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Sarah is in her new motel room on the phone with Maggie, assuring her that she and Xander will be fine while she is searching the motel room. Maggie complains about them living in a dive motel. Sarah tells her that Victor made it clear that the mansion is not their home. Maggie says she can handle Victor. Sarah tells Maggie that it’s okay as they will only be here until Xander gets out of debt and then will find a new home. Maggie hopes she’s right. Sarah tells her not to worry and that she loves her as she hangs up. Sarah remains searching the room and then looks underneath the bed and screams.

Alex enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie, who asks how his mission went with the file that he stole out of Sloan’s apartment. Alex won’t go in to detail but tells Maggie that the file could’ve destroyed many lives but now it won’t thanks to them.

Paulina is in her office, on the phone with Sloan, assuring that the money is ready to go. Paulina says she’ll see her in an hour and hangs up. Paulina complains about wishing she could strangle her. Stephanie arrives. Paulina tells her that she has some nerve showing up here again after she failed to neutralize Sloan Peterson. Paulina complains that she has to go pay Sloan off with even more money than before thanks to her. Stephanie tells her that she doesn’t have to do that. Paulina continues that she doesn’t have a choice thanks to Stephanie and brings up Sloan having a file full of evidence that could destroy her daughter’s life. Stephanie says not anymore as she then reveals the file folder.

Xander rushes in to the motel room and says he heard Sarah scream from down the hall. Sarah has him look underneath the bed and he tells her that it’s just a cockroach. Xander says she almost gave him a heart attack as he thought she was in real danger. Outside their room, Ava lurks in a disguise wearing sunglasses and a blonde wig.

Johnny sits at the DiMera Mansion on the phone with Wendy and asks about her first night at Allie’s. Wendy responds that Allie and Chanel are great hosts and thanks him for hooking her up with a place to stay. Johnny says now they can focus on getting the goods on Li and EJ. Johnny then tells her that he has to go and will call her back as EJ walks in. EJ tells Johnny to save it because he knows he’s plotting against him so he can just admit it. Johnny thinks he misunderstood. EJ says this is about Johnny coming to DiMera and pretending he wanted to make peace. Johnny claims he wasn’t pretending. EJ wishes that were true and suspects that this is about Ava. Johnny claims not to know what he’s talking about. EJ tells him to be honest with him as he asks if he is seeking revenge on Ava’s behalf.

Ava hides outside the motel as Sarah thanks Xander for getting rid of the cockroach. Sarah complains that they are literally staying in a roach motel. Xander goes to shut the door but Sarah says to leave it open because there’s a smell. Xander apologizes to Sarah for all this since she deserves so much more. Sarah says it’s okay. Xander wishes they could’ve stayed at Jack’s but Sarah says she’d rather take her chances with the roaches than stay with Gwen. Sarah says they will just tough it out here for a little bit longer and then soon her probation at the hospital will be over and she’ll be back to full time with her salary. Xander says until then, he’ll keep looking for a job even if his prospects are pretty bleak at the moment. Sarah encourages that something will come along soon. Xander jokes that if not, he can always return to a life of crime. Ava smiles when she hears that from outside the door.

EJ tells Johnny to admit that he’s been plotting against him but Susan interrupts and tells EJ to leave Johnny alone becasue he doesn’t have any proof against him. Johnny didn’t know Susan was in town. Susan explains that she got in last night after having a vision that someone was out to get EJ. EJ mentions seeing someone outside in a clown mask wielding a knife. Johnny questions if EJ thought that was him. EJ brings up Johnny’s love of horror movies. Johnny declares that he does not want to murder EJ. Susan encourages that Johnny is innocent. EJ brings up that Susan said last night that she couldn’t get a read on Johnny’s true intentions. Susan blames that on a bad connection. Johnny tells EJ that he is his kid and he loves him, he is not plotting against him. EJ really hopes that’s true because he would hate to think his own son would betray him. EJ says he has to get the office and will see them tonight. EJ tells Susan that he’s really glad she’s there even if it is under unpleasant circumstances. EJ then exits the mansion. Johnny thanks Susan for sticking up for him. Susan says any time and asks if he is telling her the truth.

Chanel comes home and brings Wendy a coffee. Chanel tells Wendy that she’s glad they have a moment because there is something they have been wanting to discuss with her, but she thought maybe Wendy would be more comfortable if it was just them. Wendy stops her and asks if she’s going to ask her to have a threesome.

Alex looks at Stephanie’s number on his phone when Chad walks in and tells Alex that he needs his help. Alex asks what’s going on. Chad explains that Paulina fired Stephanie yesterday and threatened to have Victor do the same, so he needs Alex to convince Victor not to. Alex tells Chad that he doesn’t need to waste his time. Chad argues that it’s the least he could do after refusing to help Stephanie with Sloan. Alex jokes that Chad is always a little behind the times. Chad questions what he’s talking about. Alex reveals that he gave Stephanie the file last night.

Stephanie hands Paulina the file. Paulina questions how she got her hands on this and if she wants to know. Stephanie responds that an associate of hers was able to relieve Sloan of the file and it wasn’t Chad. Paulina questions if they broke in to Sloan’s apartment. Stephanie just confirms that they were able to life the file. Paulina responds that whoever their saving angel is, Stephanie should thank them twice because they saved her bid for Governor and Chanel’s future, but also kept Stephanie from losing a very important client.

Sarah argues that Xander can’t be serious about going back to a life of crime. Xander says of course not but then says maybe, pointing out that things are pretty dire right now. Xander argues that he’d only have to smuggle a few diamonds. Sarah argues that he’s not that guy anymore. Sarah encourages him to get an honest job. Xander assures that he will do that and move her in to a place she deserves. Xander decides he’s going to do that right now and exits. Ava then comes around the corner and follows Xander.

Chad doesn’t understand as he thought Alex didn’t feel comfortable deceiving Sloan. Alex says he doesn’t but he decided that helping Stephanie was the right thing to do. Chad asks if she told Paulina the good news. Alex says he doesn’t know as he was just about to check in with Stephanie when Chad busted in. Chad explains that he just didn’t think Stephanie should lose her job over one mistake. Alex responds that Chad came in swinging like he did. Alex asks if that was because he’s a loyal friend and employee or if he actually has feelings for Stephanie?

Stephanie asks if this means Paulina is taking her back. Paulina says the election is a week away so she will need her PR expertise to get her in to the Governor’s mansion. Stephanie asks if she’s sure. Paulina explains that she was only hard on her because she was worried for her daughter’s future. Paulina notes that Stephanie saw what’s in the file and it could ruin Chanel’s life, so she had to take it seriously. Stephanie understands and apologizes for misleading her as she didn’t want to let her down. Stephanie promises it will never happen again. Paulina responds that in the end, she came through and that’s all that matters. Paulina declares that now they can squash Sloan like the cockroach she is.

Sarah uses her phone to search for most effective way to get rid of cockroaches. Maggie comes in and startles her. Maggie questions why the door was open. Sarah tells her there’s a bit of a smell. Maggie brought Sarah lemon squares and admits it was an excuse to see how they were doing in person. Maggie asks where Xander is. Sarah responds that he went to go find a job.

Xander sits in the town square, looking through job listings in the newspaper. Ava appears at the table behind him, and tells him to forget the want ads as she has just the opportunity he needs. Xander turns and questions if she’s talking to him. Ava confirms that she is and tells him to turn back around and be discreet. Xander realizes it’s Ava and questions her disguise. Ava explains that she can’t be seen in public thanks to EJ trying to run her out of town. Xander asks what she did to him. Ava calls it a long story and says all he needs to know is that she won’t let him get away with what he did to her. Ava adds that if Xander helps her get revenge, she will make it worth his while. Xander questions what kind of revenge they are talking about. Ava reveals that she wants Xander to help her kidnap EJ’s mother.

Chad tells Alex that he and Stephanie already explained to him that there’s nothing going on between them. Alex points out that they actually let it slip that something did happen and accuses Chad of avoiding his question. Chad argues that it’s really none of his business and he’s not even sure why they are having this discussion as he thought Alex moved on with Sloan already. Alex clarifies that he has no feelings for Sloan so Chad realizes he’s still stuck on Stephanie. Chad says this might be hard for someone like Alex to comprehend, but she’s just not that in to him.

Paulina can’t wait to see Sloan’s face when she realizes that she and her mystery client are going to get a cent out of her. Stephanie acknowledges that Sloan will be on the warpath because she does not like to lose. Paulina asks if she’ll know how to handle her. Stephanie assures that she already has some ideas. Paulina asks what Sloan can do now that they have all the power in her hands. Paulina says Sloan and her client can talk to the press all they want as they don’t have any proof. Stephanie says she’s just going to be on high alert because sometimes even an unfounded rumor has a way of snowballing in to big trouble. Paulina threatens to slap Sloan with a slander lawsuit if so. Paulina declares that now that they have the file, Sloan can’t hurt them and Chanel is in the clear.

Wendy starts telling Chanel about how she’s not in to women but Chanel clarifies that she wasn’t going to ask her for a threesome. Chanel questions where she even got the idea. Wendy explains how Allie said something yesterday about how they had a threesome with a guy. Chanel insists that was a one time thing as they tried it, they liked it, but they aren’t constantly on the prowl for a third. Wendy asks what Chanel wanted to talk to her about then. Chanel questions what is going on with Wendy and Johnny.

Johnny tells Susan that if he wanted to get back at EJ, he wouldn’t dress up in a costume just to scare him. Susan is glad because the thought of them not getting along makes her unhappy. Johnny admits that he was pretty upset with the way EJ treated Ava. Johnny talks about how he and Ava got pretty close when she moved in. Susan is concerned about Ava being a mafia princess so she doesn’t want Ava leading Johnny in to a life of crime.

Xander questions Ava wanting him to kidnap Susan Banks. Ava brings up EJ having a soft spot for his mother. Xander feels he can’t just snatch up EJ’s mom. Ava assures he will be rewarded and she knows he’s hurting, unless he likes living in the roach motel. Xander questions if she’s been spying on him and his wife. Ava says she wouldn’t call it spying but she happened to hear them talking and he was about to go back to smuggling diamonds. Ava guarantees that her errand is much easier and more lucrative. Xander informs Ava that his wife doesn’t want him going back to his old ways, so his response is going to have to be go to Hell. EJ then approaches and questions who Xander is talking to.

Sarah tells Maggie that the motel isn’t that bad as they will just add some personal touches and it will start to feel like home. Sarah then finds that someone carved “I hope you die” in to one of the end tables. Maggie decides that’s enough and tells Sarah to pack her bags and come home with her. Sarah reminds her that they already tried that and it was less than a day before Victor and Xander declared war on each other. Maggie repeats that she can handle Victor. Sarah says she appreciates that but there’s no way that Xander will go back there now because he wants to prove that he can provide for them and without breaking the law. Sarah mentions Xander joking about diamond smuggling but she assures that she handled him and it’s going to be fine. Sarah is sure that Xander is hot on the heels of an honest living as they speak.

Xander tells EJ that he was talking to himself which EJ calls the first sign of insanity. Xander argues that positive affirmations can improve one’s day. EJ mocks Xander and calls him a glorified babysitter. Xander argues that they had great times together while he was his caretaker, so now he’d appreciate it if EJ returned the favor. EJ questions what kind of favor. Xander explains that he’s temporarily without a job and he’s been looking all morning but nothing is up to his standards, so maybe EJ could hook him up with an executive job at DiMera. EJ questions what he could possibly bring to the table. Xander responds that he happens to have some information that he might find rather interesting.

Susan tells Johnny about her brother Thomas getting pulled in to the seedy world of the underground and she doesn’t want that to happen to Johnny. Johnny assures that she doesn’t have to worry about that with him. Johnny adds that Ava is long gone now anyways thanks to EJ. Susan asks if there’s any chance of Johnny and Chanel getting back together. Johnny reminds her that she’s with Allie now. Susan decides she won’t meddle anymore. Susan encourages Johnny to never give up on finding love because he has such a big heart, so she knows eventually he will find someone to share it with. Susan then puts her hand on Johnny and says she’s sensing that he’s going to find love and it’s just right around the corner…

Wendy tells Chanel that nothing is going on between her and Johnny as they are not in a relationship. Chanel argues that they must be pretty close if he’s calling in favors to find her a place to stay. Wendy asks what are friends for. Chanel admits that was very nice of him, but she just wants to make sure Wendy is not using Johnny. Wendy assures that she’s not. Wendy knows they just met but thinks she will see that she’s a good person. Wendy adds that she and Johnny are just working towards a common goal to uncover whatever secrets his dad and her brother are keeping. Wendy insists that it’s totally platonic between them and that Johnny isn’t even interested in her like that anyway. Chanel apologizes for misreading the situation. Chanel says that she and Allie are just protective over Johnny since Allie is his twin sister and she’s his ex-wife. Chanel notes that Wendy will get to know her pretty quickly too and what happened between her and Johnny. Wendy assures that she’s not judging her. Chanel still feels really bad about hurting Johnny and now he’s just lost Ava, so she and Allie are concerned and don’t want to see him get hurt again. Wendy gets it and repeats that they are just friends so no hearts will be broken.

Chad knows Alex did Stephanie a favor but hopes he knows that won’t change her feelings. Alex responds that he was happy to do it and wasn’t expecting anything in return. Alex questions if he’s sure that she’s cool with Chad speaking on her behalf. Chad says he’s just looking out for a friend while Alex feels he’s marking his territory. Chad argues that he’s not competing with him for Stephanie’s affections. Stephanie arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and listens from outside the room as Chad tells Alex that if Stephanie shared Alex’s feelings, he’d be cool with that which Alex says he doubts. Chad brings up that his wife just died, so he doesn’t want to move on with anyone right now. Chad tells Alex to leave it alone as he declares that there is nothing going on between himself and Stephanie and there never will be which Stephanie overhears and looks sad. Stephanie then walks in to the room and asks if she’s interrupting something. Chad says not at all. Stephanie asks what brought Chad here this morning. Chad explains that he came to see Victor about saving her job but it turns out she doesn’t need saving anymore. Stephanie confirms that she just dropped the file off with Paulina and she was very pleased, then hired her back on the spot. Stephanie tells Chad that there’s only a week left in the campaign so they are going to be really busy. Chad suggests they get to work. Stephanie mentions that first she actually stopped by to speak to Alex, so she asks Chad to give them a moment alone which makes Alex smile.

Chanel tells Wendy that she’s going back to work. Wendy apologizes again for the whole threesome confusion. Chanel apologizes for accusing her of using Johnny. Chanel and Wendy joke about how Johnny can come off arrogant, but deep down is like a puppy. Johnny then shows up at the door and greets them. Chanel and Wendy both start laughing so Johnny asks what is so funny.

Maggie questions if Sarah thinks Xander is going to smart smuggling diamonds again. Sarah says of course not but she hopes he finds a job soon for his self esteem. Maggie insists on writing a check to give Sarah some money to hold her over. Sarah initially refuses but then Maggie gets up and kills another cockroach, so Sarah goes to get her a pen.

Xander tells EJ that in exchange for a cushy job, he’ll give him some major intel on one of his enemies. EJ questions Xander being willing to sell out Victor and Titan and mocks that being an appealing quality in a new hire. Xander tries to explain but EJ remarks that he’s really not loyal. EJ declares that the difference between them is that he can be devious and ruthless but he also is loyal while Xander is pond scum. EJ says it’s no wonder Victor kicked Xander out of Titan. Xander argues that he chose to leave Titan. EJ mocks Xander going up against Philip and losing. EJ calls Xander a loser and a bum. EJ mocks him going through the want ads in the paper and declares that he’s just not DiMera material. EJ laughs at him losing to Philip and asks how stupid he can be. Xander calls him a pompous ass. EJ comments on him now hurling insults and says he’s quite the interviewee. EJ tells Xander that he considers himself a charitable man, so if he really needs a job, he will provide one for him. EJ jokes that Xander can stop by the house tomorrow because the hedges could use a trim. EJ then laughs and walks away. Ava turns around and asks if Xander still wants her to go to Hell or if he might reconsider her offer.

Chad tells Stephanie that he will go home and get his laptop, then she can call him when she’s ready to work. Stephanie and Alex thank Chad as he exits. Alex then asks Stephanie what she wanted to talk to him about. Stephanie says she just wanted to thank him for helping her out with Sloan as he really came through for her. Alex points out that she already thanked him last night. Stephanie adds that she also wanted to repay him by taking him out to dinner. Alex questions if that’s not crossing a line. Stephanie reveals that she’s decided to make an exception.

Chanel joins Paulina in her office and says she can’t believe the nightmare is truly over. Paulina declares that what happened in the past is going to stay in the past and will never come out. Chanel feels relieved for Paulina. Paulina feels the same for her as they hug.

Johnny tells Wendy that he thought they could do some strategizing on how to best use her new job to figure out what EJ and Li are up to. Wendy assures that she’s got this but she could use his opinion. Wendy asks if she looks okay and if her outfit is alright for her first day at DiMera. Johnny adjusts her collar and tells her she looks perfect.

Susan complains about the candy at the DiMera Mansion. EJ returns home with a chocolate croissant for Susan since he knows they are her favorite.

Sarah thanks Maggie and promises to pay her back as soon as possible. Maggie assures there’s no rush. Sarah insists they will be fine and she knows Xander will come through.

Xander tells Ava that EJ is such a tool but kidnapping is a big deal. Ava argues that he’s done much worse. Xander says that was before. Ava tells Xander that all he has to do is babysit Susan for a little while, like he did with EJ years ago and once EJ pays the ransom, they let Susan go and no one gets hurt. Xander asks how much money they are talking about. Ava says they will take millions from EJ which Xander admits he likes the sound of, but questions how he would keep it secret from his wife. Ava suggests telling her that he won the lottery or something. Ava is sure that Xander will come up with a good cover story as he’s not as stupid as EJ says. Ava asks if Xander is in.

Susan hugs EJ and calls him the best son ever.

Ava argues that Xander could pull off a kidnapping in his sleep and this one will be extra satisfying since he’ll freak out EJ and make a boatload of money. Xander then agrees to do it and declares they will bleed that bastard dry.

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