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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At Society, Traci sees Lily sitting at a table by herself, looking pensive and miserable so she goes over to Lily to greet her and says she’ll listen if Lily wants. Lily tells Traci that she was thinking about Billy and Traci picks up on things between Billy being more than just a little bumpy. Traci suggests to Lily that she not give up on love and urgers her to talk to Billy and let him know that he has some work to do, also.

Meanwhile, Billy goes to the Glam Club, where he runs into Daniel. He sits down with Daniel and things become strained between the two men. The only thing Daniel will say about his secret project is that it is a platform that will be helpful to people. Daniel comments on Billy’s decision to leave Chancellor Winters. Billy does not want to talk with Daniel any further so he excuses himself and says he has email to do.

At Jabot, Tucker convinces Ashley to join him for an outdoor picnic.  When they get to where he has had everything set up, with a large picnic basket of food and hot cider.

He talks to her about his accident and how it made him realize how much he wants to be involved in Devon and his grandson’s lives.  The conversation turns to business and Tucker suggests that Ashley leave Jabot to start an enterprise of  her own with him.

At the Abbott house, Jack is at his desk with his laptop open. Harrison comes home from school and shows Jack a drawing he made. He him that it’s for DiDi and asks when she is coming back.  Jack goes over to the couch and has Harrison sit down next to him. He gently explains that DiDi had to go away on a trip for awhile and she will be gone longer than his daddy’s trip. He also tells Harrison that DiDi will be thinking of him every single day while she’s gone.

When Harrison asks if DiDi will be there for Christmas, Summer has him speak with Kyle on the phone because she thinks it would be helpful for Harrison to hear his daddy’s voice.

After Harrison goes into the kitchen with Mrs. Martinez, Jack and Summer talk about Jeremy Stark and Jack declares that if Jeremy doesn’t leave on his own, he will get rid of him when he finds his “Achilles heel” because everyone has one.

Jack also tells Summer that he’s well aware of how Diane kept a lot of secrets, but adds that it seems like Diane has been playing defense ever since she came back to Genoa City. He also mentions that he feels Diane has truly tried to reinvent herself.

Summer understands Jack’s support of Diane because she’s Kyle’s mother, but she also admits that she held out hope for Jack and Phyllis to ultimately be back together.

Meanwhile, Phyllis meets with Jeremy at the Crimson Lights patio. She is very uncomfortable with wide eyes, eventually leaning in and speaking to Jeremy in a hushed tone. Phyllis eventually admits to Jeremy that she was the woman who called him and told him where he could find Diane. She also lets him know that she has no proof of Diane going to the Feds and it resulting in him going to prison.

Phyllis says that everything is speculation on her part because no one is telling her anything. She adds that since Diane left her son and grandson, this means she must be scared. Jeremy and Phyllis end their conversation, he tells her to have a good day and he walks through the coffeehouse to go out the front door.

Phyllis goes to Jabot and tells Jack and Summer that she met with Jeremy. She lets them know that she eventually told Jeremy the truth – that she was the one who tipped him off about Diane being in Genoa City, which resulted in Diane bolting in fear.  This is also an admission to Jack and Summer that Phyllis let Jeremy know Diane’s whereabouts.

Jack goes off on Phyllis for making things worse when he had told her to stay away from Jeremy.  He tells her that what she has done is “classic Phyllis”, going on a tirade and hoping everyone will give her a pass when she finally acknowledges the damage she has done.

He then tells her in no uncertain terms that he is done with her. When she asks if what he means by that, if it’s coming from him as Jack Abbott or as CEO of Jabot, he answers that it’s both. Phyllis asks if he is firing her and he reminds her that she reports directly to Summer and Kyle at Marchetti. He adds that if it were up to him, he would fire Phyllis this second.

Phyllis realizes that whether or not she will continue to have a job with Marchetti is in Summer and Kyle’s hands.  Summer looks uneasy.

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