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Chloe’s mom Nancy enters the Brady Pub, surprising Chloe, and questions why Chloe hasn’t been returning her calls when she needed to talk to her. Chloe apologizes and says she didn’t feel like talking about Philip because there’s no news and it just upsets her.  Nancy reveals that this is not about Philip but about her father, as she thinks he’s having an affair. Chloe doesn’t understand as her mom repeats that Chloe’s father is cheating on her with another woman.

Lucas and Kate go to the court. Lucas worries about sounding rehearsed. Kate reminds him that he’s not on trial here. Lucas remarks that he might be by the end of the day if he knew Chad was changing his story. Lucas asks if Kate tried to talk Chad out of it. Kate tells him not to put this on her as he could’ve thought twice before kidnapping Sami. Lucas tells her not to judge him as he has enough problems. Kate assures that she made Chad swear that he wouldn’t implicate Lucas in the frame up. Melinda then walks over and questions hearing someone say frame up.

Abigail questions what the hell “EJ” is talking about. He says he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he came back to Salem. Abigail tells him that’s insane and to get away from her. He knows she’s married to his brother and he’s tried hard to push his feelings aside but it’s impossible. Abigail asks if this is a sick joke since he has a wife that he’s obsessed with and was with Nicole. He claims he’s been using them to get Abigail out of his head but it didn’t work. Abigail tells him to go get help. He claims he’s desperate to get close to her which is why he wanted to do Johnny’s movie. He says he’s longed to ravage her and now they are alone, so there’s no time like the present. Devil EJ then approaches Abigail.

In the courtroom, EJ asks Belle what exactly Chad said to her when she ran in to him. Belle says it was just that they would be pleased with the outcome of his testimony. EJ points out that Chad is the lead witness against him and if he gets acquitted, Chad has to relinquish sole control of the company. Belle says both those things are true. EJ questions Belle thinking Chad is on his side when he used up trumped up evidence to get him ousted from DiMera. Belle suggests Chad realizes he took things too far since he’s still his brother. Belle states that despite all the bad blood, she thinks Chad will come through for him today…

The Devil as “EJ” grabs Abigail and kisses her right as Chad walks in to the room and sees them. Chad questions what the hell he’s doing as Abigail pushes “EJ” off of her, slaps him, and calls him a filthy pig. Chad grabs “EJ” as he laughs.

Kate questions Melinda having a warrant to eavesdrop on their conversation. Melinda says they were talking freely in the hallway about a frame up. Kate says they were discussing EJ insisting that he was framed. Kate calls it baseless and the act of a desperate man. Melinda agrees and hopes that Lucas will help put EJ away for a very long time. Lucas confirms that’s the plan. Melinda wishes Sami was with him to testify as it would be more convincing than her deposition. Lucas remarks that they can’t blame her for not wanting to be in the same room as her kidnapper.

EJ appreciates Belle’s optimism but questions if Chad would really tell the truth on the witness stand when he could go to jail if he admits to framing him. Belle points out that Chad was about to drop a big bombshell before his coughing fit. Belle says she’s known Chad a long time and thinks he’s a fundamentally good guy. EJ asks if she’s implying that he’s not. Belle says that if EJ is innocent and Chad knows it, she thinks he’d have a really hard time lying on the stand.

Abigail holds Chad back as Chad questions what “EJ” thinks he’s doing by kissing his wife against her will. “EJ” asks who said it was against her will. Abigail calls it an attack. Chad says if “EJ” wants to come against him, he can leave Abigail out of it. “EJ” says not everything is about Chad as he could be going away for a lot of years and he didn’t want to do that without feeling Abigail’s lips against his one last time. Abigail tells Chad that he’s not worth it. “EJ” says he’ll see them in court and thanks Abigail for the kiss, saying he’ll always treasure the memory. Devil EJ then exits the room as Abigail holds Chad back. The Devil transforms back in to Johnny as he appears in the hallway where Lucas, Kate, and Melinda are talking. The Devil says to himself that he just got Chad back on board and now he’ll be dying to send EJ to jail for a very long time.

Chloe’s mom sits with Chloe and Brady at the Pub. Brady asks why she thinks Craig is having an affair. She responds that he’s been staying late at the hospital for months. Chloe argues that he’s been doing that for as long as she can remember. Nancy says not three times a week and talks about how she worried he was bored with her. Nancy then reveals that when Craig returned from a medical conference in Dallas, she found condoms in his briefcase. Chloe asks if she confronted him about it. She confirms that she did and he was so angry about her snooping, but he claimed they were giving away condoms at the safe sex seminar. Brady supposes that is possible. Nancy says she just doesn’t know. Nancy asks if Chloe has noticed her father behaving differently lately or if he’s said anything to her. Chloe says she hasn’t really talked to him in a few weeks. Nancy says that’s not right, especially with all she’s going through with Philip. Chloe asks if she’s talked to Joy about this. Nancy says no and she doesn’t want her to know as grad school is hard enough while Parker is in boarding school so he has no idea. Chloe says she won’t say anything to them but she finds this hard to believe since her parents have always had the best marriage she’s ever seen. Nancy says she used to think so, but now she doesn’t know. Brady asks if she has any other reason to suspect him. Nancy admits she logged on to his credit card account to look for suspicious purchases and found $500 restaurant bills. Chloe asks where he is now. She informs her that he’s in Dallas at another conference. Nancy laments that she should’ve confronted him again before he got on the plane and then decides she’s going to go do it now. Chloe questions her flying to Texas. Nancy declares she has to know the truth. Nancy cries that she will let them know how it goes. Brady stops her and says he thinks she’d be making a big mistake.

Melinda tells Lucas that the judge should be calling them back in any minute, so once she’s done with Chad, he will be her next witness. Melinda asks if he’s ready. Lucas says he is but Melinda worries that he seems nervous. Melinda asks if she can count on him to stay cool up there. Lucas insists he’ll be fine which Kate backs up as Melinda then heads back in to the courtroom. Lucas tells Kate that he saw the way she looked at him and assures he would never hurt Sami. Johnny comes over and asks if they are talking about his mother. Kate questions where he came from. Johnny responds that he may have been there all along. Johnny remarks that he hopes Lucas is taking good care of Sami. Kate says in her experience, Sami doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. Johnny talks about Sami being kidnapped and finding out it was someone she loved. Johnny adds that EJ says he’s innocent and he believes him. Johnny remarks that he’s relieved to know Sami is safe and that she has Lucas looking out for her as he then heads in to the courtroom.

In the town square, Gabi and Jake talk about EJ signing over his shares to Johnny. Gabi points out that Johnny had never been interested in DiMera. Jake brings up Johnny’s film not getting made, so he has to have a plan B. Gabi acknowledges that Johnny is EJ’s son. Gabi says it doesn’t make sense for EJ to just give up. Jake suggests EJ may figure he’s going away for sure. Gabi talks about how EJ could try to control Johnny from behind bars and continue pulling the strings. Jake informs Gabi that according to the legal department, this whole thing was Johnny’s idea.

Johnny enters the courtroom and greets EJ. EJ says he was wondering where he went to. Johnny claims he suddenly got thirsty and wanted to take care of it before the trial resumed.

Chad asks Abigail if she’s okay. Abigail says she’s fine, just rattled. Abigail doesn’t get why EJ would come onto her out of the blue since he’s been obsessed with Sami. Abigail points out that EJ’s future is in Chad’s hands and questions why he would attack her when Chad is getting ready to take the stand. Chad says he doesn’t know or care as long as he’s gone. Chad declares that prison is too good for that son of a bitch.

Brady tells Nancy that before she goes off and does something she might regret, he wants to share something that happened between he and Chloe recently. Brady explains to Nancy that before Philip disappeared, he was convinced that Chloe was cheating on him. Brady talks about how Philip wouldn’t believe they weren’t having an affair and then followed them on a business trip and burst in to their motel room but it was completely innocent. Chloe talks about Philip not believing her and his jealousy getting so out of hand that she had to take a step back from him. Nancy questions if she’s saying he’s being irrationally jealous. Brady suggests she be absolutely certain because things aren’t always what they appear.

Gabi tells Jake that Johnny is probably doing it to help EJ out, so he’ll vote whatever way EJ tells him. Jake says maybe, but last time they held a vote at DiMera, Johnny was too young to vote and now he’s old enough. Jake calls that pretty heavy. Gabi asks if he thinks Johnny is trying to make a play of his own. Jake points out that Johnny’s shares combined with EJ’s shares is a powerful voting block that could do a lot of damage. Gabi worries that it could also stop their plan in it’s tracks. Jake says if Johnny is really EJ’s mini-me then he’s all ambition which means he could be corruptible and an excellent ally for their cause.

Judge Barnes resumes the trial. An angry Chad returns to the courtroom with Abigail. Chad glares at EJ. EJ asks Belle what that’s about. Belle tells him to tell her. The judge asks Chad if he feels better which he confirms. He reminds Chad that he’s under oath and tells him to try not to choke this time. Chad then returns to the stand. Judge Barnes brings up that Chad was sharing details of how EJ’s financial transactions came to light. Chad now says that a few days before the kidnapping, a transaction was made from a private DiMera account that only three executives have access too which are himself, Kate, and EJ. Chad declares there is no doubt in his mind that EJ is guilty as sin, so he suggests locking him up and throwing away the key. Belle stands up and starts to bring up what Chad had just said to her, but Melinda interrupts to question Belle having an outside conversation with her witness, so Belle sits down. Judge Barnes allows Chad to step down and calls for another recess before the next witness is called. Johnny confronts Chad and says he probably just sent his dad to prison for a decade and questions how he can call himself a DiMera as he calls him a traitor. Chad tells Johnny to ask EJ after what he did to his wife. EJ questions what the hell he’s talking about.

Chloe assures her mom that her dad loves her and they have a great connection. Chloe thinks Brady is right that it would be a mistake to go confront him if she’s not even sure there’s a problem. Nancy gets what she’s saying and apologizes as she knows she’s just being protective of her father. Nancy says she shouldn’t have gotten her involved in this. Chloe understands she needed someone to talk to. Nancy thanks her but insists that she shouldn’t have dumped this on her with everything she has going on with Philip. Chloe assures that she’s fine. Nancy tells her that no matter what, she’s still there for her, and obviously Brady is too. Brady questions why she said it like she was accusing them of something. Nancy claims she wasn’t. Chloe tells her to just say it. Nancy brings up that they both said they told Philip that nothing was going on between them, but she can’t help wondering if it’s just a matter of time before they get together again.

Chad yells at EJ not to play innocent and says he knows what he did. EJ asks what this is about. Chad tells Abigail they are going. Chad tells EJ that they’ll see him in ten years or never. Chad then storms out with Abigail. EJ questions what the hell that was. Johnny guesses Chad just wanted EJ out of the way like he always has. EJ feels that Chad acted like he did something awful to him or Abigail recently. Johnny argues that Chad has always painted EJ as the villain so he could play the good guy. Johnny says it’s a good thing EJ signed his shares over to him, so he can protect the company. Johnny adds that he should get the documents to the DiMera lawyers to finalize the power of attorney transfer. EJ and Belle question Johnny leaving and what the hurry is. Johnny claims the sooner they make it official, the less damage Chad can do since this hearing just proved they can’t trust him. Johnny then exits. Belle tells EJ that she’s so sorry for getting his hopes up about Chad’s testimony as she doesn’t understand what happened since she really thought Chad was going to exonerate him. Lucas remarks to Kate that so much for Chad clearing EJ’s name. Kate states that Chad obviously changed his mind but wonders why. Lucas says he won’t complain about it, but now that it’s over, Kate can go which she questions. Lucas says Melinda is calling him to the stand next, so he doesn’t want Kate staring at him while he’s testifying. Kate guesses he doesn’t want her watching as he lies up there. Kate says that’s fine as she mostly came to support Chad anyway. Kate tells Lucas that she loves him no matter how much he messes up. Kate wishes Lucas luck and tells him not to leave town without telling her first. Kate then exits as Judge Barnes resumes the hearing. Melinda calls Lucas to the stand. Johnny listens from outside the door as Lucas swears in to tell the truth.

Chloe and Brady assure Nancy that there is nothing going on between them and they are just good friends. Chloe adds that they are co-workers so they spend a lot of time together. Nancy asks if they are not living together then. Chloe confirms that and asks why she would ask that. Nancy explains that if she leaves her father, she’s going to need a place to stay, so she asks if she can crash at Chloe’s place. Chloe says they will take this one step at a time.

Melinda shows Lucas a photo of Jason Smith, who Lucas confirms as the man holding Sami captive when he found her. Melinda brings up Jason Smith receiving payments from DiMera Enterprises as Chad’s testimony stated. Melinda finishes while Belle approaches Lucas. Belle asks Lucas if Jason Smith ever told him that he was hired by EJ to kidnap Sami. Lucas admits he didn’t. Belle argues that he has no direct knowledge that EJ had anything to do with the kidnapping then. Belle doesn’t know what Lucas is doing here but since he is here, she asks how they know he didn’t kidnap Sami.

Chad and Abigail go home to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail can’t believe how dumb “EJ” was to make that pass at her when Chad was about to let him off the hook. Chad points out that EJ didn’t know that. Abigail notes that he hinted it to Belle, so she questions why EJ would antagonize him right before taking the stand. Chad asks who knows why EJ does anything. Chad jokes that she’s the hottest woman on the planet so he couldn’t help himself as he kisses her. Abigail asks Chad what exactly he was originally planning to say today. Chad asks what difference it makes. Abigail knows he didn’t want her to know in advance, but she wants to know now. Abigail asks Chad if EJ’s innocent. Chad responds that EJ is anything but innocent.

Jake suggests Gabi could help Johnny see the benefit of joining their team as a chance to get out from his father’s shadow with real power. Jake says they’ll be running DiMera in no time and if they get Johnny on their side, they will be unstoppable. Gabi decides they just have to figure out a way to get Johnny to see things their way. Johnny then approaches their table and remarks that it sounds like someone is taking his name in vain.

Nancy asks if she’s just supposed to sit at home and pretend everything is okay instead of flying to Dallas to confront Craig. Chloe says of course not but suggests they order something to eat and come up with a plan. Nancy argues that it’s not Chloe’s responsibility. Chloe says she loves them so she’ll do whatever it takes to help this work out. Nancy hugs her and thanks her. Nancy asks Chloe to get her a drink which she agrees to do. Nancy heads to the bathroom while Brady asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe doesn’t know and guesses she’s a little thrown. Chloe says her parents are known for bickering but she always felt they were truly in love. Brady compares them to John and Marlena. Chloe guesses every marriage has bumps in the road. Brady hopes that’s all this is. Chloe declares there’s only one way to find out.

Johnny accuses Jake and Gabi of talking about him behind his back and says they should at least be properly introduced. Gabi says she knows him very well. Johnny points out that Jake doesn’t. Johnny brings up being a man of wealth and taste as he introduces himself to Jake as his nephew. Johnny can’t believe they haven’t met before now. Jake says he wasn’t really running with the DiMera inner circle. Johnny remarks that he hasn’t seen Gabi since he was running around with an eye patch in Rafe’s police vest. Gabi says now he’s all grown up. Johnny remarks that she’s done some growing up herself. Johnny asks what they were talking about. Jake argues that he’s not the only Johnny in town but Johnny argues that he’s the only one that matters to him. Johnny guesses that Mr. Shin told him that EJ was giving him power of attorney to vote his shares which Jake admits. Johnny is not sure how that concerns Jake since he’s no longer an employee at DiMera. Gabi explains that Jake still holds shares of DiMera stock. Jake adds that Gabi still holds Stefan’s shares which means they still have a voice in the company. They think their interests with Johnny’s could align.

Chad tells Abigail that EJ is lucky that he didn’t tell the judge what he did to her today because he would’ve got charged with sexual assault and with his history, it would’ve added years to his sentence. Abigail can’t stop hearing EJ say how he wanted to take her on the conference table and says it didn’t even sound like him. Chad can’t believe he said that. Abigail says it was all so out of the blue. Chad wants EJ locked up for a very long time. Abigail assures they will after his testimony. Chad hopes neither of them have to deal with EJ ever again. Abigail decides to go check on the kids upstairs and then take a shower. Chad says he’ll join her as they kiss. Abigail then heads upstairs as the doorbell rings. Chad answers the door to see Kate. Chad asks if the trial is over. Kate says no but Lucas wanted her to leave before he testified because she makes him nervous since she knows what he did to Sami. Chad asks what she’s doing here. Kate wanted to know what happened to Chad on the stand as she thought he was going to ride to EJ’s rescue. Chad responds that was before he walked in on him with his tongue down Abigail’s throat.

Lucas tells Belle that he had nothing to do with Sami’s kidnapping and remarks that she sounds as desperate as EJ, grasping at straws and blaming everyone. Belle says she’s only asking him. Lucas calls it ridiculous and says that EJ is jealous because he and Sami ended up together. Belle asks Lucas if he has an alibi for the time of Sami’s kidnapping. Melinda objects and accuses Belle of fishing but Judge Barnes allows it. Lucas states that when Sami was kidnapped, he was with his brother Philip, who is unfortunately missing and presumed dead right now. Belle points out that he can’t prove where he was then. Lucas says he’s sorry that his alibi might be dead. Belle calls it pretty convenient. Lucas asks if he’s the one on trial now. Lucas reminds Belle that Jason Smith named EJ as the kidnapper with a paper trail to back it up. EJ stands and screams that Lucas obviously helped Chad plant it and that he should be on trial because he kidnapped Sami. EJ then screams at Lucas that he will kill him which pleases Lucas and Melinda.

Brady asks Chloe if she’s going to Dallas to confront her dad. Chloe hopes it doesn’t come to that. Chloe calls her dad but it goes to voicemail. She leaves a message for him to call her back as soon as he can.

Judge Barnes calls for order in his court room and says he’s going to pretend he didn’t just hear EJ make a death threat or else he’ll hold him in contempt. The judge allows Lucas to step down and calls a recess. He orders EJ to get a good night sleep and come prepared to sit quietly tomorrow. EJ tells Melinda that he’s lying. Melinda says it’s not appropriate to talk to her unless he’s ready to take a plea deal. EJ argues that Lucas should be charged with perjury. Lucas calls him desperate and guilty, adding that he’ll tell Sami how far he’s fallen. Melinda tells EJ to enjoy his freedom while he still can as she exits the room. EJ tells Belle that he can’t get away with this. EJ warns Belle that Sami is going to be with the man who kidnapped her. EJ argues that if Chad planted the evidence, he obviously got it from the real kidnapper and asks who else it could’ve been. Belle says they need to focus on beating these charges so they will just have to hope it’s enough. Belle wants to know why Chad changed his mind up there as she really thinks he was going to exonerate him which means something happened in between to make him furious with EJ. EJ argues that he didn’t even see him.

Kate questions Chad why the hell EJ would do something like that to Abigail since it’s totally stupid, pointless, and disgusting. Chad states that EJ has always been his own worst enemy. Kate argues that EJ’s not a fool, so he had to know how Chad was going to react and it’s almost like he wanted him to send him to prison.

Johnny thinks Jake and Gabi’s proposal has potential and admits he’s very interested. Johnny tells Gabi to text him and they’ll set up a time for him to hear their offer. Jake suggests talking now but Johnny says he has things to do. Johnny tells Gabi that it was great seeing her as he walks away. Jake asks Gabi if Johnny was hitting on her. Gabi acknowledges that he definitely was but says maybe they can use that to their advantage.

Devil Johnny walks past the Brady Pub and remarks to himself that he always thought Gabi was hot, so soon she will be his. He declares that doing the Devil’s work has so many fringe benefits.

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