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Recap written by Christine

Allie looked a bit nervous after Jack told her to come in and meet her family. He told her everyone was here, and with a reassuring smile, he motioned her into the house. The rest of the Abbotts didn’t notice they had company, so their emotional discussion continued. Kyle scoffed at Billy was suggesting he make such a serious choice using a coin flip. All Billy meant was that it was Kyle’s decision. “You know my stance on Diane,” Ashley added. Traci and Abby made it clear that they’d support Kyle no matter what he chose. Jack introduced everyone to Allie, Keemo’s daughter and his granddaughter. Allie apologized for interrupting something. They assured her it was fine. Traci said they were happy to meet Allie. Jack explained that they were discussing Diane, or Taylor, as Allie knew her. Allie spoke to Kyle and said it was weird because he was the reason Diane brought Allie and Jack together.

Kyle apologized to Allie because she was meeting them when they were in an emotionally charged state. Billy promised it wasn’t usually this intense. Allie couldn’t imagine what they were all going through, and she was sure it must be difficult. She decided this wasn’t a good time for a visit, but Jack said they’d all been looking forward to meeting her, so she couldn’t leave now. Allie didn’t want to add to all their stress. Kyle gently said that Allie being here meant a lot to them, and he was sorry, but they weren’t going to let her go. Everyone echoed the sentiment. Abby assumed it must be overwhelming for Allie to meet them all in one shot. She agreed, but she said they’d all been so kind. Jack introduced Allie to everyone one by one, and she listed off all their jobs, as she met them (the chemist, the author, the restaurateur). She didn’t know how to sum Billy up, and he told her she could say it – he was the good looking one.

Traci told Allie that they were all sorry about her father. Ashley said she’d worked with Keemo, and he was a gifted chemist and an amazing human being. Allie said Keemo was all those things and the best father she could’ve hoped for. Billy said they’d all been through that kind of loss, and she had their condolences. Billy knew Allie had been busy with her father’s estate and grad school, so he was curious how she was able to fit a trip into her schedule. Allie said that the semester was over, and after her stressful finals, she needed a break, so since Jack said the door was always open, she got a cheap flight.

At some point, Kyle left. Abby asked Allie how long she’d be staying. She planned to at least stay overnight, then they’d take it from there. She asked for a hotel recommendation. Traci insisted that Allie stay here – there was plenty of room, and Mrs. Martinez would take good care of her. Allie didn’t want to impose. Jack said Allie was an Abbott and this was the Abbott house, so she had to stay. Allie accepted. Traci said she’d show Allie up to a room. Jack had to take off for a bit, and he told Allie he was really glad she was here.

Billy and Ashley talked about the eventful day. She hoped Kyle was okay. He did too. He figured that Jack must’ve gone after Kyle, because that was the only reason Jack would leave with Allie upstairs. Abby came back downstairs and said Traci was talking Allie’s ear off. Abby figured the universe balanced things out – they got to meet Allie, but first they had to reunite with the worst person in the world. Ashley wanted to know what Billy was thinking when he told Kyle to give his mother the benefit of the doubt. Billy said, unlike Ashley, he thought people could change. Ashley didn’t think Billy was being fair to her. She also thought people could change, and she was aware of the strides Billy made in his life, however, Diane was in another league, and Ashley was worried about Kyle. Billy thought Ashley’s heart was in the right place, but this was up to Kyle. Ashley conceded that point, but she said Kyle asked for their perspectives. Billy said that at the end of the day, that was Kyle’s mother, and they all had to accept the fact that this was Kyle’s decision.

Jack found Kyle on his way up to Diane’s hotel room. Kyle was sorry for sneaking out like that. He didn’t want to make Allie’s arrival about him. Jack also knew that Kyle had wanted to see his mother. Kyle wanted to see how Diane was after being grilled by the Abbotts. Jack said that Diane could take care of herself – she always had. Kyle knew, but things had been pretty harsh at the house. Jack noted that Diane made an impression on Kyle. Kyle was still working through this. Jack just wanted to help any way he could. Kyle appreciated that, but he thought he needed to do this on his own. He said Jack should be back at the house with Allie. Allie said he was going to have some quality time with Allie, since she was staying a couple days. He had a feeling that Allie had some unspoken reason for coming, and he was confident that she’d open up to him. Kyle thought Allie seemed sweet, and he looked forward to getting to know her. Jack said Allie was in good hands, and he was concerned about Kyle. Kyle wanted to talk to his mom alone – there were things she deserved to hear in private. Jack accepted this. They agreed to meet at the house later, and Jack left. Kyle knocked on Diane’s door, and she wasn’t there.

Jack returned to the house and talked with Traci and Ashley. Ashley knew she’d had her reservations, but she liked Allie and wanted to know her better. Traci sensed something was weighing on Allie. Jack had the same feeling, but he wasn’t going to pry. Traci and Ashley decided to leave so Jack and Allie could have some time. Traci said Allie was young, and she might feel like she couldn’t burden Jack. Traci thought Jack should make it clear that Allie could open up to him, instead of waiting for her to ask. Later, Allie and Abby came downstairs. Abby had to get going, so she left, and Jack and Allie were alone. He asked how she was settling in. Things were going fine. He said everyone wanted her to feel at home. She said his family had been nothing but warm and kind and generous. He told her they were her family too, and she suddenly burst into tears.

Devon and Nate talked business at Nate’s penthouse. Devon was impressed with Nate’s ideas and felt that he’d made the right choice making Nate COO. Devon could tell this wasn’t just a job for Nate. Nate said he felt inspired by this new direction, and he appreciated Devon’s confidence in him. He was glad they were able to salvage their relationship. Devon agreed, and he said family and forgiveness was more important than anything. Lily walked in and agreed with that. Devon had come around to Nate and Lily’s desire to have a big flashy launch party instead of a quiet affair. Devon asked if Billy should be here. Lily said that he was at an Abbott gathering, and she’d fill him in later. Devon and Nate noticed that Billy had seemed kind of checked out at the last meeting when Lily talked about the family legacy. Nate asked if Billy was uncomfortable being a non family member at the top of a family company. Lily was caught off guard. She thought Billy was comfortable working anywhere – it was his superpower.

Devon asked if Billy would rather be working with his family at Jabot. Lily said Billy left Jabot because he was ready to get out of there, and he never looked back. She said Billy was excited about the merger, and his name might not be Hamilton, Chancellor or Winters, but he was 100% committed to the company. Devon didn’t question Billy’s commitment; he just wanted to make sure Billy was okay. Lily said he was fine. They were wrapping up their meeting when Elena arrived after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Nate kissed her, and the others left.

Elena asked Nate how the meeting went – did they like his idea? Nate said it didn’t matter – all that mattered to him was her. He gave her a massage. She had a tough day and night. Things had changed for her because he wasn’t at the hospital anymore, and she had to wait until she got home to fill him in. He asked if things had changed between her and the staff. She said she didn’t get subtly judged for dating the chief of staff anymore. He thought that was good. Elena got a burst of energy, and she wanted to take things upstairs. She thought a bubble bath sounded good. Later, Elena and Nate had chardonnay and flirted. Then they talked about how his business meeting had energized him. He said that there was something magical about family coming together on a shared dream.

Billy and Lily were back in their old office again after working from home for awhile. She said he seemed off and she asked if something happened in the family meeting. He said Diane was in town, and they all met with her. Billy told Lily his opinion and Ashley’s dissenting opinion on Diane. Billy said Jack’s long lost granddaughter showed up, and she was very nice. He asked how her meeting went. She said it went really well. He told her that he ran into Victoria, and she questioned him about the Grinning Soul podcast. He said he denied it, but Victoria knew it was him. Lily said Billy let his anger cloud his judgment. He said she could say “I told you so.” She wasn’t going to do that. She thought that it was good that he had an anonymous podcast where he could express himself, but she thought his commentary should be more of a balance of universal and personal. He said she was so smart. He promised to make more of an effort moving forward. Right now, he had something else in mind – he kissed her.

Later, Billy did a podcast. He said people questioned if his talks were about something or someone specific. He said his thoughts were of a universal nature, and they were about his perspective. He said things would be ugly sometimes, and he’d change the names to protect the innocent – but who among them was innocent? He knew he wasn’t. He said he’d be hard on himself, and he’d be very hard on the ones who took advantage of others and harmed others. He’d show no mercy.

Sharon and Nick were at Crimson Lights. Everything was set for the memorial service this afternoon. Nick was sorry he wasn’t there to help plan. Sharon said she was the one who told Nick to go talk to Ashland. She wondered how that went, but he didn’t want to spend one more second talking about Locke. Sharon wanted the memorial service to be small and family oriented – if it got too big, things would be difficult for her. He promised do to anything he could to make sure her wishes were respected, but he hoped she’d reconsider flying to Miami alone. She said she was fine traveling by herself, and once the plane landed, she’d be with Rey’s family. Nick accepted it, but he said that if Sharon changed her mind, he’d be go with her. If Sharon changed her mind once she already got to Miami, Nick would fly down separately. She appreciated that. Sharon left to take care of some stuff before she left town.

Nick was on his phone texting people plans about the memorial, when heard someone say his name. He was in disbelief when he looked up and saw Diane. He asked who she was. She said she was no doppelganger, and his eyes weren’t deceiving him. He didn’t believe it. She invited herself to join him. “I am very much alive, and I’m back,” she replied. He thought it was impossible, but she stated that stranger things had happened in Genoa City. He asked what kind of game she was playing. She said to relax, because this had nothing to do with him. He wanted an explanation. She said she faked her death and now she was back to try and make amends to her son. Nick didn’t think that was possible, since Diane had devastated Kyle. Diane knew it would be hard, but she wasn’t giving up. Nick was angry about what Diane did to her son, to the entire Abbott family, and to the entire Newman family. He noted that his mother had been charged with Diane’s murder. Diane said she’d been hearing this from everyone since she got back. She knew she’d been a terrible person, but she changed. He didn’t think anyone would believe it. All that mattered to her was that Kyle believed it – she’d met her son a couple of times. Nick didn’t realize Kyle was in town.

Diane said Kyle was considering letting her into his life. Nick thought Kyle would be smart to stay as far away from her as possible. Nick ordered Diane to stay away from Summer. He wondered if his daughter knew about this. Diane was sure Kyle told her. She added that several people knew, including Nick’s parents. She was surprised Nikki and Victor didn’t tell Nick. Nick looked annoyed, but he said his family knew he had actual life and death issues going on right now, not just someone pretending to be dead. He thought that Diane would be smart to leave town. She asked if that was a threat. It wasn’t. He just thought there was nothing for her here anymore. She didn’t agree. He said the town moved on and repaired the destruction she caused. He thought she should’ve stayed gone. She said she would’ve if it weren’t for Kyle.

Diane didn’t care what anyone but Kyle thought. At that moment, Sharon returned, and her jaw dropped when she saw Diane. Diane greeted Sharon and told her she looked terrific. Sharon asked how this could be. Diane began to give her condolences, and Nick stepped in and told Sharon he’d take her home. Sharon knew they had to leave, but she was still in shock. He said he’d fill her in on the way. Diane said she didn’t come back to cause anyone pain. Nick guided Sharon out of the coffeehouse.

Sharon couldn’t believe Diane was alive. She and Nick were at the cottage. Sharon didn’t have the emotional bandwidth for Diane, but she was wondering how it was affecting Nick, who’d been close to Diane. He said he was fine, and he was going to focus on Sharon. He asked if there was anything she needed him to do for Rey’s service. She said just being here meant everything. She didn’t know how she’d get through this without him and the kids. He said they’d be there for her today and every day.

Diane went back to the hotel and found Kyle in the lobby. He asked where she was. She said she’d been reacquainting herself with Genoa City. He wasn’t sure if she was mad at him or feel like he ambushed her back at the house. She wasn’t mad; she understood why he brought her together with all the Abbotts. She thought it was good that she talked to everyone and got it all out in the open. She asked where things stood between the two of them. Kyle was going back to Milan tonight.

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