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EJ sits in the prison waiting area, reading a magazine, when a note falls out of it that reads “Consider this a friendly reminder to keep your mouth shut!” EJ tosses the note aside and says “Damn you, Clyde”

Ben wakes Clyde up at home with coffee. Clyde remarks that he got to sleep later than this in prison but thanks him. Clyde asks if Ciara is still sleeping and if Ben doesn’t wake her up at this ungodly hour. Ben informs Clyde that Ciara is at a pre-natal yoga class and it’s time for Clyde to get up because they have to talk about Clyde getting a job if he’s going to stay here.

Craig goes to Marlena’s office at the hospital and asks if it’s a good time. Marlena tells him to come in and sit down. Craig says he needs to make it quick as he just started work and he’s already behind because Kayla left quite the backlog. Marlena questions him coming first. Craig explains that he had to because the first item of business is to fire her.

Brady and Chloe wake up in bed together. They talk about this being real as they kiss. Brady asks if she has any regrets. Chloe says not at all and feels like maybe they should consider doing it again. They continue kissing until Leo appears in the doorway and asks if they mind if he watches.

Clyde asks if Ben wants to charge him rent. Ben says no but finding work is a condition of his parole and he’s now his responsibility. Ben adds that there is no way he’s letting him become a liability. Ben declares either they go get Clyde a job or he gets out. Clyde says he’d never do anything to get him in trouble. Clyde gets a phone call which Ben questions. Clyde notes that it says it’s from Statesville and guesses one of his buddies from prison misses him already.

At the Brady Pub, Chad tells Kate that their plan won’t work unless Belle finds the evidence. Kate says they couldn’t just leave the file on her desk and they have to be patient. Chad argues that it’s not Kate’s brother that is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Kate agrees to see what she can do to move it along. Chad thanks her and then exits. Roman comes over and asks if everything is okay. Kate says that Chad is just upset about EJ being in prison. Roman asks why Chad is complaining to Kate about it when there’s nothing she can do. Kate asks for a coffee to go, claiming she forgot that she had an errand to run.

Clyde answers and accepts the call from prison. Clyde asks Ben if he can take this in private, so Ben goes to get dressed. Clyde answers and it’s EJ, who questions Clyde making threats even after making parole. EJ informs Clyde that he just got a friendly reminder from Orpheus to keep his mouth shut. Clyde argues that EJ’s beef should be with Orpheus then, not him. Clyde questions how he got this number. EJ responds that Clyde’s not the only one who has friends. EJ adds that he told him he wouldn’t say a word about their arrangement, so he needs to call off his dogs or else he’ll have to hire some of his own.

Chloe questions what the hell Leo is doing here. Brady threatens to call the cops and having him charged with breaking and entering. Leo informs him that John let him in. Brady argues that John let him in the house but not this room. Leo reveals that he came to see Brady and had no idea Chloe would be there, asking how long this has been going on. Brady responds that it’s none of his business. Leo says just like his relationship with Craig is none of their business but that didn’t stop them.

Craig informs Marlena that the board is going to e-mail the staff later this morning, so he just came by to give her a heads up. Craig acknowledges that she has been a fixture here for so long, so he told the board that he didn’t think it was a job for HR to handle. Marlena accuses him of doing Seth’s dirty work. Craig knows she is hurt. Marlena tells him that he can fire her, but they both know that he’s only doing it because Kayla wouldn’t do it. Craig tells Marlena to think what she wants. Marlena thinks Craig agrees with exactly how she feels.

Kate meets Belle in the town square. Kate thanks her for meeting and brings up that Gabi fired her from DiMera Enterprises. Kate can’t imagine them ever having a good working relationship together anyways. Kate guesses it’s just in her DNA to fight back. Kate informs Belle that she was thinking of suing DiMera for wrongful termination but she would never want to cause problems for DiMera. Belle remarks that she doesn’t really have a case anyways. Kate guesses she’s just loyal. Belle asks what any of this has to do with her. Kate asks if Belle would be able to look up the details of her severance package on her laptop.

EJ asks Clyde if they have an understanding of their mutually assured destruction as he then hangs up. Ben comes back in and asks Clyde if he needs to be worried about the phone call. Clyde says it was nothing but a pep talk and offers to take Ben out for breakfast to thank him for all he’s done. Clyde adds that Ben will have to pay but he’ll make it up to him when he gets a job.

At the hospital, Lani finishes a call with Paulina about her watching the twins as TR approaches. TR talks about the kids being he and Paulina’s grandchildren. TR states that he has a beautiful and successful daughter, who has given him the gift of grandchildren. TR says all they need now is for Eli to get well. TR claims that he’s been praying for him night and day because he’s family. TR calls them more important to him than anything else in the world and asks Lani if she believes that. Lani responds that she’s really trying. TR says that’s all he can ask.

Leo complains about Brady and Chloe conspiring with Will and Sonny to put Chad in his bed. Brady guesses he wormed his way out of that too. Leo remarks that he could never sleep with another man unless Craig wanted to be a part of it. Leo says as soon as Chad offered himself to him, the first thing he did was text Craig to see if he wanted to be part of it. Brady argues that Leo was just covering his ass.

Chad visits EJ in prison. EJ doesn’t want to hear another sermon about supposedly kissing Chad’s wife. Chad reveals that Johnny told him what really happened and that it wasn’t EJ, but Belle possessed by the Devil. EJ asks if Chad is here to apologize. Chad says not exactly.

Kate claims to Belle that she forgot some of the details of her severance and she wants everything that she’s entitled to. Belle says she’s not involved in the packages. Kate argues that Belle drew up her contract and she can’t find a copy of it, so she was wondering if Belle could pull one up for her. Belle then opens her laptop to see if she can find the right file. Belle notices a folder with a bunch of files that she has never seen before and says she can’t believe it as she thinks she’s done something horrible.

Ben and Clyde sit together at the Brady Pub for breakfast. Roman comes over to take their order. Clyde informs Roman that he was just released on parole and he’s a free man, no thanks to him. Clyde reminds Ben of how when Roman was police commissioner, he sent his protégé to try and take down the business that Clyde was running. Roman says that was an illegal drug operation. Clyde argues that he was just trying to make a living. Ben tells Clyde not to pick any fights with Roman since he was just doing his job and Clyde was breaking the law. Ben assures Roman that Clyde’s past is now behind him and he’s paid for his crimes in full, so he’s now on the straight and narrow. Clyde confirms he will be out looking for a job after breakfast. Roman wishes him luck with that. Clyde then asks what are the chances of Roman hiring him.

TR tells Lani that her trusting him and allowing him in to her life means more than she knows. TR notes that a lesser, more cynical person might not be as forgiving as Lani which makes him even more proud of her. Lani wants to believe that he’s turned his life around and after everything with Eli, it’s made her realize that life is fragile and unpredictable. Lani cries that the most important thing they can all do is be kind and forgiving to each other. TR claims that he agrees. Lani admits that all she has seen from him is someone who is dedicated to being a decent and caring person. TR promises that is all she will ever see as he hugs her.

Craig informs Marlena that security will be there in 20 minutes to escort her from the building and she can only take personal items. Marlena asks if he’s enjoying this. Craig says he’s not and wanted to do this as quickly and gently as possible. Craig argues that she had to know this was coming. Nancy then comes in, apologizing to Marlena for being late, but is surprised to see Craig there. Nancy asks if Craig is there for counseling. Craig reveals that he’s the new Chief of Staff. Nancy guesses his little boyfriend must be thrilled. Craig responds that he and Leo are actually no longer boyfriends. Nancy excitedly asks if that means Craig dumped the little gold digger.

Leo tells Brady and Chloe that he realized what Chad was up to and how low they all sunk. Chloe yells at Leo to go away and says she doesn’t regret anything they did because they wanted to stop him from ruining another man’s life. Leo argues that they have to find a way to start over, now that they are going to be family. Chloe questions what the hell he’s talking about.

Craig informs Nancy that he and Leo are still together, but he’s not his boyfriend, he’s his fiancée.

Leo reveals to Brady and Chloe that he came to tell them the good news that he and Craig are getting married.

Belle tells Kate that she’s sorry but she’ll have to get back to her about the severance. Kate notes that Belle seems so upset and asks if she can help. Belle says she just has to go and hurries off. Kate bets she knows exactly where Belle is going.

EJ questions why Chad is here if not to apologize. Chad reveals he came to see Dr. Rolf. EJ asks if there’s been a death in the family to reverse. Chad explains that it’s about the drug Kristen gave to Sarah which came from Dr. Rolf’s lab so he came to see if he can provide an antidote. EJ asks if he came to atone for Kristen’s sins. Chad confirms that he is for her sins and his own.

Chloe asks if Leo is joking as she can’t believe he’s marrying her father. Leo tells Chloe that he’ll try to be a good stepfather to her. Leo comments that she looks like she’s going to puke. Chloe claims she’s fine and argues that Craig will say yes to Leo, but one day he will figure that he’s been playing him all along. Leo then reveals that it was actually Craig who asked him to marry him.

Craig knows it’s a shock to Nancy and he’s sorry to spring it on her so suddenly, but he loves Leo. Nancy argues that he can’t possibly love him when he doesn’t even know him and what he thinks he knows is a lie. Craig says he’s already heard about his past. Nancy questions Craig refusing to believe it. Craig understands how hard this is on her and Chloe. Nancy complains that he doesn’t care that he’s ruining her life and their daughter’s. Craig prays that time heals them. Nancy tells Craig to leave because she came here to see her therapist and now she needs her more than ever. Marlena reveals that she’s afraid that she can’t be her therapist any longer because Craig just fired her.

Roman questions Clyde wanting him to hire him. Clyde says he has kitchen experience and sees he’s looking for a short order cook. Roman brings up Clyde trying to blow up the whole city. Clyde argues that they talk about rehabilitation but he’d rather lock them up and throw away the key. Clyde declares that he’s done his time and is trying to put his life back together, but if he can’t get a job then he’ll get thrown right back in prison. Clyde asks if Roman thinks that’s fair.

EJ asks what Chad is talking about. Chad sits down and says he knows his testimony is why EJ is in here and he knows now that things weren’t exactly as they seemed. EJ says they’ve established the Devil went after Abigail and not him, but he doesn’t see how Chad believing his own eyes was a sin. Chad says that’s not the only thing that isn’t what it seems. EJ asks what he means. Chad responds that there is something he needs to know. Belle then bursts in and says there is something that she has to tell EJ. EJ asks what she’s doing there. Belle is glad they are both there because they both need to hear it. Chad asks what it is. Belle informs them that the evidence Chad found on EJ’s computer with so called proof that EJ kidnapped Sami came from her. EJ asks how she knows. Belle explains that Kate asked her to look something up and while scrolling through the files, she found the paper trail that made it look like EJ was the one who hired Sami’s kidnappers but the file was actually created by her, or the Devil while she was possessed. Belle tells EJ that he was framed and the evidence was manufactured. Belle cries that she’s so sorry.

Lani thanks TR for stopping by. TR says he wants to help her through this terrible time. Lani says that he has by being caring, supportive, and comforting to her. Lani says she better get back to Eli. TR tells her to let him know that her father is praying for him. Lani says she talks to Eli a lot, hoping that he hears her, so she will pass that along. TR tells Lani to take care of herself. Lani cries that she will because she has to be strong for her kids no matter what happens. TR calls her strong and courageous, saying he couldn’t be prouder of her. Lani then heads to Eli’s hospital room.

Roman asks to talk to Ben so they step aside. Roman asks Ben when Clyde got out and where he’s staying. Ben informs him that he got out yesterday and is staying with them. Ben explains that he just showed up on their door and he’s such a loose cannon, so he thought he should keep an eye on him as he doesn’t know what else to do. Roman asks if Ciara is okay with it. Ben says neither of them are. Ben apologizes for not having more sense than to bring Clyde here as he doesn’t expect Roman to just forget about all the things he’s done. Roman tells Ben not to worry about it. Roman says he’s going to make a phone call and orders Ben not to let Clyde go.

Leo guesses Chloe isn’t going to congratulate him. Chloe argues that her parents aren’t even divorced yet. Leo says it’s just a matter of time and then Chloe will be calling him “daddy”. Brady tells Leo to get the hell out. Leo jokes that Brady can call him daddy too. Leo tells Chloe that they both love her dad, so maybe they can bury the hatchet for his sake. Leo then exits while Chloe remarks that she’d like to bury the hatchet in his crotch.

Nancy questions Craig firing Marlena. Craig says the board fired her while he just delivered the news. Marlena tells Nancy that she can recommend a colleague. Nancy declares that Craig is not going to fire her. Craig informs her that she has no say in this matter. Nancy points out that if Craig wants to get married, he needs a divorce from her first. Craig asks if she’s going to blackmail him. Nancy says she will succeed, warning that divorces can be messy and drag on for years. Nancy declares that unless Craig wants to wait a decade or so to get married, Marlena keeps her job.

Leo joins Craig in the town square and asks about his morning. Leo claims that he ran in to Brady and Chloe and he was so excited that he let it slip that they are getting married. Craig argues that he should’ve been the one to tell Chloe. Leo claims he’s sorry and that he was really sensitive in the way he told her. Leo says he’s just so happy that it’s hard to keep it to himself. Craig asks how Chloe took it. Leo claims that Chloe and Brady both seemed happy for them. Craig finds that hard to believe. Leo admits they were more tepid in their reaction but they understands it’s inevitable and they need to accept it for Craig’s sake. Leo adds that now all they need is for Nancy to agree to sign the divorce papers. Craig reveals that she did that. Leo calls that amazing. Craig adds that there is a little catch.

Marlena tells Nancy that she didn’t have to do that. Nancy says she wanted to because Craig ruined her life, but she doesn’t see any reason that he should ruin Marlena’s too.

EJ says now that Belle found the paper trail, they have proof that he did not kidnap Sami. Chad says this is really good news. Chad decides he will leave to let them figure out how to move forward with all of this. Chad tells EJ that he’s really sorry he had to go through all of this as he then exits. EJ comments that Chad sounded like he actually meant that. Belle is sure he did. Belle cries that what happened to EJ was so wrong. EJ assures the Devil put him in here while Belle is the one getting him out. Belle tells EJ that he can be angry with her. EJ tells her to let it all go and focus on the fact that she now has something concrete to take to the board of appeals. Belle says she’s going to have a colleague do that since she thinks it’s better for a third party to handle the case since she is the one who framed him. Belle says the important thing is that EJ is getting out. EJ says that’s thanks to her as he hugs her.

Kate walks past the Brady Pub and gets a call from Chad, who says he’s calling from prison which Kate questions. Kate asks if he told EJ the truth. Chad says he didn’t have to as whatever Kate said to Belle worked since she told EJ that she’s the one who framed him. Chad declares that EJ will never find out that he and Lucas are the ones that set him up.

Clyde worries to Ben that Roman making a call means he’s trying to find someone to set him up to send him back to prison because he’s always had it in for him. Ben argues that he doesn’t know that. Roman comes back and reveals that he just got off the phone with Statesville prison and apparently, Clyde is a pretty good short order cook, so he got the job. Roman adds that he promised to keep a very close eye on him. Ben thanks Roman. Roman asks when Clyde can start. Clyde says any time since Roman’s the boss. Clyde then thanks Roman and they shake hands. Kate then walks in to the Pub and calls this a surprise. Clyde tells Kate that it’s wonderful to see her again.

Belle tells EJ that before he knows it, he’ll be a free man. EJ calls that good news. Belle finds Orpheus’ note to EJ and questions what it is. EJ calls it nothing and just something he got in to with an inmate. Belle calls that quite a threat. Belle says it won’t be long before EJ is back home and totally safe.

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