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EJ brings flowers to the cliff where Susan died. EJ paces and holds back tears as he looks over the cliff. EJ then pulls out a flask from his jacket and begins drinking. EJ remains sitting at the cliff in to the night until Rafe arrives and says he thought he might find him here.

Eric goes to see Marlena at her home. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Eric comes in and asks about the doll on the mantle. Marlena explains that it was a gift from Susan as she was just thinking about her. Eric says he’s sorry to hear the news as he knows they were close. Marlena is sorry she couldn’t host Thanksgiving today but she just didn’t feel like it. Eric says he had a good time at the Pub and he wanted to share some news that he’s very thankful for. Eric then announces to Marlena that he’s going to be a dad which surprises her.

Nicole goes to Jada’s room. Jada tells her that if she’s looking for Eric, he’s out. Nicole responds that she actually came to see her.

Maggie goes to Sarah and Xander’s hotel room to bring them Thanksgiving leftovers. Maggie hoped they might join them for dinner. Sarah says she did too but Xander wasn’t feeling well and stayed in bed all day. Maggie says she’s sorry to hear that and asks where Xander is.

Xander goes to see Gwen at the Horton House. Gwen assures that they are alone since Jack is in New York, visiting Jennifer and Chad took the kids to go see them while Doug and Julie have been asleep for hours. Gwen comments that Xander looks terrible. Xander says he feels terrible and doesn’t know what to do as he feels like his whole life is going to go up in smoke. Gwen asks him to calm down and tell her the whole story.

Marlena tells Eric that she knows how much he’s always wanted a child of his own and calls it wonderful news. Eric questions her hesitation and says it’s okay as he knows she’s thinking that he and Jada hardly know each other and it wasn’t planned which is all true, but she has decided to keep the baby. Marlena asks if he’s okay with that decision. Eric calls it complicated and adds that Kate, of all people, helped Jada with the decision. Marlena questions Eric saying it’s complicated. Eric responds that it’s because of Nicole.

Jada tells Nicole that it’s been a long day and she’s pretty tired. Nicole brings up Jada being in her first trimester and comments that it looked like she was having a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Jada questions how she knows. Nicole admits that she stopped by earlier and saw them, but couldn’t help overhear that Eric said they were going to raise the baby together. Jada questions why Nicole didn’t say anything. Nicole says she didn’t want to interrupt and she was afraid that she would spoil the heartwarming moment by bringing up that Eric broke up with Jada a few days ago to be with her.

Rafe tells EJ that he went by his home and the staff said he had gone out and since he’s been ignoring his calls, he figured he would try to track him down. EJ mocks his detective skills. Rafe reminds him that he’s going to need his statement. EJ comments on Ava and Susan going over the rail and perishing in a rage of fire. EJ adds that Rafe already knows most of it. EJ explains that when he met up with Ava to pay the ransom, she lied and said that Susan was dead but then Susan turned up at the airstrip. EJ says Ava grabbed Susan and dragged her off at gunpoint, so he pursued in his car but Ava swerved hard and now his mother is gone and dead.

Eric tells Marlena that he never meant to lead Jada on. Marlena agrees that’s not who he is. Eric brings up that Jada saw he and Nicole kissing which is why she decided that she wanted to end their relationship. Marlena asks how he feels about it. Eric says he doesn’t blame her and never told her what to do about the pregnancy. Marlena asks if Eric wants the baby. Eric says of course he does and points out that people co-parent without living together all the time, so they just have to figure out a way to make it work together. Eric states that he and Nicole can be together like they want but he and Jada have to figure out how to raise this child. Eric hopes that Nicole can understand.

Jada questions if Nicole is here to give her hell about ruining her happily ever after with Eric. Nicole says no. Jada asks if she’s here to make sure she understands that her co-parenting with Eric will never lead to anything else. Jada argues that she has enough self-respect to not want to be with a man who is in love with someone else and Eric knows that. Jada assumes Eric’s intentions towards Nicole hasn’t changed but she’ll have to take that up with him. Nicole apologizes and says she and Eric never meant for this to happen or for Jada and Rafe to get hurt. Jada then cuts her off and tells her to shut the hell up.

Rafe asks why he gets the feeling that EJ is still not telling him the whole story. EJ claims he doesn’t know. Rafe says this feels extreme even for Ava. EJ feels whatever drove Ava this far is more than a deal she made with EJ to leave town. EJ asks who knows what drives a lunatic like Ava. Rafe complains that EJ is hindering his investigation, so he could arrest him for obstructing justice but he won’t after everything he’s been through. EJ tells Rafe that he appreciates that and offers him a drink from his flask which Rafe accepts.

Xander assumes Gwen has heard the news about Ava and Susan. Gwen confirms that she has and that the Spectator is all over it. Xander says it all went horribly wrong. Xander explains how Bonnie stumbled upon where he was keeping Susan and then Justin came home, so he knew it was only a matter of time before Justin found them. Xander says he should’ve taken that as a sign and ended the whole thing but he wanted his pay day, so he managed to move Susan right before they found Bonnie. Xander states that Bonnie is alright, but Susan wasn’t nearly as lucky.

Sarah tells Maggie that Xander went out for air and hopefully he’ll be back soon and feel like eating. Maggie points out there were a lot of leftovers since no one had much of an appetite tonight. Sarah asks how come. Maggie reminds her of the drama with Bonnie. Maggie is thankful Bonnie is alright but points out how upset she got when Rafe was questioning her. Sarah guesses Victor got on Bonnie’s case and ruined Thanksgiving. Maggie explains that as soon as they sat down, Bonnie was having flashbacks of the creepy clown and got startled, so she spilled her wine in to the gravy and it was all downhill from there. Sarah asks if the police have any leads on Ava’s accomplice. Maggie responds that all they have is Bonnie’s description of a muscle bound man in a clown mask and a blue business suit. Sarah points out the blue business suit part and then picks up Xander’s suit, asking if it was kind of like this one.

EJ didn’t expect Rafe to take a drink, joking that he’s drinking on the job. Rafe responds that it’s been a hell of a rough week. Rafe says it’s nothing compared to what EJ is going through, but he and Nicole are getting divorced. EJ says he’s sorry to hear that. Rafe thought EJ would be gloating since he hates them. EJ guesses he’s not in the gloating mood and asks what happened. EJ then stops and guesses it has something to do with Eric.

Eric tells Marlena that he thought he had come to terms with not becoming a father and then there was the heartbreaking loss of Mackenzie. Eric knows he has nieces, nephews, and Holly but he feels like fate has intervened and says it’s not too much to hope that all things can work out. Marlena guesses Eric hasn’t told Nicole yet about Jada wanting to keep the baby. Eric confirms he hasn’t and knows it’s a sensitive subject since he and Nicole wanted to have a baby together, but Nicole can’t have children. Eric hopes that Nicole doesn’t feel threatened by this baby.

Jada argues that Nicole is not sorry as she got exactly what she wanted. Jada tells Nicole not to pretend to feel bad for her or like she cares about her since her fake sympathy just makes it worse. Nicole says she’s sorry. Jada tells Nicole to imagine being in her shoes where she just moved to town and meets a man who is divorced like she is and his ex-wife is seemingly happily remarried. Jada talks about how it seemed like Eric really liked her and she really liked him so she thinks everything is great but then suddenly, his ex-wife keeps finding reasons to show up at his door and even gives him a job while swearing there’s nothing going on between them until one day, she shows up at his office and sees him locking lips with his ex. Jada cries that later that day, she finds out she’s pregnant with his baby, so she’s tied to him for life. Nicole notes that she seems really angry. Jada asks why the hell she wouldn’t be. Nicole admits she would be too. Nicole questions why Jada would want to have a baby that ties her to Eric forever if this is how she feels.

Xander tells Gwen that so many times he could’ve ended it but he was greedy and cowardly. Gwen understands that Ava can be extremely scare. Xander tells Gwen that Ava is insane as she was working out of the DiMera Crypt. Xander says he went in there yesterday and caught her talking to the walls. Xander adds that it only got worse from there as Ava finally lost it and ordered him to kill Susan which shocks Gwen, who asks what he said to that. Xander says he refused but then Ava ripped his mask off to give him more incentive so that everyone would know what he had done if he didn’t kill Susan. Xander states that he couldn’t bring himself to disappoint Sarah yet again, so he let Susan go. Gwen asks what happened then. Xander doesn’t know as somehow Ava got Susan back, the ransom hand off went bad and turned in to a a car chase as Ava ended up driving off a cliff. Gwen insists that this is not Xander’s fault as he tried to help Susan escape, pointing out that he was not driving the car. Xander argues that it is his fault for agreeing to take Susan because if he hadn’t, she would still be alive.

Maggie questions what Sarah is talking about. Sarah points out that Xander’s suit is blue and says a lot of things are starting to add up which Maggie questions. Sarah informs her that last night, Xander told her that he quit his job because his boss asked him to do something that was very wrong. Sarah adds that he was vague but he did say his boss was a woman. Maggie questions if she thinks that Xander was working for Ava. Sarah notes that Xander’s sickness came on suddenly as soon as heard Susan and Ava had died. Sarah says she loves Xander but he was under a lot of pressure to get this job and he is the type of person that Ava would hire to do something like this. Maggie argues that Xander is not that man anymore. Sarah says she didn’t think so either. Maggie questions her suspicion all of a sudden. Sarah says it just doesn’t feel right. Maggie doesn’t think it sounds so strange to her. Sarah asks what about the fact that the kidnapper had Bonnie and Susan in the Kiriakis shed where Xander used to work. Sarah adds that Victor said he never heard of the company Xander was working for, so maybe he made it up because he was working for Ava Vitali.

Rafe confirms to EJ that he and Nicole are getting divorced because of Eric and asks how he knew. EJ responds that everyone knew Nicole and Eric were destined to be together as it seemed like every time they separated, they always found a way to come back to each other. EJ adds that he once thought he and Sami had that kind of connection, but clearly he was mistaken. Rafe is not sure how unbreakable Nicole and Eric’s connection is since it seems like there is already trouble in paradise…

Marlena tells Eric that the baby complicates things between he and Nicole, so she thinks he has to address this with her very soon. Eric confirms that’s where he was heading next. Marlena knows it will be a difficult conversation to have and it could get complicated, but encourages that they have been through so much together and they love each other, so she knows they will find a way to work this out together. Eric thanks her as they hug.

Jada cannot believe Nicole questioned her keeping the baby. Nicole knows she resents her and says she’s just trying to give her some perspective. Nicole says she has been a single mother for years and her daughter was a surprise but she loves her with her whole heart. Nicole argues that she wouldn’t want to go in to parenting with a negative attitude. Jada argues that she didn’t ask for her perspective. Nicole wishes someone had warned her or painted a realistic picture of motherhood for her. Jada questions what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Nicole warns Jada that babies change your life forever, so she needs to decide before it’s too late if she’s ready for this change and somethings he really wants. Nicole asks if Jada has even considered how this would affect her career. Jada responds that Rafe told her that she can take leave any time she wants. Nicole questions how much of that leave will be paid and points out that before she has the baby, she’ll be spending a lot of time behind a desk which has to be a set back for a young, ambitious detective. Jada tells her that’s enough. Nicole adds that when Jada does go back to work, she willl be exhausted all the time and crying over guilt from trying to put her whole heart in to both work and the baby which will leave her feeling bitter and depressed. Nicole acknowledges that Eric will be there for her, but even with that support, she calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done. Nicole points out that she’s going to be in Eric’s life now, which means she’s going to be in Jada’s life, so she’s trying to figure out a way to work this out and help her. Jada yells at her to get out and opens the door so Nicole exits.

Gwen repeats to Xander that this was not his fault since Ava promised that Susan would not get hurt. Xander feels stupid for believing her. Gwen argues that she knew Ava, so she thinks that Ava was telling the truth when she hired him, but it took a horrible turn and if Xander knew how it would turn out, he never would have taken the job. Xander admits when he let Susan go, he thought there was a chance that she would go straight to the cops, so he almost confessed to Sarah but then he remembered when Susan was begging for her life, she promised to keep her mouth shut so he thought by some miracle, she might not say anything so he didn’t tell Sarah. Xander says he just told Sarah that he quit his job, but then he saw the news and he got his miracle since Susan will never talk to anyone ever again. Gwen insists that Xander didn’t want Susan to die and he let her go. Xander complains that he still grabbed her, tied her up, and drugged her, so he’s not a changed man. Xander declares that he’s the same worthless piece of garbage that he’s always been. Gwen disagrees since his intentions were good and honorable as this was about him being a good husband and provider. Xander worries that he has no choice but to tell the truth. Gwen reminds him that Ava and Susan are dead while Bonnie never saw it was him and she’s not going to say anything. Xander asks if she means that. Gwen points out that she could have given him up the other night, but she didn’t and she won’t. Xander brings up everything they have been through. Gwen tells him that she still cares about him and she understands him probably better than anyone which she’s pretty sure is why he is here. Gwen points out that he trusted her with his secret, so she promises his secret is safe with her.

Maggie admits to Sarah that she was skeptical about Xander’s honesty when he first got this job because he wasn’t giving any details. Sarah questions just believing him now. Maggie thinks Sarah is letting her imagination run wild in this case. Maggie says that Xander has a blue suit but so does a million other men. Maggie adds that Ava was in the mafia, so she’s sure she had a dozen muscle bound enforcers on her payroll. Maggie brings up that she’s been married to a changed man for a very long time. Maggie never likes when people plant seeds of doubt regarding Victor’s behavior or honesty. Maggie encourages that the key to the truth is to trust her husband is being honest with her, unless she has overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sarah asks if Maggie thinks Xander is being honest. Maggie responds that she thinks Xander loves her more than anything and now that he has her back, she doesn’t think he would do anything to risk losing her again. Maggie decides she needs to get home to Victor. Sarah thanks her for the food as they hug. Maggie promises that everything will be alright as she exits.

EJ questions Rafe saying there’s trouble in paradise between Eric and Nicole. They get interrupted as Rafe gets a phone call, so he answers and says he’ll be right there. Rafe informs EJ that he has to get back to the station and asks if he can persuade him to come with him. EJ agrees to go tomorrow, but tonight he’s going to sit here and wallow. Rafe asks EJ to promise he won’t get behind the wheel. EJ assures that his driver is parked nearby. Rafe advises EJ to be careful of the turn. EJ remarks that he doesn’t want to end up like his mother. Rafe then walks away.

Rafe goes to the police station where Jada is working. Rafe questions what Jada is doing there since she didn’t have the holiday shift. Jada responds that she wanted to catch up on paper work and clear her head. Rafe asks if she’s okay. Jada says it’s just been a day. Jada notices that Rafe is not wearing his wedding ring. Rafe informs her that he and Nicole are getting divorced. Jada says she’s sorry. Rafe figured there’s no point in dragging it out, even if Nicole doesn’t go back to Eric because of Jada’s pregnancy. Jada assures that her pregnancy will not be an issue..

Nicole runs in to Eric in the town square. Eric hugs her and says he’s so happy to see her as he was just trying to call her about meeting up. Eric wanted to tell her that Jada has decided to have the baby, but insists it won’t change anything between them. Nicole asks if he’s sure. Eric knows it’s a lot and it’s all happening at once, but assures that they can handle it as they always find a way to make things work. Eric states that he and Jada’s relationship is over and they are going to co-parent but that’s it. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her and only her. Eric promises it will be okay as he hugs her.

Rafe asks if Jada has made a decision about the baby. Jada responds that she was going to go through with the pregnancy until she had time to think about it and consider what her life would really be like if she did. Jada reveals that she’s realized that she can’t do it after all.

Xander goes home to Sarah, who asks if he is feeling better. Xander responds that he is and the fresh air did him good. Sarah is glad and notes that he was out in the cold for so long that he must be freezing. Xander notes that something smells good. Sarah informs him that Maggie brought them leftovers if he has his appetite. Xander confirms that he is starving and says he will get things unpacked. Sarah comments on Xander’s blue suit, so he asks if something is wrong. Sarah says she was just thinking that maybe over dinner, he could tell her if he was the clown that kidnapped Bonnie and Susan.

Marlena sits at home reading a book and is startled when her doll from Susan suddenly falls off the mantle. Marlena picks the doll up and calls it strange, wondering how that happened.

EJ finishes drinking at the cliff and gets up to walk away when he hears a noise. EJ calls out for his mother as he looks in the direction of the sound.

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