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Recap written by Christine

Elena and Nate were home. She was on her way to a shift at the clinic, and he was going to a meeting with Devon and Lily. Billy wasn’t available, so Nate thought it’d be just the three of them. Nate went across the hall to talk to Devon before the meeting. Devon said they were going to be talking to Gwen Davis, who ran the marketing agency Hamilton Winters had been using for years. Devon had a feeling Gwen was a little uneasy about the merger. Amanda came downstairs and said hello before she headed to the office. She ran into Elena in the hallway, who asked if they could meet for coffee.

Devon and Nate met with Gwen. She shared her concern that Hamilton Winters was going to go with a larger firm. Devon assured Gwen that they wanted to remain with her team, and he was still the one responsible for making those decisions for the company, at least the Winters side. Devon sensed that Nate wanted to add something. Nate just seconded what Devon said. They said they’d see Gwen at the launch party, and she left. Devon asked why Nate didn’t speak up at the meeting. Nate had wanted to say something about growing the business relationship, in light of the merger, but he decided the timing wasn’t right. He said Gwen was already nervous about all the changes, so the last thing she needed was a flood of new ideas coming from someone she just met. Devon thought that was smart of Nate. He assured Nate that he always wanted to hear his ideas though. Nate knew Devon would still feel free to shoot them down, too. They got ready to go to the meeting at The Grand Phoenix.

Kyle and Summer were at Crimson Lights. They’d tucked Harrison away at Nick and Christian’s house while they waited for Ashland to be served with the restraining order. Diane showed up and confessed that she made a comment to Jack and Phyllis about Kyle and Summer possibly moving back to Genoa City. She didn’t realize it was being kept quiet. She explained that Ashland was there too, and Jack had made it clear that he wasn’t happy Diane shared that information in front of him. Kyle asked what Ashland was even doing there – was he harassing Jack about Harrison? Diane said she and Ashland were just chatting when they ran into Jack and Phyllis. Summer didn’t realize they knew each other. Diane said she and Ashland crossed paths when they were both staying at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle warned his mom that Ashland was bad news. She already knew – Jack gave her the same warning, and when she asked Ashland about it, he came clean. She said she made it clear to Ashland that she wouldn’t intercede for him about Harrison.

Kyle was glad Diane was astute enough to realize Ashland intended to use her to get to Harrison. Summer said Ashland tried to sneak in a visit today while Harrison was at the park with his nanny. Kyle told Diane about the restraining order, and Summer sensed she didn’t approve. Diane said it wasn’t her place – it was obvious that they knew what was best for their child, and she understood, considering all the things Ashland had done. However, Diane couldn’t help but be sympathetic, because she knew what it was like to be separated from a child you love, and she thought Ashland loved Harrison. Summer hoped Diane knew you could love someone and still be toxic to them. Amanda came up and said hi to Summer and Kyle. She guessed Diane was Kyle’s mother. Diane assumed Amanda saw the resemblance. Amanda did, but she mentioned that she heard Diane was in town, because she was friends with Phyllis. Diane said, sadly she was not.

After Amanda and Diane left the table, Allie came up and asked where Harrison was. Summer said he was having a play date. Allie said apparently he had a more active social life than she did. Summer mentioned that Harrison liked Allie a lot. Allie was surprised when Diane returned. Summer offered Allie a ride back to the house, but Diane asked Allie to stay and catch up. Summer was caught off guard when Allie accepted Diane’s invite. After Summer and Kyle left, Diane and Allie had coffee. Diane apologized for blindsiding Allie with the news that she had an entire extended family. At first Allie said it was okay, then she changed her mind and said it was extremely self-serving of Diane. Allie made her own decision to come here and get to know her family, and so far it had been pretty good. Diane said she wouldn’t have introduced Allie to her grandfather if she didn’t know he’d be thrilled to meet her and welcome her with open arms. Allie said that didn’t change the deception. Allie said that Diane used her. Diane admitted that was true.

Diane had noticed that Allie had gotten to know Kyle. Allie thought Kyle and Summer were a lovely couple. Diane agreed. She was glad Kyle was in a stable, healthy and loving relationship. She’d tried to raise Kyle in that environment, but she wasn’t able to, and neither could Jack, despite his wonderful qualities. She was relieved that, against all odds, Kyle found that magic. Diane talked about Harrison, who was adorable. Allie said things seemed to have worked out well for Diane, and she hoped it was worth it. Diane said she felt a sense of responsibility toward Allie, and that was why she wanted to check in. Diane said the Abbotts were kind and generous, but there was a lot going on in that house, and it might be easy to feel overlooked. Allie didn’t mean to be unkind, but if she needed something, she’d be more likely to ask the Abbotts than Diane. Diane wondered if that was true, because Allie didn’t strike her as the type to call attention to herself. Allie wasn’t trying to be offensive, but she didn’t completely trust Diane. Allie was happy with the way things worked out, but she’d been warned about Diane. Diane understood that, but she said it couldn’t hurt to have a new friend, and she hoped Allie would see her as a friend one day.

Amanda continued on to the patio where she met with Elena. Amanda mentioned that they had Dom for a few days, and Elena said she’d come see the baby and get her hugs in. Amanda said Devon was so cute with the baby, and he threw himself into parenting and took it seriously. Elena knew it wasn’t the same, but Nate was throwing himself into his new job too, and he was so excited about it. Amanda said Nate’s ideas and contributions had been great, and he’d been thriving. Elena missed him at the hospital, but she enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm about his job and the people he was working with. Elena listed everyone Nate worked with, including Imani. Amanda thought she knew why Elena worked Imani into the conversation. Amanda assured Elena that Nate and Imani had little reason to interact at work, and Amanda kept Imani busy. Amanda made it clear to Imani that Nate was off limits.

Elena wasn’t threatened by Imani; she was just aware that Imani was interested in Nate. Amanda said everyone knew, since Imani wasn’t hiding it. While Amanda felt that her sister was brash and flirtatious, she didn’t think Imani would cross the line. Elena knew that her only competition for Nate was his job. They used to spend so much time talking about work, and she didn’t get the new universe he was navigating. Amanda said it wasn’t the same, but she compared it to Devon’s parenting. Devon and Dom were in their own little world, and Amanda wasn’t familiar with it, but she loved seeing him so happy. Elena found that inspiring. She thought she’d do the same thing – focus on the positive, relax, and share in Nate’s joy. Nate had been devastated when he couldn’t perform surgery anymore, but now he woke up every day happy about going to work. She guessed it didn’t matter what “incentivising” or “core competency” meant. She knew her guy had never been happier.

Imani showed up to the Grand Phoenix for the meeting. Lily didn’t realize Imani would be attending. Imani figured she’d come in case there were any legal concerns. Imani had an idea about appeasing an unhappy employee, and she ran it by Lily. Lily thought it was interesting, and she wondered what Amanda thought. Imani said Amanda tended to be more conservative in her thinking. Lily respected Amanda and trusted her judgment implicitly. Lily and Imani talked business, and Imani seized the opportunity to praise the job Nate was doing. Lily said he’d been a great addition to the team. Imani said she’d trusted Nate since he was Mr. AskMDNow. Amanda arrived and heard Imani say that there was something about Nate that made you feel like you could trust him with your life.

Lily, Devon, Amanda, Nate and Imani held their meeting. Lily’s visit with Jill went well. Jill and the board loved the roll out and marketing plan for the merger. Lily said Billy brought her up to speed on the compromise Devon and Nate reached. Lily said they had to figure out which initiatives to launch first and when, during the party, to announce them. Nate suggested they do it after the welcoming speech. Imani thought that was a good idea. Amanda looked irritated. Devon thought maybe they should build up to it instead. Every time Nate made a remark, Imani announced that it was brilliant.

Amanda pulled Imani aside and told her to ease up on Nate, because he had a live in girlfriend that he loved. Amanda told Imani that her act stopped being cute a long time ago. Imani wasn’t interested in hearing Amanda’s opinion. She stated that they were all adults who got to make their own choices. Amanda told Imani to stop making such bad choices. Imani said Amanda was her boss and her sister, not her conscience. Imani walked off and joined the meeting, leaving Amanda fuming.

Phyllis went to Jack’s place. He didn’t want to talk right now, but she insisted on explaining what he’d just heard her say to Diane. He thought she’d spelled it out very clearly when she said she kicked their relationship in high gear to stick it to Diane. He said he specifically asked her if she was flaunting their relationship in front of Diane because Diane was needling her, and she’d denied it, and he assumed she was here to deny it again. He said he should’ve listened to that voice in his head. She said the voice in his head was Diane’s. Phyllis said Diane was doing the same thing to her – trying to manipulate her. She implored him not to let Diane have that power over him.

Phyllis said that Diane hadn’t lost her touch, but Phyllis and Jack had. She told him to forget what she’d said earlier. He couldn’t do that. She claimed that she only said that to get Diane to back off. Jack told Phyllis they both knew this wasn’t some thoughtless comment she’d made. When she continued to maintain her story, he yelled that she’d arranged for Diane to be at the hotel and see them coming downstairs after they’d made love. “It was calculated. It was tawdry, and frankly pretty hurtful,” he said. He was tired of pretending and making excuses for her. He told her that she was going to tell the truth, or he didn’t think they would get past this.

Phyllis said she wasn’t making excuses, she was calling out Diane for the person that she was. She was unapologetic about that. She couldn’t believe he couldn’t see this. He said this wasn’t about Diane. “It’s all about Diane!,” Phyllis roared. She asked if he’d forgotten all Diane’s insane history of trying to get between them. He said he didn’t need to be reminded, but she thought he did. She said she was staking her claim and letting Diane know Phyllis and Jack were still solid. Jack told Phyllis that she’d accomplished exactly the opposite. “You convinced her and anyone in earshot in a hotel lobby that our relationship was nothing more than a vengeful little game,” he contended. She denied doing that, and she couldn’t believe he was saying these things about her. She said that they’d gotten so close, and they’d come so far, and it took so long. That was his point too. He said things took so long that he’d actually given up hope that it would ever happen, and he’d been okay with that because he cherished their friendship. He said she changed her mind when Diane came to town. She said it wasn’t like that, and she couldn’t believe he’d think that of her. He asked what he was supposed to think when he heard her plainly state that she’d accelerated things with him to shove it in Diane’s face.

Phyllis didn’t want to leave the house with Jack thinking these horrible things about her. She said they were real, and when she made love to him that was real. She liked who she was with him. He asked why she changed her mind about them being together. She said she loved being around him, and she liked that he accepted and trusted her for the most part, and that he still liked her when she was irrational. Jack felt that there was nothing Phyllis could say to get around the fact that she held him at arm’s length for months until she suddenly changed her mind. She didn’t see why that mattered. She said she wanted him. “Diane coming into town, yeah, I mean that did help. It made me see what was in front of me, because I’ve been running away from it for so long,” she said. She was happy – the happiest she’d been in a really long time. She asked if he was happy. “You know how happy I’ve been,” he replied. She thought that was all that mattered. She hoped he didn’t want to give up on what they had now.

Phyllis said what they had was worth fighting for. “Who do you think we’re fighting? Diane? Are we supposed to stay together for the same reason we apparently got together? To spite her?,” Jack asked. Phyllis said that wasn’t her point. Summer and Kyle came in and sensed they were interrupting. Phyllis said they weren’t. She said she had to get back to the hotel unless… She looked at Jack. “Don’t let me keep you,” he said. She left. Kyle apologized for interrupting, but Jack said that he and Phyllis said everything that needed to be said. Summer went to talk to her mom. Kyle asked Jack what was going on. Jack said he and Phyllis would work through it.

Jack had something to tell Kyle about Diane. Kyle said that if this was about Diane and Ashland being acquainted, he heard. Kyle offered a listening ear about Phyllis. Jack noted that he told Kyle he wasn’t sure things would go smoothly between him and Phyllis since she was so unpredictable. He corrected himself and said Phyllis was very predictable. then a business call came in, so he took it.

Phyllis heard a knock on her door. She said to herself that it was Jack, but she answered it to see Summer. Phyllis claimed she had a lot of work to do, but Summer didn’t believe her since she was holed up in her suite. Summer had seen the tension between Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis said she was fine. Summer thought she and Phyllis were a lot alike. This situation reminded Summer of when she’d been dealing with Sally’s schemes, and she’d desperately tried to keep her anxiety inside. Phyllis said it wasn’t the same. Summer kept prodding for details. Phyllis didn’t want to get into this, but she eventually admitted that she’d screwed up.

A triumphant Sally rushed into Adam’s office and announced she closed the deal with Hartwell. He was subdued, and she asked what was wrong. He said the plan to reunite Ashland and Victoria hit a snag. According to Adam, Victoria just got back from that ridiculous spa trip. However, Victor had interfered with Sally and Adam’s plan. Adam said Kyle and Summer had a restraining order drawn up so Locke had to stay away from the kid. Sally wondered how Summer got away with doing things like that while Sally was the one with the reputation for being mean. Adam said it was Newman privilege. Sally said Ashland hadn’t left town and Victoria was back, so there was still hope for their idea, and if the plan didn’t work out, they’d just come up with a better one.

Adam admired Sally’s enthusiasm, but they were facing a setback. If Ashland wasn’t around to occupy Victoria, Adam couldn’t see his dad putting him in charge. Sally wondered why Victor didn’t see that Adam was the right one for the job. She said he had innovative ideas, and forgive her for saying this, but sometimes he could be a little nasty. She said he embodied all the essential qualities of CEO. He said thanks, but he told her she hadn’t seen all the times Victor dangled the CEO job in front of him then ripped it away at the last second. She said the next time he had a shot at the CEO title, he’d succeed because he had her. She noted that he wasn’t fighting alone anymore, and together, they were unbeatable. She said they had time, and they weren’t desperate – he was running Newman Media and succeeding, and she loved working with him. She said they should appreciate what they had and keep their eye on the prize. They kissed.

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