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In the town square, Chad informs Kate that he told Abigail that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Kate asks why he did that.

Marlena and Lucas exit the Brady Pub. Marlena talks about how good it was to see Will and says she misses him already. Lucas points out that he’ll be back soon and it will be nice to have the whole family together. Marlena points out that Will said that exact thing before he left for the airport. Marlena recalls Roman saying something about planning a party. Marlena gets paged to an appointment and jokes that Lucas if off the hook for the moment as she walks away.

Jan talks to Shawn at home about having her first appointment with Marlena. Jan brings up how Marlena has to come to her because of her bed rest and high risk pregnancy and the ankle monitor. Jan complains that the house is not designed for a person who is about to go through a major psychological breakthrough, but she wants to make the conditions as perfect as possible. Shawn advises her to keep her expectations low. Jan knows she won’t become mentally healthy overnight but vows to get there and be the mother that their baby deserves.

Belle goes to EJ’s room, where he is coming out of the shower in just a towel. Belle says she was just returning his robe and didn’t know he was in there.

Susan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells Abigail that she got a powerful feeling that there is a foreign presence among them. Susan states that there is someone here that’s not supposed to be in this house. Abigail tells her about Thomas saying he ran in to the tooth fairy in the basement. Susan complains about not being on good terms with the tooth fairy and says she’d like to have a word with her. Abigail decides she’s going to go down there and take a look.

Marlena goes to see Jan. Jan and Shawn thank Marlena for making time to see her. Jan has a really good feeling about this and promises to be the best patient Marlena’s ever had. Marlena says they will take it one step at a time and see how it goes. Shawn says he’s going to head out to give them some privacy. Jan asks if Shawn will be at the police station, explaining that she likes to know where he is in case something happens with their baby. Shawn reveals that he was actually going to Marlena’s to see if Belle is there to try and get her to reconsider the separation. Marlena informs him that Belle is not there so Shawn asks where she is.

Belle tells EJ that she should go and he should get dressed. EJ asks if Harold sent up her breakfast tray but Belle says it seems to have disappeared. Belle doesn’t know what happened. EJ jokes that perhaps a hungry little fairy stole it…

Abigail tells Susan that she’s going to see if she can find the tooth fairy. Susan worries about the basement. Abigail says that Thomas said he ran in to someone that told him to keep it quiet. Abigail decides she’s going to check it out and tells her to let the nanny know where she is. Susan offers to go with her. Abigail then gets a call from Statesville Prison. It’s Gwen, who says she needs to see her. Abigail responds that she never wants to see her again. Gwen knows she hates her but she hopes she will come see her anyway, insisting that it’s extremely important…

Lucas sits at the counter of the Brady Pub and asks for a refill. Clyde turns around and says he’s about to go on his lunch break. Clyde invites Lucas to join him but he declines, noting that he doesn’t drink. Lucas says he thought that was Clyde when he saw him around the kitchen last night but he thought to himself there’s no way that Clyde Weston works here. Clyde explains that gainful employment is a condition of his parole and Roman needed a cook. Lucas questions not finding someone more qualified and having to pick someone who terrorized the whole town. Clyde says that’s all behind him and he’s a family man now. Clyde mentions seeing Lucas with his daughter last night. Lucas tells him to stay away from Allie. Clyde says he couldn’t help but overhear part of his conversation and it sounds like he had a little dust up with EJ DiMera. Lucas confirms he did and asks what it is to him. Clyde responds that any enemy of EJ is a friend of his. Lucas questions why he’d say that and if he has a problem with EJ.

EJ tells Belle that the morning is quickly getting away from them. Belle says she should get out of his hair as she’s sure he has a busy day. EJ says it’s not as busy as he’d like since Gabi is still in charge of DiMera. Belle can’t believe Kristen voted to retain Gabi as CEO. EJ assures that he and Chad have no intention of letting that stand. Belle suggests they can strategize about Gabi and Clyde. EJ asks if Belle has told anyone that Clyde’s man shot him and let everyone believe some random mugger did it. Belle confirms that she hasn’t told anyone. EJ reminds her that turning in Clyde is not an option but he does have a plan to get his revenge. Belle thinks he should scrap his plan and let her think of a way to bring Clyde to justice legally. EJ offers her lunch since she missed breakfast. Belle suggests brunch which EJ agrees to as she exits the room.

Marlena informs Shawn that she and Belle had a bit of a problem last night. Jan hopes it wasn’t about her. Marlena confirms that it was as Belle found out that she’s treating Jan and she was upset and didn’t come home last night. Shawn asks if she went to the Salem Inn. Marlena reveals that she spent the night at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn decides he has to go and rushes out of the house while Jan watches with a bit of a smile.

Kate reminds Chad that she just told him not to tell anyone about the kidnapping. Chad feels he had no choice but to tell Abigail. Kate argues that this is just about Chad’s guilt over letting EJ take the blame for a crime he didn’t commit. Kate asks if it doesn’t matter what happens to Lucas. Chad says it’s not like that. Kate questions why he would do something so incredibly stupid then. Chad explains that Abigail was trying to make it her next investigative piece to find out who kidnapped Sami and she refused to let it go. Chad adds that Abigail tracked down the other henchman that Lucas hired and she was going to go to Milwaukee to talk to him. Chad says he wasn’t going to let Abigail leave the state to find the truth when he could tell her himself. Kate argues that Chad doesn’t know that the guy was going to talk and questions why Chad did.

Gwen begs Abigail to come to the prison and promises she would never call her if it wasn’t really urgent. Abigail then hangs up. Susan points out that Abigail didn’t say goodbye. Susan asks who was on the phone. Abigail informs her that it was her sister Gwen, who wants her to come visit her in prison and said it’s important. Susan didn’t get a good feeling. Abigail says she wasn’t either but she never does with Gwen. Abigail complains that Gwen is in her head now and she can’t help but wonder what she wanted. Susan questions if Abigail is going to the prison, reminding her that curiosity killed the cat. Abigail guesses it’s a good thing that she’s not a cat then as she then exits the mansion. Susan remarks that it’s what they all say.

Marlena begins her therapy session with Jan. Jan stops to ask if Belle and EJ are officially together. Marlena warns her that she won’t treat her if she’s not serious about this. Jan says she is serious but she assumed Belle was with EJ, so she was curious how Marlena felt about it. Marlena asserts that this conversation is about Jan, not her or Belle. Jan apologizes and says she’s a little nervous as she needs this to work so she can be a good mother to her baby. Marlena questions that being the reason she’s doing this. Jan says of course and she told her that. Marlena says she’d like to believe her but part of her is afraid this might be a performance and that she might be pretending to want therapy to appease Shawn, while using her to further that relationship. Jan swears she’s doing this for herself and her baby, no other reason. Marlena brings up Jan’s obsession with Shawn and her attempts to break up Shawn and Belle as her reasons for being reluctant to believe her. Jan assures that is over. Marlena warns that if she sees any sign at all that she’s up to her old tricks, the sessions will end. Jan promises there will be no signs as she just wants to get better like Ben did. Jan mentions that Ben told her therapy with Marlena is what helped him more than anything. Jan talks about Ben saying he had to face the things he did head on. Marlena confirms that and says Ben had to think about how he hurt people and he had to feel their pain. Marlena asks if she’s ready to do that. Jan says she is but then starts having stomach pains.

EJ and Belle enter the living room where they find Susan, who says she’s just feeling for tooth fairy vibes. Susan tells Belle that she understands she stayed over last night. Belle questions how she knew. Susan reveals that Harold told her. Susan then starts saying she’s sensing something is going on between them. Susan asks if there is something going on between EJ and Belle. Shawn then walks in and says he’d like to know the answer to that as well.

Chad complains to Kate that he should’ve done nothing while his wife went off to confront a violent felon about his role in a criminal conspiracy. Kate says she gets his point. Kate tells Chad that she’s going to need to be assured that Abigail won’t tell a soul. Chad tells her to trust him. Kate wants Abigail to sign a non-disclosure agreement since it’s about Lucas’s freedom and he could go to prison. Chad repeats that Abigail promised not to say anything to anyone.

Abigail goes to see Gwen in prison. Gwen is surprised she came. Abigail says she realized she really wanted to see her and mocks the idea that she missed her. Abigail complains about Gwen’s lies and how she hurt people she cares about. Gwen asks why she came then. Abigail says Gwen said it was important so she thought maybe Gwen was going to finally tell her what actually happened with her grandmother. Gwen asks if that’s still eating away at her. Abigail says it is whether or not Gwen murdered her in cold blood because she has a sense of humanity. Gwen says she’s sorry but this isn’t about Laura, but about someone else that is very important to Abigail that she wouldn’t want to get hurt. Abigail has zero interest in playing games so she asks Gwen why she’s here or she’s gone. Gwen says it’s about Jack. Abigail demands to know what she did to him. Gwen responds that Jack would be hurt if he’s not properly celebrated since tomorrow is his birthday. Gwen complains that she can’t throw him a party or take him out for a nice meal, but she wants Jack to know how much she cares for him and that she wishes she could be with him. Gwen reveals that she made Jack a gift and hopes Abigail could deliver it to him.

Lucas asks Clyde about his beef with EJ. Clyde asks if he said they had a beef. Lucas says he implied they were enemies. Clyde says that’s probably too strong of a word but explains that he brought EJ a very lucrative business proposition but he turned him down cold, so he’s deeply disappointed. Lucas questions Clyde being tight enough with EJ to pitch him business deals. Clyde says they were cellmates in prison for awhile so they got to know each other pretty well. Clyde calls EJ a talker. Lucas bets EJ talked about himself the whole time. Clyde responds that EJ actually talked a lot about Lucas and didn’t have a lot of nice things to say. Lucas asks what about him. Clyde informs him that EJ wouldn’t shut about Sami’s kidnapping, swearing he was innocent and that he shouldn’t be in prison but that Lucas should be, since he’s the one who really did it.

Belle questions what Shawn is doing here. Shawn asks Belle the same since Marlena said she spent the night. Belle tells Shawn that it’s not his concern. Shawn argues that she’s his wife while Belle reminds him that they are legally separated so she’s under no obligation to tell him where she sleeps, especially when he has a psychopath living in their house. Susan questions that so Belle tells her that Jan Spears is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Shawn says it’s not what she thinks and knows Belle is upset. Belle argues that she was fine until Shawn barged in to interrogate her. Shawn says no one is interrogating her but Susan asked what’s going on with her and EJ. EJ tells Belle that he doesn’t have to answer that. Shawn tells EJ that he’s speaking to his wife. Susan argues that it’s EJ’s house. EJ thanks Susan but says he can handle this. EJ tells Shawn that Belle needed a place to be to feel safe and comfortable and chose to come here and she’s welcome to stay for as long as she likes. EJ adds that they were about to have brunch, so Shawn can see himself out. Shawn declares that he was right about why Belle wanted to get separated. Shawn complains that Belle said this had nothing to do with EJ but five minutes after he signed the papers, she moves in with him. Belle argues that she did not move in, she’s just staying here. Shawn argues that they both know damn well what’s going on here. Belle complains that she’s just trying to find a place to stay where she doesn’t feel betrayed or insulted. Shawn continues to complain about EJ and accuses EJ of succeeding in stealing her from him. Shawn argues that Belle went from working with EJ to living with him and accuses her of now sleeping with him.

Jan continues to complain about her stomach pain and says it’s like nothing she ever felt before. Marlena encourages her to stay calm but Jan reveals that she thinks she’s in labor.

Abigail questions Gwen making Jack a gift and remarks that she thought she was only capable of making trouble and misery. Gwen responds that she worked very hard on the gift and started over three times to get it right. Abigail questions her being serious. Gwen then reveals a mug she made in her art therapy that says “Dad” on it. Abigail busts out laughing and calls it pathetic. Gwen asks if she will give it to Jack or not. Abigail suggests she just mail it. Gwen says that would take months or he might not get it at all. Gwen argues that it was the best she could do and Jack was very kind to her in getting Justin to help reduce her sentence, so she wanted to show her gratitude. Abigail remarks that she could always try not being the biggest bitch to ever live. Gwen argues that Abigail is just trying to punish her by letting Jack think that she forgot his birthday while they all celebrate his birthday at the Horton house. Abigail points out that Jack is in Boston. Gwen asks if she’s not going to fly out to be with him on his birthday. Abigail confirms she thought about flying out to surprise him. Gwen asks her to take her gift then. Gwen knows Abigail hates her but Jack doesn’t and he is all she has left. Gwen says it would mean the world to her if she could just do this one favor for her and give Jack the mug. Abigail agrees to take the mug, so Gwen thanks her. Abigail then picks up the mug and drops it on the floor, smashing it.

Kate questions why Chad didn’t tell her that Abigail promised not to say anything right away. Chad explains that Abigail hates lying but she understands in this case that it’s for the greater good as she doesn’t want to destroy his relationship with EJ or send Lucas to prison since that would destroy Jennifer. Kate calls it an assurance but not a guarantee. Chad says that’s as close as she will get and points out that he didn’t even have to tell Kate. Kate questions why she did but then acknowledges that she’s given Chad a number of reasons not to give a damn about her, but he still does. Chad can relate to this being about Kate’s child so he assures that she does not have to worry about Lucas.

Lucas questions Clyde saying that EJ told him he kidnapped Sami. Clyde says that EJ had no doubt it was a frame job. Lucas argues that EJ can’t live with his own guilt and projects his feelings onto others. Clyde suggests Lucas could always sue him for slander if what he says is not true. Lucas says he’s not taking EJ to court as he doesn’t need that messy court battle and doesn’t need the money right now either. Clyde comments that it must be nice. Clyde says it might be a blessing that EJ turned down his business opportunity because he thinks Lucas would be a much better partner.

Jan continues complaining of her stomach pain and pleads with Marlena to help her.

Belle tells Shawn that she is not sleeping with EJ, she is sleeping by herself in a guest room because she can’t spend another night at Marlena’s. Shawn argues that Belle could have gone to the Salem Inn or any other hotel, but she knew that coming here would send a message. Belle says she was too busy dealing with the shock of being utterly betrayed by her entire family. Shawn argues that everybody is on Belle’s side. Belle asks how when she was already living with her worst nightmare by Jan having her husband’s baby and living in her house and now her mother wants to be Jan’s therapist while Shawn and John just go along with it. Shawn states that Jan needs help and if she doesn’t get it, the innocent baby will suffer. Shawn prays that Marlena succeeds for everyone’s sake. Susan encourages that she will because Marlena can work miracles. Susan then apologizes as it’s not her business. Belle asks if they are just going to live happily ever after if Jan is cured and is no longer a homicidal maniac. Shawn then gets a call from Marlena which Belle mocks. Shawn answers and asks if everything is okay. Shawn says he’s on his way and hangs up, revealing they have gone to the hospital because Jan is in labor.

Clyde tells Lucas that the opportunity he mentioned is very lucrative as he puts a little money in and takes a whole lot out. Clyde asks if Lucas is interested. Lucas guesses there’s no way it’s legal and he’d like to stay out of prison. Clyde says if he changes his mind, he knows where to find him. Clyde adds that if EJ was going around saying he committed a crime that he didn’t, he wouldn’t be too happy about it. Lucas responds that he’s not happy about it but there’s nothing he can do. Clyde remarks that there’s always something he can do and he might just need a little help doing it. Clyde suggests maybe they could help each other. Lucas says maybe, so Clyde tells him to think about it and walks away.

Abigail steps on the remains of Gwen’s mug, smashing it into pieces. Gwen questions what the hell she did that for. Abigail says she put that thing out of it’s misery. Gwen cries that the thing was a gift for their father and she just deliberately destroyed it. Abigail shouts that Gwen destroys everything she touches so she has no right to complain. Gwen asks what is wrong with her. Abigail argues that Gwen tried to ruin her life and then tormented her forever about the death of her grandmother. Gwen yells that Abigail didn’t have to break her gift. Abigail remarks that she’s lucky that’s all she broke. Gwen says she’ll just make another one. Abigail tells her to make a whole set because she will have plenty of time for it. Gwen calls her a selfish bitch and vows to make her pay for this. Abigail then exits the prison.

Belle asks if Shawn just said Jan is in labor. EJ tells Belle that he’s so sorry. Susan decides she will leave now but EJ asks what she has planned for the day. Susan says nothing so EJ invites her to join them for brunch. Susan declines as she doesn’t want to be the third wheel. Susan reminds EJ that Belle is still married and EJ is still married to her sister. Susan knows Sami has moved on, but she doesn’t think EJ has and she’s not convinced that EJ is over Sami. Susan then exits the room.

Shawn goes to the hospital, on the phone explaining that Jan’s ankle monitor went off because she was admitted to the hospital and he will clear everything up with her probation officer. Shawn asks Marlena where Jan is. Marlena directs him to her room up the hall.

Lucas remains at the counter of the Pub, staring at the drink that Clyde left on the bar until Kate walks in and questions what the hell he’s doing.

Belle tells EJ that no matter how hard she tries to wrap her head around it, she can’t believe Jan is at the hospital now about to deliver her husband’s baby. Belle points out that Jan is going in to labor a lot sooner than she was supposed to so the baby will be very premature. EJ then remarks that maybe there’s a bright side and the child won’t survive.

Shawn goes to Jan’s hospital room. Jan thanks him for coming and says it’s too soon so the baby can’t come yet. Shawn encourages that the doctors will take care of her. Jan asks what if something happens. Jan cries that she already loves the baby more than anything in the world and she’s scared. Shawn holds her hand and assures that everything will be alright as he’s there.

Chad and Abigail sit together in the town square. Abigail explains to Chad that Gwen asked her to give Jack a mug but claims she accidentally dropped it. Abigail then admits she smashed it on purpose and Gwen was not too happy about it. Abigail adds that Gwen threatened to make her pay.

Gwen makes a call from prison and says she needs to talk about Abigail. Gwen declares that if she doesn’t get to spend her father’s birthday with him, then neither does Abigail.

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