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Nicole and Rafe go to take a bath together. Nicole can’t believe this is really happening and calls it a dream she’d never want to wake up from as they kiss.

EJ sits in the prison waiting room at the computer and finds out that Rafe was found innocent. Orpheus walks in and says he heard EJ lost his cellmate today. EJ confirms Clyde got paroled and says good for him. Orpheus questions if he really thinks that considering Clyde tried to have him killed.

Ciara tells Ben how she hates it that Clyde just showed up and Ben let him stay with them. Ben promises that he won’t stay long. Clyde comes out and asks if everything is okay. Ben claims everything is good. Clyde tells them to just say so if he’s making a problem by staying here, so Ciara tells him that he is making a problem.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Abigail if she thinks Leo bought her act. Abigail says that he seemed to as she went on quite dramatically about how he’s the reason her marriage is falling apart and that Chad couldn’t stop talking about him. Abigail says Leo ate it up. Abigail asks how things are going on Brady’s side. Brady explains that he and Chloe tailed Craig to the hospital like secret agents but they aren’t sure what he’s doing there. Brady says Chloe will try to intercept Craig there to stall him long enough for Chad to work his magic on Leo. Brady hopes Chloe will send Craig home at the right time to find Leo in bed with Chad.

Craig begins working in his new office at the hospital. Chloe arrives. Craig calls it a surprise and asks how she knew he was here. Chloe explains that she just ran in to Steve and Kayla, who said that Craig took Kayla’s job. Craig argues that Kayla was going to lose her job no matter what, so he just presented the board with a viable alternative. Chloe asks if that was his idea or Leo’s?

Chad shows up at the door of Craig and Leo’s room and tells Leo that he needed to see him which Leo questions. Chad asks if he’s alone. Leo confirms that he is as Craig is at his new job. Chad asks if that means they can talk privately. Leo asks about what. Chad asks if he can just come in which Leo allows. Chad asks if he can have a drink. Leo comments that it looks like it wouldn’t be his first. Chad says he had a very rough day since he and Abigail got in a big fight. Leo says he knows because Abigail was just here. Chad acts surprised and asks what Abigail said. Leo notes that Abigail was pretty upset and accused him of causing trouble between them. Chad calls that ridiculous and claims not to know what she’s talking about. Leo informs him that Abigail said Chad called out his name in his sleep. Chad argues that he explained that he was dreaming about a dog he had as a kid, named Leo. Leo doesn’t think Abigail was convinced and says neither is he. Chad assures it wasn’t about him and that he loved that dog. Chad insists that Leo was the last thing on his mind as he takes a drink. Leo asks what Chad is doing here then.

Craig tells Chloe that Leo believes in him and confirms that when Leo found out the chief of staff job would be available, he suggested that he lobby for the position. Craig argues that he’s qualified and he needs a job because he’s bound to be fired from the one he had, thanks to Nancy bad mouthing him to everyone in New York. Chloe argues that doesn’t mean Craig is entitled to Kayla’s job. Craig explains that Kayla refused to fire Marlena when the board had a problem with someone claiming to be possessed by the Devil. Craig says he just tossed his hat in the ring and if he didn’t, they would have hired someone else. Chloe complains that Leo put Craig up to this and she can’t understand why Craig doesn’t see that Leo is pulling him in to his schemes and lies. Craig remarks that the only way scheming and lying is her.

Rafe and Nicole drink champagne together in the bathtub. Rafe asks if they can do this every night. Nicole responds that they can do whatever he wants, now that Ava is out of the picture. Rafe comments that he really thought Ava had changed. Nicole says she did too but the way she tried framing him was a bonafide Vitali move. Nicole hopes Ava is done trying stuff like that. Rafe assures that if she tries again, he’s ready for it. Nicole and Rafe toast to Rafe’s freedom and their relationship. Rafe talks about being glad to not go to jail so he doesn’t have to miss nights like this with Nicole, but admits he was worried that he would end up in a cell with EJ.

EJ claims to Orpheus that he’s been misinformed as he was shot by some random drug addict. Orpheus tells EJ to save it because Clyde told him that EJ now knows the truth that Clyde was responsible for his near death experience. EJ claims that he and Clyde hashed it out as Clyde expressed remorse for what he did which Orpheus questions. EJ says that he agreed not to turn Clyde in. Orpheus then reveals that he’s here to make sure EJ keeps his mouth shut.

Ben asks Ciara if they can talk about this when Clyde’s not in the room. Clyde states that Ciara is entitled to her opinion, so if she doesn’t want him here then they should at least discuss it. Ciara says it’s nothing personal but Clyde has a lot of enemies that still have it in for him and they will come looking for him here while she’s having a baby in a couple months. Clyde remarks that he’d take a bullet for that baby. Ciara doesn’t want any bullets anywhere. Ben assures that won’t happen. Clyde points out that he’s been in jail for so long that most of his enemies are dead or locked up for life while the parole board decided he paid his debt to society. Clyde wants to be around for his grandchild growing up, so he knows he has to walk the straight and narrow. Ciara asks if that doesn’t seem a little boring to him. Clyde calls it appealing right now and argues that a leopard can change his spots in relation to Ben. Clyde asks for a chance to prove himself to Ciara, like the chance she gave to Ben.

Chad tells Leo that he was pretty surprised to run in to him last night and his new boyfriend. Chad says he just thought maybe they could catch up. Leo asks why when they aren’t exactly besties. Chad says they had quite the adventure a few months ago. Leo says they’ll always have Phoenix. Leo brings up that Abigail says he talks about that trip the other time, that she caught him in drag, and that he wants to get him in to bed. Chad argues that she exaggerates and she’s paranoid, because he’s devoted to her. Leo asks if he is and confesses that he heard their argument and he heard Abigail say that Chad hasn’t touched her in months. Leo asks if Abigail is right that Chad is having naughty thoughts about him while Chad turns away to hide his disgust.

EJ pretends to be shocked that Clyde doesn’t trust him. Orpheus responds that Clyde’s not the trusting type because he’s been so frequently disappointed by his fellow man. EJ asks if he’s his enforcer. Orpheus explains that they have a cautious alliance as Clyde can be very useful now that he’s on the outside. Orpheus says he has a vested interest in Clyde remaining at large. EJ assures he has no plans to do anything to jeopardize his freedom. Orpheus warns that he will be keeping a close watch on EJ as his smart mouth can get him in to trouble in a place like this. EJ says he’ll take his chances. Orpheus suggests he keep a low profile and notes that he has eyes and ears all over, so very little happens without him knowing. Orpheus says he’d hate for life inside to become unpleasant for EJ. EJ says if he didn’t know better, he’d say Orpheus is threatening him.

Ciara says she’s all for Clyde getting a chance to prove and redeem himself, but she doesn’t understand why he has to do it while living in this house. Clyde says he’d rather be on his own but the parole board said he had to be with family and Ben’s the only family he has left. Ben points out that if they kick him out, they can revoke his parole and send him right back to prison. Ben asks Ciara if they can try giving this a shot.

Chloe questions Craig saying she’s the one who is scheming. Craig brings up her pretending to give Leo a chance when she had no intention of doing so. Craig argues that Chloe has been trying to sabotage this relationship from the moment it started like she thinks he’s a chump. Craig shouts that it has to stop right now because Leo is not after his money and they love each other.

Chad tells Leo that since Phoenix, he hasn’t been able to get him out of his head. Leo can’t believe he didn’t know all this time. Chad brings up all the attention Leo gave him and the way he looked at him like he wanted him. Chad calls it intoxicating. Leo asks if he was an ego boost then and just something to throw in his wife’s face. Chad says it was way more than that and says when someone wants you that much, it almost makes you want them back.

Rafe can’t believe that he and Nicole are here together in one piece. Nicole wishes she could say the same about their teddy bear Duke. Rafe notes that things really changed between them the night that she won Duke for him even though they didn’t admit it. Rafe hated lying to Ava and keeping Nicole at a distance but Duke didn’t let him forget any of it. Rafe explains how he would look at Duke and his conscience would talk to him about not facing his feelings for her. Nicole thinks they are both guilty of that. Rafe points out that Nicole was married. Nicole says even after that blew up, she didn’t tell him how she felt even when she wanted to. Rafe says he knows because he felt the same way as they kiss.

Ben knows he’s asking a lot of Ciara but asks if they can give this a try. Clyde assures that it won’t be permanent and that as soon as the parole board gives the green light, he’ll find another place. Clyde adds that he’ll pull his weight by helping Ben with the nursery and he’ll even cook. Ben brings up when he was looking for Ciara and how Clyde shived Orpheus to get his phone, just so Ben could reach her. Ben states that if Clyde didn’t stick his neck out for them, they might not be together right now. Ciara acknowledges that she might not even be alive. Ben calls this returning the favor by letting Clyde stay for a little while. Ciara gives in and allows Clyde to stay but says it’s only for a little while.

Leo asks if Chad is saying that he wants him. Chad says he doesn’t know, maybe but then says yes. Leo brings up how Chad was so freaked out when he tricked him in to thinking that they had slept together. Chad claims it just never crossed his mind how much he might be attracted to men. Leo calls this a sexual revelation. Leo adds that if Chad told him this in Phoenix, he would’ve been all over him, but he’s on a committed relationship now. Chad asks if that means he’s not interested.

Ben is sorry that Clyde has to sleep on the couch but Clyde assures that it’s fine compared to prison. Clyde says he really appreciates him letting him stay here and how he went to bat for him. Clyde says it means a lot and thanks him. Ben asks Clyde to not screw this up because right now, the baby is the number one priority, so if Clyde gets in to anything illegal then he’s out of here even if that means getting sent back to prison. Clyde assures that he understands.

Orpheus tells EJ that he’s offering him a friendly warning and suggests he take it seriously. EJ brings up that his father was Stefano DiMera, so he knows Orpheus means that if he opens his mouth, he’ll have him killed and his people will make it look like an accident. EJ assures that he doesn’t have to worry since he knows it’s better for him for Clyde to be out there while he’s in here since there’s less chance of him slitting his throat while he sleeps. Orpheus argues that the equation changes if EJ gets released and he knows that his lawyer is preparing an appeal. EJ knows it’s in everyone’s best interest to let bygones be bygones. EJ insists that Clyde has nothing to fear from him. Orpheus hopes not for his sake.

Chloe tells Craig that she’s sorry if she upset him. Craig acknowledges that it takes two to tango which Chloe questions. Craig says he can see how his coming out has hurt Chloe and Nancy since he turned their family completely upside down. Craig knows it’s a lot to ask for her to see him with someone else but says he needs her support more than ever. Craig says if she won’t give him support then he wants her to stop interfering and let him live his life. Chloe questions those terms when she’s his daughter. Craig gets a call and says he’ll come right now. Craig hangs up and informs Chloe that Seth Burns wants to see him, so he exits the office, leaving Chloe in tears. Chloe then pulls out her phone and calls Brady, who asks how it’s going with her dad. Chloe informs him that he just went to go talk to Seth Burns because he has hired Craig as the new chief of staff. Brady asks what about Kayla. Chloe reveals that Kayla got fired which shocks Brady. Chloe says that’s not why she called but she thinks maybe this whole plan of Sonny’s might be a bad idea, so maybe they should call it off.

Leo asks Chad if he said he wasn’t interested. Leo points out that if they gave in to their forbidden lust, it would break Craig and Abigail’s hearts. Leo adds that despite what Brady and Chloe think, he does love Craig. Leo complains about them trying to come between he and Craig, so if he hooked up with Chad, Craig would think they were right that he was just using him and he would never forgive him. Chad says he doesn’t want to screw things up for him, so maybe he’ll just go and sleep off his buzz. Chad goes to leave but Leo stops him and points out that Craig would never forgive him, if he found out. Chad then tells Leo that he won’t tell if Leo won’t.

Clyde goes to take a shower while Ciara rejoins Ben in the living room. Ben says he knows she still hates this. Ciara says she doesn’t hate it, she just thinks it’s a bad idea. Ben promises her if she gets a weird feeling or doesn’t want Clyde there, he’ll be gone. Ciara hopes for Ben’s sake that Clyde has changed his ways because she knows how important it is for him to have a relationship with his father. Ben loves her for understanding and calls her the best wife he could ever ask for as they kiss.

Leo asks Chad if he really wants to do this. Chad tells him that he doesn’t know how much. Leo notes that Craig did say he would be at the hospital for awhile. Chad claims he doesn’t want to pressure him. Leo tells Chad that he can’t resist him and says he’s going to slip in to something more comfortable, so he suggests Chad do the same. Leo heads to the bathroom while Chad pulls out his phone and calls Abigail. Chad tells her it’s a go and asks if Craig is on his way.

Brady knows Chloe doesn’t like going behind Craig’s back but they’re dealing with a guy like Leo. Chloe asks Brady what if Leo has actually changed and really is in love with Craig. Brady states that if Leo loves Craig, he will turn down Chad but if he doesn’t, then Craig will walk right in to it. Chloe says Craig is so upset with her already, so she worries about if he finds out that she helped set this up. Abigail comes in to the living room and tells Brady that Chad said Leo went for it, so Chloe has to get Craig there now. Brady then informs Chloe that Leo took the bait. Chloe then realizes that Leo has not changed his ways and is still a slime. Brady says they have to get Chad out of there, so he orders Chloe to get Craig out of there now. Chloe says she’s on it and hangs up. Craig returns to his office. Chloe tells him that she’s been thinking about what he said and he’s right, so she’s going to do her best to accept Leo in his life. Craig thanks her and says it means the world to her as he hugs her. Chloe says it’s getting late and offers to walk him out but Craig says he has a ton of work to do. Chloe encourages him to just go home and celebrate with Leo.

Chad tells himself that he can do this and just has to fake it until Craig gets there, so he better get there soon. Chad then removes his jacket, his shirt, and his pants. Leo comes back in his robe and tells Chad that he has to see his ass before he gets in the bed. Chad then removes his underwear. Leo stares in awe and says it’s even better than he imagined. Leo then drops his robe and says it’s time to get this party started as he and Chad get in to bed together.

After their bath, Rafe and Nicole talk about how nice that was. Nicole tells Rafe that she really loves him. Rafe says he really loves her too as they kiss.

EJ tells Orpheus that he’s going to call it a night. Orpheus says he’ll be in touch. EJ jokes that he’s looking forward to it and then exits the room.

Clyde lays down on the couch and tells Ben and Ciara that he has everything that he needs. Ciara adds that there is coffee in the morning if he wakes up early. They say goodnight as Ben and Ciara then head to their bedroom. Clyde then gets a call from Orpheus and tells him to make it fast since Ben and Ciara just went to bed. Orpheus asks how life is on the outside. Clyde says it’s better than on the inside. Orpheus informs Clyde about his conversation with EJ and says EJ said all the right things but he has an attitude, so he’s not sure they can trust him to keep his mouth shut, so they may have to eliminate him. Clyde orders Orpheus to do what he has to do and gives him his blessing as he then hangs up.

Chloe goes to the DiMera Mansion and informs Abigail and Brady that Craig is on his way to the Salem Inn, so he should be there just in time to have his heart broken. Brady tells her not to feel guilty as this was bound to happen and Leo did this to himself.

Chad and Leo get in bed together. Leo can’t believe this is happening and tells Chad that he’ll be real gentle. Leo says they will go nice and slow in the beginning. Leo goes to kiss Chad right as Craig comes in and is shocked to find Leo in bed with Chad.

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