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Johnny goes to Allie’s apartment where Chanel answers the door. They both say they were not expecting to see each other.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ makes a call to someone to track down Stefan because he is his ticket to ridding himself of Gabi once and for all.

At the DiMera Office, Gabi talks to Li about when Ava thought she saw Jake at the door but it had to be Stefan. Gabi questions Li about how he didn’t see Stefan too.

Chloe answers her door and is shocked to see Stefan. Chloe asks if she’s seeing things but Stefan says that she’s not and reveals he’s alive. Chloe asks how this is even possible. Stefan says if she lets him in, he’ll tell her all about it, so she does.

Brady questions what Kristen is talking about as he didn’t murder anyone. Belle objects, calling Kristen’s accusation outrageous with no basis in facts. Brady argues that Kristen has no evidence to prove her case, so she’s making this up. Kristen disagrees and then declares that Brady killed his uncle Philip in cold blood. Brady calls that a lie. Kristen calls him a murderer. Belle calls that absurd. The judge warns Kristen. Kristen asks if Brady was charged or not. Brady responds that the charges were dropped because the district attorney didn’t have a case because the police never found Philip’s body. Kristen argues that there was nothing left after Brady was done with him.

Stefan explains to Chloe that Dr. Rolf kept him alive this entire time and eventually brought him back when he found a heart for him. Chloe calls it unbelievable and asks if his family and Gabi knows. Stefan responds that he doesn’t give a damn how Gabi feels as he doesn’t care about Gabi which surprises Chloe. Stefan tells Chloe that she is the woman he cares about.

Li tells Gabi that Stefan must have ran off before he arrived. Gabi argues that it makes no sense since Li caught Ava when she fainted and Ava fainted because she saw Stefan. Gabi questions how Li caught Ava if Stefan ran off before he showed up. Li then questions what Gabi is accusing him of and asks if she thinks he’s lying to her.

Johnny guesses he shouldn’t be surprised to see Chanel there and asks to come in to talk to Allie. Chanel responds that Allie isn’t here right now and asks about his bag. Johnny explains that he needs a place to crash and hoped Allie would let him stay here. Chanel thought he was staying with Ava at the Salem Inn. Johnny says not anymore.

Ava questions why Allie is making such a big deal about this. Allie argues that she can’t blame her for being protective of her brother, especially since she knows what Ava is capable of when a relationship goes wrong. Allie brings up Ava threatening to kill Kayla if Steve didn’t sleep with her and she tried to frame Rafe for a crime he didn’t commit. Ava assures that Allie doesn’t have to worry about that with Johnny because she cares about him and they are not in a relationship. Allie argues that she and Chanel saw them going in to the Salem Inn together. Ava clarifies that Johnny stayed over night in her room on the floor as they are buddies and that’s it, so she doesn’t have to worry about her hurting her brother.

Gabi says she’s not accusing Li of anything, she’s just really trying to figure out what happened. Li argues that just because Stefan is alive doesn’t mean that Ava stopped hallucinating Jake. Gabi says it would be quite the coincidence. Li doesn’t know what to tell her and claims he didn’t see Stefan that night, but he did see him a little while ago here in the office.

Stefan tells Chloe that she must remember that they had something special when she was living under his roof. Stefan knows it started out as just giving her a safe place to stay but they were building a deeper connection that went far beyond friendship and gratitude. Chloe guesses he clearly doesn’t remember sleeping with Gabi behind her back. Stefan complains that he was an idiot for falling for Gabi’s tricks as she was trying to seduce him for revenge for her going back to prison. Stefan declares that if he had his way, Gabi would still be in prison. Stefan tells Chloe that what Gabi did makes his blood boil as she wanted to destroy him but in the end, she destroyed him and Chloe.

Belle complains about Kristen’s statements, so the judge warns Kristen to stick to asking questions. Kristen brings up Philip last being seen alive at the river bank where Chloe left him, but when she returned, Philip was gone and Brady was passed out, drenched in Philip’s blood with a bloody knife next to him and his fingerprints on it which Brady confirms. Kristen brings up Brady’s blood alcohol level and argues that it is relevant to determining if Brady is a fit parent. Belle repeats that the charges were dropped. Kristen argues that everything leading up to the charges is a matter of police record and since Brady refuses to answer her questions, she would like to enter those records in to evidence.

Chanel tells Johnny that when she and Allie saw he and Ava going in to the Salem Inn, they thought they were getting a room together. Johnny explains that he just stayed one night since it was late when EJ kicked them out and they had nowhere to go. Chanel admits she thought they were sleeping together. Johnny admits it was heading in that direction but Ava had second thoughts and she’s still grieving. Chanel asks if Johnny wanted to sleep with Ava but didn’t because she couldn’t handle it. Johnny acknowledges that Ava is a very attractive woman and says they really bonded while she was staying with them, so maybe some day.

Li tells Gabi that Stefan said he was in the office all night as he wanted to be somewhere familiar where he felt in control. Gabi wonders if he was looking for her. Li assures that he wasn’t. Gabi questions how he knows that. Li thinks back to Stefan telling him not to worry about him coming between he and Gabi. Li tells Gabi that Stefan made that pretty clear. Gabi asks if he has any idea where Stefan went. Li suggests maybe he went looking for Chloe Lane.

Chloe reminds Stefan that he got past what Gabi did, fell in love with her, and married her. Stefan says that all may be true, but he realizes now he made a huge mistake. Stefan tells Chloe that he never should’ve got involved with Gabi and he never should’ve let Chloe go. Stefan knows this is all very overwhelming for her but calls it a wonderful thing as they can be together now and pick up where they left off. Chloe informs Stefan that she’s sorry but that isn’t going to happen as she’s with Brady now.

Brady assures the judge that whatever is in the records has no bearing on what kind of father he is. Brady calls it an isolated incident where he harmed no one while Kristen has terrorized people for years. Brady adds that Kristen has gone after him and almost every member of his family. Kristen objects. Brady declares that Kristen stabbed his grandfather, raped his brother, and was caught trying to kidnap their daughter. Kristen argues that she served her time and was granted a full pardon. Brady says that doesn’t change the fact that she drugged people, held people hostage, and poisoned people. The judge reminds that Kristen’s past crimes are inadmissible in court. Brady then brings up Kristen threatening Chloe with a letter opener just a couple days ago. Brady calls Kristen the same violent psychopath she’s always been. Belle apologizes for Brady’s outburst and declares that he has nothing further to add. Kristen believes after reviewing the documents and considering Brady’s outburst here with frightening volatility, then the judge will understand why she doesn’t want her daughter being raised by a homicidal alcoholic.

Johnny tells Chanel that he and Ava have a real connection, but she’s not ready to jump in to anything serious as she just started a new job and is trying to find a place to live. Chanel adds that Ava is old enough to be Johnny’s mother and she is Tripp’s mother, so she asks if Johnny thought about what Tripp would think if he knew. Johnny says they didn’t sleep together. Chanel notes that he said it still could happen. Johnny questions what she’s thinking. Chanel continues to question Johnny wanting to have sex with Ava. Johnny then wonders if this is about what Tripp would think or if it’s about what Chanel thinks.

Allie sits with Ava and tells her that she is relieved. Allie adds that she and Johnny have had their issues and admits their relationship is strained now, but says he’s a really good person and has been through a lot lately. Allie apologizes to Ava for coming off insensitive and says she’s really sorry for her loss. Allie asks if Johnny is not staying with Ava anymore. Ava confirms she told Johnny to either move back home or find a new place to live.

Gabi questions why Li would suggest Stefan went to see Chloe. Li reminds Gabi that Stefan said yesterday that Gabi ruined his chances with Chloe. Gabi doesn’t think that could mean anything and calls Stefan and Chloe’s relationship a big fat nothing. Li says that’s not the impression he got from Stefan. Gabi argues that Stefan has been unconscious for four years and they don’t know what Dr. Rolf did to him. Li asks if she’s saying that Stefan didn’t have feelings for Chloe then. Gabi argues that Stefan took pity on Chloe for like a minute and helped her out of a jam with a drug lord. Gabi declares that she is the only woman Stefan ever really wanted or loved. Li questions if she’s sure about that.

Stefan questions Chloe being with Brady. Chloe confirms that she’s in love with him. Stefan doesn’t understand, bringing up that Brady was in on the plan with Gabi to break them up, so he’s as manipulative and deceitful as she is. Chloe calls that a long time ago and says they moved past that. Chloe tells Stefan that she’s glad he’s alive, but they are not going to be together, so she thinks he should go. Stefan warns that he’s not giving up on her as he was given a second chance on life, so he’s hoping she will give him a second chance at love. Stefan then exits the room.

Kristen tells Brady that she is sorry about this as she knows what he did to Philip wasn’t his fault. Belle argues that Brady didn’t do anything. Kristen understands her denial and says Brady used to be a good and decent man until he got involved with Chloe again. Belle objects. Kristen brings up the judge saying earlier that her only concern was the best interest of the child, so she’s trying to paint a full pictures so she understands how dangerous Chloe is. Kristen adds that earlier, Chloe admitted to being a kidnapper and if she’d changed, they wouldn’t be here now but she did not. Kristen complains that Brady was doing so well until along came Chloe, who used his jealousy towards Philip to worm her way back in to his life and drove him to drink and commit murder. Belle calls this pure fiction. Kristen claims that Chloe pushed Brady to kill, so who knows what she’ll push him too. Kristen then asks the judge to grant her full custody, declaring that until Brady rids himself of Chloe, she doesn’t want him to go anywhere near her daughter.

Chanel asks if Johnny is implying that she’s jealous. Johnny says he’s just surprised that Chanel is being so judgy. Chanel argues that Ava being old enough to be his mother isn’t judging, it’s a fact. Johnny brings up that Chanel was all about loving the person regardless of gender and asks if gender doesn’t matter, then why should age. Chanel admits it shouldn’t. Johnny states that Ava needed someone to be there for her and to comfort her while he did too because they were both feeling lonely and lost. Chanel says she gets that.

Belle declares that now that Kristen has finished presenting inaccuracies, she would like to present some truths and she has witnesses lined up to testify to what a wonderful father Brady is. The judge decides that’s enough for one day and they will resume in the morning, so she exits. Brady tells Kristen nice try but her smear campaign won’t work as the judge won’t forget about the terrible things Kristen’s done. Kristen reminds him that the judge can’t consider that but she can consider Brady acting like a lunatic today and the files she brought. Belle points out that the files clearly state the charges were dropped. Kristen complains that was only because his granddaddy went to bat for him. Kristen adds that she also needs to tell the judge that Victor and Kate signed a document declaring Philip was legally dead but then revoked it and questions why they did that. Kristen argues that Victor knew Philip was gone but that he talked Kate in to pretending there was no murder so that Brady wouldn’t go to prison. Brady argues that Kristen knows he didn’t kill Philip and that he would never hurt Rachel, so this isn’t about them but about her pathological jealousy. Kristen argues that it’s about his deadly obsession with a homewrecking, baby stealing whore. Kristen says it’s her obligation to protect Rachel. Kristen warns that when the judge reads the files, she’ll agree that she had no choice but to tell the truth about he and Chloe.

Gabi assures Li that Stefan loved her and is just a little confused now as he hasn’t fully regained his memory, but he will. Li says he wouldn’t be so sure, reminding Gabi that Stefan congratulated them on their engagement and was glad she had moved on. Gabi argues that Stefan was just being polite and that doesn’t change the fact that she was the great love of his life.

EJ makes another call, telling them to try harder to find Stefan because he couldn’t have disappeared in to thin air. Stefan then enters the living room and sees EJ.

Allie returns home and asks what’s going on. Chanel informs her that Johnny came by to ask her if he could stay here because he needs a place to crash. Allie says she heard. Johnny says he’ll take the couch and promises to be no trouble. Allie says she’ll think about it. Johnny argues that he’s her twin brother and asks if she really wants him out on the street. Allie is sure Johnny has plenty of other options besides her couch. Johnny assures that she has nothing to worry about and shouldn’t feel threatened. Allie assures that she doesn’t but questions why she should help him with anything. Johnny argues that family helps family. Allie brings up how Johnny tried to get Paulina help break up her and Chanel.

Belle asks Kristen if part of her really still loves Brady. Kristen says that’s what she said. Belle brings up how much Rachel loves her father. Kristen asks what her point is. Belle argues that the entire time that Kristen was on the run, Brady raised her daughter all by himself and was incredible, so trying to cut her out of Brady’s life is cruel. Kristen doesn’t see it that way. Belle knows Kristen is angry that Brady doesn’t want a future with her, but he and Chloe are going to be together no matter what and cutting Rachel out of his life won’t change that. Belle says it will only traumatize Rachel more and keep her suffering. Belle asks Kristen to drop the suit and work out a joint custody agreement. Kristen tells her to forget it. Belle argues that Brady only wants what is fair and isn’t trying to cut her out of Rachel’s life because he knows it’s in Rachel’s best interest. Belle knows that it’s really hard to set aside her pain and it feels impossible, but if she loves her daughter, she’ll do it for her.

Chloe finishes a call as Brady returns to her room. Chloe asks how it went after she left. Brady informs her that it went from bad to worse as Kristen tried to convince the judge that he murdered Philip and even gave the judge a police record of all the gory details. Brady admits he blew up in court which didn’t help his cause much. Chloe assures that Belle will sort it out. Chloe suggests calling Belle now to start brainstorming but Brady says he’s fried and just has to hope tomorrow goes better. Brady invites Chloe to join him in the shower but Chloe says there’s something she needs to talk to him about that is kind of a big deal. Chloe then informs Brady that Stefan DiMera showed up alive here today.

EJ tells Stefan that he heard he was back and calls it wonderful news as he hugs him. Stefan appreciates the warm welcome but points out that they’d never even met before and he’d only seen EJ in the hospital before. EJ points out that they both made miraculous recoveries. Stefan says they are strangers so he questions why EJ is so happy to see him.

Li tells Gabi that he knows it’s a shock that Stefan is back as they were in love and married, but a lot of time has passed and it’s clear that Stefan doesn’t feel the same way about her. Gabi argues that he just doesn’t remember. Li suggests maybe it’s better that way since Gabi has moved on with her life and is in a really great place now. Li points out that they are engaged and love each other. Li tells her to imagine how complicated it would be if Stefan did remember his feelings for her. Li declares that this way, they are both free to move on and the slate is wiped clean. Li knows how hard this must be for her and says he’ll do everything he can to help but she also has to help herself on moving on and focusing on her future with him. Li tells Gabi that she needs to let Stefan go.

Ava sits at the Bistro and thinks back to kissing Johnny.

Johnny apologizes to Allie and Chanel for teaming up with Paulina and says he knows that was a mistake and he’s trying to move past it. Allie questions if he means moving on with Ava, who is the same age as their mother and just lost her husband. Johnny tells her to relax as he just explained to Chanel that he and Ava are just friends. Allie informs him that Ava told her that Johnny pursued her and she rejected him, but she knows that when Johnny wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance. Johnny argues that she does too, complaining that she went after Chanel even though she was his ex-wife. Allie warns him that he’s not doing a good job of convincing her to let him stay here. Johnny agrees and apologizes but says he still needs a place to crash, so he asks if he can take the couch. Allie agrees to let him but tells him not to get too comfortable.

Chloe informs Brady that Stefan told her that marrying Gabi was a mistake and he wanted Chloe back. Brady calls that insane but then brings up who would benefit from Stefan suddenly being alive and pursuing her. Brady reminds Chloe about when Kristen came in asking “where is he” and wonders if she was expecting Stefan. Chloe realizes that must have been it. Brady thinks that Kristen is up to her neck in this.

Kristen tells Belle that she loves her daughter with all her heart and soul and that’s why she’s doing this. Kristen says Belle can tell Brady that as long as Chloe is in his life, she’s not dropping this case. Kristen thinks she has a real good chance at winning. Belle asks if she won’t even consider making a deal. Kristen declares that if Belle wants a different outcome, she can convince Chloe to let Brady go and move on to someone else.

EJ tells Stefan that they may not know each other but they are family and family is everything to him as it was to his father. EJ pours them champagne and toasts to the return of Stefan O. DiMera, saying he knows they’ll do great things together at the family company. Stefan thought he was no longer CEO. EJ says he was unceremoniously unseated by Gabi, but she was voting with shares that she inherited from Stefan and now that he’s back, perhaps the situation might change. EJ understands that Stefan’s feelings towards Gabi are gone, so he thought they could work together to take back the company and they could start by getting rid of Gabi.

Gabi appreciates Li’s support but says this is a lot and she can’t talk about it anymore right now. Gabi decides she really needs to be alone. Li understands and agrees to give her the time she needs. Li tells Gabi that he loves her and when she’s ready, he’ll be there. Li then exits the office. Gabi sits down and pulls out her old wedding ring from her purse.

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