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Brady goes to Basic Black where Nicole is working. She asks about his meeting at Titan. Brady responds that it was long but the main takeaway was that Alex loved Nicole’s cover shoot with Eric for Bella Magazine and wouldn’t shut up about the chemistry they had. Brady reveals that Alex is so excited that he wants to a second cover shoot with them.

Eric sits at the Brady Pub and looks at Jada’s number on his phone when Rafe enters the Pub and approaches him.

In the DiMera Office, Stefan grabs Gabi and says he hates her. Gabi responds that she hates him more.

Li sits in the town square while on the phone, asking if they are sure that Wendy logged in from Jakarta. Li thanks them for the information and hangs up, wondering what Wendy is up to.

Johnny and Wendy get close as he asks her what’s wrong. Wendy says his hands are freezing. Johnny disagrees and wonders if she’s getting sick as he touches her face. Wendy then admits maybe she is a little nervous. Johnny apologizes if he made her uncomfortable but Wendy says it’s not him, it’s what they are about to do. Wendy talks about tracking down the mysterious Dr. Rolf and worries that he’s a really dangerous guy. Johnny questions if they are talking about his cold hands or if she’s getting cold feet. Johnny asks if she wants to abort the mission.

Stefan and Gabi pull away from each other when Chloe enters the office. Gabi questions what Chloe is doing there. Chloe informs her that she works here now. Gabi asks if Basic Black is operating out of DiMera Enterprises offices now. Chloe reveals that she’s no longer at Basic Black and was promoted to DiMera. Gabi accuses Stefan of giving his girlfriend a promotion, but Stefan reveals that Li did and questions him not telling her.

Li wonders what the hell Wendy is doing in Jakarta, arguing that he knows she’s not there on DiMera business.

Wendy assures Johnny that she does not want to abort the mission after spending 36 hours to get here and that she’s totally committed to this. Wendy declares that if Li is involved in something shady, she needs to know. Johnny is glad she still feels that way. Wendy hopes there is some other reason that Li sent Dr. Rolf here that doesn’t have to do with brainwashing Stefan because she’d hate to think Li is capable of something so vile. Johnny says the difference between them is he knows all too well what EJ is capable of, but he hopes she’s right. Wendy doesn’t know why she’s so tense since she prides herself on being tough. Johnny understands since she’s going up against an actual mad scientist with formulas that can warp your mind. Johnny promises Wendy that he’s got her back. Wendy assures that she will get her nerves under control. Johnny says he has faith in her. Wendy then gets a call from Li.

Brady asks if Nicole is okay, pointing out that she’s wearing the same thing that she had on yesterday. Nicole informs him that’s because she was at the office all night. Brady questions that and asks where Holly was. Nicole informs him that she was at Maggie’s as they had planned a sleepover. Brady knows they are a little behind with everything since Chloe left and she’s been dealing with the modeling shoot, but assures that working herself to death won’t help. Brady advises her to take care of herself. Nicole responds that she wasn’t working all night. Brady asks if she and Rafe had a fight. Nicole calls it an uncomfortable conversation. Brady guesses that it was about Eric. Brady knows Rafe wasn’t thrilled about her doing a shoot with Eric and offers to talk Alex out of doing a second shoot. Nicole reveals that it wasn’t about the cover, but that last night she told Rafe that she and Eric want to be together.

Rafe brings Nicole’s laptop to Eric as he figured she’d need it for work and says he’ll send the rest of her things over. Eric informs him that Nicole isn’t here and he hasn’t seen her since yesterday. Rafe questions Nicole not staying there last night which Eric confirms she did not. Eric tells Rafe that he’s sorry but Rafe doesn’t want to hear it. Rafe informs Eric that Nicole told him that she’s leaving him for Eric. Rafe questions again that Nicole didn’t stay there last night. Eric calls it complicated. Rafe responds that it has to be awkward moving her ex-wife in under the same roof as his now ex-girlfriend. Rafe asks if Jada is getting kicked out now. Eric says she’s not. Rafe can’t imagine Jada would want to stay given the circumstances or that Eric and Nicole would want her to. Rafe asks if he’s missing something. Eric then reveals to Rafe that Jada is pregnant.

Brady tells Nicole that he can’t say he’s surprised to hear this since she and Eric always find a way back to one another. Brady asks how Rafe took it. Nicole says as well as he’d expect. Nicole knows now that she never should’ve married Rafe but she can’t help feeling that she’s getting exactly what she deserves.

Gabi questions what Chloe did to deserve a job at DiMera HQ and remarks that it must have been good to overcome 16 negative reviews. Chloe explains that those reviews were all written by Kristen and were all false, adding that now that Kristen doesn’t work there, they have magically disappeared from her file. Gabi asks when this all happened. Chloe says it was last week. Stefan asks if Li told her and she forgot. Gabi insists that she doesn’t forget things. Stefan then suggests maybe Li is keeping secrets from Gabi.

Li calls Wendy, pointing out that she’s never away from her phone so he wonders if she’s avoiding him for some reason.

Johnny tells Wendy to let the call go to voicemail but Wendy says she can’t since Li knows she’s attached to her phone and she’s already missed some of his calls today, so he’d get suspicious. Johnny questions if he usually calls her several times a day like a controlling big brother. Wendy wonders if Li could be calling because of a work emergency while Johnny points out that Li could be on to them so they need to go find Dr. Rolf. Wendy then exits with Johnny.

Li leaves a message for Wendy to call him as soon as she gets it because it’s urgent.

Dr. Rolf is working in his lab as his phone rings nearby with a call from Li.

Gabi tells Stefan that Li doesn’t keep secrets from her. Stefan points out that she just said he didn’t tell her about Chloe’s promotion. Gabi argues that he probably didn’t think it was worth mentioning. Gabi adds that she understands why Chloe would want to work at DiMera and that she’s been having a hard time at Basic Black. Gabi guesses it’s probably a relief for Chloe to get away from Brady now that they have broken up. Gabi then gets a text about her wedding invitations and shows them pictures. Stefan questions Gabi getting married on New Year’s Eve. Gabi asks what could be better than the whole world throwing a party for them with fireworks. Gabi remarks that Stefan looks unsettled and asks if he has a problem with her getting married so soon.

Li leaves a message for Dr. Rolf, warning him that Wendy may try to contact him and he is not to tell her anything. Kristen walks by and questions him saying Rolf’s name, so she asks if there’s a problem. Li confirms that there is a big one.

Johnny and Wendy go to Dr. Rolf’s lab. Johnny tells her not to worry as he’ll be outside the entire time. Johnny instructs her on how to use the wire and microphone. Wendy jokes that she bets he never thought he’d be using his fancy film equipment for something like this. Johnny tells her about how when he was a kid, he wanted to be an FBI agent and learned a few tricks from Rafe. Wendy comments that it sounds like he’s had quite a past. Johnny says he’ll tell her all about it when they get home. Johnny reminds Wendy that if she needs any help at all, their secret word is “black belt”. Wendy then knocks on the door and greets Dr. Rolf when he answers the door.

Brady questions why Nicole would say that she’s getting what she deserves. Nicole brings up that she’s made so many bad choices, pointing out that she cheated on Eric with a man she detests, blew up EJ and Sami’s marriage, and then blew up Rafe’s relationship with Ava, who was her best friend at the time. Brady argues that Nicole did Rafe a favor there and EJ and Sami can take most of the credit for their own relationship falling apart. Nicole tells him to stop trying to make her feel better and remarks that she’s no better than Ava. Brady points out that Ava is a mafia princess and a ruthless criminal. Brady reminds her that Ava framed Rafe and tried to send him to prison. Nicole responds that she broke Rafe’s heart by continuing to tell him that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Brady feels she was saying what she believed at the time. Brady states that if anything, Nicole lied to herself. Nicole says when she stopped lying to herself and knew that she was falling back in love with Eric, she still told Rafe that she loved him and wanted to be with him. Brady understands it’s going to be tough on Rafe. Nicole reveals that Rafe’s not the only one because when Eric went to tell Jada the news, she had some news of her own to share.

Rafe questions Jada being pregnant. Eric reveals that’s why Jada fainted. Rafe remarks that Eric knocked Jada up despite knowing that he was in love with another woman. Eric declares this conversation to be over. Rafe asks if Jada knows that Eric is leaving her or if this changes his plans for the future. Jada then enters the Pub.

Nicole informs Brady that Jada just found out that she’s pregnant last night after fainting. Brady asks what that means for Nicole and Eric. Nicole responds that she doesn’t know since she was so rattled by the news that she took off and hasn’t spoken to Eric since. Brady asks if she’s just going to sit here and drive herself nuts. Brady suggests she call Eric and talk to him. Nicole worries that she doesn’t want to hear what she knows in her heart he’s going to say. Nicole says Eric is such a good guy and he’s always wanted a child, so she’s sure he’s going to do the right thing and stay with Jada.

Eric checks on Jada, who says she’s fine and is just here to get her stuff which Eric questions. Jada argues that he can’t expect her to stay here. Eric asks where she will go. Jada suggests the Salem Inn or that Steve and Kayla can help her find a place. Rafe stops her and asks if she needs a hand but she says she’s fine. Rafe points out that Jada can’t be lifting heavy boxes. Jada questions Eric telling Rafe that she’s pregnant and asks where the hell he gets off talking about her body to her boss. Eric apologizes. Jada questions if Eric was just trying to explain to Rafe why he’s not riding in to the sunset with his wife. Jada tells Eric not to let her stop him and that he can have Nicole because she wants nothing to do with him ever again.

Li sits with Kristen and tells her about Wendy being in Jakarta. Kristen questions how Wendy would have out where he stashed Dr. Rolf. Li says he has no clue because the only person he told was EJ. Kristen wonders why Wendy cares about Rolf at all to track him down halfway across the world. Li responds that the only possible reason he can think of is that she somehow suspects what they did to Stefan.

Dr. Rolf asks who the hell Wendy is. Wendy introduces herself as Li’s sister and says she’s heard so much about him. Wendy claims that Li sent her personally to ensure he has everything he needs. Wendy calls the lab beautiful. Dr. Rolf asks her to get him another supply of fruit flies which she says she will get right on. Dr. Rolf mentions being surprised that Li didn’t let him know she was coming. Wendy says she’s sure he sent him an e-mail and he probably just missed it since he was determined to give him a royal welcome. Wendy adds that Li is extremely grateful for everything Dr. Rolf has done for him. Dr. Rolf says she must mean his years of faithful service to DiMera Enterprises. Wendy says there’s that but also the way he brainwashed Stefan in to falling out of love with Gabi, so that Li could have her to himself. Johnny listens in from outside the lab.

Stefan tells Gabi that he has no problem with her wedding and asks why he would care. Gabi asks why he brought it up then. Stefan says he just doesn’t know why she’s getting married so soon when she’s a bells and whistles type of person and that takes time. Gabi argues that she’s known Li for years. Stefan brings up that weeks ago, she said she loved him and asks if now she’s getting married to throw it in his face. Gabi remarks that he’s lucky that’s the only thing she threw in his face. Gabi argues that she was engaged to Li way before Stefan magically rose from the dead and she thought her marriage didn’t bother him. Stefan says it doesn’t and explains that it’s an important day for him because the first time he stepped foot in Salem was New Year’s Eve. Gabi says she knows since she was there the day that Vivian unleashed him on this town. Gabi tells him to think of all the pain they could’ve been spared if he just stayed where he came from. Chloe thinks Gabi is being a little harsh. Chloe knows Gabi is feeling some things and may be rejected, but they have both moved on. Gabi then questions if Stefan has moved on with Chloe. Gabi asks if they went trick or treating with Holly and then became a couple. Stefan points out that Gabi knew he had feelings for Chloe. Gabi remarks that Chloe moves fast while Stefan argues that Brady moved Kristen in to his house, so he asks why Chloe shouldn’t be able to move on with her life. Gabi asks if next they are going to tell her that their wedding day is Christmas. Chloe responds that they are taking things slowly. Gabi decides to go find Li and exits the office. Stefan remarks that he thought she would never leave.

Eric asks Jada if they can at least talk. Jada says there’s nothing to talk about and tells him to go be with Nicole as she doesn’t need him in her life and she can take care of herself. Eric argues that it’s not just about her anymore. Jada remarks that Eric would probably be with Nicole now if she didn’t find out she was pregnant. Eric states that it involves him as they are in this together. Rafe decides to give them some privacy and tells Jada to say the word if she needs anything or if she needs any time off. Jada thanks him and says she’ll let him know down the line, depending on what she decides to do. Rafe says he understands and exits the Pub. Jada tells Eric that she’s going to pack. Eric stops her and points out that they have separate rooms and she paid her rent for the month, so she doesn’t have to rush out. Jada guesses she can take some time to think things through. Eric knows she has decisions to make but before she does, he just wants her to know one thing.

Brady argues that Nicole doesn’t know what Eric is going to do as Jada being pregnant doesn’t mean he is going to stay with her. Brady points out that people co-parent all the time without being couples. Nicole asks if he really thinks Eric is going to walk away from the mother of his child. Nicole then brings up Brady and Chloe, which Brady says is a completely different situation. Nicole disagrees because Brady and Chloe love each other, but Brady broke up with her and moved Kristen in because she’s the mother of his child.

Kristen tells Li that Wendy just got in to town, so she questions why she would know anything about Stefan, much less care about what happened to him. Li says he’s been racking his brain trying to figure out what could be driving her. Li then reminds Kristen of when they came out of the conference room and Wendy was there. Kristen wonders if she was eavesdropping. Li points out that they were talking about Dr. Rolf. Kristen notes that he didn’t say anything about Jakarta. Li says it’s all starting to come together because Wendy has always been too curious for her own good. Kristen tells Li that he’s going to have to track down his sister and get her in line before she finds out what he did to Stefan.

Dr. Rolf claims he doesn’t know where Wendy heard that he brainwashed Stefan. Wendy claims that she heard it straight from Li and asks if he’s calling Li a liar. Dr. Rolf says of course not and that he’s just surprised he confided in her. Wendy claims that they tell each other everything as they are very close. Wendy adds that Li was extremely grateful for what Dr. Rolf did to make sure Stefan didn’t come between he and Gabi. Dr. Rolf says it was nothing and he was glad to help. Johnny listens in from outside and says now they just need to get EJ’s involvement on record. Wendy tells Dr. Rolf that working at DiMera Headquarters has been very enlightening, seeing all the alliances that seem to change by the day. Dr. Rolf calls it an invigorating place to work and remarks that change is the spice of life. Wendy brings up how a few weeks ago, EJ and Li were mortal enemies. Wendy then accidentally sets off a sensor in the lab which hurts Johnny’s ear as he was listening and he questions what that was. Dr. Rolf asks what he heard outside but Wendy claims not to have heard anything. Dr. Rolf checks his device and says it’s detecting electromagnetic interference. Wendy tries to leave but he stops her and uses the detector on her, saying he seems to have found the source is her. Dr. Rolf guesses that Li didn’t send Wendy and questions what she’s really doing here, wearing a wire. Wendy shouts for him not to come near her and says her and Johnny’s safe word of “black belt”. Johnny then tries to open the door as Wendy questions what Rolf is doing with the syringe. Johnny manages to get the door open and finds Wendy unconscious on the floor.

Stefan tells Chloe that he doesn’t know why he reacted like that or what kind of reaction Gabi was trying to get out him by rambling on about her wedding. Stefan asks if Gabi is trying to make him jealous. Chloe says she clearly is. Stefan insists he sees nothing but contempt when he looks at Gabi. Chloe asks if he’s sure about that.

Li questions Kristen saying it’s what he did to Stefan when it’s what they did. Kristen credits it as Li’s idea. Li points out that she gladly went along with it. Kristen says if she’s found out, no one will care which is an advantage of her reputation since everyone expects her to be underhanded and devious. Kristen adds that since Brady and Chloe already broke up, if Stefan does get his memory back, it will make no difference to her compared to if Gabi finds out what he did to Stefan. Gabi then walks by and greets them, asking what’s going on.

Brady tells Nicole that the situation between he and Kristen is extremely complicated. Nicole says she knows but what’s simple is that Brady and Kristen are together again, raising their child. Brady argues that Jada is not Kristen. Nicole brings up when she was with EJ and how she was so desperate to hang on to him that she stole Sami’s baby after she had a miscarriage. Nicole says EJ stayed with her and he’s hardly a man of honor and duty while they both know that Eric believes in the traditional meaning of family. Brady argues that’s not what they grew up with. Nicole suggests it’s what Eric has always dreamed of and he’s never been as close to having it as he is now.

Eric apologizes to Jada and says he’s sorry that he allowed them to get too serious. Jada says it’s good that he realized sooner than later that he’s in love with Nicole. Jada admits that she suspected it but chose to be in denial about it. Eric thought they were safe. Jada reminds him that birth control isn’t always 100%. Eric acknowledges that it’s Jada’s body and her choice, so he will support her in whatever she decides to do. Jada is surprised that he’s so open minded since he used to be a priest. Eric points out that he’s left the priesthood twice, so he’s not going to make any demands. Eric then admits that if it makes a difference, he always wanted a child but never thought he’d have one of his own. Eric tells Jada that if she does decide to carry the baby, she can count on his support, financially and any other way she wants. Eric promises to be there for the baby and for her if she wants him to be. Jada asks where that leaves he and Nicole.

Nicole tells Brady that she can’t ask Eric to turn his back on the one thing he’s wanted his whole life. Brady points out that Eric has wanted Nicole his whole life. Brady knows Nicole has often thought she doesn’t deserve happiness but she does and so does Eric. Brady hopes they find that happiness together. Nicole thanks Brady and hugs him, calling him the best friend anyone could ask for. Rafe then arrives and drops off Nicole’s laptop, mentioning that he brought it by the Pub but she wasn’t there. Rafe adds that he just heard about Jada’s news and guesses that really throws a wrench in to her plans with Eric, but remarks that clearly she’s already moved on. Nicole argues that Brady is just being a friend. Rafe says knowing her, she should keep her options open and tells her to never come crawling back to him.

Stefan assures Chloe that he hates Gabi but notes that she still doesn’t seem convinced. Chloe feels Stefan was very eager to throw their relationship in Gabi’s face. Stefan says he wanted Gabi to see that he’s very happy with Chloe and that she’s the only woman for him. Chloe and Stefan then kiss.

Gabi asks if she’s interrupting something. Li claims that Kristen was just asking for her job back and got upset when he told her there’s nothing he can do without EJ’s approval, since he is only second in command. Kristen says it was worth a shot but if there’s nothing he can do for her, there’s no point in wasting their time, so Kristen walks away. Gabi then asks Li if he’s lying to her. Li asks what she’s talking about. Gabi reminds him that he told her he would talk to EJ about getting her Gabi Chic back, but he just told Kristen that he couldn’t even get her, her old job back at DiMera. Gabi argues that Li made it seem like getting Gabi Chic back was very doable and questions why he made it seem like he had the power to help her. Li argues that those are two completely different situations since EJ sees Kristen as a traitor and wants her nowhere near him, while Gabi is more of a minor annoyance to EJ. Li adds that EJ doesn’t need two fashion houses anyway. Gabi agrees and thanks him, calling him the best. Gabi asks if Li managed to find his sister. Li informs her that it turns out, Wendy was playing hooky. Gabi calls that strange since she was so eager to get this job at DiMera Headquarters, so she questions why Wendy would blow it off on her second week at work. Li responds that she doesn’t know Wendy as well as he does and she’s full of surprises..

Johnny checks on Wendy and asks if she can hear him. Johnny worries about what was done to her as Dr. Rolf then reappears and stabs Johnny from behind with the syringe. Johnny then collapses and passes out next to Wendy.

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