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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Diane got coffee at Crimson Lights after dinner at Society. Jill ran into them. Diane noted that Jill didn’t look like she’d seen a ghost. Jill said Billy told her about Diane’s return, plus she saw Diane at the Chancellor-Winters event. Diane thought Jill was going to rail at her. Jill didn’t want to rake Diane over the coals. She was actually impressed Diane managed to convincingly fake her death, then return and face the wrath of the people who hated her. Jill said it took more guts than actually dying.

Diane said people in this town could be brutal. Jill thought Diane deserved it. Diane felt deep remorse and took no pride in deceiving so many people, especially her son. Jill knew what it was like to have a lot of dirt hurled at you, and it was hard to get past that. Jill wanted to know how close Jack was to Diane. Diane said he barely tolerated her – they were just meeting to discuss their son. Jill thought anyone would be surprised to see Jack and Diane having coffee. Jack said it was a process – Diane wanted to connect with Kyle, and Jack wasn’t getting in her way. Diane said she appreciated it. Jill burst out laughing because she knew their three younger selves wouldn’t have been so mature. There would’ve been drinks hurled and accusations thrown. Jill said Jack and Diane had been fire and ice in the past, but now they were turning the page. At this stage of Jill’s life, she thought it was so foolish to hold grudges. She said they couldn’t change the past, so they might as well try to change themselves.

It was late, so Jack had to get home. Diane was going to leave too, but Jill asked her to stay and talk. Jill was fascinated by back from the dead stories. Diane said she wasn’t a vampire or zombie – she didn’t actually die, so there wasn’t anything to talk about. Jill understood Diane’s trepidation, but she noted that she was not a suspect in Diane’s murder. Jack left, and Diane decided to stay. Jill said there weren’t very many people in town who’d be seen in public with Diane, besides her. Diane wanted to know what this meeting was really about. Jill said she didn’t get to Genoa City often, but she was fiercely protective of her family and friends. Diane said she wasn’t a threat. Jill wanted to know what Diane was after.

Diane was only after a close relationship with her son. Jill thought Diane always had an angle. Diane said that was the old her. The new her would do anything to make up for the lost time with her son. Diane heard that Jill had lost years with her son when Billy was growing up. Jill said it was different because her son didn’t grow up thinking she was dead. Jill knew Diane loved her son, but it seemed like there was something else Diane wanted going forward. Jill thought she saw a twinkle in Diane’s eye every time she looked at Jack.
Diane asked why she would want to complicate things by dredging up romantic history with Jack. Jill saw how Diane had been hanging on Jack’s every word. Diane said she and Jack had a connection – they went way back and they shared a son. Diane said Jack was treading very carefully around her. Jill said they were talking about Diane’s inclinations, not Jack’s. Jill said Jack was the most eligible bachelor in the northern hemisphere – debonair, charming, handsome, suave, rich. Diane suggested that Jill was the one with her eye on Jack.

Diane noted that Jill had her own romantic history with Jack. Jill said that was a brilliant deflective technique, but she and Diane both knew that Jill wasn’t after Jack. Jill said that if Diane got Jack back, that would go a long way toward convincing the people in this town that she was worthy of forgiveness. Jill said it would be a masterful move, and Diane was the master of those. Diane said she didn’t play those games anymore. Jill asked what Diane would say if Jack asked her to give it another try. Diane said if that happened someday, she’d be a fool to turn Jack down.

At the Abbott house, Kyle received the latest numbers for Marchetti and told Summer they were worse than expected. He was confident they could turn things around if they could get Angelina to replace her COO, who’d been behind a lot of the poor decisions made at the company. Summer revealed that Angelina wanted to retire. She said she trusted Summer not to tarnish the Marchetti brand. Summer intended to make sure the line continued to reflect Angelina’s sensibilities. Kyle suggested Summer run Marchetti, but she said she had no interest in the business side of the company. She wanted to remain creative director. Summer said they needed a leader who had an excellent background in business and could manage a large team. She thought he should do it.

Kyle was startled Summer wanted him to step down as co-CEO. She said that he’d be in charge of Marchetti, and he wouldn’t be co-running it. He said he couldn’t abandon his job. She pointed out that they’d all still be working for the same company. She said they’d be working together again, like they did at JCV, and they were a great team. He agreed that they’d been magical. He was flattered she thought of him for this. He had to think about it and talk with Jack. He loved the idea of working with her though.

When Jack came home, Kyle ran the idea by him. Kyle said it would give him a chance to make his mark solely on his own. He hoped Jack didn’t take it the wrong way. Jack was supportive of this and proud of Kyle, but on a selfish level, he didn’t want to lose his son at Jabot. Summer said that Kyle would just be running a different division under the Jabot umbrella, so Jack wouldn’t be losing him. Kyle hadn’t made up his mind yet. Kyle asked about the launch. Jack said that Chancellor Winters would be a force to be reckoned with. He mentioned he had a pleasant dinner with Diane. Kyle was just glad his parents could spend time with each other without fighting. Summer bet Jack wished he could’ve gone out with her mom instead. Jack said Phyllis was a great dinner companion, but she was out of town. Summer asked what Jack wasn’t telling her. She asked what happened between him and Phyllis and between Phyllis and Diane.

Jack knew Summer meant well, but he told her that if she had questions, she should ask her mother. He went to bed. Summer asked what the heck was going on with their parents. Kyle thought it was pretty obvious something happened between them and it had to do with his mom, but Jack and Phyllis didn’t have to share it with them. Summer knew that, but there was a dark cloud of tension affecting the whole family. He asked her not to blow this out of proportion. She said they couldn’t ignore their mothers’ dangerous histories – they were capable of broken bones, blackmail, burning down pool houses. He liked to think their moms were past that kind of behavior. She said they’d mellowed for now, but she was still worried because anything was possible when Diane and Phyllis got riled up.

Kyle didn’t think there was anything they could do but stay vigilant. He thought they should relax while their moms were in different states. Summer said her mom would be back and she wouldn’t be happy if she found Jack taking Diane to late night dinners. Kyle asked what Summer wanted him to do – discourage his dad from being nice to his mom? She didn’t want him to do that. He knew this wasn’t ideal that their moms hated each other, but they couldn’t control their parents. He suggested they focus on their future right now. They kissed.

At Society, Nikki called Victoria, who didn’t answer. Nikki was upset that Victoria actually left, and on such a bad note. Victor said Adam thought it was a sign of weakness that Victoria so easily succumbed to Ashland again. Nikki thought that they pushed Victoria too much. Victor felt that they did what they thought was best. Nikki said that was the problem – Victoria was an adult. She asked how long they really expected Victoria to let them treat her like a child. Victor felt that Victoria should expect them to treat her like a child forever, because she was their daughter, and she always would be. He disagreed that they’d pushed Victoria into anything. He said that Victoria didn’t want to accept that Ashland was a monster.

Victor said Victoria wouldn’t stay under Ashland’s spell for long. Nikki countered that they thought Victoria would be finished with Ashland after she found out he faked his illness, but that didn’t happen. Nikki was afraid Victoria would never leave Ashland. Victor was sure Ashland would do something monstrous and Victoria would come back. Nikki wasn’t confident. He asked why she didn’t trust in their plan. He said when Victoria realized he appointed Adam CEO, it would light a fire under her, and she’d come back. Nikki had approved of the plan at first, but now she was afraid Victoria would see it as manipulation. Victor still thought it would work. Nikki said Ashland was a big part of Victoria’s heart and that wouldn’t go away overnight, and he would be able to strengthen their bond.

Victor said they had a willful daughter, and they both knew where she got that trait from. It made him afraid Victoria would have to crash and burn before she came to her senses. Nikki asked what if Victoria didn’t crash and burn. Victor was sure Ashland would screw up sooner or later – a leopard didn’t change his spots. Nikki said that Victoria could succeed without Ashland – with her talent and drive she could do anything. Nikki stated that if Ashland screwed up, Victoria could kick him to the curb and still find great success and happiness without Ashland and without the Newman family. Victor took Nikki’s hand and asked if she really thought he’d allow their daughter to slip away. She realized he had another plan – something besides making Adam CEO. He said he was waiting for Ashland and Victoria to make their next move. When that happened, Victor would have more cards to play against Ashland. Cards that would destroy that son of a bitch once and for all. They toasted.

Ashland and Victoria entered a suite in NY. He welcomed her to her new home, for the time being. He’d sold his penthouse, and real estate in Manhattan was a battleground, so they were here temporarily. He was so happy to be in this city with the woman he loved. He saw that she was scared, and he said it was rare to see her like that. Ashland followed Victoria to the balcony. He understood how scary this was for her. He said she took a life-changing step away from her family, whom she’d been close to for her entire life. Victoria said this wasn’t the first time she left her family – she once moved to Italy for a whole year and didn’t speak to any of them. He said this was different because she also walked away from the top job at one of the biggest conglomerates on the planet. He thought it was courageous and it had to be scary. He remembered when he left his family – he’d been desperate to get away from his father, but it wasn’t easy. She went back inside and admitted it was unsettling. He said it would take her time to adjust, but they were going to take this city by storm. He made her smile when he talked about the amazing life they were going to have in NY. He said their home would have bedrooms for the kids, and maybe even Harrison would be able to visit some day. She knew the kids would love Central Park. He said they were going to build an innovative business that would rival Newman Enterprises.

Victoria and Ashland got takeout from his favorite hole in the wall place. It reminded her of their first trip to NY. He didn’t like wasting time, and he knew she didn’t either, so he had some ideas for their new venture. She said she had some strong opinions too. Firstly, she didn’t want the name Newman anywhere near their new company. She wanted to slap down Adam and Newman Media, so she wanted a media division. Ashland said they might be able to poach some of their former colleagues at Newman Locke and that would be an excellent way to stick it to Adam and Victor. She said she wanted to find a way to use her art background and bring fine arts into the digital age. He thought that sounded innovative. She said her father would probably hate that idea, but it was a relief to say she didn’t give a damn what he thought. Ashland loved hearing that. Victoria said she was finally out from under her father’s shadow and she could leave an indelible mark on the world.

Ashland wanted to toast. He said they survived and they were making moves to take the world by storm. He said without her family and his past weighing them down, they were finally free. She laughed with him, but when he was focused on pouring the wine, her smile faded and she just stared at him. He filled their glasses and they clinked cups and smiled.

Adam walked into his new office at Newman Enterprises. The CEO’s office. Sally wasn’t far behind. She wrapped her arms around him and remarked that this was his now. Sally said this was her first tine in the inner sanctum. She thought they’d have to redecorate though, she said, while looking at the portrait of Victoria. She asked if they should have his painting commissioned. He said that wasn’t his style. He’d rather look at a painting of Sally all day. She thought that might confuse visitors. He suggested some modern abstract art. She didn’t care if he hung up Dogs Playing Poker; anything but his gloating sister. He didn’t want the poker picture because that would just remind him of Billy. He enjoyed telling Billy about his promotion and rendering him speechless for once. Sally asked Adam about his first move. He took down Victoria’s portrait, and Sally said well done.

Sally asked Adam how it felt to be back where he belonged. It felt good. He thanked her for coming with him at this late hour. She understood why he wanted to come. She thought he deserved time to soak it all in before he took over the reins tomorrow morning. He loved how well she could read him. He wanted to celebrate, and she’d already planned for that with champagne. He noted that he brought her champagne to celebrate her promotion. She felt you could never have too much of a good thing.

Adam was sitting at his desk, and Sally was sitting on top of it. She thought it was time the christen this office like they christened the Newman Media office. He used the button on the desk to close the door, and they kissed. Later, she was wearing his shirt and sitting on his lap. He toasted to Newman Enterprises. She toasted to them and their new future.
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