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Recap written by Christine

After running into each other at Society, Nate accepted Victor’s offer to sit down for a drink. Victor asked about Elena and told Nate to hold onto her. Nate thought it was fortuitous that he ran into Victor. He was contemplating a big change in his life, and he could see both sides. Victor wondered why Nate was asking him this. Nate said Victor’s name would be on his paycheck. Things were different now that Nate couldn’t perform surgery. Ashland made it clear Nate could make a bigger impact and help people on a global scale. Victor said Newman Locke would be a good place to work. He told Nate to ask himself it would be rewarding. Nate said Ashland was certain it was. Victor replied that Ashland was certain about a number of things.

Victor asked Nate how Ashland was doing. Nate said he seemed to be doing well. Victor mused about the treatment. Nate mentioned that Michael asked him about the treatment too. Nate knew Michael was working for Victor, and he asked if it was a coincidence that they were both asking the same line of questioning. Victor said he was genuinely concerned about Ashland’s health – Ashland was family now, and family meant everything to Victor. Nate didn’t mean to imply that it didn’t. Nate just sensed there was more to this, but he didn’t have what Victor was looking for, and even if he did, he wouldn’t share it. Nate wasn’t Ashland’s doctor, but he believed medical information was private. Victor didn’t want Nate to violate his ethics. Nate said it was more than that – Ashland was a friend, and Nate wouldn’t betray his confidence.

Jack was startled to hear that the address from the mysterious texts he’d received was owned by someone named Hao Nguyen. That was his ex father in law’s name, but Jack was sure that Luan’s father wasn’t behind it. Phyllis asked why Jack was so sure his ex father in law wasn’t trying to get him to come to LA. Jack said that Hao Nguyen died long before Luan married Jack. Phyllis wondered how it was that a person with the same name as Jack’s dead father in law was sending him cryptic texts. According to Jack, Keemo changed his last name to Nguyen to honor his mother. Phyllis asked if Jack supported that, and he said it did. Phyllis asked what if the texter was Keemo, having fun with his dad by sending him creepy texts. Jack didn’t think Keemo would do that. Phyllis asked if Jack and Keemo were on good terms. Jack said yeah, but his expression said otherwise.

Jack called the mystery number, and nobody answered, and there was no voicemail set up. For a second time, Phyllis suggested calling Keemo. An uncomfortable Jack said he didn’t know his son’s number. According to Jack, Keemo kept losing phones and changing his number. Traci walked over after her spa appointment and wanted to know what was going on. Jack said it was nothing, but Phyllis was happy to share the details. Phyllis said someone was trying to get Jack to come to L.A. Jack added that the person said it was something he was missing. Phyllis explained why she thought it was Keemo. Traci thought they should just call him, forcing Jack to admit he didn’t have the number. Phyllis said she was capable of getting Keemo’s number. Jack blurted out that Keemo had gone no-contact with him. He hadn’t talked to his son in years.

Traci was confused, because she recalled Jack saying he talked with Keemo recently. Jack admitted he lied. Traci remembered that Keemo had been angry with Jack for hiding Luan’s illness, but as far as Traci knew, father and son reconciled before Keemo left Genoa City. Jack said that Keemo had reconciled with him out of respect for Luan, but after he left Genoa City, he said he neither wanted nor needed Jack in his life. The last time Jack reached out, Keemo said that he was done with Jack. Traci was sorry. Jack was too. He felt bad he’d lied, but even saying the words that his son wanted nothing to do with him hurt more than words could say. Traci suggested that Keemo had a change of heart, and he was reaching out with these texts. Phyllis thought that made sense – maybe Keemo was being cryptic because he was embarrassed about the way he’d acted. Jack didn’t think that was it, and he didn’t want to reopen the wound. He abruptly left.

Phyllis and Traci wanted to help Jack. Traci thought they could only wait and see how Jack wanted to proceed. She wished Jack said something earlier, so they could’ve tried to help. Phyllis didn’t understand why Keemo pushed Jack away – Jack had the biggest heart, and family was important to him. Traci suggested Keemo didn’t want to be part of the Abbott family, which was too bad because everyone did everything they could to welcome him. Phyllis said Jack told her a few things about Keemo, but she didn’t know anything about his relationship with the rest of the Abbotts. Traci said Keemo was wary at first, understandably so – he was a young man who suddenly found out about all these new relatives. Phyllis said the Abbotts of Jabot Cosmetics, and the family breakfasts could be intimidating. Traci said Keemo warmed up as Luan got close to Jack. Keemo even worked at Jabot for awhile. Phyllis said Keemo probably felt like he hit the jackpot as Jack’s son. Traci thought that at the time, but as soon as Luan died, Keemo distanced himself from his paternal family. Traci had thought it was the grief, but now they knew something else was going on.

Phyllis said that if these texts were a cruel prank, she would hunt this person down and make their life miserable. Traci had no doubt. She knew there wasn’t much Phyllis wouldn’t do to protect Jack. Traci remembered what a huge part of Jack’s life Luan was. Watching him lose her was devastating. Traci always thought Luan was the most significant love of Jack’s life. Phyllis looked stung. Phyllis said Jack didn’t tell her much about Luan. Traci said it was too painful for him to talk about. Traci shared some of the history. Jack and Luan got together when they were young. Fate tore them apart, and by some miracle, they found each other again, decades later. Jack learned that they shared a son, a son who hadn’t been raised by either parent. Phyllis said that was another son that Jack was deprived of raising from birth. Traci continued – Luan found out she had a terminal illness, and her reunion with Jack and their happiness was short lived. Traci said Jack found a way to go on, somehow. Clearly referencing Phyllis, Traci smiled and added that Jack found an even more intense love later on.

It bothered Traci that Jack had never been able to make peace with Keemo. Keemo lost his mother just after finding her again, then he turned his back on his father. She wanted to know what was going through Keemo’s mind. Phyllis said Traci was lovely, and she empathized with everyone involved, but Phyllis only cared about the people she was close to. Phyllis said Jack lost Keemo and Luan, and a lesser man would’ve cracked. Phyllis vowed to find out who was sending those texts. She conspiratorially shared that she had resources at her disposal for things like this. Traci thought they should keep the investigation on hold for the moment, because Jack might not want to know who was sending the texts.

Nate was leaving Society as Jack arrived. They said hello as they passed by each other. Jack took a seat at the bar near Victor. Victor saw that something was the matter with Jack and asked about it. Jack wondered if he was that transparent. Victor was about to leave. Jack offered to buy Victor a drink. Victor said it was a miracle. He sat back down and ordered a tequila. Jack ordered a scotch. Victor thought Jack’s quiet demeanor was unusual. Jack asked if Victor ever had regrets. Victor thought only sociopaths had no regrets. Victor assumed Jack regretted the feuds he and Victor had. Jack didn’t feel remorse about any of that. “Not even when you watched me die on the office floor?,” Victor asked. “Eh, I knew you were gonna be okay,” Jack replied. Victor laughed. Jack thought Victor had done worse to him.

Jack said that their feuds were about business, but this was closer to home. Jack said it was about being a father. He asked if Victor ever looked back and wondered whether the mistakes he made in the past could be fixed. Victor said fatherhood was fraught with opportunities to fail. If he made the wrong decisions, so be it – his kids were mature enough to look beyond them. Victor admitted he’d made mistakes, some that he thought were irreconcilable, but regrets were only good if they spurred you to new action. Jack thought that was a good point. Victor wondered why Jack was concerned about being a good father. Victor thought Jack was an excellent father who’d raised Kyle well under difficult circumstances, and Kyle had turned into a wonderful man. Jack said Kyle was everything he could want in son.

“Kyle is not the problem,” Jack stated. Victor asked what the problem was. Jack said the past snuck up on him today and stabbed him in the chest. Victor said he and Jack were men of action, and sometimes those actions had a tendency to come back to haunt you. Jack supposed that was true. “I don’t regret anything, really. It’s how you handle it. That is what counts,” Victor said. Jack said thanks. Jack sought Victor’s counseling because Victor had more experience with this. Victor didn’t like to think about his childhood, because it was awful. He taught himself to look forward, not backward because what good did looking backward do? However, as much as people liked to be done with some parts of their past, their past was never done with them, Victor concluded.

Jack returned to the hotel. Phyllis said Traci had to leave, but she asked Phyllis to pass along the message that Traci was there if Jack wanted to talk. Jack said Traci was always there for him, and lately Phyllis had been too. Jack thanked Phyllis for trying to help him solve the puzzle. Phyllis wished Jack would’ve told her about Keemo cutting him out before. He wished he’d told her too. Jack had decided that he needed to find out who was trying to get him to come to LA.

Amanda was very worried about Dominic after his complicated medical procedure, and she didn’t understand how everyone else was so calm. Chance admitted he was a wreck inside, and his calm exterior was for Abby. Abby was doing the same for Chance. Amanda was moved by Abby and Chance’s decision to invite her and Devon into their home. Amanda assured the three others that there would be other events in Dom’s life that they’d get to share together – birthdays, holidays, ball game. She was humbled and touched by the bond Dom’s parents shared, and she was proud to know the three of them. Abby thought that was a beautiful sentiment. Amanda said takeout was on her.

Abby asked for extra fortune cookies, and Amanda questioned that. Devon said that Abby liked to keep opening the cookies until she got the fortune she liked. Abby asked if they could stop talking about the bone marrow transplant. She wanted a distraction. Amanda said she and Imani would be working for Chancellor Industries. Chance welcomed her to the family company. Amanda asked if he ever thought about joining up, and he said the corporate life wasn’t for him. He liked traveling the world and fighting the good fight. Abby called him a hero, and he didn’t agree. Devon was happy Chance chose that path, because he went after Colin when he stole Devon’s money. Devon knew Chance had protected a lot of people.

Devon said he and Lily were teaming their companies to produce socially relevant podcasts. Abby thought Neil would be proud. Chance thought Katherine would approve too. Amanda wished she’d gotten to meet these people who were big parts of their lives. Abby was about to share a Katherine story, when Dom started crying. Devon and Abby rushed upstairs. Time passed, and Chance wondered if he should go upstairs, but he figured Abby and Devon had it handled. Amanda said that they’d come to them if they needed them. Amanda hoped Chance knew Devon wasn’t trying to usurp Chance’s role in Dom’s life. Chance knew that. Chance said it was uncharted territory, but if they lead with love, they’d find a way.

Abby and Devon came downstairs. Dom had just needed a fresh diaper.

Nate arrived at Devon’s request. Abby thanked Nate for the way he expedited things at the hospital. Nate asked how Devon was. He was just a little sore. Nate advised everyone rest. He went upstairs to see Dom and the nurse. Abby was sorry she never checked on Devon. He said he was fine – he just did the easy part. Abby didn’t want Devon to downplay what he’d done for Dom. She said they owed him, but he said he was happy to help. Abby and Amanda went to the kitchen. Chance thanked Devon too. “You did it again. You saved Dominic when I couldn’t,” Chance said. Devon didn’t think he deserved that much credit. The only reason Devon was able to give his bone marrow was simple biology. Chance didn’t think Devon should downplay what he did for their son. Devon said he’d always do anything Dom needed, and that didn’t diminish Chance’s role as the father. Chance got it intellectually, but emotionally, it was different. It was hard for Chance to see the way Devon instantly ran to Dom when he cried. Chance didn’t have that instinct, and he wasn’t sure he never would. Devon said Dom wasn’t even one year old, so there was plenty of time for Chance to gain that instinct. Devon didn’t think it was all about biology. Devon was a teen when he met Neil, and Neil became the center of Devon’s world. Devon knew Chance loved Dom and that the rest would follow.

Everyone returned to the living room. The baby was fine, according to Nate. Nate saw the fortune cookies and was interested in having some of the leftovers. The dish he asked about happened to be the one that Devon had set aside for breakfast in the morning, but he let his cousin have the rest of it. Devon and Abby’s fortune cookie messages seemed tailored to the situation with Dominic, and both fortunes predicted positive things ahead. They smiled. Later, they all headed up to the bedrooms to sleep, but apparently they weren’t able to drift off, because one by one, they all came back downstairs. Abby was first, then Devon, with Chance and Amanda coming shortly afterward.

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