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Jake calls Gabi from the Kiriakis Mansion and wonders why she’s not picking up.

Johnny and Gabi kiss at her desk at DiMera Enterprises while her phone rings from Jake calling, until Gabi stops and says she can’t do this.

Belle tells Shawn that it’s like she’s waking up from a horrible nightmare. Shawn asks what Jake told her. Belle says they kind of figured out that the Devil morphed in to him to cause trouble for he and Gabi. Belle guesses by Shawn’s look that there is more and asks what else she did. Shawn reveals that Jake wasn’t the only person she morphed in to, but also EJ, to get Chad to think he assaulted Abigail.

Chad questions Kate wanting him to blame the Devil for framing EJ and asks who would believe that. Kate says no one, unless they hear a confession from the one person who is perfectly positioned to ensure that EJ was found guilty, his defense attorney, Belle Brady.

Clyde questions what EJ thinks he did. EJ says it’s what he knows he did because he just remembered that Clyde is the son of a bitch who had him shot.

Kate says she’s no lawyer, but Belle had the means and opportunity to frame EJ. Chad questions what Belle’s motive would be for her client to go to prison. Kate blames the Devil and they will have no problem convincing EJ and Belle that she is the one who set it up.

Belle asks Shawn what she did when she was EJ. Shawn clarifies that it wasn’t her, it was the Devil. Belle asks again what she did. Shawn says it was forcing a kiss on Abigail before Chad walked in during EJ’s trial. Belle realizes that’s why Chad was so sure it happened and EJ had no idea what he was talking about. Belle asks what the Devil wanted. Shawn guesses he wanted to make sure Chad would send EJ to prison.

Clyde warns EJ about throwing around baseless accusations. EJ tells him not to deny what they both know it’s true. Clyde claims not to know what he’s talking about. EJ says he’s been having little flashes for weeks about that day in the woods, but he couldn’t see who it was, until now when the whole memory came flooding back. EJ states that Clyde was there and his man pulled the trigger. Clyde admits that he was hoping EJ would never remember, but says what’s done is done. Clyde blames his guy Miguel for being trigger happy, but he’s now dead. Clyde jokes that good help is hard to find these days. Clyde tells EJ that he’s sorry for the misunderstanding in the park. EJ argues that he was shot and left for dead. Clyde points out that he’s not dead as Dr. Rolf brought him back, so he sees no harm, no foul. EJ shouts that he lost everything in his life and Clyde is the one who took it from him.

Jake leaves a voicemail for Gabi, saying he needs to talk to her as he knows she didn’t believe him that he didn’t betray her but he’s got proof now and it’s a long story so he’s coming to the office so they can talk face to face.

Johnny asks Gabi if he did something wrong. Gabi says he didn’t, so Johnny doesn’t see why this can’t happen. Gabi says it just can’t. Johnny calls their kiss incredible and says he can see it affected her too. Gabi brings up Kate giving her reasons to not trust him. Johnny says maybe he’s the one who shouldn’t trust her which Gabi questions. Johnny talks about their plan and says Gabi made him think she wanted him in the bedroom so that she could have her way in the board room. Gabi denies it but Johnny says that’s in her nature. Johnny talks about Gabi becoming successful by leveraging all of her assets. Gabi claims she’s not like that. Johnny asks if she wasn’t playing him just now when she kissed him. Gabi says maybe. Johnny says when he kissed her back, it wasn’t part of the game or a plan. Johnny says business is not what he feels around her. Johnny tells Gabi that he wants her and he can see that she wants him too. Johnny asks Gabi if she’s going to take what she wants.

Allie and Chanel sit together in the town square. Chanel reveals to Allie that she is dropping her lawsuit against Johnny because he agreed to recast their roles in his movie. Chanel is ready to put the whole thing behind her with the marriage, movie, and the devil. Allie is sorry that Johnny hurt her. Chanel thanks her and says she doesn’t want to focus on him right now. Chanel holds Allie’s hand as Allie asks if they are really doing this. Chanel says she hopes so as she and Allie begin kissing until Ben and Ciara walk up.

Gabi asks Johnny what it is about him as part of her finds it almost impossible to resist him. Gabi talks about not giving in to temptation because she usually gets burned. Gabi suggests they just stick to business. Johnny argues that she doesn’t want to leave, she wants to stay with him. Gabi agrees that she always goes after what she wants as they kiss.

Chad tells Kate that it’s not right since Belle already feels terrible for what she did. Kate argues that it was all on the Devil because he wanted EJ in prison and used Chad to make it happen.

Belle cries that she hurt so many people that she cares about. Shawn encourages that everyone knows she wasn’t in control. Belle complains that EJ hired her to save his life and instead, she’s the reason he is behind bars. Belle can’t help but feel responsible. Belle doesn’t think she could live with herself if something happened to EJ in prison.

EJ tells Clyde that he took years from his life. EJ says Kristen and Dr. Rolf brought him back but he could barely move and his recovery was slow. Clyde acknowledges that he had it rough. EJ complains that in that time, his children grew up and his wife grew distant because he couldn’t be the husband she needed so he pushed her away in to the arms of another man, all because of the bullet that Clyde’s henchman put in to him. EJ declares that Clyde took everything good in his life and left nothing but misery. Clyde mocks him having his life ruined and tells him to join the club. Clyde then asks EJ what he’s going to do about it.

Allie introduces Chanel to Ben and Ciara. Allie and Chanel explain that since Allie and Tripp broke up and Chanel and Johnny are getting divorced, they are both single and have always been attracted to each other so they are seeing where it goes. Ciara says as long as she’s happy. Chanel says they all want the same thing then. Allie asks if they know the gender of their baby yet. Ciara says not yet and reveals they were wondering if she could answer that question for them.

Belle and Shawn examine Belle’s coat and confirm there are no marks on it. Belle decides she’s going to the prison to tell EJ what happened. Shawn questions doing that now instead of waiting until tomorrow. Belle says she won’t be able to sleep and she is responsible for what she does now. Belle declares that she put her client in prison, so she’s going to do everything she can to get him out.

EJ questions Clyde’s parole hearing being moved up and how he sounded so confident about getting out. EJ wonders how the board would feel after he tells them about his shooting. Clyde argues that EJ wouldn’t do that and warns against him ratting him out. EJ assures that he wants to do and he has 2,705 reasons why as that’s the number of days since he took that bullet. EJ talks about each day thinking of what he would do if he ever met the bastard from the park and now he has that chance. Clyde warns him to think twice about ratting him out to the parole board because if EJ costs him his chance at freedom then he”ll be right back here with him in their cell in a bad mood. EJ asks if that’s a threat. Clyde calls it a fact and argues that he apologized to him which is not something he usually does. Clyde advises EJ to accept his apology for his health and leave the past dead and buried. Clyde then exits the room. EJ declares that the past is not dead and buried as for him, it’s still very much alive.

Chad tells Kate that they both know Lucas kidnapped Sami, not EJ. Kate argues that what matters is that Chad has three choices, he can throw Lucas under the bus, he can take the fall himself, or he could pin it all on the Devil but it’s his call.

Johnny and Gabi continue kissing in the office and begin to undress until Jake walks in and asks what the hell this is.

Chad goes to see Shawn and says he came to see how Belle is doing now that she’s free from the Devil. Shawn says she’s still trying to process it all but she just went to prison to visit EJ.

Belle enters the prison to visit EJ and says she needs to talk to him. EJ asks if she’s alright as he’s worried about her since Susan told him everything. EJ asks if it’s true that she was possessed by the Devil. Belle confirms that she was and says she is also the reason he is stuck here in prison.

Ciara and Ben explain that they had their sonogram envelope sealed and decided to wait, so they gave it to Shawn so they wouldn’t be tempted but Shawn gave it back after Belle got possessed. Chanel mentions seeing Belle possessed at the DiMera Mansion and it was intense. Ciara says Belle is okay now but while the Devil was in her, it took a peek at the envelope, so it’s no longer sealed. Allie doesn’t understand why the Devil would care. Ben admits they don’t know why but the Devil wanted to take their baby. Chanel calls that so scary. Ciara says the Devil is gone now and hopefully for good this time…

Gabi questions what Jake is doing here. Jake argues that they broke up for five minutes and she’s already doing it with someone else. Gabi complains that Jake stabbed her in the back. Jake realizes she didn’t get his message where he said he had proof that he didn’t do any of that stuff. Gabi insists that Jake stabbed her in the back but Jake explains that it wasn’t him that she heard talking to Maggie, it was the Devil which she questions. Jake tells Gabi that Satan stole Maggie’s phone to text him, drew up the documents to make it look like he stole her DiMera shares, and made the deal with Maggie. Gabi says she heard him. Jake explains that the Devil morphed in to him so that she would overhear the conversation and think that he betrayed her. Gabi argues that the Devil left Marlena at Christmas. Jake responds that now he’s in somebody else. Johnny watches on with a smile.

Allie asks Ciara if they want them to tell them the sex of their baby. Ciara says not yet. Ben suggests having a gender reveal party and asks Allie and Chanel to make them the cake, which they’d love to do. Ben says they just want to be surprised like everybody else. Chanel calls it so exciting. Allie says they will make sure nobody else knows but them what the gender is.

Ciara asks Jake who the Devil went in to. Johnny interrupts and explains that it was Belle and that she knocked him over the head and tried to kill Marlena. Gabi asks how long this was going on. Johnny guesses the Devil jumped in to her on Christmas at Marlena’s exorcism. Johnny claims that he had no idea she was doing any of this to Jake. Jake argues that it didn’t stop him from taking advantage of the situation. Johnny accuses Jake of doing the same and says he knows Jake and Gabi were using him for his shares, but he’s willing to forgive and forget. Johnny remarks that they were just starting to kiss and make up when Jake walked in. Jake goes after Johnny but Gabi separates them and asks Johnny to give her and Jake two minutes alone. Johnny tells Gabi that she knows where to find him when she needs him as he then exits the room. Gabi questions Jake about this being all Belle. Jake confirms that Maggie’s phone was in Belle’s bag and the Stefan document was on her laptop, so he didn’t betray her and never would but it didn’t take her very long to betray him.

Belle tells EJ that he put his faith in her to defend him and she convinced him not to run, but she failed him. EJ understands that she was possessed by the Devil, so it wasn’t her fault. Belle says she is the reason that his trial fell apart. EJ argues that Chad was the one who lied on the stand. Belle explains that he only did that because of her which EJ questions. Belle guesses Susan didn’t tell him everything. Belle brings up Chad and Abigail swearing that EJ kissed Abigail at the court house and now she knows it wasn’t him, because it was her.

Chad tells Shawn that Johnny told him everything so he knows it was Belle, not EJ, that kissed Abigail. Shawn talks about Belle not remembering any of it. Chad can’t imagine what she’s going through. Shawn says she knows it wasn’t her fault but she’s still dealing with the guilt. Chad assures that he doesn’t blame her for anything. Shawn gets a call from Kate, who asks if he has any updates on Philip. Shawn says he doesn’t. Kate knows it’s been designated a cold case and claims that she and Victor hired a private detective to search for him. Kate asks Shawn to send over a copy of Philip’s police report. Shawn agrees to do so when he gets back to the station. Kate knows he has a lot going on with Belle, but asks if he could do that now. Shawn agrees to do it ASAP. Kate thanks him as he wishes her luck and hangs up. Shawn tells Chad that he has to get back to the station. Chad asks if he can wait here for Belle because he wants to tell her how he feels in person. Shawn says that’s no problem and exits the house. Chad then opens up Belle’s laptop.

Belle tells EJ that she doesn’t remember any of this so she can only assume that the Devil sensed Chad was having a change of heart about testifying against him. Belle doesn’t know how to explain it but somehow the Devil morphed in to EJ and then kissed Abigail before Chad walked in on it. EJ understands why Chad would want him locked up then.

Kate talks to Chad on the phone as Chad plugs in the flash drive to Belle’s computer so that it will automatically upload the paper trail that Lucas put on EJ’s computer, so it will look like the file was created there. Chad can’t believe that he’s planting evidence on a computer to frame somebody for planting evidence on a computer and says it still feels wrong. Chad finishes the upload as Kate gets Shawn’s e-mail of the police report on Philip. Kate warns Chad that Shawn will probably be coming back home now so Chad needs to get out of there before anybody realizes why he really stuck around. Chad then hangs up and hurries out.

Jake accuses Gabi of being about to have sex with Johnny before he walked in. Gabi tries to explain but Jake shouts that she thought wrong as he didn’t do any of that stuff. Jake yells that they were partners in everything. Gabi says she believes him now but she was just upset when she heard him talking to Maggie. Jake questions why she didn’t confront him to give them a chance. Gabi says it’s just what she does when she thinks someone is hurting her. Gabi agrees that she should’ve trusted him. Gabi asks if there is any way that he can forgive her.

Ben and Ciara return home. Ben never thought he’d be this excited to cut in to a cake. Ciara asks what Ben thinks the gender is. Ben doesn’t care as his life is already perfect. They kiss until they are interrupted by Ben’s father Clyde showing up at their door, surprising them.

Allie tells Chanel that it’s so exciting to know if her cousin is having a boy or a girl. Allie asks if she should open it. Chanel questions doing it now. Allie goes ahead and looks. Chanel asks if it’s a boy or a girl. Allie jokes that they don’t both need to know so she will just bake the cake when she’s not around. Chanel insists on wanting to know and not wanting secrets between them. Allie keeps the envelope from her as they play around until Johnny appears and remarks that they make the sweetest couple.

Shawn returns home and finds Chad is gone, so he guesses he couldn’t stay.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and gives Kate the flash drive back. Kate says she will destroy it and pretend it never existed. Chad asks if she’s sure that Belle will confess when she finds out it’s on the computer. Kate knows Belle will be horrified to find out what she did while possessed but she will do the right thing. Chad declares that it won’t be long then until EJ is free.

Belle talks to EJ about his appeal. EJ doubts the court will be swayed by the argument that his attorney was possessed by the Devil. Belle says they can at least make the attempt, so she will file his appeal as soon as she gets home. EJ thanks her and questions if Belle was possessed the entire time that she was representing him which means it wasn’t her saying she believed in him. Belle assures that was her because she remembers all of that. EJ asks what that means. Belle says all she knows is that she needs to get him out of here and she will. Belle then gets a text that Clyde just made parole.

Ben questions if Clyde escaped from prison again. Clyde reveals that he didn’t have to this time as he made parole on the condition that he has a roof over his head and is living with a responsible person. Clyde figured who could be more responsible than the soon to be parents of his baby grandchild. Clyde asks if they are having a boy or a girl.

Johnny asks if Allie and Chanel are together now. Chanel asks so what if they are. Johnny agrees that they all have what they want and brings up Chanel dropping the lawsuit. Chanel says that TR already recasted their parts. Johnny says it’s a shame as she would’ve been great. Allie argues that it’s better this way for everyone. Johnny looks at the envelope in Allie’s hand and thinks back to the Devil opening it. Johnny declares that he has much more important things to worry about, so he tells them to have fun and walks away.

Jake asks what this means for their relationship, even if he could forgive Gabi. Gabi blames the Devil while Jake complains that it was so easy for the Devil to get Gabi to turn against him and tear them apart which made him realize they weren’t as strong as they thought. Jake argues that Gabi got exactly what she wanted, CEO of DiMera Enterprises, and nothing else matters to her. Jake then walks out of the office.

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