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Recap written by Christine

At the condo, Billy recorded his podcast. He thought that sometimes you held onto something so desperately that you drained the joy out of the thing you wanted the most. He believed that he’d found something to help. By closing his eyes and simply breathing, he was able to allow the thing he wanted most in his life to arrive. He touted meditation and said it helped him get into a mindset to do the podcast. He vowed to put it all out there and enjoy the ride. He said his amazing sister gave him the idea for this new approach, and she was right, as always. He was just beginning to dabble in meditation, but so far, so good. He said he’d had a blessed life, but he’d also struggled. He hoped that this could help one person, or better yet, they could collectively help each other.

Billy promised his audience the good, the bad and everything in between. He thought he’d start with a story about a little girl whose death changed everything forever. It changed his life, and it was a cautionary tale that got worse before it got better. He wasn’t sure he’d ever fully heal, and he wasn’t sure he’d want to, because he didn’t want to lose the memory of his daughter. He said Delia’s memory hadn’t been serving him the way it should. He said he had to love, honor and celebrate her without letting the grief and pain drive him. The story’s end wasn’t happy, because Delia was gone, but it was filled with beautiful memories. Even with the pain, he was grateful and lucky to know Delia, even if their time together was short. Billy built walls of hatred around his heart when he lost his daughter. The walls were aimed at the person who caused Delia’s death. Now he realized that was a way of avoiding his loss and his guilt. When the guilt erupted, he acted out in scary, troubling ways. At one point, his mind actually splintered. He was lucky enough to have the love of a good friend and therapy that helped him put his life back together. Eventually, something amazing happened, and it saved him – love.

Jack and Phyllis were back at her hotel after their trip to LA. She wanted to do a deeper dive into the person behind the texts. He couldn’t focus on that right now. He said he couldn’t have gotten through this trip without her. She wished she’d gotten the chance to know Allie a little better. Jack was still hopeful.

Later, Jack came home and brought Keemo’s belongings inside. He poured a drink and looked at Allie’s photo. He received another text. “You left too soon. You should’ve given her more time,” it said. He replied asking the texter to identify themselves. Traci came downstairs. Jack had some stuff to tell the whole family, but he wanted to run it by Traci first.

Jack read the letters from Keemo to Traci, and it moved her to tears. She wished she’d been there when he found them. He said Phyllis had been there, and she’d been strong and a good friend. He wished he’d reached out to Keemo one last time. Traci didn’t want Jack to blame himself. She said a relationship was a two way street. His brain knew that, but his heart hurt. His emotions were all over the place. She thought that was understandable. She said his mind was trying to make sense of something nonsensical. He wondered how she always knew the right thing to say. Traci was shocked and delighted to hear that she had a great niece, and Jack had a granddaughter. She was eager for the details. He showed her a photo of Allie. Traci asked if Allie was sending him the texts. Jack said that Keemo never told Allie about him. Traci wanted to meet the new Abbott. Jack wanted it to happen, but he said it wouldn’t be right away.

Jack stated that Allie proposed getting together for coffee the next time they were in LA. He didn’t think much would come of it though, since Allie’s first instinct had been to run for the hills and forget they ever met. He said Allie was just as shocked by his existence as he was by hers, and he wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to forget they ever met. He didn’t blame Allie if she decided not to know him. Traci found the whole situation heartbreaking. Jack wasn’t giving up on Allie. He was convinced that he could bond with his granddaughter. He said he had to find some way to let her know the Abbott’s door was always open to her.

Traci didn’t want Jack to set himself up to be disappointed. He told her not to worry – he was aware this might not work out, but maybe it could. He saw Allie was bright and resourceful, and she needed family. Traci asked about Allie’s mother. Jack said the mother/daughter relationship was rocky. When he looked at Allie, he saw someone alone, afraid and sad. Traci know Allie wasn’t the only one who was sad. She admired the way Jack handled this. Traci admitted she’d had reservations about the trip, but she was glad he went and found Allie, and she was also glad he was back home. Traci knew the rest of the family would want to know. Jack thought it was too late at night for a call right now. He was going to go for a drive to clear his head. Jack hugged Traci and said he loved her. He couldn’t believe his son was gone, but he was determined not to let that happen to his granddaughter.

Amanda and Phyllis were at the hotel. Phyllis said it felt great to emotionally support Jack, when he was usually doing that for her. Amanda asked if any romantic feelings surfaced in LA. Phyllis said it wasn’t like that. Phyllis said what happened with Jack in California was heavy – he dealt with the loss of his son and all the other stuff. Amanda was sorry for making light of the situation by asking if it the trip turned romantic. Phyllis said she and Jack weren’t in a romantic mindset. Amanda knew Jack appreciated Phyllis being there for him. She said Phyllis was that rare person who’d drop everything and fly across the country if someone needed them. Phyllis was happy to be there for Jack. Amanda thought Phyllis and Jack’s relationship reached a new level, even if it wasn’t romantic. Phyllis agreed.

Allie went back to Keemo’s house in LA and talked to her father’s spirit. She wept and said she couldn’t believe he was really gone. She wasn’t sure what to do without him. She was confused and she wanted a sign from Keemo. When things got rough, or she needed to talk, she always went to her dad, and now she didn’t have anyone, or at least, no one like him. She said that her mom was a million miles away, and busy with her own life. Allie knew her mother would never change. Allie said Keemo was gone, now Jack had shown up, and she wasn’t sure she could trust him. She didn’t want to disgrace Keemo’s memory by doing something he wouldn’t approve of. “If you cut him out of your life, then shouldn’t I do the same?,” she asked.

Jill video chatted with Devon, who was at the penthouse. She asked why he was throwing away the chance of a lifetime. He assumed she was talking about the idea to merge Hamilton Winters and Chancellor Industries. Jill said the companies would be unstoppable together – look what the Newman/Locke merger did for those two companies. Devon was still considering it, but first he thought Hamilton Winters and Chancellor Industries should focus on their first joint venture and see how that went. Jill thought it was a mistake to wait. She told him to think about what Katherine or Neil would do. Devon thought they’d weigh the idea carefully. Jill felt that the proposal was written in the stars. She thought Katherine would love it if Devon was involved in running Chancellor. Devon knew Neil would love it if his kids were working together. Jill added that Devon was the third parent of her great grandson. “How much more family can we get?,” she said, with a laugh.

Devon called Lily over to the house and let her know about Jill’s call. He was thinking about the merger, and he loved the idea of honoring family. He’d need to see a very detailed proposal, though. Lily already had one written up. Devon said he didn’t want the merger to cause conflict between him and Lily. He said they’d seen how business could come between relatives. Lily said she and Devon had been through so much together, since their teen years, that no corporate friction could sever their bond. She said she’d step down as CEO if it ever seemed like it’d come between her and Devon. He said that if anything went bad, he’d step down as CEO too. He was ready to do this merger and make Neil and Katherine proud. Lily was thrilled.

Lily went home and told Billy that, while a lot of work and negotiations had to happen, she thought the merger was a go. Billy shared that meditation was working out well for him. He just finished his first podcast, and it felt good. He wasn’t sure anyone would listen, but it was cathartic. She wanted to hear it. He said she featured in it. He told her he’d never tire of felling her she saved his life.

Amanda went home and got smothered in kisses from Devon. She wondered if she was that irresistible. He said yes, and he also had news. He told her about the merger. She hoped Lily didn’t push him into this. He assured her the decision was his. She said she was ecstatic, then. She knew the deal would be complicated, but potentially groundbreaking. She noted that she and Devon would be working together. He hadn’t been this happy in a really long time. He said this was going to change their lives, and Lily’s life, and their two families’ legacies would never be the same again.

Jack’s drive took him to Phyllis’s hotel. He thanked her again. She said she was happy to do it. Her kindness, friendship and loyalty meant the world to him. He got a text, and Phyllis asked what it said.

Allie was asleep on the couch when an unidentified person entered the room, casting a shadow over her. She woke up, looking frightened, but nobody was there anymore.

Traci listened to Billy’s podcast and seemed impressed.

As Billy talked about love, in a voice-over, scenes of Amanda with Devon, Billy with Lily, and Jack with Phyllis played.

Jack silently handed his phone to Phyllis, so she could see the recent conversation between him and he mystery person. As Phyllis read the texts, Billy said he was a big believer in fourth and fifth chances coming to you when you least expected it.

Texter: “You left too soon. You should have given her more time.”

Jack: “Please tell me who you are.”

Texter: “Don’t lose hope. Let me see what I can do.”

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