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Chloe’s parents, Nancy and Craig, wake up in bed together. Nancy talks about how Craig was so loving last night and how much she’s missed him as they kiss.

Devil Johnny sits at home at the DiMera Mansion and says it’s all about seizing the offense. Johnny calls Gabi to invite her over to the mansion. The doorbell rings so Johnny guesses she was already on her way.

Paulina is on the phone at home, saying if Johnny wants a divorce so bad then she wants him drained of every trust fund cent he has. Paulina hangs up as Marlena arrives at the door with flowers. Paulina remarks “speak of the Devil..” Marlena hopes Paulina will accept the flowers as a small peace offering. Paulina questions that being enough after what she did. Marlena apologizes for what happened at her wedding and says she wasn’t herself, so she’s terribly sorry for what she did. Paulina asks about her exorcism. Marlena assures that it worked and repeats that she’s sorry for what she put her through. Marlena asks if she can come in, which Paulina allows. Paulina says she can’t blame her for being cautious and talks about how Marlena threatened her life as the Devil and then blew it to Hell.

Johnny answers the door at the DiMera Mansion expecting to see Gabi but instead, asks what in the hell they are doing here.

Nancy and Craig say they love each other as they continue kissing in bed.

Tripp and Allie wake up in bed together. Allie brings up that they never got to celebrate him graduating med school, so she got him a present.

Abe runs in to Chanel in the town square. Abe mentions just being on his way to her bakery and tells her to take care. Chanel stops him and says she’s really glad she ran in to him. Chanel knows he’s angry with her for ruining his wedding to Paulina, so she wants to apologize.

Marlena tells Paulina that she heard what happened at her wedding and she can’t imagine how much it hurt to have her daughter speak to her that way. Paulina says what happened at her wedding was on the Devil, but keeping the truth from Abe and lying about it was all on her. Paulina declares that the Devil did her wrong, but she was the one who lost her Mr. Right.

Johnny is surprised to see a man named Mr. Coates at the door and says he’s the last person that he expected to see. He tells Johnny to call him “T.R.” and compliments the mansion. Johnny credits Stefano and calls him one of a kind. T.R. tells Johnny that he’s concerned about their terms because they had a deal, so he’s here to make sure that Johnny keeps his end of the bargain with his movie, “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story.” They head in to the living room, where TR discusses his surprise at hearing Johnny was shelving the film. Johnny says he can explain but TR doesn’t want his explanation, he wants his movie. Johnny reveals that he promised Marlena that he would no longer tell the story of what happened with her and the Devil.

Marlena tells Paulina that she’s so sorry that she lost Abe as she saw their love and the strength of it. Marlena asks if they can find their way back together in time. Paulina says she opened up to Marlena about her love life before and now she’s very single. Marlena apologizes and declares that she will never forgive herself for betraying her confidence. Paulina acknowledges that it wasn’t Marlena, but insists that she knows Abe still loves her, so she wakes up every morning hoping that Abe will remember that, but he’s made it clear that he will never trust her again.

Abe tells Chanel that what happened with he and Paulina is not her fault, as all she did was tell the truth like Paulina should’ve done a long time ago. Chanel laments that it was Paulina’s truth to tell. Abe notes that she had no choice. Chanel argues that even if the Devil made her do it, she saw how happy Abe and Paulina were that day and sees how unhappy they both are now. Chanel thinks all the bad karma came back around to bite her. Abe asks what she means. Chanel questions him not hearing that her husband dumped her out of the blue and her marriage crashed and burned.

Allie’s present to Tripp is a Caduceus pin to pin to his jacket as she calls it the ancient symbol of medicine. Tripp explains that it has become that in modern times, but the ancient symbol is actually the Rod of Asclepius. Tripp says it’s not important and calls it a very sweet gift as he kisses her. Allie asks Tripp what the Caduceus actually means. Tripp reveals that with the two snakes, it’s associated with alchemy, thieves, and liars. Allie then thinks back to kissing Chanel in bed. Tripp asks if she’s okay.

Brady sits with Chloe at John and Marlena’s. Brady tells her that he’s really glad that her parents are back on track since he knows she’s been really worried about Philip’s disappearance, so this is one less thing she has to worry about. Chloe invites Brady to breakfast with her and her parents at the Brady Pub before her parents leave town which Brady accepts. Chloe asks Brady not to mention Nancy’s meltdown and misunderstanding with her dad. Brady assures that he has no intention of bringing that up. Chloe wants to pretend that never happened and just be happy for them. Brady agrees as they exit together.

Nancy apologizes to Craig for doubting him and for running to Chloe and not trusting him. Nancy decides she’s not going to talk about her insecurities anymore. Craig assures she has no reason to feel insecure and praises her. Nancy still wants to feel that he’s still attracted to her. Craig blames himself but insists that he loves her and he’s truly sorry. Nancy is so happy they can talk openly about this. Nancy reminds him that they are going to have breakfast with Chloe. Nancy tells Craig that he makes her feel so happy and she feels so guilty. They say I love you to each other as Nancy gets out of bed and goes to get dressed.

Allie apologizes to Tripp while Tripp apologizes for giving her useless trivia after she gave him an awesome gift. Allie assures there’s no one she’d rather be with as they kiss.

Chanel tells Abe that she doesn’t understand as her and Johnny wasn’t just some fling, they talked about their future and had real plans. Chanel says right before the reception, Johnny told her how much he loved her and then he just totally humiliated her like everything they shared was a lie. Abe can imagine how that felt. Chanel informs him that Paulina wants to bleed Johnny for every penny he has. Abe asks if that’s what Chanel wants.

Marlena tells Paulina that she’s grateful to at least try to make amends. Paulina accepts Marlena’s flowers and says she might have a vase they will fit him. Marlena brings up knowing how happy that she made Abe. Marlena mentions keeping her distance after what she put them through which is also why she didn’t go to the party for Johnny and Chanel. Paulina remarks on what a party it was and guesses Marlena heard, but she hasn’t. Paulina reveals that it turned in to one big nightmare. Marlena asks what happened. Paulina informs her that Johnny broke Chanel’s heart.

TR questions Johnny promising Marlena that he wouldn’t make the movie and calls that disappointing. TR warns that he hates being disappointed so he suggests Johnny rectify the situation. Johnny argues that there’s not much he can do since things got a little crazy when the Devil came back and possessed Marlena again. TR thinks that’s more reason to do the film as he has a built in sequel and he’s sure they can come up with a part three without much trouble. Johnny admits he does have some thoughts. TR questions what he’s doing about it, remarking that sitting around in his pajamas all day won’t make him rich and famous, so he has to get up and think big. Johnny assures that he has plenty of ideas. TR says it takes more than ideas, it takes guts and energy which he thought Johnny had when he first pitched his project. TR reminds Johnny that he told him he needed to stay motivated because the film business is cut throat. Devil Johnny stands behind TR as he comments that cutting throats wouldn’t be a problem for him while holding his fencing foil sword.

Tripp tells Allie that this was the best possible way to spend the morning but now he has to go to work. Allie tells him to go save the world. Tripp has Allie put his new pin on his shirt. Tripp offers to drop her off at the Bakery but Allie says she’s actually spending the day at home with Henry because Nicole had a work emergency and the babysitter is sick. Tripp asks if Chanel is going to be okay after what happened with Johnny. Allie admits that Johnny really screwed her up but says it’s sweet of him to ask. Tripp acknowledges that Chanel is Allie’s best friend and she loves her, so she’s important to him too. Tripp kisses Allie and then exits.

Chanel sits with Abe in the town square and says at first, she didn’t want Johnny to pay but then Allie told her that she saw him kissing another girl already. Chanel calls it all so horrible and complicated. Abe hugs Chanel as she starts to cry. Chanel apologizes for falling apart like this. Abe says nobody should be treated how Johnny treated her, but reminds her that she’s not alone as she has Paulina, her friends, and family. Abe brings up how much Allie loves her and he’s so glad that she has such a good friend to help her through this. Abe states that he and Lani are closer than ever, so he hopes he and Chanel can stay close too if that’s what she wants. Chanel confirms that’s definitely what she wants as they hug.

Marlena doesn’t understand this since when Johnny came home from Italy, he told them how much he loved Chanel and how happy he was to be married to her. Marlena says she’s so sorry. Paulina says not as sorry as Johnny will be when she gets through with him. Paulina knows Johnny is Marlena’s grandson but she vows to make him pay for what he did to her daughter.

Brady and Chloe join Nancy and Craig at the Brady Pub for breakfast. Nancy brings up Brady and Chloe seeing her meltdown yesterday so she wanted to apologize for accusing her good and honest husband. Nancy tells Chloe to never make accusations against the person you love unless you have strong evidence that you’re not imagining they betrayed you. Nancy advises her not to let insecurities take over and doubt the devotion of the person that loves you. Nancy knows Chloe is not insecure like her. Chloe calls her beautiful and smart. Craig acknowledges that he hasn’t been making her feel secure about their love and marriage lately, but he loves her and he’s deeply sorry for hurting her. Nancy calls him the best man she knows as they kiss. Craig tells her that he loves her with all his heart. Chloe and Brady watch on with a smile. As they get their breakfast, Craig gets a text message and says it’s about a patient so he has to make call and he’s going to step outside. Craig says he’ll be right back and exits the Pub. Chloe and Brady say they are so happy for them. Nancy thanks them for all of their support.

TR asks Johnny if he’s willing to pay the price to get what he wants or is he going to lay around on his daddy’s money. Johnny decides maybe he’s right that he gave up too soon since the subject was brilliant. Johnny asks what TR suggests he tell Marlena. TR is sure that she thinks he’s a good boy, so if it will make things easier, he’ll be the bad guy. TR remarks that he has experience breaking promises to little old ladies or anyone else who doesn’t understand his dreams. TR asks what’s the worst that can happen. Johnny tells him that he doesn’t know Marlena like he does, as she has plenty of fire. TR brings up that Marlena did outsmart the Devil twice, but now she has to deal with him. TR instructs Johnny to tell Marlena that he can’t get out of this deal and that if he even tries to screw him over on this film, he will ruin him. Johnny questions if he would really ruin him. TR warns that he’s capable of many things but admits he won’t ruin him because he needs him, but that’s what he will tell Marlena. Johnny admits he was worried for a second. TR assures that they are a team and he takes care of his own, as long as he doesn’t disappoint him. TR asks what Johnny says. They shake hands as Johnny remarks that he feels like he’s making a deal with the Devil. TR declares that he may act like a badass but he’s actually a gentle soul, unless he’s crossed.

Paulina walks through the town square and comes across Abe. Paulina says she was just heading to the bakery to see Chanel. Abe informs her that she just missed her as she wasn’t feeling well, so she went home.

Chanel goes home and asks herself what she’s doing. Tripp shows up at her door and says he hopes she doesn’t mind him just dropping in, but there is something he wanted to tell her.

Chloe comments that Craig’s phone call is taking a long time. Nancy says it usually does. Brady comments on Craig’s food getting cold. Nancy realizes that Craig left his jacket when it’s cold outside, so Chloe decides to bring it to him. Chloe exits the Pub but doesn’t see Craig so she goes looking for him. Back inside, Nancy tells Brady that yesterday she would’ve been positive that Craig was lying about his phone call but today she’s perfectly calm because her husband has shown how much he loves her.

Craig is outside on the phone, saying he misses them too, as Chloe approaches from behind.

As Tripp comes inside, Chanel thinks back to kissing Allie in bed. Chanel then asks Tripp what he wanted to talk about. Tripp says he didn’t want to just say it over the phone as he wanted to talk to her about it in person. Tripp then just tells her that he and Allie are both there for her. Tripp says what Johnny did was the worst and he just wanted her to know that she deserves a lot better than Johnny DiMera. Tripp then hugs Chanel.

Johnny goes to see Marlena and tells her that he just got caught up in the romance of Italy and by the time they got back home, he realized he had made a huge mistake. Marlena says it’s one thing to acknowledge a mistake, but he was cruel. Johnny admits it was not his finest hour and he’s sorry for hurting Chanel, but he’s even more sorry that he’s going to hurt Marlena by breaking a promise that he made which she questions. Johnny says it’s the one about his movie.

Paulina asks Abe if Chanel told him about her and Johnny’s divorce. Abe confirms that she did and says he’s sorry. Paulina argues that Johnny gave her his word that he would make Chanel happy but she guesses that some men’s word isn’t what it used to be. Abe says he did his best to comfort Chanel. Paulina mentions that Chanel thinks the world of him. Abe says he feels the same. Abe adds that he heard about Paulina’s near miss with the chandelier and he’s glad to see her ankle is doing well. Paulina states that Lani saved her life. Abe decides he should go and tells Paulina to have a nice day as he then walks away. T.R. then approaches and recognizes Paulina. Paulina turns around and is shocked to see T.R., who she acknowledges as Ray, her ex and Lani’s biological father.

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