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Jake sits in his room, complaining about nothing being on TV until Ben shows up. They greet each other and Jake asks about Ciara. Ben says she’s great and visiting her grandma while his dad is working. They have a beer and toast to nothing being on TV. Ben notes the air mattress and asks if he has company. Jake then reveals his new roommate is Ava Vitali.

Rafe meets Gabi at the Bistro. Gabi wants to toast to taking down Ava Vitali once and for all.

Ava sits in the interrogation room as Melinda enters. Ava asks what the hell took her so long while she’s been chained to the chair for 8 hours. Melinda responds that the wheels of justice turn slowly but what she’s doing today has nothing to do with justice. Ava remarks that Melinda is in a terrible mood which makes her think that her day is about to get a lot better. Melinda tells her not to gloat as they both know she had her dead to rights for framing the police commissioner. Ava reminds Melinda that she prosecuted the case. Melinda warns Ava to watch her tone and asks if she has any idea how lucky she is that she’s not facing serious time. Ava asks if that means they have a deal. Melinda hates it but confirms the deal has been finalized and Ava is getting full immunity. Ava argues that Melinda made this deal because she is handing her a headline making case in the People vs. Gwen Rizczech.

Justin declares that it’s clear that Leo and Craig are out of the wedding, so he asks what Xander and Gwen want to do. Gwen supposes there’s no reason they can’t still get married but Abigail returns and reveals that actually there is. Xander asks what she’s talking about. Abigail says she’s sorry it can’t be helped and she announces that the wedding cannot go on as planned because the bride is going to be otherwise engaged. Xander questions what she’s doing. Gwen calls this pathetic and argues that she wasn’t taken in. Gwen accuses Abigail of just setting her up to humiliate her in front of everyone. Abigail tells Gwen that she has finally got the goods on her because she overplayed her hand and the party is over.

Ava is freed from her handcuffs and signs the deal. Ava guesses she is free to go which Melinda confirms, warning her not to leave town and to clear her calendar to testify against Gwen. Melinda reminds Ava not to push it because she will find a way to turn anything she does in to a capitol offense. Ava agrees to be a model citizen and says she’s going to go because she doesn’t want to run in to Gwen when she’s brought in. Melinda comments on Ava selling Gwen out to save her own worthless ass and notes that Gwen won’t be there for awhile because they still have to draw up the warrant. Ava remarks that Gwen can still marry the love of her life then before she gets thrown in to the slammer. Melinda doesn’t think the wedding is going to go as planned after what Gwen put Abigail through. Melinda bets that right now, Abigail DiMera is having the time of her life.

Justin asks Chad what to do. Chad tells him to sit back and enjoy the show. Abigail tells Gwen that her wedding present is the final nail in her coffin. Xander asks Abigail if she can tell them this in private but Abigail says no. Abigail brings up the anniversary party that Gwen planned for Jack and Jennifer in public, where she got her drunk and made sure there was a huge audience there to witness her destroy her parents’ marriage. Abigail says that made it more fun for Gwen. Gwen asks Jack to do something since Abigail is out of control here. Jennifer stops Jack and tells him that it’s between the two of them. Jack asks if she knows what’s going on. Jennifer says she has a pretty good idea. Gwen tells Abigail that she wins and got what she wanted by absolutely ruining this for her. Gwen asks Xander to get her out of here but Abigail says she’s not going anywhere because she planned for this to be public. Xander tells Abigail to let her go. Abigail says not until they hear her news and then if they still want to, they can ride off in to the sunset together. Xander tells Abigail to spit it out. Gwen complains that Abigail just going to lie and is just trying to ruin the most important day of her life. Abigail asks if Gwen was thinking about her life and her family when she hit her over the head and had her kidnapped. Abigail remarks that as usual, Gwen was only thinking about herself. Jack tells Abigail that she’s wrong because it was Ava that had her kidnapped. Abigail reveals to Gwen that she lied to her about why she was at the police station and why she was talking to Ava. Jack wants to stop this but Jennifer says no, pointing out that Gwen knows what’s coming and that she deserves it. Abigail reminds Xander of the night that she went to the airfield to find out who was wearing the Sarah mask and that somebody hit her from behiind while she was talking to Ava. Abigail declares that she now knows who Ava’s accomplice was. Xander guesses it was the pilot. Ava says he flew her to the island but is not who knocked her out. Abigail asks Gwen if she wants to tell Xander who that person or was or if she should.

Ben and Jake eat together. Jake praises Ava’s cooking and notes that she also gives a wicked massage. Ben says she sounds like everyone’s dream roommate but he didn’t know they were that close. Jake admits they weren’t as he kept his distance since they worked together in Philly but after she broke up with Rafe, he figured he’d help her out. Ben asks who sleeps on the air mattress. Jake confirms he is, hence needing massages. Ben asks if this is going to be a long term thing. Jake says probably not because the place is cramped but then Ava just got arrested and Rafe said she’s going to be in prison for a long time.

Gabi encourages Rafe to smile since the woman who tried to ruin his life is finally going to pay. Rafe acknowledges that what Ava did was wrong and she needs to pay the consequences but he doesn’t think it is something he needs to celebrate. Gabi asks Rafe if he has any human emotion at all and if any part of him is happy about Ava being in a cell. Rafe gets that he hurt Ava but she came after him, his job, and who he is. Gabi says that’s why Ava deserves everything she has coming to her. Rafe agrees so he and Gabi then toast to Ava going off to prison for a very long time. Ava then appears and says “or not”.

Abigail jokes that the cat’s got Gwen’s tongue. Xander comments that Abigail is enjoying this which she admits, just like Gwen enjoyed sending her to the asylum and spending New Year’s Eve with her husband. Xander argues that Abigail was hit from behind so she can’t know who did it. Abigail admits she couldn’t see, but Ava could and did, then told her about it and then told Melinda all about it. Abigail asks if Xander and Gwen wrote their own vows. Chad questions Ava telling Abigail all of this. Abigail confirms that after Chad went to New York, Ava got arrested and her back was against the wall. Xander questions Ava getting arrested and then calling Abigail. Abigail explains that Ava remembered that after she was kidnapped, Chad offered her a deal if she named her accomplice. Gwen argues that Ava said all of this just to save her own ass. Abigail imagines Gwen’s lawyer will bring that up in the trial, but she’s more interested in Xander’s opinion. Xander agrees with Gwen that Ava isn’t trustworthy. Abigail points out that Ava revealed Gwen attacked her before being offered immunity because she wanted her to be able to go to Melinda with something concrete. Abigail reveals that this night at the airstrip was just the tip of the iceberg as Ava had a whole lot more to tell Melinda about what Gwen has been doing since that night. Abigail declares that night is nothing compared to what Gwen did later. Justin questions what could be worse than kidnapping her own sister. Xander would like to hear that too. Abigail responds that what Gwen did to her is terrible, but it’s nothing compared to what she did to Sarah.

Ben doesn’t blame Gabi for wanting to make Ava pay for what she did to Rafe. Jake says that wasn’t her only motive as Gabi wasn’t thrilled about Ava moving in with him. Jake adds that Gabi thinks Ava only moved in to get under her skin. Ben asks what Jake thinks and if Ava is up to something.

Gabi questions Ava being out of jail and accuses her of escaping so she tells Rafe to arrest her. Ava mocks the idea. Rafe guesses she made bail. Ava reveals that she didn’t have to as all charges have been dropped and she’s free. Rafe doesn’t believe her, so Ava shows him the papers. Rafe reads that Melinda gave Ava immunity in exchange for her testimony against someone else. Gabi argues that she can’t do that. Ava responds that Melinda is the district attorney which means she can do whatever she wants and since all charges were dropped against her, she can too. Ava tells Rafe to tell Nicole that she said hi. Ava adds that she’ll give Gabi’s regards to Jake as she then exits.

Xander asks Abigail what exactly Gwen supposedly did to Sarah. Gwen insists it was nothing as she barely knows her. Abigail brings up that Xander loves Sarah, wanted to marry her, and Gwen was only in the picture because Sarah was out of it. Gwen blames Kristen. Abigail argues that Gwen was determined to make sure Sarah stay kidnapped. Abigail talks about figuring out the Sarah mask and then Gwen had her knocked out and sent to the island where she already knew that Sarah was being kept. Abigail insists that Gwen knew where Sarah was but didn’t feel Xander had a right to know and didn’t tell Maggie either. Gwen tries to argue that it’s not true. Abigail says it makes perfect sense and that’s why Gwen freaked out when she decided to find her. Xander argues that Gwen couldn’t have known as nobody did until Chad found Abigail. Abigail reminds Xander that Kristen knew and that is the connection to make all this make sense. Abigail tells Xander that he knows better than anyone that Kristen would have someone else do her dirty work for her and she knew that Gwen would do anything to get Xander to marry her. Abigail points out that they were only a couple minutes away from getting married. Gwen swears to Xander that she didn’t know Sarah was on that island until he told her that she had been rescued. Abigail reveals that she has evidence as Melinda presented a copy of Ava’s statement, which says that Gwen found out Sarah was on the island back in November. Abigail adds that she and Chad didn’t bring Sarah back until March, so that means Gwen knew Sarah was on the island for 4 months. Abigail guesses it slipped her mind while she was planning the wedding.

Jake tells Ben that Gabi wasn’t wrong since Ava did enjoy driving Gabi crazy and even made Gabi think they slept together. Ben jokes about Gabi being the jealous type. Jake says he practically had to stop Gabi from killing Ava. Ben asks Jake if he slept with Ava. Jake repeats that Ava just made Gabi think that. Ben acknowledges that Ava is very attractive and they are both free so it’s not a stretch. Jake confirms that Ava gave him a massage and that’s it. Ben asks if there was any interest in returning the favor. Jake says it doesn’t matter because Ava is in jail. Ava then comes home and reveals she’s not anymore. Jake says he was never expecting to see Ava again. Ava responds that rumors of her incarceration have been greatly exaggerated.

Gabi goes to the police station and confronts Melinda over letting Ava go. Melinda responds that she doesn’t have to explain anything to her as it’s none of her business. Gabi argues that she risked life and limb to get her the evidence and now she’s just letting Ava walk. Melinda reveals that Ava had her own truly damning evidence.

Xander asks Gwen to say it isn’t true. Gwen cries that she can’t do that. Xander questions her knowing what happened to Sarah and not saying anything. Xander asks how she found out. Abigail reveals that Kristen blackmailed Gwen in to helping her escape prison by threatening to tell Xander the truth about Sarah. Abigail adds that Kristen knew Gwen would do anything to get what she wants, including posing as Sarah, which Xander questions. Abigail reminds Xander of when “Sarah” came back to town to reject him for a second time and according to Ava, that was Gwen in the mask. Xander is shocked to learn that was Gwen. Xander questions how she could possibly have done that. Gwen cries that she was just so afraid of losing him after she had already lost Jack. Jennifer asks if Sarah’s life just didn’t matter. Gwen says that Kristen told her that Sarah was fine and well taken care of. Justin questions believing Kristen. Gwen insists that she didn’t know what she was like as she didn’t know Kristen like they did. Abigail points out that Gwen knew Maggie was worried sick. Abigail adds that Kristen also drugged Sarah so they had that in common. Gwen cries that she thought that would make it better for Sarah. Xander screams at Gwen. Gwen explains that Kristen said she used the drug to calm her down and that Sarah went with her willingly. Gwen adds that Sarah wasn’t suffering and didn’t even know who she was. Abigail states that Sarah was out of her mind because Gwen made sure she stayed that way.

Ava tells Jake and Ben that she should be used to it by now but she really hates being arrested. Ben says they obviously have a lot to talk about so he’s heading out. Jake sends his best to Ciara and tells him to keep him posted. Ben agrees and tells Ava to enjoy her freedom as he exits. Jake questions Ava as to what happened since Rafe seemed pretty convinced he had her dead to rights. Ava blows it off as something Gabi cooked up and remarks that Gabi should learn not to play out of her league.

Gabi questions Melinda making a deal with Ava after what she did to Rafe. Melinda says she’s not about to justify herself to her. Rafe arrives and figured Gabi would be there. Melinda explains that Ava gave them a much higher profile case to prosecute so she tells Rafe not to take it personally. Rafe complains that Ava railroaded him and now Melinda is making a deal with her. Gabi argues that everything Ava says is a lie. Melinda informs Rafe that she was just about to call him because of the high profile case, so the arrest needs to be by the book and she wants Rafe to take care of it personally. Rafe asks who he will be arresting. Melinda reveals that it’s Gwen.

Xander asks what Abigail means by saying Gwen made sure that Sarah stayed out of her mind. Gwen tries to explain that she was so scared of losing him that she panicked. Abigail argues that Gwen just saw Sarah as an obstacle in her way so she executed her plan. Xander tells Abigail to just tell him. Abigail reminds Chad of how Dr. Rolf said the antidote should have worked. Chad reiterates that Rolf could not believe it didn’t. Abigail reveals that’s because the injection that Anna gave Sarah was not the antidote because Gwen switched the antidote with another dose of poison, shocking Xander. Abigail apologizes for being emotional as she explains that Ava said Gwen had some of the original drug leftover from when she gave it to her. Abigail says this is not new territory or a tragic mistake as Gwen knew in detail what the drug would do to a person’s brain and she did it again to someone she barely knew. Abigail declares that’s not panic, but pre-meditation. Jack confronts Gwen, yelling at her as he asks if it’s true. Gwen cries that Jack was gone. Jack tells her to never call him “dad” again. Jack talks about forgiving Gwen and believing she could be saved, but now there are no words. Jack declares that he is done with Gwen and walks away. Gwen asks Xander if he’s done with her too. Xander says she knew how much he loved Sarah, where she was, and what Kristen had done to her. Xander adds that they were this close to Sarah being herself again and Gwen might as well have put a bullet through her brain. Xander calls Gwen the worst person he has ever known.

Rafe guesses he better get to the wedding before the mob turns on the bride. Melinda orders Rafe to bring her in the front and to make sure she is handcuffed because she wants to make sure The Intruder and the Spectator get nice shots of her on the police station steps. Rafe remarks on her craving those headlines. Rafe exits the station while Gabi tells Melinda that she’s not done with her yet.

Ava tells Jake that she’s exhausted but she’s taking the air mattress so Jake doesn’t throw his back out again. Jake instead suggests they just share the bed.

Xander walks away from Gwen as she cries. Abigail tells Gwen to let him go as she’s done enough already. Gwen cries that this was none of Abigail’s damn business. Abigail responds that Sarah is her cousin and a human being. Gwen yells at Abigail to go to Hell and says she doesn’t fool her because she knows this is payback. Gwen argues that Abigail and Jennifer are no better than her and they make her sick. Jennifer tells Gwen that Abigail is tough while Gwen is a coward that she just brought down. Gwen tells Jennifer to shut up. Jennifer tells Gwen to say whatever she has to say. Rafe then arrives to arrest Gwen. Jennifer hugs Jack and asks if he’s alright. Jack says no but he will be. Jennifer and Jack agree that this is over. Jack goes to Abigail and assures they are good, understanding she did what she had to do. Abigail didn’t want to be right but says she had to be stopped. Jennifer suggests they go home. Gwen mocks that they are going to celebrate since she’s out of the picture. Gwen stops to whisper in Abigail’s ear that she killed her grandmother on purpose. Rafe then escorts Gwen away.

Gabi tells Melinda that she’s not going to sit around and watch Ava go free. Melinda asks if that’s a threat. Gabi wonders what Abe will think when he finds out that Melinda let Ava go free after what she did to Rafe. Gabi then exits the station and Melinda calls her a bitch.

Ava asks Jake if he’s sure. Jake asks why not since they are both adults. Ava says that may be why not. Jake asks if she’s never shared a bed with somebody platonically. They both admit they never have but Jake says there’s a first time for everything. They agree to sharing the bed and lay down as they say goodnight to each other.

Abigail stares on in shock as Jennifer asks Abigail what Gwen just said to her.

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