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Justin comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and comments on the smile on Alex’s face. Alex hugs him and welcomes him home. Alex asks about his visit with the twins in Arizona. Justin says it was great and jokes about them sending love. Alex says he’ll call them later. Justin guesses Alex’s grin has something to do with a woman. Alex says not just any woman as he reveals he shared his first kiss with the woman of his dreams. Justin says he can’t wait to hear about it, but first he needs to track down his dream girl as he asks where Bonnie is.

Xander in his clown mask goes to the gardening shed where Bonnie and Susan are tied up. Bonnie tries screaming for help. Xander says they will be out of here soon enough but until then, they need to eat. Bonnie questions how long he’s going to keep them here. Xander responds that it’s until EJ DiMera pays his mother’s ransom.

EJ is in the living room of the DiMera Mansion with Tony, wondering why the hell Ava isn’t calling. Tony reminds EJ that this all could’ve been avoided if he simply paid the ransom. EJ argues that’s assuming that Ava would make good on her promise to let Susan go. Tony points out that Ava only wanted money. EJ asks what if she just asked for more afterwards and states that they do not negotiate with terrorists. Tony suggests EJ has become one by kidnapping Tripp. EJ argues that Ava needed to know how far he would go to get his son back. Tony questions how EJ’s plan is working because it looks to him like a standoff. EJ admits he overestimated Ava’s humanity, but she knows he has Tripp and that he means business. EJ asks what kind of woman would gamble the life of her only living son. Tony says she’s a woman who is up against a man willing to gamble the life of his mother.

Ava is in the DiMera Crypt, wondering why Steve hasn’t called. Ava’s vision of Charlie appears and suggests maybe Steve hasn’t found Tripp or the rescue went south and he’s afraid to call her. Charlie tells Ava that either way, she always has him.

Steve arrives at a pool hall in Seattle and orders a drink at the bar. Steve then asks the bartender for the location of Tripp and shows him his photo.

Alex informs Justin that Bonnie is not home. Justin asks if she went out shopping. Alex says maybe but then reveals that Maggie told him that Bonnie went to go see her daughter Mimi in Chicago on some kind of emergency. Alex explains that Bonnie was supposed to set up an anniversary dinner for Victor and Maggie but then just took off. Justin calls that odd. Alex asks if she didn’t tell him. Justin says he didn’t hear a word which is not like Bonnie at all.

Bonnie asks Susan what’s taking so long for EJ to pay up, complaining that he’s taking his time to pay the ransom. Bonnie tells Xander that she needs to get out of here. Xander says he wants this over just as much and he won’t let this situation destroy his life, so he will get her out of this as he’s sure EJ will pay up soon. Bonnie warns that Justin is coming home today and when he finds out about this, he won’t be as casual about her life as EJ is about his mother’s life. Xander decides if she’s not eating, he’s leaving. Bonnie tells him that it’s only a matter of time before Justin realizes she’s missing.

Ava continues watching her phone. Charlie asks if she’s sure that Steve is up to rescuing Tripp. Ava assures that Steve will come through and she trusts him. Charlie calls it amazing that she continues to trust Steve when he puts his own family over her. Ava disagrees and argues that he doesn’t know anything. Charlie argues that he’s the only one that she’s been able to count on, not Tripp, Jake, or Steve.

The bartender tells Steve that he doesn’t recognize Tripp and asks what this is all about. Steve explains that someone grabbed Tripp from his apartment and they have reason to believe that whoever took him, frequents this establishment. The bartender questions why Steve is so interested if he’s not a cop. Steve responds that it’s not him, it’s his boss. The bartender asks who his boss is. Kayla then enters, wearing a wig and a fur coat and declares she is his boss. The bartender questions who the hell she is. She asks if he’s ever heard of the Vitalis. He confirms he has. She says that she runs the Vitalis. Steve then introduces Kayla as Ava Vitali, his boss. She telsl the bartender that Tripp is her son and she wants him back, safe and sound.

Ava yells at her vision of Charlie to leave her alone and go away as he vanishes. Xander then enters the Crypt and questions who she is talking to and what’s going on. Ava says nothing and claims that she thought she saw a rat. Ava questions what he’s doing here and who is watching Susan. Xander says Susan is fine and tells her not to worry about her. Xander asks if EJ paid the ransom. Ava says not yet. Xander asks why the hell not, arguing that this was supposed to be a quick job and they are already on day 2. Xander questions what is taking so long. Ava reveals that EJ has her kid.

Tony gets EJ a drink to take the edge off. Tony knows he’s under pressure and he doesn’t mean to be judgmental. Tony says he cares about Susan but he’s concerned that EJ’s pride and stubbornness is influencing his decision making. Tony feels EJ is trying to teach Ava a lesson. EJ complains that Ava made their family a target. Tony says the quickest way to get this over with is to let Tripp go. EJ questions surrendering and trusting Ava not to hurt his mother. Anna then walks in and asks if she’s interrupting.

Justin calls Bonnie and leaves a message that he just got back from Arizona and Alex told him that she’s visiting Mimi. Justin hopes everything is okay and tells her to call him when she gets it. Alex assures that everything is fine and if something was wrong, she’d tell him. Justin agrees and suggests Bonnie must be getting a toy for her granddaughter.

Bonnie thinks to herself why EJ won’t just pay the ransom when he’s rich and wonders if he even cares about Susan. Susan hears her thoughts and assures that EJ does.

Xander questions Ava about EJ kidnapping Tripp instead of paying the ransom. Ava says she knew she shouldn’t have trusted EJ. Xander feels they have to call the whole thing off and let Susan go before someone gets hurt. Ava asks how he knows if EJ won’t still do something to Tripp if they let Susan go. Ava decides she can’t take the risk. Ava reminds him that if they let Susan go, Xander doesn’t get paid either. Xander says to hell with the money as he doesn’t want Susan or Tripp’s blood on his hands. Ava questions when he grew a conscience. Xander credits Sarah and says it’s bad enough that he kidnapped Susan for her. Ava insists that no one is going to die. Xander questions how she knows. Ava says she can’t go in to detail but she has a plan in motion to rescue Tripp. Xander is not confident but Ava insists that it’s going to work. Ava tells him to go back to Susan and wait to hear from her. Xander questions what she’s asking of him. Ava asks how hard it is to babysit one woman. Xander then reveals it’s no longer just one woman.

Susan and Bonnie speak to each other through their thoughts while they are gagged. Susan says she won’t let Bonnie talk badly about EJ. Susan then talks about a fantasy that Bonnie was having about Justin. Bonnie tells Susan to stop getting inside her brain. Susan talks about her powers helping Ben and Ciara several times. Bonnie asks if Susan isn’t scared. Susan responds that faith is the enemy of fear and she has faith that EJ will save them because nothing means more to him than his mom.

Anna tells EJ that she knows exactly what they were talking about and she’s shocked. Tony says he can explain. Anna states that she told Tony that she was not going to retaliate against Susan but apparently he didn’t get through to EJ since she just heard EJ says he can’t trust her not to get revenge on Susan for breaking her crystal heart. EJ questions that being what she heard. Anna then reveals that she got a new crystal heart and says that now Susan is safe, but Tony responds that she isn’t.

Steve reveals to the bartender that whoever took Tripp left one of the place’s matchboxes behind at his place. The bartender says a lot of people frequent the place. Kayla says she has questions. The bartender responds that he can’t give her any answers because of the place’s reputation. He says he has customers to tend to but Steve grabs him and pins him against the bar with his arm behind his back. Kayla then orders he tell her where to find Tripp or else Steve will make him cry for his mom.

EJ and Tony fill Anna in. Anna questions who would do such a terrible thing to Susan. Tony reveals that it was Ava and she’s after a ransom from EJ. EJ complains about Tony telling everything. Tony says he’s sorry but he couldn’t keep something of this magnitude from his wife. Tony tells EJ that this mess is all his fault. Anna questions why Tony is berating EJ when Ava has abducted his mother. Tony then reveals that in retaliation, EJ kidnapped Ava’s son Tripp.

Tripp is tied up in a hotel room while the man holding him complains that nothing is on TV and asks if he’s heard of Peacock. Steve and Kayla then burst in to the room. Steve knocks out the man and then they check on Tripp, who says he’s damn glad to see them. Steve and Kayla untie Tripp while he questions what they are wearing.

Ava calls Xander a colossal idiot for letting this happen. Xander questions her calling him an idiot when she’s the one who told him to kidnap Susan without making sure her son was out of EJ’s reach. Ava questions his bright idea being to hold Susan on his family’s estate. Xander argues that no one goes down there and questions how he was supposed to know that Bonnie would come looking for lanterns. Xander asks if he should’ve brought her here to the DiMera Crypt instead. Ava says at least it’s private. Xander says that’s until someone wants to pay their respects, not to mention all the ghosts if she believes in that. Ava decides they’ve both made bad decisions so there’s no reason to point any fingers. Ava then adds that this new complication could actually work in their favor since they could ransom Bonnie too which Xander questions. Ava points out that Victor has just as much money as the DiMeras do. Xander says he couldn’t do that to his cousin Justin since he’s been good to him. Ava mocks him getting all sentimental. Ava hopes Sarah is worth all the trouble. Xander says that she’s worth everything hence letting Ava talk him in to this ridiculous scheme. Ava reminds him this scheme could get them both paid. Ava adds that she should be hearing from her associates soon about rescuing Tripp. Xander asks if they are friends from her days in Philadelphia. Ava tells him not to worry and suggests he go back to the shed and make sure no more of his family decide to pick up gardening in November.

Alex tells Justin about how he was starting to think he didn’t have a shot with Stephanie. Alex notes Justin is distracted and asks if he’s listening since he thought he wanted to hear about his epic first kiss with Stephanie. Justin apologizes and says he’s just worried about Bonnie. Justin questions Bonnie not telling him that she was going to visit Mimi. Alex suggests maybe she didn’t want to bother him because she knew he was visiting with the twins. Justin remembers that he has Mimi’s number so he decides to give her a call. Justin asks Mimi to put her mom on the phone but is surprised when Mimi tells him that Bonnie isn’t there and she hasn’t heard from her.

Bonnie thinks Justin should be home from Arizona by now and wonders what time it is. Susan thinks about a sandwich. Bonnie tells Susan that she can keep trusting EJ while she believes Justin will come to her rescue.

Justin tells Mimi that he and Bonnie must have just got their wires crossed and he will call her as soon as he hears from her as they hang up. Justin informs Alex that Mimi said she hasn’t talked to Bonnie in days. Alex assures that Maggie said that Bonnie went to Chicago to visit Mimi. Justin decides he’s going to find Maggie to find out where his wife is.

Xander returns to the shed and stops outside as Bonnie’s phone goes off. Xander listens to the voicemail that Justin left. Xander says he’s sorry as he never meant for Justin or Bonnie to get caught up in Ava’s mess. Xander hopes this will be over soon as he puts the clown mask back on and heads in to the shed.

Ava’s vision of Charlie returns and notes that she seems nervous as he asks if she’s worried that EJ’s men have already killed Tripp. Ava tells him not to say that. Charlie talks about how it’s possible. Ava yells at him to shut up and insists that Steve is going to save Tripp. Charlie says that’s unless they take him out too. Ava tells him not to think like that while Charlie says one of them has to be realistic. Charlie talks about how EJ is not some innocent mark and is someone who thinks the rules doesn’t apply to him. Charlie argues that it’s a matter of time before EJ finds Susan and takes out Xander. Ava says that won’t happen. Charlie is not sure she believes that but remarks that if everyone else is dead, she still has him, assuming EJ doesn’t kill her too.

Anna questions how EJ could pull Tripp in to his blood feud with Ava. Tony didn’t even realize Anna knew Tripp. Anna talks about Tripp treating her at the hospital while Tony was with Chad, rescuing Abigail and Sarah from Kristen’s island. Anna praises Tripp as a doctor and questions why EJ would want to hurt a man like that. EJ responds that he hasn’t hurt him yet. Anna can’t believe it. EJ reminds her that Ava snatched his mother from this house and he only went after her son to even the stakes. Anna says that’s spoken like a true DiMera. EJ talks about Anna being perfectly fine being a DiMera. Tony tells EJ that they want Susan to come back to them, but first he has to let Tripp go.

Kayla thinks they should get Tripp checked out as a hospital but Tripp insists that he’s fine so they accept that. Tripp says he’s just hungry so Steve says they can take care of that. Steve then wakes up the man, who is now tied up, and asks why EJ sent him to kidnap Tripp. He responds that he has nothing to say to him. Kayla says they’ll see what more he has to say to the police because they are on their way. Steve tells Tripp that he has someone who will want to talk to him as he calls Ava. Ava quickly answers and asks if Steve found her boy. Tripp answers the phone and Ava is relieved to hear his voice as she asks if he’s okay. Tripp assures that he’s fine and safe as Steve and Kayla found him. They have EJ’s man sent away with the police. Steve hopes they put him away for a long time while Kayla hopes he rolls over on EJ. Tripp just wants to get out of here which Kayla calls a fantastic idea. Steve asks if the man said anything about EJ. Tripp says no and wonders what this is all about. Tripp adds that EJ already exposed Ava’s marriage to Jake as fake and forced her to leave Salem, so he questions why he would need to kidnap him. Steve responds that Ava said it was because she defied him and came back to town. Tripp questions why he’d care so much. Steve says that’s what he wants to find out.

Anna tells EJ that she’s sure he’s worried about his mother’s safety, but Tripp is innocent. Tony thinks if EJ lets Tripp go, Ava will see reason and return Susan to him unharmed. EJ argues that’s if he pays $20 million. Tony thinks Ava will just want it to be over at this point. EJ then gets a call from Ava, who informs him that Tripp is safe and the guy he hired to take him is now in a Seattle jail. EJ argues that she’s bluffing, so Ava sends him a picture of Tripp to confirm. Ava figured he might not believe her so she had Tripp send a selfie to prove he’s out of danger. EJ says that she has her son back, so now he wants his mother. Ava declares that after this stunt, it’s going to cost him another 10 million. Ava reveals that she wants $30 million now or she’ll put a bullet in Susan’s head. EJ reluctantly agrees to pay her whatever she wants but he wants proof that Susan is alive. Ava offers to send him a picture but EJ wants to see her in person. Ava says no way. EJ argues that she’s this close to the biggest payday of her life, but if he doesn’t see Susan’s face, she won’t get anything. Ava then agrees to send him a location, but warns that if EJ tries to double cross her again, it will be Susan who pays.

Justin returns to the living room and informs Alex that Maggie showed him the text from Bonnie and it’s just like Alex said. Alex questions why Bonnie would send that text if she wasn’t really going to see her daughter. Justin doesn’t like this and mentions that Maggie said the last time she saw Bonnie, she was heading to the gardening shed for lanterns to use as decorations for Victor and Maggie’s anniversary dinner but nobody has seen her since. Alex and Justin then decide to head to the shed.

Tripp questions what EJ’s endgame was here if they didn’t find him. Tripp feels EJ didn’t plan to kill him and wonders what he was waiting for. Kayla argues that EJ is no dummy so she’s sure he had a pretty good reason to do something this extreme. Tripp wonders if Ava was lying about why he was kidnapped. Steve says they don’t know but he would bet that Ava did something to provoke EJ.

Justin and Alex rush in to the gardening shed and are shocked by what they find.

EJ yells in frustration. Anna encourages that he’s doing the right thing. Tony admits $20 million is not spare change but at the end of the day, it is just money. Tony encourages that EJ is getting his mother back. EJ asks if they really think this is over between he and Ava and that she’ll just take her money and go. Anna asks why she wouldn’t. EJ argues that Ava Vitali is not right in the head.

Ava tells her vision of Charlie that she told him that Steve would save his brother and now EJ is going to have to pay up. Ava declares that she’s going to be set for life and asks what more she could’ve asked for. Charlie argues that $30 million is nothing to a guy like EJ and he’ll barely know it’s gone. Charlie says EJ will just be annoyed for a day and then move on but questions if that’s really punishment for what he did to her. Charlie tells Ava that if she really wants to make EJ pay, she should kill Susan.

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