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Roman is in his room on the phone with Rex while Kate sleeps in bed behind him. Roman tells Rex that Kate is resting now but asks if there’s anything more he can do for her. Rex is at the hospital and tells Roman that at this point, just let her rest and keep her spirits up. Roman agrees to do his best and thanks him. Rex asks Roman to tell Kate that he will be by soon when she wakes up. Roman then hangs up. Sarah then approaches Rex at the hospital.

John sits with Marlena in the hospital and encourages her to keep fighting, noting that they have been through Hell and back to be together. Belle and Eric join him in the room. Eric asks if there really is no cure other than the orchid. Belle asks what Dr. Rolf said when John and Steve confronted him. John says that Dr. Rolf swore to know nothing about this and insisted he didn’t have the orchid.

Dr. Rolf goes to see Kristen at her apartment. Kristen mockingly asks why he’s so upset. Dr. Rolf says this is serious and reveals that the police showed up with a search warrant and are tearing up his lab as they speak. Kristen remarks that they know what they won’t find as she holds the Orchid with her. Dr. Rolf is glad she is so calm. Kristen asks what he’s so worried that the police will find in his lab and asks if there’s anything illegal laying around. Dr. Rolf says he moved everything out but complains about how disrespectful it is to his work. Kristen talks about taking care of the Orchid and how they know if the flower dies, so does Kayla, Marlena, and Kate.

Kate wakes up and calls out for Roman. Roman brings her water and says that Rex made him promise to keep her hydrated. Kate asks if he’s been at her side the whole time which he confirms. Kate feels very lucky. Roman doesn’t know what he would do if he couldn’t be with her. Kate encourages that he needs to go see Kayla. Roman states that Kayla has Steve and he’s been checking in, so Kate is stuck with him watching after her. Kate asks if they’ve found the Orchid. Roman responds that they are still looking. Kate complains that she’s tired of feeling like this and having to fight to keep her eyes open. Roman encourages her to not give up and stay here with him. Kate asks if he has big plans. Roman responds that he does have to show her something and she won’t want to miss it. Roman then presents Kate with a ring and gets down on his knee to propose to Kate.

Sarah tells Rex that she’s sorry about his mom. They talk about Kate not being in the hospital as she wanted to be in her own bed with Roman around. Rex calls Roman the best treatment she could ask for since there is no medicine or treatment.

Kate praises the ring as Roman tells Kate that she is as beautiful as ever. Kate says she’s done a lot of questionable things in her life but she must have done one thing right. Roman praises her and jokes about needing an answer so he can get off his knees. Kate responds that she’s sorry but she has to say no.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together as Chloe brings up breaking up. Chloe talks about Kristen trying to drive a wedge between them, causing one between Brady and Rachel. Brady encourages that it will all work out in the end and that Rachel will come around. Brady assures that he is putting Rachel first. Chloe complains that Rachel hates her and that’s not going to change anytime soon, so if Rachel’s happiness is most important to him then she thinks they need to break up. Brady points out that if they break up, it would be giving Kristen exactly what she wants.

Kristen thanks Dr. Rolf for trusting her to care for the Orchid. Dr. Rolf points out she gave him no choice. Kristen points out that if she didn’t take it, it would’ve fallen in to the wrong hands. Dr. Rolf admits that the police would have it and then Rex would use it as the cure for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Dr. Rolf then asks if Kristen plans on holding on to the orchid until the three women die.

Belle asks what if the police come up empty handed at Dr. Rolf’s lab. John then gets a text from Shawn, confirming there is no orchid in the lab. Marlena wakes up and says she hopes nobody is giving up on her just yet.

Roman gets up and admits he wasn’t expecting Kate to turn down his proposal. Kate says she’s sorry but to look where they are. Roman jokes that he would’ve preferred to take her to Paris but his hands are tied. Kate tells him that there is no cure and they both know what that means. Kate says she’s been close to death before but not like this. Roman refuses to give up. Kate tells Roman that she loves him for everything he’s done for her but she’s filled with regrets for all the time she wasted making bad choices. Kate talks about all the years that Roman loved her and she was too stupid or proud to admit that she loves him back. Roman says that doesn’t matter anymore since he has her now and has no intention of letting her go. Roman calls every second with her precious and he wants the world to know that she is his wife forever. Roman pleads with Kate to say yes to his proposal so they will be husband and wife in this moment. Kate then accepts his proposal and they kiss.

John assures Marlena that nobody is giving up on her here. Belle says they will fight with her every step of the way. Marlena says she will take all the help. Eric offers to say a prayer which Marlena admits she would like. Eric, Belle, John, and Marlena then all join hands as Eric says a prayer for God to keep her with them longer.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf that if Kate, Kayla, and Marlena do die, some would say it’s Dr. Rolf’s fault for creating the pathogen. Rolf argues that he had nothing to do with infecting the women and talks about how he began formulating the antidote serum with the orchid just in case. Kristen points out that then he could save the day and prove his innocence. Dr. Rolf says he’s innocent. Kristen says she is too but Dr. Rolf points out that she is keeping the orchid herself instead of saving the women. Kristen calls that not a crime and says she’s come to like having the orchid around. Dr. Rolf argues that if Kristen wanted the women to die, she would have destroyed the orchid instead of leaving it to chance that someone could find it. Dr. Rolf asks Kristen what her real plan is.

Belle tells Marlena to let them know if she needs anything. Marlena asks about Kate and Kayla. Eric says they are hanging in, just like her. Marlena asks about Roman. Eric notes that Roman hasn’t left Kate’s bedside for a second. Marlena tells Eric that he should go too which he questions. Marlena says she loves having him here but she thinks Roman needs him. Eric refuses to go anywhere. Marlena points out that Belle and John are here. Eric still doesn’t want to go but Marlena questions if he’s going to argue with her in this condition. Marlena says to give them her love. Eric then agrees to go check on Roman and Kate but says he’s coming right back. Eric tells Marlena that he loves her. Eric then hugs John and Belle before leaving the room. John then gets a call from Sami and gives the phone to Marlena. Marlena tells her that she’s much better after hearing her voice.

Kristen remarks that maybe it would serve her right if she let Marlena die. Dr. Rolf argues that it’s not her endgame since Marlena is Rachel’s grandmother and their rivalry over John is in the past. Kristen complains that Marlena refused to help her with Brady and Rachel. Dr. Rolf knows Kristen doesn’t take her eyes off the prize and the only prize to her is Brady while she has a rival for Brady’s affections.

Chloe questions Brady being willing to risk his relationship with his daughter so that Kristen can’t win. Brady says it’s more than that as he loves Chloe so much, so he’s not going to let anyone keep them apart. Chloe doesn’t want to be the reason he loses his daughter. Brady assures that he won’t. Chloe worries that Rachel’s anger won’t get better. Brady insists that Rachel will come around and be fine. Chloe asks what if she’s never fine with them being together. Brady says he doesn’t have an answer but he knows that sacrificing their happiness is not it.

Dr. Rolf talks about Kristen having him resurrect Stefan to go after Chloe in hopes he would woo her away from Brady but it didn’t work, so he thinks the Orchid is plan B. Kristen tells him that her motives are none of his business. Kristen tells him to trust her judgment like he would with Stefano. Dr. Rolf doesn’t think Stefano would approve of her putting Marlena at risk to get her husband back. Kristen warns Dr. Rolf to watch his place. Dr. Rolf argues that his place is upholding Stefano’s legacy. Kristen asks why he’s so worried about Marlena and points out that he has a stash of clones ready to go. Dr. Rolf claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Dr. Rolf asks if this was about Marlena, does that make Kayla and Kate just collateral damage?

Kate thanks Roman for giving her life and love. Roman cannot wait to make her his bride. Roman then gets a call from prison and it’s Lucas. Roman asks if Kate feels up to talking to him. Kate says she has good news to tell him so Roman gives her the phone. Kate then informs Lucas that she’s getting married.

Sarah asks Rex if there’s anything she can do to help. Rex appreciates the offer but says without the Orchid, nothing can be done. Rex tells Sarah that he just wants her to be happy in her life after he messed up with them badly, but he’s grateful for the time they had. Sarah says she is too.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s so proud of him for taking responsibility for everything he did and calls it such a brave thing to do. Kate wishes Lucas peace and happiness. Kate is sure Lucas will be the man and father to his children that she knows he can be. Kate tells him that she loves him so much. Kate assures that she will see him when he gets out as they hang up. Kate tells Roman that she couldn’t tell him the truth because Lucas is suffering enough. Roman bets that Kate will see Lucas when he’s released. Kate says right now, she just wants to enjoy this moment with Roman. Roman wants her to be his wife. Kate doesn’t think they have time to get married but Roman says they can do it right here as all they need is an officiant and a witness. Rex and Eric then arrive. Roman calls it their lucky day as they are just in time for a wedding.

Kristen asks if Dr. Rolf is suddenly developing a conscious. Dr. Rolf calls it self preservation. Kristen responds that if any of them die, it won’t be traced back to Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf blames Orpheus for their illness but if they die with the cure in Kristen’s hands, that is on her and her alone.

Marlena tells Sami that she understands that she’s there for her daughter Sydney and she’d be here if she could. Marlena adds that there is something Sami could do that would make her feel a lot better. Marlena says she could talk to her sister as she then hands the phone to Belle. Belle holds back tears and tells her that she and Eric will take care of Marlena for all of them. Belle says she loves her too and hangs up. John asks if that was not what Belle expected. Belle admits that Sami was very kind. John takes it that Eric was right that sometimes there’s no limits to God’s miracles.

Kate puts her makeup on and jokes that maybe now she can look presentable for her wedding. Rex encourages her and says he’s just glad to watch her marry the love of her life. Roman returns with Eric and flowers.

Kristen talks about the Orchid being so delicate and fragile. Dr. Rolf points out that she is holding the last of it’s kind and the last chance for Marlena, Kate, and Kayla to survive.

John tells Marlena that she can stop trying to be strong now as it’s just them and he can see how hard this is for her. Marlena acknowledges that she could never hide anything from him. Marlena admits she feels awful and that everything hurts. John decides he will be strong for both of them now. Sarah then enters with an orchid plant that was delivered for Marlena.

Eric officiates the wedding of Roman and Kate. Roman has flashbacks to his first relationship and wedding with Kate as he smiles and says “I definitely do”. Kate then has flashbacks to their current relationship and says “I do”. Rex then hands over the rings. Eric pronounces Roman and Kate as husband and wife and then they kiss.

John observes the orchid plant that was delivered and finds the note. Marlena questions who sent it. John says it’s nothing. Marlena reminds him that they promised to be honest and asks for the card, so he hands it over. Marlena reads the card saying it’s not the Orchid she’s looking for, but it’s beauty takes her breath away. Marlena reads that it won’t be long before her last breath and the orchid will die with her as the card was from Orpheus.

Brady goes to Kristen’s apartment and questions her wanting to see him. Kristen says they need to talk. Brady brings up the letter that Kristen put in Rachel’s lunchbox, saying that Chloe is the reason she can’t see her. Kristen claims not to know what he’s talking about. Brady declares that he doesn’t have time for games because Marlena is dying. Kristen responds that maybe that doesn’t have to happen which Brady questions. Kristen declares that maybe she can save Marlena, Kayla, and Kate too.

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