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Chad and Sonny have breakfast at the DiMera Mansion as Chad fills Sonny in on no one getting married at the double wedding and Leo’s humiliation. Sonny wishes he could have seen Leo’s face when Chad brought in his first husband. Leo then enters the room and declares it looked like this; ready to kill.

Craig sits alone in his hotel room with his cell phone as he officially changes his relationship status on social media to single. There’s a knock at the door. Craig yells for them to go away but it’s Nancy, so he opens the door and asks if she’s here to say “I told you so” because he deserves it.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie rushes up to hug him and says it’s so good to see him. Xander asks how Sarah is. Maggie says she is settling in to the clinic but there hasn’t been any change. Xander knows it must have been hard leaving her like that. Maggie says it was better and asks what Xander is doing here since she thought he and Gwen would be on their honeymoon. Xander reveals there was no honeymoon because there was no wedding.

Gwen sits in the interrogation room at the police station, thinking back to planning her wedding with Xander. Jack then enters the room.

Jennifer is at home, finishing a phone call with Shawn, saying they will be praying that Ciara is found safe and soon. Abigail comes in and asks if the police have any leads at all. Jennifer says no and complains that the world has gone mad as Ciara is missing, Christian Maddox is on the loose, and Allie is possessed by the Devil. Abigail says this might not be a good time but Jennifer wants to know why she came. Abigail thinks back to Gwen whispering to her that she killed her grandmother on purpose. Jennifer asks Abigail what it is. Abigail responds that it’s about Gwen.

Maggie asks Xander what happened and if he’s alright since he was so determined to get married. Xander responds that he couldn’t go through with it because there were things about Gwen that he didn’t know which Maggie questions. Xander tells her it’s about Sarah.

Gwen tells Jack that she wasn’t expecting to see him since he said he was done with her. Jack informs her that this was Jennifer’s idea and warns her not to say anything about Jennifer. Gwen knows he will never believe a word out of her mouth again. Gwen says that she can’t imagine what last night must have been like for him. Jack talks about forgiving Gwen over and over. Gwen acknowledges that she threw that forgiveness back in his face. Jack says last night when he told Gwen that he was done with her, he meant it because he hates what she did, but Jennifer says he won’t be able to pull it off because he can’t do anything about the fact that Gwen is his daughter, so he can’t be done with it. Gwen points out that her mom pulled it off, so she asks why Jack can’t since she’s given him enough reasons. Jack brings up what Gwen did to Abigail and their family and says he can understand why she did it, but what she did to Sarah is unfathomable. Gwen doesn’t expect him to believe her but says the reason she did it was because in a way, The Devil made her do it..

Chad questions how Leo got in to the DiMera Mansion. Leo responds that he told Harold he was the new French maid and asks if it matters. Leo asks if Sonny thought he could do what he did without one final confrontation. Leo complains about Sonny not even showing up at the wedding to look him in the eye. Sonny says he had a work call, otherwise he would not have missed it. Chad argues that Leo is not an innocent victim. Leo remarks about Chad and Abigail blowing up two marriages. Sonny says that what they did was wrong. Leo calls Sonny’s crusade pathetic because Sonny obviously wants him back, which Sonny and Chad laugh at.

Craig tells Nancy to go ahead and enjoy herself as she was right that Leo was a gold digger and he was an utter fool. Craig complains that all of Salem knows what an idiot he is and brings up Nancy saying he would regret the day he let Leo in to his life. Nancy informs him that she came to say she’s sorry.

Gwen tells Jack that trying to explain it would just sound like she’s trying to justify what she did which is not possible. Gwen talks about spending the night in a cell and seeing the way Jack and Xander looked at her whenever she closed her eyes so she didn’t close her eyes all night. Gwen wondered how she made it where it’s impossible for the only two people she cared about to care about her anymore. Gwen talks about Jack coming because he can’t give up on being a father to her. Gwen says she thought about all the things she did to Jack, his family, Abigail, Xander, and to Sarah and Maggie and she realized she did all of that to get what she wanted but she has nothing she wants. Gwen compares it to her mom putting the spike in her arm when someone does something over and over again to ensure they stay the same miserable human being. Gwen says she was telling herself for months that Kristen DiMera blackmailed her in to doing what she was doing but really, she was just like her mother’s drug dealer, and just like her mom did, she put the spike in her own arm.

Chad and Sonny joke about Leo saying that Sonny wants him back. Leo gets in Sonny’s face and says he will never forget what Leo did to him, but he’s ecstatic to play a part in stopping Leo from doing it to anyone else. Leo responds that what he had with Craig was nothing like the dreary time he had with Sonny. Leo remarks that he loved Craig and never even liked Sonny, reminding him that it was a job. Leo calls Sonny not his type and a D- in bed. Leo says he gave Sonny extra credit for effort. Sonny calls that a crock and argues that Leo was very in to it. Leo claims he was faking all of it.

Craig questions what Nancy has to be sorry for when she didn’t do anything. Nancy clarifies that she’s sorry that this happened to him. Nancy knows what it’s like to love someone so much that you ignore the evidence in front of your eyes because it happened to her and now it’s happened to her best friend.

Xander tells Maggie that of all people, he should have been able to see through Gwen’s lies. Maggie doesn’t blame Xander but points out that he did leave Sarah behind the moment he found out she wasn’t going to immediately recover. Maggie admits she’s not being fair but Xander thinks she is. Maggie remembers that she gave her blessing even if she didn’t really mean it. Maggie says she shouldn’t take her anger at Gwen on Xander as he had every right to get on with his life. Maggie adds that they need to figure out what they should do next, now that Sarah wasn’t given the right antidote. Maggie declares that there’s a chance the antidote might work. Xander agrees. Maggie decides to call Kayla but Xander reveals he already has and she believes there’s a good chance the antidote could still work. Xander adds that he asked Chad to reach out to Dr. Rolf again but Rolf apparently got in a trouble with a chemisty experiment gone wrong so he’s in solitary confinement. Maggie declares they have to get a hold of that drug. Xander says he has an idea.

Jack questions Gwen not seeing that she had to tell Xander or Maggie that Kristen was blackmailing her. Gwen was too worried about losing Xander because he loved Sarah more than her. Jack argues that Gwen was carrying all the risk and asks what could’ve happened if Gwen and Ava got caught breaking Kristen out of prison as that carrys a hefty sentence. Gwen remarks that so does murder. Jack questions what she’s talking about.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she’s scaring her and asks her to tell her what it is. Abigail responds that it’s about grandma and it’s hard to even say it. Abigail then reveals to Jennifer that Gwen said to her “I killed that bitch on purpose.”

Leo says the only reason he had anything to do with Sonny was money. Sonny argues that it was the same reason he went after Craig. Leo says maybe in the beginning, but he fell in love with him, and now Craig hates him because of Sonny and Chad. Chad asks if Leo ever takes responsibility for his actions, reminding him that Craig hates him for lying to him over and over again. Sonny reminds Leo that he wouldn’t have even been legally married to Craig, so he could have just come clean with him about having a husband. Leo asks why he cares when Craig isn’t his friend. Leo argues that now Craig is just as miserable as him. Leo says Craig knows what they have is real since he signed the pre-nup, which he never would’ve done if he was only after his money. Chad questions what Leo is doing here as he’s trying to convince the wrong guys. Leo agrees but says since they were so intent on making him pay, he wants them both to know that now it’s his turn.

Craig still can’t believe that Leo has a husband. Nancy jokes about Leo in a dress and encourages Craig, calling him still quite a catch.

Jennifer questions Gwen telling Abigail that she killed Laura on purpose. Jennifer brings up how Gwen kept denying it and insisted it was an accident, so she questions why Gwen would change her story now.

Jack asks why Gwen is talking about murder and what she meant. Gwen covers by saying Abigail talked about what she did being pre-meditated and a second dose of the drug could have killed Sarah. Jack says thank God it didn’t. Gwen points out that she still took Sarah’s life because the Sarah that Xander knew and fell in love with no longer exists. Jack argues that Gwen knew what the drug did to Abigail and what it did to Sarah when Kristen gave it to her. Gwen confirms that she did it with full knowledge. Gwen feels Jack wishes she never existed, like Xander does. Gwen insists that Xander loved Sarah more than her and they both understood that. Gwen states that Xander is the only man she’s ever loved but she’s not the only woman that Xander loved or even the woman he loved best. Gwen adds that Xander left her hanging for weeks, waiting to see if Sarah would recover. Gwen says it’s no excuse but she thinks during those weeks, something inside of her hardened and she kept telling herself over and over that she cannot lose Xander, but now it’s all her fault that she’s lost him. Xander then enters the room, surprising Gwen. Gwen tells him to let her have it. Xander says he’s not here for that or to hear any excuses, he just wants to know what she did with the real antidote. Gwen guesses he wants her to help him get the real Sarah back. Xander argues that he wanted to give her a chance to act like a human being. Gwen asks why start now. Jack tells Gwen not to act like this. Xander just wants an answer and asks what she did with the antidote. Gwen reveals that she still has it, so Xander asks what it will take to get her to tell him where it is.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she’s been wondering the same thing since Gwen kept denying killing Laura even when she was threatening her with the drug, so either she was lying then or lying now. Abigail wonders if she should’ve told Jennifer since she’s still not sure if it’s true.

Nancy admits that a couple weeks ago, the idea of Craig getting dumped at the altar would’ve made her the happiest woman in the world and she would’ve said he got what he deserved, but he’s a good man who made mistakes. Nancy encourages that Craig deserves to be happy. Craig says she does too. Craig remembers Nancy saying something about meeting someone and going on a date. Nancy reveals they were supposed to have dinner last night, but he blew her off. Craig says he’s sorry as they hold hands.

Chad tells Leo not to be so melodramatic. Leo calls himself his worst nightmare and says Chad will rue the day that he screwed him which Chad laughs at. Leo then walks out of the mansion after leaving them with a threat in French which Sonny questions.

Jennifer understands Gwen lying about saying it was an accident to protect herself but doesn’t understand why she would lie about saying it was deliberate as it doesn’t make any sense. Abigail says it was the way she said it and the words she chose. Abigail suggests maybe Gwen was just trying to torment her all over again or something. Jennifer decides there’s only one way to find out.

Jack argues that Gwen just spent the last half hour telling him how much she loves Xander and now he’s miserable and suffering. Jack orders Gwen to tell Xander where the antidote is to maybe undo the damage she has done. Gwen calls it interesting how he put that because Xander asks what it’s going to take to get her to tell him where the antidote is, like if it didn’t even occur to him to just ask her for it because telling him would be the right thing to do. Gwen guesses Xander knows her well enough by now to know she doesn’t do anything unless there is something in it for her. Gwen feels Xander doesn’t think there is one good body in her body and he’s right that there isn’t. Gwen cries that she wants Xander back and asks if they have a deal but Xander says no. Gwen cries that Xander hates her so much that he can’t even lie to protect his precious Sarah. Jack argues for Gwen not to put the spike back in her arm. Gwen says she just needed to know where they stand. Gwen says through all the lies, she did stay true to one thing as she did, does, and will always love Xander. Gwen then agrees to do whatever she can to help him.

Sonny mocks Leo leaving like he did while Chad acknowledges Leo’s threat as being from Louis XV. Sonny looks it up and finds out that it’s an expression of indifference forecasting ruination. Sonny argues that Chad shouldn’t be worried but Chad talks about petty and vindictive Leo can be and now he’s focused on him. Chad thought the whole point of bringing Leo down was to get him out of their lives, so they didn’t have to worry about him anymore. Sonny admits maybe he didn’t think the whole thing through. Chad worries about what Leo will do next. Sonny then sees Chad’s tablet get a news alert that there is news about Chad.

Nancy asks Craig what he will do next. Craig responds that he has absolutely no idea. Nancy asks if Craig is absolutely sure that it’s over between he and Leo. Craig reminds her that Leo was going to swindle him out of everything he owns and wanted to marry him while married to someone else. Nancy points out that Leo is still the guy that brought Craig out of the closet after 30+ years which was life changing. Craig questions if Nancy is sticking up for Leo. Nancy insists she’s just thinking about Craig since Leo really got to him. Craig calls that an understatement. Nancy asks what if Leo is telling the truth that he fell in love with him for real. Craig can’t believe Nancy is saying this. Nancy states that she knows more than anyone what it’s like to be with him and to learn what kind of man he is which leads to love. Nancy suggests maybe Craig got to Leo too. Leo then shows up at his door.

Chad asks Sonny what the news is. Sonny tells him to brace himself as he shows him an article from The Intruder titled “Chad DiMera’s Secret Life” with a photo of him as a drag queen from their time in Arizona and quotes from Leo, claiming that Chad became obsessed with him.

Leo sees Nancy and says he didn’t realize Craig had company. Leo asks if he and Craig can have a moment alone. Nancy points out that they were in the middle of a conversation. Craig thanks Nancy for coming and talking as it means the world to him, but he thinks he has to take care of this. Nancy tells Craig to call her if he needs backup as she then exits the room. Craig then asks Leo what the hell he wants.

Xander returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to inform Maggie that Gwen had the antidote stashed in their hotel room the entire time. Maggie is relieved that he got it. Xander declares that maybe they can save Sarah.

Gwen tells Jack that she supposes Xander found the antidote by now. Jack assures that she did the right thing. Gwen asks if he thinks it will work and Sarah will be Sarah again. Jack responds that he doesn’t know so they will have to wait and see. Gwen hopes it does work but she doesn’t expect Jack to believe that she’s sorry for what she did to Sarah. Jennifer and Abigail then walk in. Jennifer questions if Gwen is sorry that she murdered her mother Laura Horton.

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