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Recap written by Christine

Victoria was pleasantly surprised when Victor dropped by the office. She asked what brought him by, and he asked if he needed a reason to visit his beautiful daughter and the company that bore his name. She assumed he was really there to ask if she knew about Ashland financing the company in Peru that developed his treatment. She said Ashland already told her. “So you’re realizing that he lied to you,” Victor replied. Victoria didn’t understand why Victor was scrutinizing Ashland’s treatment after he said he’d stop digging in Ashland’s past. It felt like a betrayal to her. He was actually there to ask how things were going with the merger. She said things were proceeding as expected, and Adam had been on his best behavior so far.

Victoria informed Victor that Adam made Sally his new COO. “Who the hell is she? What does she know about running a company?,” Victor snapped, then he griped about Adam making this decision without talking to him first. Victoria suggested that Ashland wasn’t the one Victor should be focusing on. Victor wondered if Adam was out of his mind, and he left. Victoria smirked. Ashland was in the hallway, and he got a text that said the American was still digging around the clinic. When Ashland walked in, Victoria said Victor claimed he wasn’t on a fishing expedition about Ashland. Ashland thought Victor was lying. Victoria said she turned the tables on Victor by refocusing him on Adam and his new accomplice, Sally. Victoria was beginning to wonder if things weren’t as solid between Adam and Victor as they both wanted her to believe.

Ashland thought that Victor still trusted Adam, since Victor insisted that Adam retain his position at Newman Media. Victoria suggested that Victor kept Adam in place so she could keep an eye on him. She said that Victor wanted to believe Adam could be trusted, but Victor knew it was a recipe for disaster. Ashland asked why Victor would give Adam power in the first place. “Maybe he wants Adam to learn his lesson from the best,” Victoria said. Ashland laughed and said Victoria really knew her father. Victoria said she’d been Victor’s pawn, his rook and even his queen. She’d watched Victor and she knew far more about how he played the game than Adam ever could. Ashland thought it’d be a grave mistake to underestimate Adam. Ashland didn’t think Adam played the game on Ashland and Victoria’s level. However, Adam didn’t like taking orders from them, and he wouldn’t sit back and accept his fate. “It’s not a question of if Adam is going to make his move. It’s when,” Ashland said.

Victoria said Adam was nothing but trouble, and she only kept him on to appease Victor. But once paperwork was done, and the merger was final… Ashland picked up where Victoria left off. He noted that there was nothing in the paperwork that said how long Adam had to stay, just a provision that there had to be due cause for his dismissal. Ashland smiled about Adam giving them just cause to fire him. Victoria suggested that, instead of waiting or Adam to screw up, they made sure that he did. Ashland smiled.

Victoria was relieved Ashland was on board. In the past, people had tried to stop her from doing something like this. He said they had to be careful, because it wouldn’t go well if Victor found out they were trying to undermine his son. Ashland said that once Adam and Sally were out, he’d be happy to oversee Newman Media again. She said it was a larger version of his former company. “I am quite used to maintaining a strong hand over everything I control,” Ashland said. “Everything you control?,” Victoria bristled. She pointed out that it wasn’t just his company – it belonged to both of them. He said he misspoke. “I was used to maintaining a strong hand in all I ever owned,” he corrected himself, but she still seemed guarded. He promised he was on her side, despite a slip of the tongue. She wanted to believe him, but his last confession had her a bit wary. He was sorry he didn’t tell her he financed the clinic in Peru. It was a stupid mistake, and he regretted it. He told her not to let her father sow seeds of doubt. “Adam is the untrustworthy one,” he stated. His phone rang, and he had to take it. He said he loved her and left. She still looked suspicious.

Adam was at his office. He picked up a cup off the floor and flashed back to his moment of passion with Sally. Sally was outside the door, and she also had a flashback. She knocked, and he said to come in. He wasn’t expecting it to be her, since he said she rarely locked. She said they fraternized and crossed many lines. He asked if she regretted it. She did not. He wanted her to relax, since nothing had changed except that they no longer had to pretend they didn’t want to rip each other’s clothes off. She disagreed; she said being together yesterday didn’t put water on the flames, it put gasoline on the flames. She said that things were going to be hot, and they’d stay that way when they were around each other. He said their valentines day celebration had a rare intensity – something you’d find in an earthquake. He said she wouldn’t believe how long it took to clean the office. She noted that there were aftershocks after an earthquake. He looked forward to it. She said when they ran into Chelsea, they were careful to hide the fact that things had progressed between them, but it was hard to hide something like this. He thought that was a good point. She asked how they were going to handle this. She also asked what “this” was.

Adam wanted to hear Sally’s opinion. Sally didn’t regret what happened. He said what happened was was spectacular. She just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. He thought they both knew it wasn’t just a casual hookup. He’d finally let go enough to be ready for this. “I want to be with you,” he revealed. He asked how she felt. She didn’t want to sneak around and be his dirty little secret. He didn’t want that either. He respected her too much to think of her like that. He thought about her last night, and he couldn’t get her off his mind. He’d thought of the way she smiled at her when she walked into the door without permission, the way that they did everything they could not to touch each other. He leaned in close to her and said he couldn’t think of any reason he’d want to keep her a secret. “I can,” said Victor, who’d walked in at some point.

Sally rushed away from Adam and picked up a name plate they’d knocked off the desk earlier. She tried to convince Victor that he’d misheard what he’d just heard. Victor told Adam that they were in a sensitive place, due to the merger, and they didn’t need distractions. Sally asked if Victor thought she was a distraction. Adam thought Victor owed Sally an apology. Victor addressed Sally and said she was more than an innocent distraction. He thought she’d had quite the career, from dress maker to Chief Operating Officer of a major company. He asked how she did it. She said the job offer took her by surprise as well, and only a fool would turn it down. Victor thought that only a fool wouldn’t realize they were punching way above their weight. Adam was confident in Sally’s abilities. He said she started a fashion house from the ground up and revived her aunt’s brand. Victor referenced a debacle at Forrester Creations and Sally’s duplicitous actions against his granddaughter. Adam said no one in this room had clean hands. Sally thanked Adam, but she said she could handle this.

Sally wouldn’t spend her life apologizing for the past. Victor assumed she had no regrets. That wasn’t what she meant. She said she made a move to get what she thought she deserved, and she was sorry people got hurt, but Summer landed on her feet. She said she’d turn Newman Media into a company people would pay attention to. Not because she had a bunch of degrees but because she’d spent her life making people sit up and notice her. She could do this. Victor wanted to talk to Adam alone, so Sally left.

Adam hoped Victor was satisfied Sally was the right choice. Victor was dissatisfied he wasn’t consulted first. Adam was frustrated that he now had to check in with Victoria and Victor. He said Victoria was counting the minutes until he failed, and it was clear Victor didn’t trust his judgment. He wondered if it was a mistake to stay at Newman Media. Victor said they hadn’t even finalized the merger. Adam was done justifying hiring Sally. “You’re really attached to this dress-maker aren’t you?,” Victor replied. Adam said Sally was more than that. Adam knew Victor had reasons to be suspicious, but Victor had only seen one side of Sally. Victor chuckled and guessed that Adam had seen all sides of Sally. Adam said that Sally wasn’t this self-serving mercenary; she was the right person for the job. Victor said he wouldn’t stand in the way as long as Sally was a team player and showed she could do the job.

Victor had a more pressing issue to deal with. He revealed that he’d never fully trusted Ashland. He said there were inconsistencies regarding the cancer treatment. Adam asked why Ashland would pretend to get better, unless he was trying to give Victoria hope. Victor didn’t think Ashland would do that, since Victoria had accepted his diagnosis before they got engaged. Adam suggested Ashland was pretending to be strong so that he could stay in the game. Victor instructed Adam to be vigilant with Ashland and report to Victor if he saw any contradictions in what Adam did. Adam said Ashland made it clear he hated that Adam was staying on and that he was keeping Adam on a short leash. Victor said that if Adam was on a short leash, he’d have a vantage point on how Ashland operated and whom he communicated with. Adam wondered if this was some kind of family loyalty test. “Are you hoping that I will decline your request to spy on Victoria’s husband, to prove that I won’t betray her?,” he asked. “If you love your family and your sister, you’ll do as I say,” Victor replied.

Sally returned after Victor left and asked if she needed to clean out her desk. Adam assured Sally that she was still COO. She wanted to shout it from the rooftops. He thought they should let PR handle that. She asked how Victor felt about her in-your-face stance. While Victor would never admit it, Adam could tell he was impressed. Sally said thanks for defending her. Adam was in awe, because not many people were brave enough to go toe to toe with Victor. She admitted she was internally shaking like a leaf. He didn’t notice, and he thought her outwardly cool demeanor was proof she was going to succeed. Sally wondered if Victor was going to try and sabotage her. Adam admitted Victor had done such things in the past, but he didn’t think it would happen this time, because Victor had something bigger to contend with. She asked if it was something good or bad. “Something interesting,” he replied.

Nick dropped by the ranch for a visit, and Nikki was surprised because it’d been awhile. She’d been wondering if he was avoiding his father. He said he and Victor were getting along lately. She mentioned that Victor was at Newman Locke. Nick assumed Victor went by to remind everyone who was still in charge. Nikki said Victor was an important part of the company, and he was there as an advisor. Nick thought it was inevitable that Adam and Victoria would fight, and neither of his siblings fought fair. He was concerned Nikki would get caught in the crossfire.

Nikki said she’d survived mergers, hostile takeovers etc. so she could handle sibling rivalry. She thought she might be able to even defuse a few situations before it got heated. Nick was there if Nikki needed to talk. Nikki said she’d never drag Nick into the corporate madness he’d escaped, especially when she saw how happy the choice made him. He was fired up about the work New Hope was doing. She was glad he was working with Noah and that he’d made peace with Victor, Victoria and Adam, to an extent. He said he was working hard to get along with everyone, even though they rarely made it easy. She noticed he seemed lost on the holidays, but his trip to see Summer helped. He said that spending time with Noah, Faith, Summer and Christian kept him on track. When he felt lost, he had four amazing reset buttons.

Nick told Nikki about Mariah and Tessa’s engagement party that Sharon threw and their plans to adopt a child. Nikki said she already knew because Faith always told her everything. Nikki smiled because soon she’d be able to call Sharon “Granny.” Nick wished Cassie would’ve gotten a chance to experience what Mariah was. Nikki said Cassie would always be with Nick, and she’d want him to celebrate the wonderful things coming his way. She said one day he’d have so many grandchildren he’d have to add a wing to the house. He thought that sounded awful. They shifted gears. Nikki knew who and what Victor was every time she married him, and she adored him, but there had been another entity in their marriage. Nick knew Nikki meant Newman Enterprises. She said Newman Enterprises was a part of all of them, even Nick, even though he chose another path. She wished Victor had been able to find a way to keep the family together through the company.

Nikki didn’t disparage Victor’s love for his family – his devotion had always been unparalleled. Nick said family was always Victor’s priority, but family and the business had always been intertwined. Nick said that he loved working with Noah, but if Noah wanted to quit, Nick would say he just wanted him to be happy. Nikki knew Victor had struggled with that. Nick said Victor always had something to keep him sane – Nikki – the love of his life. Nikki agreed she and Victor had something special. She said not every relationship was meant to last forever. Nick assumed Nikki was talking about his relationships. She admitted she wasn’t disappointed some of his relationships didn’t last. She wished him every happiness though. He said he was in a great place with the kids and New Hope. Victor came in and was happy to see Nick. Nick wanted to know about the merger. He asked if it was a good move to force Victoria and Adam to work together.

Victor was surprised Nick cared about the family business he walked away from. Nick said he left the business, not the family. Victor said that if Nick wanted to keep the peace between his siblings, there was a place for him at the business. Nick appreciated that, but he wasn’t coming back. He was more concerned about Victoria getting hurt than about the welfare of the business. Victor was glad to hear that, but he was keeping a keen eye on the business. Nick sensed there was a larger play in the works.

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