back to his fun and games and pretend he never saw her. Stephanie gets Chad’s text that Sloan is coming back. Alex remarks that he can’t wait to fill her in. Stephanie pleads with Alex. Alex argues that he doesn’t owe her anything. Stephanie points out that if this job blows up, so does her career. Alex questions why he should care. Stephanie responds that there’s a lot more at stake here than her PR firm or Paulina’s campaign. Stephanie begs Alex to have a heart and argues that he’s not that petty to bust her for not going out with him. Alex asks if she’s sure about that as Stephanie goes to hide in the back while Sloan returns home. Sloan asks Alex if anything interesting happened while she was gone.

Johnny remarks that he didn’t realize they were walking in on a game of truth or dare. Allie introduces herself and Sonny to Wendy. Wendy thanks her for agreeing to this as Allie informs Sonny that Wendy is going to be staying with them for a little while. Sonny decides he should get going. Johnny suggests Allie might have more fun facts to share as Sonny exits the apartment. Johnny jokes that now it’s just the “three” of them now and makes a menage joke. Allie tells Johnny to grow up while Wendy tells Allie not to let Johnny bust her chops. Wendy adds that she’s totally cool with what they overheard. Allie thanks Wendy and says it’s nice to have someone who isn’t being a jerk about this. Johnny claims that he was just having some fun with it while Wendy argues that Johnny was trying to embarrass Allie. Wendy adds that Johnny has some history that some people might be as snarky about as he’s being with Allie.

Chad remains at the Pub and worries about Stephanie not texting him back.

Stephanie remains hiding in Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells Alex that she should’ve never left him as that was a big mistake. Alex informs her that something did happen while she was gone. Alex claims he was all by himself and getting so lonely as they then start kissing. Stephanie then comes out, mouths “thank you” to Alex as he nods to her and she sneaks out the door.

Sonny runs in to Leo in the town square. They talk about Sonny being on the mend from being stabbed. Leo informs Sonny that he is newly employed. Sonny questions someone in Salem actually giving him a job. Leo reveals that he was hired by Paulina Price as he is the new executive director of affairs. Sonny takes it as he is her assistant. Leo calls it an honor to work for the future Governor and suggests they go out and celebrate. Sonny suggests waiting until Paulina actually wins the election first. Leo remarks that there is no doubt.

Stephanie joins Chad at the Pub. Chad explains how Leo interrupted them and recognized the fake bills right away. Chad apologizes and says he never should’ve took the money out of the briefcase. Stephanie says it’s not his fault that Leo walked in. Chad asks what their next move is and worries that Sloan could be at the police station right now. Stephanie disagrees since if Sloan told them about the fake money, she’d have to tell them that she tried to blackmail them and she’s too smart for that. Chad worries that they are on a very tight deadline so he hopes Stephanie has better luck than he did, or Paulina and Chanel are going to pay the price.

Paulina tells Chanel how much she trusts Stephanie. Chanel worries that Paulina is putting a lot of faith in one person and questions if she can really handle this. Paulina states that Stephanie told her that by the end of the night, Sloan Peterson won’t be a problem for them anymore. Chanel asks if she’s heard from Stephanie. Paulina says not yet but promises that everything is under control and she doesn’t have to worry. Chanel worries about Allie because she’s been through enough and doesn’t need this. Paulina encourages that Allie loves her and will stand by her no matter what. Chanel asks if she’s chickening out by not telling Allie because part of her is scared that Allie won’t look at her the same. Paulina understands that Chanel is trying to protect Allie the same way that she’s trying to protect Abe. Paulina informs Chanel that Abe offered to step down as mayor if she wins and move to the capitol with her. Chanel calls that amazing. Paulina calls it the most selfless, loyal, and generous offer so she doesn’t want to drag him in to this. Chanel cries that the waiting is so hard. Paulina encourages that it will be over soon and then they’ll be in the clear as they hug.

Leo questions if Sonny is not on Paulina’s team. Sonny assures that he is, but he’s just waiting until after the election to celebrate. Leo suggests they celebrate his new job then. Leo tells Sonny to pick a night and he’ll take he and Will out to dinner because it’s time they put their differences aside. Sonny responds that Will isn’t here as he’s in LA for work. Leo says it will just be them then and it will be epic. Leo tells Sonny to text him some dates for next week. Leo tells Sonny to take care of himself and hugs him, saying he’s so glad he’s doing better. Leo says he’ll see him at their celebration and then walks away.

Chanel returns home where Allie introduces her to Wendy. Chanel encourages that Wendy will really love it here. Johnny decides his work here is done so he will leave them to get better acquainted. Chanel stops him and says she knows it’s late but she wanted to celebrate Johnny and Allie’s birthday together, so she got them a cake from the bakery. Chanel lights candles on the cake and has Johnny and Allie blow them out. Wendy asks what they wished for. Allie jokes that her wish didn’t come true because Johnny is still there.

Stephanie informs Chad about Alex being handcuffed to the bed and calls it quite a sight. Stephanie feels if she had a little more time she could’ve gotten in to the filing cabinet. Chad worries that now that Sloan is on high alert, they will never get back in to the apartment. Stephanie then points out that Alex totally could have busted her, but he didn’t. Stephanie then wonders if it’s possible but they get interrupted by Paulina calling. Stephanie tells Chad that she told Paulina that she would have this handled by tonight, so she wonders what to say to her now.

Alex and Sloan continue kissing in bed and talk about it being worth the wait.

Stephanie answers Paulina’s call and admits she should’ve called sooner. Paulina complains that Stephanie said she had a fool proof plan and that it would be handled by tonight. Paulina questions if she made a promise she couldn’t keep. Stephanie assures that she meant every word. Paulina wants action and asks where the file is. Stephanie responds that she’ll have it in her hands by tomorrow and she will stake her reputation and the future of her company on it. Paulina complains that her daughter’s future is also at stake and tells Stephanie not to let them down because they are counting on her. Stephanie hangs up and tells Chad that she just keeps digging herself deeper. Chad asks what Stephanie was going to say about Alex earlier. Stephanie repeats that Alex could have blown her out of the water but he didn’t. Stephanie says Alex is not modest so something else must be going on. Stephanie mentions how she told Alex that Sloan was a sleazy criminal so she wonders if Alex wasn’t just saving her in the moment, but maybe he’s on their side in this now.

Sloan frees Alex from the handcuffs as they continue kissing in her bed.

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