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Recap written by Christine

Diane saw no point in asking Victor how he got into her suite, because she knew that was how he was. She’d been expecting him. She assumed Nikki ran straight to him after her encounter with Diane. Actually, Diane thought Victor would’ve come faster. She suggested he was slowing down, but he said he was as fast as he’d always been. Victor implied that he wanted Diane to get out of town. She said threatening helpless women wasn’t really his style. “Or is that what you’ve become these days? A common thug?,” she asked. He said he’d never threaten a helpless creature of any kind, but he considered her venomous. He told her to pack her bag before people found out she was back. She thought that if she stuck around long enough, people would tolerate her. She said Phyllis was putting up with her, and she was staying in Phyllis’ hotel. Victor was sure Phyllis was allowing that because it let her keep an eye on Diane. Diane was sure Nikki informed Victor that Diane changed. Victor said it was bull – people didn’t change after a few therapy sessions. “So only Newmans are allowed to changed,” Diane replied. She stated that Nikki had become a pious poster child for sobriety and clean living, and Adam had become a family man. Victor stated that it took many years for his wife and son to evolve. Diane had zero expectations from anyone in this town, so she said Victor could keep his threats to himself. She was only here to explain things to her son and ask his forgiveness.

Victor stated that Kyle was a Newman now. Diane knew that Victor was saying that because her son married his granddaughter. Victor said that meant Kyle would be accorded the security of a Newman, and Victor had Kyle’s back. Diane said she reunited with Kyle – Jack arranged it. Victor thought Jack made a mistake. Diane didn’t think so. The conversation with Kyle went well. She said she wasn’t going to interfere and make Kyle upset. Victor said Diane was delusional if she thought she could bring people peace and happiness, especially Kyle. Diane said she meant no harm. Victor reiterated that Diane should get the hell out of town. “You know who I am and you know what I’m capable of. That’s far more than sneaking into your hotel suite,” Victor stated. He left.

Mariah ran into Kyle at Society. He was sitting at the bar, staring off into space, until she called his name and said she had no idea he was home from Milan. She hugged him and said they had so much to catch up on. Kyle missed Mariah. He claimed he was here on business. She asked where Snowflake was. He said Summer was wonderful, and she had to stay in Italy to oversee the new Marchetti launch. She asked how long he was here for. He wasn’t sure. She hoped it would take a long time, because she wanted him to be here for her wedding on May 13th. She said he was the first champion of her and Tessa’s love, and the wedding wouldn’t be the same without him.

Kyle promised to do everything in his power to be there for the wedding. He didn’t realize a date had been set. Mariah said it had come together quickly, which was why he hadn’t gotten a save the date email. She said there had been some complications. He assumed she meant Rey’s death. He was sorry. He talked to Lola, and she was devastated. He asked how Mariah was. She was in shock, and she missed Rey, but she was mostly concerned for Sharon. They wanted to put the wedding back, but Sharon wanted to keep it on schedule. Kyle understood needing a touchstone when your life turned upside down. Mariah alluded to wanting Kyle to be part of the wedding. He assumed she wanted him to be her man of honor, and he said yes. That wasn’t what she wanted. She asked him to officiate the wedding.

Kyle was honored, but he wasn’t sure if he could say yes. He was dealing with some personal things, and he couldn’t commit to such an important role. Mariah asked if he and Summer were having problems. He said they were great. She knew they hadn’t talked a lot lately, but she could always count on him, and she hoped he felt the same way about her. He did feel the same way. He asked if they could go talk at the house. He could use her friendship right now. They went to the Abbott mansion, where he revealed that his mom was alive and in town to make amends. Mariah was stunned, and she thought it was messed up for Diane to fake her death. Kyle said Diane had a lot of explanations, and he thought most of them were garbage, but some of them got to him. He wondered if it was possible for someone to change that much. Mariah didn’t know. She liked to think so. She was so sorry this was happening to Kyle. Mariah said even if Diane had explanations, that didn’t mean those were answers.

Mariah thought Diane was asking a lot by hoping for a mother-son relationship. Kyle agreed and said that was why he was drinking in the middle of the afternoon and didn’t know which way was up. Mariah asked what Kyle was going to do and how to support him. His instinct was to welcome his mom back into his life. There were so many things he missed out on as a kid. Mariah understood it must feel like a fairy tale and a second chance. Kyle said Mariah understood. Jack was nervous about this, but Kyle asked how he could turn down the opportunity for a new relationship. Kyle said it was kind of like when he found out he had a whole son he didn’t know about. Mariah noted that Harrison didn’t fake his death. Kyle knew and he also knew fairy tales weren’t real, but this was everything he wished for as a kid. Mariah was afraid Kyle was setting himself up to be hurt. She asked how he could trust Diane and why he’d let her anywhere near Summer and Harrison.

Back at her room, Diane called Jack and left a message. She said Kyle’s reaction wasn’t what she’d hoped for, but she guessed it was all she could expect right now. She did what she came to do, and she hoped there would be more in the future, but she guessed there would be no guarantees, so she was going back to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Sally and Adam were in their hotel suite. She wondered why sneaking away to a hotel in the middle of the day was so sexy. He said having a suite in Phyllis’s hotel without her knowing made it extra hot. She noted that they’d recently admitted to each other that they were falling in love. She asked if they were becoming a couple. He didn’t know. He wasn’t expecting any of this. They thought about how all their declarations that they were strictly professional didn’t work out. He teased that he’d sold it better than she did, but she didn’t agree. She said all her assurances to him, Chloe and Chelsea were legit because she didn’t want to ruin her chances at Newman Media. She said that what had been most important to her was not ruining her chances with what she really wanted – Adam.

Adam said he and Sally had to get back to work. Before they left, she wanted to know how it went with Sharon. He said it was hard. Sally didn’t want to pry. Adam said it was fine. He said Sharon was in a lot of pain, and Rey was a good man, so she was struggling. Adam was glad he went to Sharon. Sharon said he was the first one she broke down in front of. Adam sensed that Sally didn’t really want to hear this, but she assured him that she did. She wanted him to feel like he could tell her anything. She said openness was the basis of their relationship. That was why she told him about her terminal illness scam, and she hoped that was why he told her about his. She was here if she needed to talk. He thanked her.

Sally said she wasn’t jealous of Sharon or Chelsea. It might sound cocky, but she was pretty confident in their relationship. Adam said that was good to hear, and this was different for him. At various times, he’d been married and obsessed and destructive and detached but this thing with Sally was different – maybe because it began slowly. It felt right. She asked if he felt guilty because they were happy while Sharon was suffering and alone. He said seeing Sharon may have convinced him that he and Sally were taking things too slowly. It might be why he confessed he was falling in love with her. Life could change in an instant, so he didn’t think they should worry about what other people thought. She agreed and they kissed and fell back on the bed.

Billy and Victoria ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He was glad to see she was walking around. He asked if she was doing okay. She was doing well, all things considered. He brought up Rey’s tragic death, and she said she wished she’d never been on the road, because maybe things would’ve turned out differently. Billy told Victoria that it wasn’t her fault. He did wonder why she was on the road though, since that wasn’t her usual route home. He asked if Ashland had been following her.

Victoria didn’t want to recount the accident anymore. Billy felt like Victoria was trying to avoid him, since she broke down and told him about Ashland’s scam. He asked if she regretted having that talk with him. Smirking, she said she regretted most of her conversations with him. He hoped that wasn’t true. He liked being there for her, which was only fair after the amount of times she’d been there for him over the years. He hoped she knew she could confide in him. She did. He asked if Ashland was still in her life.

Victoria didn’t want to go into detail, but she said Ashland was leaving Newman Locke and they were having the marriage annulled. Billy was relieved. He hoped that meant Victoria finally believed the truth about Ashland and that he was leaving town. Victoria didn’t know. She hadn’t talked to him. He asked if she hadn’t talked to Ashland since the accident. She admitted they talked briefly. He wanted to know how briefly, and she said it was none of his concern. He knew she must be conflicted because Ashland saved her life, but Billy said that didn’t erase the lies. Victoria didn’t want to be psychoanalyzed. He apologized. She thought he was only doing this to say “I told you so.” She knew he warned her and Nick did too. She also knew she should’ve listened to them, but the past was the past, so all she could do was move forward. She got up to leave. Lily walked in and said she was sorry about the accident and hoped Victoria felt better. Victoria’s terse reply was that Lily could ask Billy about it since he seemed to know everything. Victoria left.

Lily asked what was going on. Billy thought Victoria was being sensitive. He swore he didn’t say anything bad to Victoria – he just showed concern for the mother of his children. He said he inadvertently hit a nerve when he brought up Ashland. Lily assumed Victoria didn’t think it was any of Billy’s business and that she didn’t want him looking for ways to blame Ashland. Billy said it was so easy because Ashland was a criminal. Billy thought this situation was going to affect Victoria’s judgment. Lily said Victoria was still the same smart savvy woman. He knew. Lily wondered if he was going to eventually decide that she couldn’t solve her own problems and interfere, whether she wanted him to or not.

Billy said this wasn’t a pattern with him. He never doubted Lily’s ability to solve issues, and he was aware the women in his life were smarter and more capable than him, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t concerned about Ashland. She knew he didn’t trust Ashland. He said it was past that – he had a deep hatred for Ashland – he lied about having cancer, which must strike a chord with Lily. Lily said it did, but she didn’t understand why that meant Billy had to interfere. Billy didn’t think he was doing that. He said he was advising Victoria, and she could choose to listen or not. “Victor is interfering. I’m not that bad,” he said. “Not yet,” she replied. He admitted he and Victor might end up on the same side – doing everything they could to get Ashland out of town. He said that Ashland was still here, despite getting kicked out of the company and having the marriage annulled – he’d been following Victoria the night of the accident. Billy thought Ashland was up to something, maybe plotting revenge.

Lily despised what Ashland did, especially as a cancer survivor. However, she said that she and Billy agreed that he’d let this go, because if he didn’t, he’d fixate on it. “I am asking you for the last time – please stop,” she said.

Billy went to The Grand Phoenix and ran into Ashland.

At Newman Media, Victor called Adam and asked where he was. Nikki came in and asked if Victor had seen Victoria. At that moment, Victoria walked in. Victoria had been avoiding the calls and messages because she didn’t want to be lectured about Ashland. Nikki said that this was about Rey, not Ashland. Victoria didn’t want to get into it. She thought it was clear that the accident was her fault. Nikki revealed that Rey died of a heart attack, that caused the accident. Victoria felt relief, and she felt terrible that this was her first reaction. Nikki thought it was natural to feel relief. Victoria said that this accident was still a tragedy, and it would take a little bit of time for her to put it behind her. Nikki understood that. She wished she could stay, but she had a meeting. Nikki left.

Victoria came to talk to Adam, and since he wasn’t here, she decided to leave. Victor said no, because they needed to have a talk about Adam’s position at Newman Locke. Victoria actually came to tell Adam that his services as CEO were no longer needed. Victor thought that was a mistake. Victoria said she was ready to go back to work. Victor admired that, but he said she had a lot on her plate. He wanted Adam to be co-CEO. He thought it was time for the Newmans to show a united front. Victoria didn’t want or need Adam in the mix. She was doing fine before Ashland came on board, and she’d be fine now. She said she was going to remove Locke’s name from the business and go back to Newman Enterprises. Victor liked that, however, he said they still had to discuss Adam’s role. Victoria said Adam had no role here, and if Victor forced the issue, he had to make a choice between her and Adam.

Victor got worked up because he thought Victoria was acting rashly. She said she knew how she felt. He said she found out Ashland lied, then she nearly got killed in a car accident – two traumas. He asked why she was being so stubborn and refusing Adam’s help. She said her injuries weren’t that severe. He wasn’t just talking about her physical pain. She said Ashland was out of her life. Victor knew Ashland snuck into Victoria’s office. He was sure aAshland would continue to play on Victoria’s emotions, and he wasn’t sure she’d purged herself of him. She got fed up with him second guessing her emotions. She said if he chose Adam, that was fine, but she’d leave and she wouldn’t look back. She headed toward the door. Adam came in and said it was good to see Victoria up and about. He asked what he missed. Victoria said their dad would fill him in. She left.

Victor told Adam they had a problem. Adam assumed Victoria had no interest in him staying on in a leadership role. Victor wanted to discuss that later, because they had an urgent matter to discuss – Diane Jenkins was alive and back in town.

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