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Recap written by Christine

After Victor learned that Victoria was planning to move away with Ashland, Victor went and confronted Ashland at his suite. Victor refused to let Ashland take Victoria away. Ashland said Victoria was choosing to come with him, because she knew his mistakes and loved him anyway. Victor said Victoria would soon learn Ashland was the human parasite Victor always suspected he was. Ashland questioned Victor saying he always suspected this. “Don’t you think I checked up on you? Don’t you think I learned about the fact that you assumed your dead friend’s identity and stole a woman’s fortune to build your empire?,” Victor asked. Victor regretted letting Nikki call the ambulance when Ashland had a heart attack at the ranch. Victor wished he’d let Ashland die.

Ashland said Victor could try and control Victoria’s life, but he couldn’t control her heart, and love triumphed over all. Laughing, Victor said Ashland didn’t know what love was. Victor thought that Ashalnd was perpetrating a manipulative sham. Ashland had thought there was nothing left for him in this town after the restraining order, but then Victoria came to him and said she still loved him. Ashland couldn’t take all the credit for winning Victoria back, since her loyalty to the family ran deep. Ashland said Victor drove Victoria away with his iron fist and lack of respect for her independence. Victor said this wasn’t over, and he left.

Victoria was with Billy in his office. He was skeptical of her story that she was leaving town for herself. He was sure Ashland had something to do with this. She admitted Ashland was integral to her decision. He thought she might be leaving town because she was ashamed she’d fallen for Ashland’s scheme. He told her not to let Ashland run her out of town. Victoria told Billy to stop talking. She revealed that she forgave Ashland, and they were leaving together. He asked how she could forgive Ashland after all he’d done. She said she had a lot of practice, since she’d forgiven Billy many times.

Billy didn’t think it was fair to compare him to someone who lied about having cancer for months. Victoria thought Billy would understand, given his podcast about redemption. Billy thought Ashland was all out of second chances once he assumed his friend’s identity and forged a woman’s will. Victoria though forgiveness was possible after true contrition. Billy was disturbed by the hold Ashalnd had on Victoria, that would make her leave her family, company and Johnny and Katie behind. She said the kids didn’t know she’d ever broken up from Ashland, and she’d never leave them behind. He asked where she was going, and she said she’d let him know. Billy said he wasn’t signing off on Johnny and Katie going God-knows-where with Ashland Locke. He didn’t want his kids anywhere near that monster.

Victoria said the kids were at boarding school, so their lives wouldn’t be disrupted. She pointed out that she and Billy had joint custody, so he couldn’t tell her where she could take the kids. Billy said that agreement was based on the two of them living in the same city. Victoria said that divorced parents moved all the time. She’d file the paperwork to have the agreement amended. Billy said he’d fight the motion. He wasn’t letting her take the kids away from Genoa City. She aksed if he really thought she’d do anything to hurt the kids. He never did, so that was why he was having such a hard time understanding her latest move. He was adamant that Ashland was a threat to their kids. Victoria argued that Ashland would never hurt their kids. Billy announced that Summer and Kyle filed a restraining order to keep Ashland from Harrison. Victoria said her father orchestrated the whole thing. Billy said that restraining order was public record. He wished Victoria luck finding a judge that would ignore it. She asked when he became such a fan of her father’s methods. He said he was doing what he had to do to protect his kids. She didn’t come to ask for permission – she was telling him her plans as a courtesy. He wasn’t going to let her take the kids. She guessed she was wrong to think that he wouldn’t put the kids through a tug of war. She began to storm out. He followed and said Ashland would hurt her again. She snapped that she was a grown woman. He yelled back her he wouldn’t let her bad choices affect his children. “I will fight you on this,” he warned. She left.

Lily came in and reported to Billy that everything was going great with the launch. Billy brought Lily up to speed on Victoria and Ashland. Billy didn’t understand this. Lily didn’t either, but she thought Billy had decided to take a step back and let Victoria’s family deal with this kind of thing. Billy said this was different because it affected his kids. He wasn’t okay with Victoria taking his kids out of town to live with Ashland. “Enough is enough,” Lily said. Billy agreed. He said he’d tried to be patient with Victoria’s feelings for Ashland, but he was putting his foot down. He needed to protect his kids from their mother’s bad decision. “I wasn’t talking about Victoria, Billy. I was talking about you,” Lily clarified. She said this was Victoria’s decision, and he couldn’t penalize his kids for it. He said he was protecting the kids because Ashland was dangerous. Lily argued that Billy knew Ashland was not a physical threat to Johnny and Katie and that Victoria would never put their lives at risk. Billy said he used to know that, but Victoria wasn’t thinking clearly anymore. Billy didn’t know how far Ashland would go, and he didn’t want his kids to find out. Lily said this wasn’t about the kids, it was about Billy’s inability to let go of Victoria. She thought he seized any opportunity to be Victoria’s protector. Lily was so fed up with this twisted push and pull routine, and she wasn’t putting up with it any longer.

Victoria went to Ashland’s room with a small bag. She was going to send for the rest of her things once they were settled in NY. He asked if she was sure about this, and she said absolutely. He told her Victor stopped by, and his fury was something to behold. She asked if Victor intimidated him. He said no. Ashland thought it was sad – he’d been emboldened by Victoria’s love, but he also knew what it was like to lose her love. He saw that in Victor’s eyes – fear of losing his beloved daughter. Victoria said Victor was the one who drove her away. Ashland said as angry as Victoria was at her father, her connection to her family ran deep. She said that was why she wanted to leave now, and get away from her father’s reach. He said this would be difficult for her. She knew, and she was ready for it. The only problem she had was Billy wanting to fight her for custody of the kids. She said Billy didn’t have a leg to stand on, and she’d fight him back just as hard. She just hoped it didn’t get too ugly.

Adam jogged in the park, where he stopped to text Victor and asked to meet to talk business. Chelsea came up and commented that he had time to run in the middle of the day, while she got her cardio in between work and taking care of Connor. Adam was happy to have Connor spend more time at the ranch if Chelsea was overwhelmed. She said it was fine; Connor had a half day today, so that made logistics a little more complicated. She pointed Connor out – he was at soccer practice in the park. She turned somber and said she thought Connor loved his new coach because he was similar to Rey. Adam asked if Chelsea was okay since the last time they saw each other. She defensively said she wasn’t going off the deep end. He wasn’t worried about that. He could just tell when she was troubled, and he knew it was a stressful time, since she was working on a new line with Chloe at Fenmore’s. Chelsea called Adam patronizing. She said her job had been a dream, there was no infighting or fear of getting stabbed in the back. “So in other words, unlike your last employer,” Adam said. “Exactly,” Chelsea replied. Adam was glad Chelsea was handling things. He said Rey’s death was a shock, so he worried for her and Connor. She asked if he was implying he didn’t trust her around their son. He wasn’t saying that. He knew she always put Connor first. He just acknowledged this was a tough time for Chelsea and Connor, and he wanted to make sure Chelsea was taking time for herself. Chelsea didn’t believe that was all this was, since she felt that Adam always had an agenda. Kyle walked up on Chelsea snapping at Adam not to worry about her. Adam tried to defuse things, and Kyle got involved and asked if there was a problem.

Adam and Chelsea said there was no problem. Adam divulged that Ashland was leaving town – the restraining order Victor arranged seemed to have worked. Kyle didn’t hear anything about Ashland leaving, and he was skeptical since the details were coming from Adam. Kyle suggested that Adam might want to get back to his run. Chelsea said the nanny would take Connor home after his scrimmage so if Adam wanted to see him, now was the time. Adam went off to see his son. Kyle asked if Chelsea was sure she was okay. She said she was fine – just a couple exes arguing over their kid. She said Adam was a lot, but he was a good dad. Kyle hoped he didn’t overstep by intervening. Chelsea appreciated Kyle stepping in, and she invited him to coffee as thanks. He accepted.

Summer and Sally ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Sally was surprised Summer was able to get away from Marchetti, since it must be a busy time. Summer commented that Sally had a meteoric rise since being fired by Lauren. Summer liked the wedding dress Sally designed for Victoria, but she never imagined that would culminate in Sally becoming COO of Newman Media. Summer called it luck, but Sally said it was ambition – something she and Summer both had a lot of.

Sally didn’t see a reason to get into a blow by blow of their career trajectories. Summer assumed Sally was talking about the time she and Tara conspired to drive Summer out of town and away from Kyle. That was what Sally meant. Summer couldn’t help but wonder if Sally’s career ascension happened because she was sleeping with the boss. Sally thought that the important thing was that Sally and Summer had their dream jobs with their dream guys – Summer in Milan and Sally in Genoa City. Summer knew Sally liked her being on a different continent. Summer said she was destined to work at Marchetti, but she belonged in Genoa City, and now she was back for good.

Summer noticed that Sally didn’t seem happy for her. Sally said she was just surprised. She congratulated Summer and said she deserved it. Summer said she’d have full control of the fashion house, a loving husband, their adorable son and a full life in her hometown, surrounded by friends and family. Kyle and Chelsea walked in, and Sally was suddenly ready to leave. Sally said to let her know if their little fashion house needed a push from the giant media conglomerate she and Adam ran. Sally left. Summer said Kyle and Chelsea rescued her by coming when they did. Chelsea said there was a lot of that going around.

Chelsea told Summer what happened at the park. Summer bet things were tricky with Adam these days. Chelsea said they always were with him. Summer got the sense that Sally was intimidated by Chelsea. Summer guessed Sally did something to blow up Newman Fashion. Chelsea said it wasn’t actually Sally’s fault – it shut down over a corporate decision. Summer was sure that it wasn’t easy to work with Sally, though. Chelsea said it wasn’t all bad. However, Chelsea quickly said Sally was the worst person to work with, because it was all about her, and once she got her claws into Adam, things got very uncomfortable. Summer wasn’t surprised since Sally was a world class opportunist. Chelsea said she didn’t want to badmouth Sally, but she was a lot happier working with Chloe on their own to produce an exclusive line for Fenmore’s.

Summer asked a lot of questions about Chelsea’s work at Fenmore’s. Chelsea felt like this was a job interview. Kyle encouraged Summer to tell Chelsea. Summer told Chelsea about the Marchetti sale. Summer said they were thinking about a collaboration between Marchetti and Fenmore. Kyle said Jabot owned all of Marchetti and almost 50% of Fenmore’s, so it would make sense for greater profit margin. Lauren was on the board of Jabot, so she knew about the sale of Marchetti, but not about the potential for Fenmore’s to be the exclusive distributor. Chelsea loved the idea of working with Summer and Kyle.

Adam and Victor met at Newman Media. Adam thought they should talk, in light of Victoria’s decision to run off with Locke. Adam said the positive was that Ashland was out of the company and out of town. Victor was angry and upset that Victoria was going to leave the company and leave the family. Victor vowed to get Ashland if it was the last thing he did. Adam understood Victor was upset because he spent a lot of time, love and energy grooming Victoria to be his successor, only for her to self-destruct. Adam said Victoria was given every opportunity and she threw it away. Victor said he’d only wanted the best for his children, and he raised them all to be strong self-possessed adults. Adam knew it must be painful to Victor that Victoria lost her way. Adam said that it had always been clear to him and everyone else that Victor viewed Victoria as the heir apparent, so this must be especially hard for Victor. Victor agreed. Adam said he wasn’t saying this to take a jab at Victoria. He said he made the deal with Ashland, so he’d done his part to get rid of Ashland. Adam said he wasn’t sure how the family could reach Victoria. Victor was coming around to Adam’s way of thinking. Adam said Victoria was headstrong, which was usually a gift, but it seemed to be a curse this time. Victor said he couldn’t get Victoria to see that if she remarried Ashland, it would have consequences. Victor asked what if Victoria failed and came back a broken woman. He thought Victoria was doing something that could cause irreparable harm.

Adam said Victoria might not fail. Victor said of course she would – there was no future success where Ashland was involved. Adam stated that the smart and resourceful Victoria could find a way to flourish once she was out from under Victor’s shadow. Adam said maybe the entire family could reset, get out of the roles they’d been in for so long, and become something greater. “Maybe so,” Victor replied.

Jack spotted Diane at Society and went over to her table. He commented that she was in town for the duration. She said she was here as long as Kyle wanted her to be. She invited Jack to sit, and he did. He mused that Society was the best restaurant in town. Diane asked what happened to Gloria’s restaurant, and Jack said Gloworm mercifully burned to the ground. Diane didn’t think she and Jack needed to fill the air with small talk, when they had a son, grandson and history. Jack said most of their history was unpleasant, and they couldn’t walk down memory lane without smashing a boulder or two. Diane brought up how cute Harrison was. He reminded her of Kyle as a boy. Jack shared a story about Harrison’s kindness and generosity, and Diane said that was just like Kyle.

Jack entertained Diane with a story about Harrison trying to sneak a frog into the house in his pocket. Diane was charmed. She couldn’t wait for Harrison to get to know her. She remembered the early part of Kyle’s life so well. She knew it was because she wasn’t there for the later years. Now that she was back, she saw that Kyle inherited Jack’s sense of wonder. She saw it when Kyle played with Harrison, and she used to see it when Jack played with Kyle. She said Jack was built for fatherhood. Jack got joy in watching Kyle with Harrison. Diane said she, Jack and Kyle had fun by the pool, and Phyllis was always lurking making sure Diane didn’t hone in on her territory. Jack sighed.

Jack got up from the table. He thought Diane bringing up Phyllis proved it was a mistake for him to join her. He felt their history was too fraught to have a pleasant conversation. Diane was sorry. She didn’t realize bringing up Phyllis would upset Jack. He said bringing up that portion of their lives would set off emotional fireworks of all kinds. Diane apologized for who she’d been back then and for what she did. She was sorry she took Kyle away, costing Jack quality time during their son’s formative years. She was sorry she abandoned Kyle, making Jack have to raise him alone. She was sorry she wasn’t stronger and braver in how she handled things. Crying, Diane said she had so many regrets and so many amends to make, and Jack was at the top of the list. As she dabbed at her tears, he sat back down.

Jack picked up the check. Diane thanked Jack for that and for having lunch with her. She said she’d been spending a lot of time alone. He guessed it was pretty lonely. She said maybe, but it was honest. She hid her past in LA, and she couldn’t get close to anyone because of that. Here in Genoa City, she was dodging grenades and facing the damage she caused head-on. She said being here with him today, talking about Kyle and Harrison and being honest about her past almost made her feel normal and gave her hope for their future. She had him to thank for that.

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