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Recap written by Christine

Jack told the weeping Allie that he didn’t mean to upset her when he said the Abbotts were her family. She assured him he didn’t do anything wrong. She appreciated him saying that. She tried to say more, but she broke down sobbing. Jack had sensed from the moment Allie got here that something was weighing on her. He wouldn’t have left earlier if not for there being another family issue, with Kyle. He assured her he was here now, and she had his full attention. Allie was so embarrassed. She didn’t usually lose control and cry in front of someone she didn’t know that long. He said he wasn’t a stranger – he was her grandfather. He said she always had a soft spot to land here. He made a lot of mistakes with her father, and he didn’t want to repeat them. Allie said her mother came back to LA after Jack and Phyllis left. Allie had hoped her mom came to spend time with her, but that wasn’t the case. Her mother came to sign some legal papers related to Keemo’s estate. Allie wished she could’ve talked to her mom about the Abbotts, but she never got the chance.

Allie’s mom came to LA, got a hotel for one night, signed the papers and left at the crack of dawn the next day. As a parent, Jack found that unconscionable. Allie said it would’ve been better if she’d never seen her mother at all, because seeing her like that just ripped the wound open. The lack of relationship with her mom made her miss her dad even more. “He was all that I had and now he’s gone,” she cried. Jack knew the loss of a parent was hard. Allie had felt empty and lonely, and she’d felt compelled, without even thinking about it, to come see Jack. He pulled her close and she cried on his shoulder. Once Allie had composed herself, Jack offered some sympathetic thoughts about parent/child relationships. Jack was sure there was more to the story with Allie and her mom, and he wasn’t going to pressure her to say more. He was happy, proud and grateful she came to him. He wanted her to think of this as her home.

In The Grand Phoenix lobby, Diane just learned that Kyle was going back to Italy. She assumed that he’d decided he didn’t want anything to do with her. She took it well, but she was clearly disappointed. Kyle and Diane went upstairs to talk in private, where he explained he was leaving town because he wanted to be with his wife. He still hadn’t made a decision about Diane. He needed to hear what Summer thought. She was curious what the Abbotts said about her after she left. He said it wasn’t his place to repeat what his family said. She understood. She asked what she could do to get another chance with him.

Diane was willing to do whatever it took. She’d take another grilling from the Abbotts, and she’d face the Newmans too. She wanted to show him she was worthy of another chance. He wasn’t sure there was one thing to do to make everything okay. She thought they could just open the door and take it from there. He said it was a dangerous door for him to open, because once he did, it would be hard to close it. He had to decide what to do. He hadn’t given up on her, but he had to figure out if that was because he still had a void created by her death. He also had to think of how this would affect Summer and Harrison. Diane smiled and said that was her grandson. Kyle said Harrison had already been through so much upheaval, and he refused to put his son through more. Diane was proud of the father Kyle became. He said he’d always put his son first. Diane said she tried to do the same, but she fell short. She guessed that if he was leaving, she should probably go back to LA. He said that was up to her whether she wanted to go back to her new life or mend other fences in Genoa City. Diane asked if there was someone specific Kyle wanted her to make amends to. She admitted she’d wronged a lot of people. He wasn’t talking about anyone in particular – that wasn’t his place. He also wasn’t making that a requirement for his forgiveness. He said he’d be in touch in a few days. He turned to go, but she asked if she could have a hug. They both had tears in their eyes. He nodded, and they embraced.

Kyle went back to the Abbott house. Allie told him she had no idea that Taylor – Diane was his mom. She thought Diane was just a random person buying her dad’s house. Kyle knew. Jack said they all knew that it was Diane’s machinations that put it all in motion. Jack invited Kyle to join him and Allie at Society. Kyle appreciated that, but he didn’t think it was possible. He’d love to get to know Allie better, but he was going to be taking Harrison home to Milan. Jack asked if something happened at the hotel. Kyle said he and Diane had a pleasant conversation. He just needed to get home to talk to Summer. Jack hated that Kyle and Harrison were leaving so soon. Kyle promised they’d come back soon. Jack hoped it wouldn’t be so dramatic next time. Kyle couldn’t promise that.

Lauren and Michael were at Society. They’d just returned from a vacation in France. They stayed at an airBnB run by a cute couple, and Lauren said that could be her and Michael some day. He asked if she wanted to run an inn. She thought running a winery would suit them better, but she did dream of retiring to France. She was hoping he’d rethink working for Victor, so they could ensure he didn’t end up with another experience like he had when he’d been thrown in a Peruvian prison. “You don’t like my work husband,” Michael said, laughing. Lauren never said she didn’t like Victor, and she wanted Michael to stop mocking her feelings. He said he wasn’t. He noted that Victor lent them a private jet to take to France. She thought that was the least Victor could do. Michael reasoned that his work would be less stressful now that Ashland had been purged from the company and his marriage to Victoria was being annulled. He hoped things would be quieter. She didn’t think things would ever be quieter with the Newmans. She fantasized about a life in the south of France. He said they could only have that life if she retired too. He asked if she was willing to do what she was asking of him and walk away from Fenmore’s.

Lauren thought Michael was being disingenuous. She said she could work remotely, which Victor would never tolerate. She said he chose to come out of retirement from the DA’s office and work for Victor, and he ended up in a prison cell. He blamed Ashland, but she maintained that Victor set it in motion. She asked what kind of hold Victor had on Michael that made him constantly defend him. Michael felt no need to defend his position. He said he helped Victor expose that treacherous snake. There was no telling what Ashland planned to do to Victoria if he got control of the company. “I help put a stop to that,” Michael stated. Lauren thought that was a good thing, but beside the point. Michael said that Lauren couldn’t run the company remotely while maintaining her high standards for it. He said the only way they could live a stress free life is if she let the company be run by someone else. She didn’t reply, and he said that meant her answer was no.

Michael wasn’t upset Lauren didn’t want to retire. He found her drive sexy. He just wished she could love his job. He promised they’d travel to every locale she wanted to, and eventually they’d retire somewhere, but not now while they were in their prime. She agreed that they were in their prime. He suggested that they continue to thrive in their respective careers, live their lives to the fullest, and when it was time, they’d walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand. She smiled and said he had a good point, but she added that her job was relatively safe. No one was going to put her behind bars because she declared pink the color of the season. He thought things with Victor would settle down, but if things became an issue, they’d revisit the topic. She wanted him to compare their wonderful trip to the time he spent behind bars.

Michael went to the Grand Phoenix bar, and unknowingly took the spot next to Diane. He saw her out of the corner of his eye, and she smiled. “No,” he said. “Yes. It’s me. I’m back,” she replied. Groaning, he noted that she was dead. “And now I’m not,” she replied. She said it was a blessing and a curse – she came back a changed woman, but no one would believe her. He asked if she ever thought anyone would. She’d hoped. She told him to give him her worst. She said she’d spent days explaining herself to people who didn’t believe her, and she was mentally and physically exhausted. She told him to go ahead and call her evil or a crazy bitch or whatever else he could think of. He warned her that he had a pretty good imagination. She’d thought it was possible to get a fresh start in Genoa City, but she was realizing that was increasingly unlikely. She told him to go ahead and insult her and storm off, so she could finish her drink in peace. He clarified that he actually thought it was pretty good to see her.

Diane wondered if Michael was happy to see her because he wanted to see her finally suffer for her crimes or because the town needed a new punching bag. “At least you have two kidneys,” he replied. He was genuinely glad she wasn’t dead. She wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him. He suggested that the new improved not-dead-Diane should be a smidge more trusting. She decided he was right. Phyllis exited the elevator and saw Diane and Michael clink glasses.

At the cottage, Sharon came downstairs in her black dress for the memorial service. Nick and Faith thought she looked beautiful. He’d talked to Chance and Abby, and they were going to meet them at the church. Chance had told Sharon that the GCPD was going to hold their own memorial service for Rey. Noah came downstairs and said he put together a slide show of photos for the service. Mariah and Tessa came in with food for after the service. Sharon was grateful everyone was here. Chelsea showed up. She’d heard about the memorial service, and she wanted to attend, but she understood if this was family only. Mariah gently explained that this was just for the family and Rey’s partner, but Sharon spoke up and said Chelsea could come. Sharon knew Chelsea and Rey were close friends, and she hoped Chelsea didn’t blame herself for his death. Sharon said Rey had a heart attack, and he didn’t die because he was on the road getting the tickets.

The service happened off screen. Everyone, minus Chance and Abby, returned to the cottage for refreshments. Chance had to work, and Abby went home to the baby. Chelsea declined the food, because she didn’t have an appetite. Sharon thanked everyone for coming. She loved the song Tessa sang and Noah’s photo montage. She’d always remember Chance’s lovely eulogy. She thought Rey would be proud of the memorial. Nick said Rey was determined to turn him into a soccer fan. He reminisced about their little arguments over whether soccer or American football was better.

Noah said Rey was easy to be around and treated him like a buddy, not his wife’s son. Noah said he went to the coffee shop after a date that went well, and Rey noticed Noah missed a button on his shirt. Noah was glad Rey pointed it out before Sharon or anyone else saw it. Sharon wondered who this woman that Noah was with. Faith hoped Rey knew what a part of the family he was. Sharon said everyone’s memories today proved that he did. Sharon asked if Chelsea wanted to share anything. Chelsea appreciated how wonderful Rey was with Connor. She got choked up and couldn’t say more.

Tessa appreciated Rey working behind the scenes to help her sister. She’d never be able to thank him. It made Mariah wonder how many people Rey helped that htey’d never know about. Sharon had received a lot of emails and notes from people Rey helped out. Some of the things Rey told her about, but he’d downplayed them, and other things she never heard about, because Rey wasn’t in it to get accolades.

Noah said he’d take Sharon to the airport, or fly with her if she wanted. She appreciated it, but she didn’t want him to take time off work. Chelsea asked where Sharon was going. Sharon said she was taking Rey to Miami, so he could be buried there, as his mother wanted. Mariah wanted to go to Miami too, but Sharon thought she should stay and work on the wedding. Nick also offered to go. Sharon said it wasn’t necessary, and he might have to deal with Diane. She appreciated everyone’s offers, but this was the last trip she’d ever take with Rey, and she’d prefer it if it was just the two of them. Everyone understood. Sharon was going to go rest before her trip to the airport. She thanked everyone again for their support and said she loved them all. This memorial was just what she needed.

Tessa and Mariah went home. Mariah thought Sharon was going to be okay, and she was a little less worried about her now. It made Mariah feel less guilty about going forward with the wedding planning. It was nice to have something to look forward to. They couldn’t wait to be each other’s wives. They kissed.

Chelsea went home to her suite. She said Rey was good to her son, and good to her too. So kind and generous. She thought that what they shared was a genuine bond that was stronger than friendship. She felt guilty saying that, but it was true. She wasn’t sure if it would’ve developed into something more. Chelsea would’ve felt bad if it had, since Sharon was a good woman who truly loved Rey, and Chelsea already put Sharon through a lot of pain. Chelsea said none of this mattered because Rey was gone. She felt angry and sad because she’d lost a potential future with a man that she could’ve loved. Once again, her happiness had been ripped away. She wondered when she’d get to win.

Sharon was in her living room by herself. She picked up a photo of herself and Rey, and she held it to her heart.

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