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Ben meets Clyde in the interrogation room and questions Clyde getting arrested for murder. Clyde swears that he didn’t do it and he’s innocent. Ben argues that the cops don’t think so or he wouldn’t be here. Clyde responds that the cops are wrong. Clyde asks why he would jeopardize his freedom right when he begins to turn his life around. Clyde insists that he had nothing to do with Abigail’s death and asks if Ben believes him.

Ava wakes up in bed with Jake, who is reading on his tablet that they may have found Abigail’s killer. Ava asks who it is.

Leo visits Gwen in prison. Leo says it’s more than just a friendly visit and shares the news of Clyde being arrested. Leo calls it great news since Clyde’s an ex-con, father of the necktie killer, and it sounds like there’s pretty solid evidence. Leo believes the case is closed but Gwen is unsure.

At the hospital, Shawn finishes a call as Belle arrives and says she came to see how the baby was doing. Shawn says he’s doing alright. Belle says she’s happy to hear that and asks if they found Jan. Shawn responds that the coast guard dragged the river all night and there was no sign of Jan. Belle asks how that’s possible. Shawn says apparently she was swept away by the current, so they may never find her body. Belle argues that it’s also possible that she found her way to safety and she’s still out there somewhere. Belle says if she is alive and well, the Jan Spears that she knows is coming back for him and the baby.

EJ goes to John and Marlena’s and asks Marlena if Chad is around. Marlena informs him that Chad took the children to the park so she’s sure he could find him there. EJ says he’d rather not provoke him in front of his children. Marlena mentions hearing that they had a run-in at the police station last night. EJ says if Rafe wasn’t there, he thinks Chad would’ve torn him apart. Marlena says maybe he would’ve deserved that as Chad told her about his connection to Clyde. EJ states that they were in prison together. Marlena thinks it was more than that and brings up Clyde threatening his family and EJ not warning Chad or Abigail. EJ assures that if he thought Clyde was going to hurt them, he would’ve let them know. Marlena is not sure she believes him. EJ brings up Stefano always saying that he was most like him and he would never let anyone hurt his family. EJ was convinced that Clyde wouldn’t act on his threats and kept his mouth shut about his crimes, so he had no motive to kill Abigail. Marlena brings up that Clyde has been arrested for her murder. EJ responds that the more he thinks about it, the less convinced he is that Clyde is guilty. EJ believes the real murderer is still out there.

Ben brings up Clyde having Abigail’s bracelet. Clyde calls it a messy coincidence and says he bought it off a guy. Clyde insists that he didn’t kill Abigail and he will swear to that on his grandson’s life. Clyde asks if Ben believes him. Ben admits that he does so Clyde thanks him, telling him how much that means to him. Ben then asks what Clyde did to EJ because EJ is telling the cops that Clyde was responsible for his shooting 9 years ago. Ben asks if Clyde swears he had nothing to do with that either. Clyde swears that he did not shoot EJ. Ben asks if he ordered the hit. Clyde says he did not. Ben points out that most people won’t believe his denials. Clyde states that all he can do is tell the truth. Ben worries that his parole is definitely going to be in jeopardy. Ben brings up that he and Ciara are supposed to be leaving today and questions how the hell to do that when Clyde could be facing prison again. Ben wonders if he and Ciara should just postpone their trip.

Jake tells Ava that it looks like Clyde killed Abigail as they arrested him last night. Ava thinks back to confronting Gwen about the murder in prison. Jake asks why Ava looks so relieved. Ava says because every time there’s an unsolved crime in town, she thinks Rafe is going to come after her because he’s looking for an excuse to throw her behind bars. Jake says it looks like she’s off the hook for this one. Jake remarks that he’s a little thrown off that it was Clyde as he would’ve put his money on Gwen.

Leo argues that they have Clyde dead to rights so he questions what Gwen is worried about. Gwen says everything. Leo says Clyde was caught red handed with Abigail’s bracelet. Gwen suggests Clyde could be telling the truth about buying it off a random and maybe that random was Leo.

Ava questions why Jake thought Gwen killed Abigail. Jake says that Gwen hated her since day one and tried numerous times to ruin Abigail’s life. Ava reminds him that Gwen is locked up in prison. Jake says that’s what they say. Ava thinks back to talking to Gwen about knowing Gwen wasn’t locked up that night. Ava asks if Jake has doubts. Jake remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time someone broke out of prison.

Leo can’t believe Gwen is accusing him of murder. Gwen says they both know that Leo was in the DiMera Mansion that night so he could’ve easily killed Abigail, stole the jewelry and then sold it to Clyde. Gwen tells Leo that he can tell her if he did it and she won’t judge him for it.

EJ tells Marlena that he knows she has to get to the Christening so he won’t keep her. Marlena stops him to ask about Belle. EJ says that Belle went through a terrible ordeal last night at the docks and is pretty shaken up. EJ adds that Belle spent most of the night at the hospital and then went to the police station to answer questions, so she was pretty exhausted and left early this morning. EJ is just grateful that Jan didn’t hurt Belle again. Marlena acknowledges that EJ cares about Belle.

Shawn promises Belle that if Jan pops up, she will be arrested and thrown right back to prison so she doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. Belle says she will always worry about Jan. Shawn argues that they are safe now because of Belle. Belle feels they just got lucky and she’ll never forget what she saw at the docks as she didn’t know if Shawn was alive and she could see that Jan wanted to kill her. Belle adds that now she might have killed Jan. Shawn feels she left her no choice and that Belle did what she had to do to protect her. Shawn notes that he spoke to Rafe and Melinda and they won’t be pressing charges. Belle thanks him. Shawn says he owes her his and his son’s life. Belle recalls the message Shawn left her. Shawn says he thought it might be the last time she heard his voice but he meant every word of it. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her with all his heart, always have, and always will. Shawn hopes that Jan is finally out of the picture and asks what that means for he and Belle. Belle doesn’t know how to answer that question. Shawn questions her not knowing how she feels about him. Belle calls it a lot to take in right now. Shawn says he knows and he doesn’t mean to put her on the spot, but asks if she can at least tell him if she thinks there’s a chance for them. Belle questions how she can answer that when they don’t even know if Jan is gone from their lives or not. Shawn assures that Jan is gone one way or another. Belle argues that even if they find Jan’s body, he still has her child. Belle declares that she will always love Shawn and showed him that last night, but she doesn’t know if she can be a mother to Jan Spears’ baby.

EJ tells Marlena that Belle has done a very good job as his attorney and has become a friend, so he cares about her very much. Marlena calls that non-committal. Marlena asks if Sami knows about this. EJ responds that Sami is marrying Lucas so she doesn’t carry about anything he does. Marlena says unless he was the person who kidnapped her. EJ swears that he did not and that Lucas kidnapped Sami but she won’t listen. Marlena points out that Sami doesn’t believe it because there’s no evidence against Lucas. Marlena tells EJ that Belle is fragile and is going through a lot right now. EJ responds that he’s aware but he also knows that she is far from fragile. Marlena acknowledges that Belle is tough and sometimes you can be too tough. Marlena brings up Belle and Shawn having their problems. EJ says he knows all about how Shawn lied to her. Marlena says Belle and Shawn may be separated, but she loves him so he might want to pay attention to that.

Clyde questions Ben suggesting postponing their trip. Ben feels now is definitely not the time to be leaving but Clyde calls it the perfect time. Clyde assures that he’ll be fine since he’s innocent. Ben reminds him that he got arrested for murder and now EJ DiMera is trying to make sure he gets locked up again. Clyde calls it his word against EJ’s and says he’ll do everything he can to make sure they find the guy that really killed Abigail.

Leo tells Gwen that he didn’t kill anyone and he’s offended that she would think he’s the kind of person that would murder Chad’s wife for a couple of trinkets. Gwen argues that they know he’s done far worse for far less. Leo shouts that he did not kill anyone. The prison guard comes in to remind Gwen that she has art therapy in an hour and remarks that he doesn’t want her pulling a disappearing act like she did that night a few weeks ago. After the guard exits, Leo questions what he just said about a disappearing act. Gwen says she has to get going to art therapy. Leo asks if she’s going to explain. Gwen blows it off as no big deal and that she lost track of time in the library. Leo says maybe she figured a way out for a little change of scenery. Leo wonders if that night was the night Abigail was killed. Gwen says she couldn’t tell him. Leo mentions the guard said it was a couple weeks ago so the timing does work out. Gwen asks if his theory is that she killed Abigail. Leo says that it would explain why she’s accusing him. Gwen points out that Clyde said he got the bracelet from a guy so that rules her out. Leo suggests she could’ve dressed up as a man. Leo then says maybe whoever took Abigail’s bracelet is not the same person who killed her.

Ava thinks if Gwen broke out of prison, they would’ve heard about it. Jake guesses she’s right. Ava says she’s heard Clyde is a career low-life. Jake feels bad for Ben since he really believed in Clyde. Ava says that people let you down. Jake hopes it doesn’t ruin Ben’s plans as he and Ciara are leaving Salem today to sail around the world with their baby. Ava calls it very romantic. Jake agrees after everything they’ve been through. Jake then suggests he and Ava should take a trip somewhere. Jake asks Ava if there’s anywhere she’s always wanted to visit and never has. Ava mentions that she would like to go visit Tripp in Seattle and then maybe go somewhere more private on the islands. Jake calls her beautiful and they kiss.

Shawn says he has no right to expect Belle to be a mother to his son, but he has to be his father. Belle says she understands but no matter how they feel about each other, there’s a huge obstacle between them. Shawn responds that maybe there’s more than one as he doesn’t think the baby is the only thing keeping distance between them but it’s because of EJ also. Belle doesn’t think this is the time or place to talk about that. Shawn decides to go check on his son and then he will head to the docks to say goodbye to Ciara. Belle questions them still leaving today. Shawn says she’s welcome to come see them off unless it’s too soon for her to go back to the docks. Belle thinks it’s best that she doesn’t but sends her love to Ciara. Belle and Shawn say goodbye as she then exits the hospital.

EJ tells Marlena that he’s well versed in Belle’s complicated situation. Marlena notes that EJ is no stranger to complicated romantic situations. EJ says there’s nothing complicated with he and Sami now as they are divorced, co-parents and nothing else. Marlena points out that Belle is still married and there’s no telling where this will end up with her and Shawn. EJ asks if she’s telling him to stay away from Belle. Marlena states that Belle is a grown woman but advises him to be careful. Marlena is glad they understand each other and says now she must go to the christening.

Clyde asks Ben about the christening or having a boat to catch. Clyde tells Ben to go on and live his life as he deserves. Clyde asks Ben just to promise him to keep in touch and send a lot of photos of the baby as he has to watch his grandson grow up one way or another. Ben agrees and they shake hands. Clyde tells Ben that he’s proud of him and calls him a good man, who will be a great dad no thanks to him. Ben says he appreciates that and thanks him. Ben guesses Clyde has to get back to his cell now. Clyde says he has to make a call first and tells Ben to go ahead so he’s not late. Clyde tells Ben to take care of himself and his son. Ben tells him the same as he then exits.

Ciara goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with baby Bo to say goodbye to Victor. Victor tells her that he knows why they are here as he heard from Julie that she’s about to make another impulsive decision. Ciara guesses that he doesn’t approve. Victor says there was a time when he would say she’s making a huge mistake and throwing away her life, but now she’s a mother and at the end of the day, it’s family that counts. Ciara asks if he’s saying he finally approves of he and Ben as family. Victor jokes that old age is softening as he enjoys an evening with Maggie and gets more pleasure out of closing the biggest deals at Titan. Victor tells Ciara how happy he is that she named her son Bo. Victor mentions her not being the first person to leave him to travel the world. Victor tells her to make sure she comes back and that he’s the first person she comes to visit. Ciara says of course she will. Victor says he loves her. Ciara says the same as they hug.

Gwen asks Leo why they are arguing about this when they have a violent, convicted felon in custody. Leo decides that the simplest answer is usually the right one. Gwen tells him they can stop worrying now. Leo agrees and tells her to go make something fun in art therapy. Gwen then exits the room.

Ava and Jake lay in bed together. Jake jokes about not getting to spend many mornings like this in bed when he was CEO, but he does have to get up soon as he told Ben and Ciara that he would see them off at the docks. Ava tells him to wish them the best for her. Jake tells her to start planning their trip. They kiss and then Jake gets out of bed.

Ben and Ciara are with Marlena and Rafe at the church for baby Bo’s Christening. Marlena talks about how proud she is of Ben and Ciara and promises to be there for Bo whenever he needs and to protect him with all her heart and soul. Rafe says how honored he is to be Bo’s Godfather and he’s always considered Ciara his daughter in every way that counts, so he promises to always consider Bo like his son and to protect him from evil for all the days of his life. The priest then baptizes Bo and finishes the ceremony.

Shawn looks over baby Shawn in the hospital and says his mother may be gone but he’ll always be there to take care of him.

Belle returns to the DiMera Mansion. EJ says he’s glad to see her as he’s been worried about her. Belle informs him that she was at the hospital with Shawn. EJ asks if there’s any news. Belle tells him that there’s no sign of Jan but Shawn and the baby are okay. EJ asks if Belle is okay. Belle responds that she doesn’t know as it’s been a lot. EJ calls that an understatement. EJ hugs Belle and tells her how relieved he is that she’s alright as he worried about losing her. EJ asks what he can do to make things better.

Clyde calls Nancy from the interrogation room and leaves a message, saying he completely understands if she doesn’t want to talk to him but swears that everything he told the police is the truth. Clyde says the guy he bought the bracelet from is out there and he’s going to find him, if it’s the last thing he does.

Leo asks the prison guard about the night he mentioned to Gwen about disappearing and asks if it was June 10. The prison guard says he doesn’t remember as Leo then exits. Gwen then comes back to the room and grabs the phone.

Belle tells EJ that she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so she’s going to shower and lay down for awhile. EJ says he understands and tells her that he’s there for her if she needs him. Belle thanks him and then exits the room.

Gwen calls Ava, who asks why she is calling. Gwen tells Ava that she can relax and doesn’t need to worry about being an accessory to anything. Ava still doesn’t know where Gwen was on June 10 when she broke out of prison.

Shawn joins Rafe, Marlena, Ciara, and Ben at the docks. Shawn asks if they got to say all their goodbyes. Ciara confirms that she did with Doug and Julie and Victor while Ben mentions visiting Will and Sonny but asks if they’ve seen Jake. Jake then arrives and hugs Ben, saying he wouldn’t miss the sendoff. Ben is glad he made it and says he’s going to miss him. Ben brings up that Jake took a chance on him and gave him a job when no one else wanted him. Jake calls it the best chance he ever took. Jake hugs Ciara and tells her to keep an eye on Ben and jokes that he’s going to suck at keeping in touch. Ciara promises pictures for everyone. Ben steps aside with Marlena and says this will be the hardest goodbye of all. Ben says he can’t explain what Marlena has meant to him. Marlena tells him not to try then as she thinks they’ve said everything they have to say to each other, except for her to say how proud she is of him and his life, being married with a son and starting over. Marlena declares that nothing could make her any happier. Rafe tells Ciara that he set up a video conference for on the boat for the friends and family that couldn’t be there. Ciara says Rafe always thinks of everything and cries that baby Bo is so lucky to have Rafe watching over him, just like he did for her. Rafe promises that he always will as they hug. Shawn hugs Ciara and hopes she builds memories as wonderful as he, Belle, and Claire did. Shawn calls traveling the world the happiest time of his life and he hopes the same for her. Ciara thanks him for everything. Shawn states that their dad would be so proud of her. Ben asks Ciara if she’s ready to do this. Ciara responds that she was born ready as Shawn then takes a photo of Ben and Ciara with baby Bo in front of the boat.

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