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Alex works at the Titan office when he gets a text from Sloan, asking if he’s up for more tricks & treats with a photo of her handcuffs. Alex starts to respond but Stephanie walks in.

Paulina leaves another message for Stephanie that as soon as she gets the file from Sloan, she wants it delivered to her immediately. Paulina thanks Stephanie for all she has done and says that she and Chanel are forever in her debt. Sloan then arrives at Paulina’s office and hopes it isn’t a bad time. Paulina responds that it always is and their business is concluded. Sloan questions who gave her that idea.

Tripp goes to the hospital and finds Steve dressed as a pirate for Halloween. Tripp realizes he missed the kids’ Halloween party. Tripp mentions being on the hospital staff but says it’s an old habit. Steve tells Tripp that he ran in to a kid earlier who was asking about Tripp. Steve suggests Tripp stick around town a little longer. Steve admits he hopes Tripp stays in Salem because he loves having him here. Tripp responds that he loves being here but his life is in Seattle now, so he got a return ticket tonight and he just came to say goodbye.

EJ is at home on the phone with Belle. EJ thanks her and says he’s thrilled to be back running DiMera Enterprises. EJ comments that he doesn’t plan to go public with Ava Vitali’s crimes as long as she abides by their agreement. EJ remarks that he’s sure he’s not the only one celebrating Ava being banished from Salem, never to be seen or heard from ever again. Behind him, Ava then appears outside the back door and looks in through window of the DiMera Mansion.

Sloan warns Paulina that her client is growing very impatient with her games. Paulina argues that she doesn’t play games. Sloan threatens that if Paulina doesn’t pay up, the whole world will know her and Chanel’s dirty little secrets. Paulina questions what she is talking about since Stephanie assured her that everything was resolved. Sloan responds that Stephanie spun a bunch of lies to both of them.

Alex tells Stephanie about closing a deal so he will need her to put together a press release. Stephanie says she will get right on that, but first she hoped she could ask him to do something for her.

Steve questions Tripp already booking his return flight. Tripp says now that Kayla is doing well, it’s time to get back. Steve says it makes sense but notes that Ava won’t be happy if he leaves town without seeing her. Tripp guesses he hasn’t heard. Steve admits he’s been at the hospital 24/7 until now so he asks what he didn’t hear. Tripp reveals to Steve that EJ ran Ava out of town and he has no idea where she is.

EJ tells Belle that he knows Gabi and Ava are out for his blood, but if they come for him, they will live to regret it or maybe they won’t live at all which he calls a little Halloween humor. Ava remains outside the mansion and puts on a clown mask costume with a knife in hand. EJ then turns around and is shocked by what he sees.

Tripp tells Steve that he knows Ava made some bad choices but she was going to marry Jake so that wasn’t a lie. Steve questions if that excuses her from faking a marriage and helping herself to Jake’s DiMera shares. Tripp admits it doesn’t but feels the punishment doesn’t fit the crime since she was grieving while EJ took away her job and home. Steve points out that EJ could have had Ava arrested and sent to prison so he’d say he treated her pretty well considering the circumstances. Tripp argues that EJ had his own ulterior motives but he’d rather not get in to it. Steve questions Tripp having no idea where Ava is which he confirms. Tripp says all he got was a text from her saying she’s fine and would see him soon. Steve says it doesn’t make sense because it’s not like Ava to just give in and leave.

EJ goes to investigate outside when Chad enters the DiMera Mansion in the same clown costume, scaring EJ, who complains that there is someone lurking outside in the same costume. Chad points out that he doesn’t see anybody while EJ insists they were just there.

Sloan tells Paulina that Stephanie crashed and burned and didn’t have the nerve to tell her that she sent Chad to pay her off with counterfeit money. Sloan says she only found out by chance, otherwise she’d be out her retainer and her client could have been arrested for passing fake bills. Paulina doesn’t believe a word of her story. Sloan says she has no reason to lie and questions if Stephanie has called her today. Paulina admits she hasn’t. Sloan wonders why she could be avoiding her. Sloan points out that Paulina is five points ahead in the polls and the election is next week so it would be a terrible time for her daughter’s exploits to be splattered on every news paper in the state.

Alex questions Stephanie asking him for another favor. Stephanie knows she already owes him big time for covering her with Sloan last night. Alex tells Stephanie that he won’t tell Sloan that she broke in to her apartment, but she can’t do it again. Stephanie agrees that she can’t try her luck but she told Paulina that she would present her with Sloan’s incriminating files today and she doesn’t know how she will do that without Alex’s help.

Joey visits with Kayla in the hospital. Kayla mentions that Stephanie told her it’s far more interesting in Salem than Seattle. Kayla talks about there never being a dull moment in Salem and his family is here. Kayla then informs Joey that she was wondering about Wendy Shin because she heard he and Tripp talking about her while they thought she was sleeping and it sounded like they are both kind of in to her. Joey complains about her eavesdropping. Kayla points out that they were in her room and talking very loudly. Joey admits they were and jokes that he’ll let it go this time. Joey tells Kayla that he and Tripp might be kind of in to Wendy but unless she wants Salem to be even more interesting, she definitely wouldn’t want them in an intense competition for the same woman so that won’t work to keep him or Tripp in Salem. Joey tells Kayla that he loves her and assures they will be video chatting all the time and they will visit. Kayla wants Joey to be happy wherever he is. Joey thanks her and asks if she’s still on track to get out tomorrow. Kayla promises she will sign her out herself if she has to. Joey asks if she’s sure it’s not worth to stay a couple more days to make sure she’s okay. Joey comments on all the cards Kayla has been sent. Kayla says she’s been so exhausted that she hasn’t had time to look at them all yet so Joey offers to help her with that. Kayla then opens a card that came with a box of candy, assuming it’s from Julie, but it turns out to be from Orpheus.

Chad thinks EJ probably just saw a trick or treater. EJ argues that they would come to the front door. Chad suggests they got lost or were playing a prank. EJ repeats that they were wearing the exact same costume as Chad. Chad says a hundred other people are too and mentions that it was on sale when he took Thomas and Charlotte to the town square. Chad insists that EJ probably just saw a kid. EJ supposes he’s right. Chad asks why he wanted to see him as he has to get home to the kids. EJ declares that he would like Chad to come back to work at DiMera.

Stephanie informs Alex that she still thinks the file is in the locked cabinet in Sloan’s apartment. Alex calls that total speculation. Stephanie points out that it wouldn’t be if she had a chance to pick the lock. Alex reminds her that they just agreed she can’t do that again. Stephanie agrees but suggests maybe someone who is a welcome visitor to Sloan’s bedroom could somehow find the opportunity. Alex questions if she’s asking him to pick a lock and legit commit a crime. Stephanie remarks that he probably doesn’t have the skills. Alex says that’s not the point. Stephanie suggests he could look around and find the key. Alex thinks he knows where the key is but he also thinks stealing from Sloan is crossing a major line. Stephanie tells him to think about the lines Sloan has crossed and that she never should’ve had these materials in the first place. Stephanie admits she thought helping Paulina get elected would be simple but she’s never dealt with blackmail before and thought she could just do her usual spin out of it. Alex talks about how she always thinks she can get out of things until she can’t and now she’s asking him to fix things for her. Stephanie argues that this isn’t just about her but about Paulina and her family. Stephanie adds that it’s about so much more than that, the future of their community and state. Alex says she’s laying it on thick. Stephanie states that Paulina’s campaign is more than just a job to her as she believe she will do great things for the state. Stephanie declares that she would work for Paulina for free. Alex uses that to joke about the ridiculous rate she is charging Titan. Stephanie asks if he will help her or not. Alex wants to be clear on what exactly she is asking from him. Alex questions if she’s asking him to go have sex with Sloan. Stephanie argues that he can go look for a key without having sex with her. Alex says there are no real feelings between he and Sloan but he doesn’t feel comfortable going to her apartment with a secret agenda of stealing from her. Stephanie decides she shouldn’t have asked him to do this as it’s her problem and she should handle it herself. Stephanie then exits to go deal with the press release.

Paulina complains of Sloan blackmailing her. Sloan calls it business. Paulina threatens to report her to the state BAR for unethical practices when she becomes Governor. Sloan warns that she will never be Governor if she doesn’t make this deal. Sloan adds that her stalling isn’t winning points with her client. Sloan then declares that the price just went up dramatically. Paulina decides she wants to deal with the client directly but Sloan says she gets paid to protect the client’s anonymity so she will deal with her and only her. Sloan hands Paulina the new price and the number for the offshore account. Sloan then declares that if the money isn’t in there by the morning, Paulina’s political career is over and so is her daughter’s life as she knows it. Sloan then exits the office.

Tripp agrees with Steve that it’s not like Ava to let go of anything without a fight, but he thinks that falling in love with Jake and then losing him so suddenly took all the fight out of her. Steve hopes that’s true for his sake because he knows he’s devoted to his mom and doesn’t want him to worry all the time. Steve mentions Joey being in with Kayla, so he invited Tripp to come join them to say goodbye. Tripp says he’ll be there in a minute as he’s going to text Ava that he’s heading out tonight since he’s still hoping to see her before he leaves. Steve says he hopes so too and heads to Kayla’s room. Ava then arrives in her clown costume and reveals herself to Tripp.

Joey complains about Orpheus sending Kayla a get well card and asks what it says. Steve then enters the room and asks what’s wrong. Joey informs him that Orpheus sent her a gift. Steve reads the card which says “Congratulations, you lived to tell the tale. I don’t know how you managed to get your hands on the serum but I’m man enough to admit I’ve been bested.” Orpheus goes on to acknowledge that he’s heading back to prison after screwing up his pardon but that the ladies will never be far from his thoughts.

Tripp brings Ava to a waiting room at the hospital and questions what she is doing here. Ava says she knew he was leaving town so she figured he’d be here with his family. Tripp tells her that he’s been worried about her and hates what EJ did to her. Tripp adds that he really got in to it with EJ and punched him in the face. Tripp asks what Ava’s plan is, where she is staying and if she has any money. Ava says she’s making due. Tripp asks if she needs anything and argues that she shouldn’t have to sneak around. Ava says she won’t have to sneak around much longer and says Tripp is the last person left that she cares about other than her grandson who barely knows her. Tripp then invites Ava to come back to Seattle with him.

Chad asks EJ what exactly he would be doing at DiMera. EJ says it’s whatever he wants and that Chad can name his terms since he knows the company inside and out, so he needs him on his team. EJ adds that his stock shares will be returned to him. Chad calls that unexpected. EJ explains that having the company back in the family’s hands means everything to him but having everyone getting along and working together means even more. Chad tells EJ that it means a lot and he’s very grateful that they were able to make amends. Chad says he’s flattered but he has to say no to the offer.

Alex goes to Sloan’s apartment dressed as a cop. Sloan jokes about playing dress up. Sloan tells him that she could really use a de-stress because she had a hell of a day. Alex asks what happened. Sloan responds that she can’t disclose details about her cases but brings up Alex hiring Stephanie at Titan and suggests that he get rid of her. Alex asks why but Sloan repeats that she can’t go in to detail. Sloan calls Stephanie an incompetent lying bitch. Alex says he’s sorry to hear that but he didn’t come to talk about business, but to handle it. Alex decides this time he will handcuff Sloan.

Stephanie goes to Paulina’s office and tells her that she got her messages. Paulina asks if she has the materials from Sloan. Stephanie says she doesn’t have them right this minute but she’s working on it as she speaks. Paulina complains that she’s furious because Sloan was just here a few minutes ago. Stephanie guesses she is fired.

Tripp swears that cost of living in Seattle won’t be a problem for Ava as she can stay with he and Joey in Stephanie’s old room. Ava points out that Joey wouldn’t be too happy about that. Tripp asks what the alternative is and if she’s going to go back to her old life in Philadelphia. Ava responds that she couldn’t even if she wanted to because cousin Angelo made it clear there’s no room. Tripp insists on Ava coming to stay with him and says Joey is his brother so he will understand. Tripp argues that Ava has worked too hard to turn her life around and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Tripp pleads with Ava to come with him and let him help her out for a change. Ava then agrees to go but adds that there’s one thing she needs to take care of first.

EJ jokes with Chad that it’s hard to take rejection from a clown seriously. Chad gets that EJ is not used to hearing no. EJ admits he’s painfully aware that he treated him abysmally last time they worked together but promises that this time will be different. Chad tells EJ that means a lot to him and he appreciates it. Chad says he probably would say yes to the offer but he’s already taken another job. EJ says he knows about that as he read the press release that he’s consulting at SJ PR. EJ argues that the company can’t be much of a future for him, pointing out that they are going to lose a major client a week after the election and he’d have a lot more responsibility at DiMera. Chad responds that he doesn’t want more responsibility as he’s just dipping his toes back in and can choose how much he handle there which he appreciates. EJ tells him that he can come back to DiMera at his own pace then. Chad states that PR is different and he kind of likes it and he really likes working with Stephanie. EJ thought he detected something when he said Stephanie’s name but Chad assures that he’s not ready to date yet and probably won’t be for a very long time. EJ understands and says if Chad’s happy at his job then he’s happy for him, but if he ever changes his mind, the door to DiMera will always be open. Chad thanks him and says he really appreciates that. EJ hugs Chad and sends his love to his kids. EJ tells Chad that he’ll still get his shares back. Chad asks if Kate will get her shares back but EJ says never.

Steve finishes a call with John and informs Kayla and Joey that Marlena and Kate got the same card from Orpheus. Steve argues that Orpheus knows he failed in his mission, so he’s doing everything he can to make them think he’s still a threat, but he thinks Orpheus knows that he can’t beat them. Steve assures Kayla that Orpheus is never going to beat them. Tripp enters the room and says it looks like he’s late for the party. Tripp then asks what’s going on. Steve says it’s nothing he needs to worry about. Kayla brings up hearing that Tripp and Joey are determined to go back to Seattle tonight. Tripp informs Joey that they might have a little company staying with them for a little while.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she can explain but Paulina doesn’t want to hear it. Paulina complains that Stephanie lied to her over and over again and assured that she had the situation under control when all she’s done is make it even worse. Paulina questions what Stephanie was thinking by trying to pay off a blackmailer with fake money. Paulina complains about Stephanie not letting her know what was going on or giving her a chance to decide how to handle it. Paulina declares that now because of Stephanie’s foolishness, Sloan’s client is demanding even more money and she has no choice but to pay it. Stephanie responds that she knows where the documents are and asks for a chance to get her hands on them so she can make this right. Paulina asks how many times she’s heard that. Stephanie insists that she’s been working 24/7 to fix this but Paulina says she hasn’t accomplished anything. Stephanie reminds Paulina that she said if she pays Sloan, the demands will never stop. Paulina argues that thanks to Stephanie, she has no other choice.

Alex handcuffs Sloan to her bed and then blindfolds her. Sloan says now she can’t see him. Alex says the point is for her not to see what’s coming as he kisses her. Alex then reaches in to Sloan’s purse and says he has a surprise for her as he steals her keys. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Alex claims he’s getting undressed as he goes to unlock her filing cabinet. Sloan asks what that noise is. Alex repeats that it’s a surprise. Alex talks about a story he heard about his cousin handcuffing someone at a sex party and then not even having sex with them. Alex then retrieves the folder titled “Price” from the cabinet.

Stephanie apologizes to Paulina. Paulina doesn’t want to hear another word from her and says she can’t risk this secret coming out and ruining her chances of becoming Governor and more importantly, Chanel’s life. Stephanie repeats that she’s so sorry. Paulina warns that Stephanie will be even more sorry when she calls Victor and all of her other high profile clients to tell them that they need to cut ties with her ASAP. Paulina declares that by the time she’s done with her, SJ PR willl be DOA.

Joey questions Tripp inviting his mother to live with them without even asking him. Steve questions Ava agreeing. Tripp points out that Ava didn’t have much choice as she has nowhere else to go. Tripp adds that Ava is sad, lost, and alone but she is his mom. Joey questions wanting her to be their roommate. Kayla asks if she can’t talk Joey in to staying in Salem now.

EJ goes back to working at home and looks behind him, then tells himself to get a grip as there’s no knife wielding killer out there. The door then opens and EJ sees the person in the clown costume once again.

Stephanie goes to see Chad. Chad asks if she wants him to come in to work but Stephanie says not tonight and maybe not ever because she just got fired.

Sloan’s doorbell rings which startles Alex as Sloan remarks about the lousy timing.

EJ grabs a knife and demands to know who the clown is and what they want. She unmasks to reveal EJ’s mother, Susan Banks. EJ questions what she is doing here. Susan exclaims that she has to tell him something very important. Susan then tells EJ that he is in terrible danger.

Ava goes to the DiMera Crypt and tells Jake’s plaque that this is goodbye as she is leaving town. Ava says other than her grandson Henry, the only thing she’s sad to leave is Jake. Ava talks about what a big decision this was for her as she was determined to get revenge on EJ for what he did to them but she talked to her son Tripp and decided to just let it go. The door then opens and Ava’s dead son Charlie appears and declares that was her first mistake, listening to the wrong son.

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