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Roman checks on Kate in bed. She complains that she’s wide awake and thought coming here instead of the hospital would help. Roman says he has something that might help as he then brings in her son Rex, who greets her with a hug.

Stephanie goes to the hospital as Steve is finishing a call. Stephanie confronts Steve over not updating her on Kayla. Stephanie questions not hearing from him that Kayla got so sick that she was in the hospital. Steve says he didn’t want to worry her. Stephanie argues that she’s not a child and complains that she had to hear it from Eric, who thought she already knew that not only is Kayla sick but so are Marlena and Kate. Stephanie asks if they are going to make it. Steve responds that right now, they just don’t know.

John prays in the chapel and talks about whipping the Devil again, but now they are up against another force of darkness in Orpheus. John prays for God to give Kayla, Kate, and Marlena the strength to fight this. Brady enters and tells him that Eric and Belle are in with Marlena now as she sleeps. John mentions sitting up with her all night. John says he wants to help the woman he loves from suffering but there’s not a damn thing he can do except pray as Brady hugs him.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room with flowers and gift bags. Chloe questions what he’s doing here and reminds him that she’s with Brady now so he stopped by for no reason. Stefan responds that he came to wish her a happy birthday.

Dr. Rolf works in his lab until Kristen comes in and startles him. Dr. Rolf tells her that he’s working on perhaps his most important project ever. Kristen says she has a new project for him, so he’s going to have put that one on hold. Dr. Rolf questions what it is. Kristen doesn’t know the technical term but tells Dr. Rolf that she needs him to fry Chloe’s brain.

Steve apologizes to Stephanie for not telling her but he wanted to wait until they had a better idea as to what they are dealing with. Steve mentions waiting on more test results. Stephanie argues that it’s just like when Marlena and Kayla were kidnapped and asks what his excuse is this time. Stephanie points out that he clearly still doesn’t have the information. Steve informs her that what they do now is that Orpheus is behind this too.

John tells Brady that he just talked to Roman, who said Kate and Kayla are failing just like Marlena and their fevers are getting worse. John adds that the medication isn’t doing anything and they can’t find a cure unless they find out exactly what Orpheus did to them. John mentions that even the ISA are totally stumped. John complains about having to just sit here and wait.

Rex tells Kate that he came as soon as he heard. Rex feels Kate should be in the hospital. Kate asks what the point is since there is nothing they can do for her, so she wishes Rex hadn’t come. Rex says it’s too bad because he’s here to watch her get better. Rex encourages that they will figure out what’s making her sick and find a cure and he will be by her side until they do.

Stefan praises Chloe and gives her flowers for her birthday. Stefan asks if she has any special plans or if anyone is throwing her a party. Chloe says no. Stefan questions if no one else remembered her birthday. Chloe admits that no one did. Stefan points out that only he did.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that he does not fry brains. Kristen complains that Chloe’s is so small that it won’t be too challenging. Dr. Rolf asks Kristen to go because he’s busy. Kristen argues that she can’t let Chloe get away with what happened. Dr. Rolf responds that she doesn’t need him, she needs a lawyer. Kristen tells him about how she represented herself and she was so close to victory, but then suddenly the judge ruled against her. Kristen blames Chloe since she saw Chloe skulking around the court house right before the decision. Kristen doesn’t know what Chloe did but says she definitely pulled something and now she’s lost her daughter. Dr. Rolf wishes he could help her. Kristen tells him that he is going to help her and together, they are going to stop that homewrecking whore once and for all.

Stefan questions all of the people that Chloe loves forgetting her birthday. Chloe wants to drop the subject and says it’s totally understandable that it was forgotten. Stefan calls her awfully forgiving. Chloe feels there’s nothing to forgive since her father just went through a horrible divorce and breakup while her mother almost married a murderer, so she’s obviously a mess. Stefan says he’s sorry about that. Chloe is glad Nancy found out about Clyde before their wedding, but she can’t believe what he did to Abigail and Sonny and that he tried to kill Chad too. Stefan is glad EJ shot him and saved Chad’s life. Chloe mentions that Clyde survived. Chloe says the point is that her parents have so much going on that they probably don’t know what day it is. Chloe jokes that her little sister has never remembered her birthday so that’s no surprise. Stefan says all of that makes sense and is understandable, but questions what Brady’s excuse is.

John tells Brady that he’s been so wrapped up with Marlena that he didn’t even ask him about the custody hearing or apologize for losing it on the stand. Brady tells him not to worry about it as the case is closed and he won, so he still has custody of Rachel. John calls that great news and says he’s so glad it went his way. Brady notes that he has Chloe to thank since she went to bat for him with the judge and it made all the difference. John tells him that he and Marlena are so happy that Brady and Chloe are back together again.

Roman assures that they are going to find a cure and he knows Kate believed that when she checked herself out of the hospital. Kate wishes she still felt that way, but it’s hard to be optimistic when she keeps feeling worse. Kate doesn’t see how they can find a cure when they don’t know what’s wrong. Rex encourages that they will and they are on it. Rex says Roman gave him all the information so he’s gone over all of it. Rex adds that he will confer with other doctors but he’s pretty sure it’s not a natural pathogen. Roman asks if he’s saying this could be man made by Orpheus. Rex says he could be proven wrong, but right now he thinks Orpheus created this in a lab.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf that all he has to do is kidnap Chloe, bring her here, and then zap her love for Brady out of her brain and strengthen her love and feelings for Stefan. Dr. Rolf says it’s out of the question. Kristen argues that he did it with Stefan and that she’s simply asking him to make he and Chloe’s feelings reciprocal. Kristen yells at him to get on it and get started now. Dr. Rolf repeats that it’s out of the question.

Steve and Stephanie go to Kayla’s hospital room. Stephanie hugs Kayla and apologizes for not being there sooner. Kayla says it’s okay as she didn’t want Steve to worry her. Kayla says she wants to go check on Marlena but they tell her that she has to take care of herself too. Steve assures her that Marlena is getting top notch care. Steve decides he will go check with Marlena to make Kayla feel better while Stephanie stays with Kayla.

Chloe tells Stefan that Brady forgot her birthday because he has so much going on right now too as he’s at the hospital with John because Marlena is very sick. Stefan apologizes as he didn’t know. Chloe adds that Brady also just went through a brutal custody battle with Stefan’s sister that was very stressful for him. Stefan asks if Kristen won. Chloe says she didn’t but the whole fight took a toll on Brady and now Marlena has a horrible disease. Stefan says he will definitely pray for Marlena as she was always kind to him even though he was not kind to her. Stefan admits he regrets locking Marlena up in the DiMera tunnels secret room. Stefan decides that Chloe has made it abundantly clear that she is in love with Brady, so he’s not going to push it and won’t pop in anymore. Stefan apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable. Chloe is sure it’s not easy coming back after four years. Stefan assures he will get over it eventually. Stefan hopes they can still be friends.

Dr. Rolf asks Kristen if she forgot they were recently pardoned. Kristen argues that she is the one who got him the pardon. Dr. Rolf says he’s grateful but he does not want to return to prison and he already put his freedom at risk by conditioning Stefan. Kristen argues that no one knows about that and they only know he kept Stefan alive for four years and brought him back with a new heart so he’s in the DiMeras good graces. Dr. Rolf wants to stay that way and play by the rules, so he strongly advises she do the same. Kristen questions sitting back and letting Chloe steal her life. Dr. Rolf worries that if Kristen kidnaps Chloe, they will send her back to prison. Kristen argues that the cops in town are too stupid to catch her. Dr. Rolf points out that she would end up on the run again and would never see Rachel again. Kristen complains that Brady won’t let her see Rachel now and blames Chloe for convincing him to cut her out of the picture. Kristen declares that she won’t stand for that and she will have her family back. Dr. Rolf knows how determined she is but he is equally determined to hold on to his freedom. Dr. Rolf declares that if Kristen wants to kidnap and brainwash Chloe, she’ll have to do it without him.

Rex asks if Kate thinks Orpheus has access to a lab. Kate doesn’t know why not since he has resources all over the world. Rex feels this would have to be local. Roman points out that Orpheus and Dr. Rolf were pardoned on the same day. Rex questions if he thinks that crazy bastard is involved in this. Roman points out that they teamed up before. Rex says Dr. Rolf is known to engineer things. Rex recalls when Roman was sick in South America. Roman notes that was 25 years ago. Rex says it would be a bizarre coincidence but he wonders if Kate, Marlena, and Kayla could have the exact same illness.

Kristen pleads with Dr. Rolf to be reasonable. Dr. Rolf feels he’s done enough for her already and begs her to leave him to his work. Kristen comments on everything he does being expensive. Kristen offers an infusion of cash to fuel his grand ambitions. Kristen says if Dr. Rolf helps her with Chloe, she’ll make it worth his while. Dr. Rolf says she’s wasting their time. Kristen tells him to think about what he can do with all that money. Dr. Rolf refuses to make Chloe a subject. Kristen then argues that he’s dishonoring Stefano’s memory by refusing to help her. Dr. Rolf thinks Stefano would respect that he has far more important things to deal with than her love life. Kristen asks like what. Dr. Rolf then informs her that Orpheus broke in and stole a deadly toxin. Kristen argues that Orpheus is back behind bars so it’s not like he can do anything with it. Dr. Rolf responds that she’s wrong because he already has.

Stephanie can’t believe Orpheus did this to Kayla. Stephanie brings up Steve warning her that he was a serious threat and she just thought he was being overprotective. Kayla starts coughing so Stephanie asks if she should get a nurse. Kayla says a nurse can’t help her but having her there is lifting her spirits, so she is all she needs. Stephanie thinks they need to call Joey and Tripp to let them know what’s going on. Kayla doesn’t want them jumping on a plane. Stephanie says they will as soon as they find out she’s in the hospital and she can’t stop them. Kayla asks Stephanie to put a positive PR spin on this.

Brady and John come out from the chapel and run in to Steve at the hospital. Steve says he just talked with Dr. Patel, who said there has been no change and all they can do now is treat the symptoms. Steve says they just have to hope the ISA will come through with answers. John wants to go confront Orpheus at the police station but Steve reveals he tried that yesterday and almost killed him. Brady questions what happened. Steve says Orpheus pushed his buttons until he lost it, so if John goes now, the same thing will happen and it won’t help. John complains that they need something to go on. Steve feels someone is going to crack this open soon.

Roman questions Rex thinking that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena could have the same illness that he had 25 years ago. Rex calls it a hunch but thinks it’s worth looking in to. Roman points out that the circumstances couldn’t be more different since he was undercover with the ISA on another continent. Rex points out that he was exposed to a deadly toxin and he thinks it could be the same. Kate agrees that it makes a strange sort of sense since Orpheus’ vendetta begins with Roman as he targets him for his wife’s death. Roman admits that Orpheus did seem to single him out in the Pub. Rex says this would be poetic justice for Orpheus. Rex wants to compare Roman’s medical records from back then to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s. Roman gives Rex his permission. Rex tells Kate that they will figure this out and she will be cured of whatever this is. Rex says goodbye to them and exits for the hospital.

Stephanie calls Joey and tells him about Kayla. Stephanie assures that if she thought he needed to come, she would have booked his ticket already. Stephanie tells Kayla that Joey wants to talk to her but Kayla says no. Stephanie then claims that one of Kayla’s doctors just walked in and promises to call Joey back, then hangs up. Stephanie tells Kayla that she can’t put them off forever. Kayla knows she hates lying to them. Stephanie questions why Kayla didn’t want to talk to Joey. Kayla says she doesn’t feel well and he would hear it in her voice while she feels she needs to be strong. Stephanie hugs her as they cry.

Rex goes to the hospital and greets John and Steve. Rex informs them that he has a hunch about what’s going on with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena but he needs to get on a computer to look up old records. Steve is sure Kayla wouldn’t mind him using her office. Rex says he won’t be long because he knows what he’s looking for. John asks if there is anything they can do. Rex tells them to stick around because if he’s correct, he might need their help.

Dr. Rolf informs Kristen that Orpheus stole this toxin and then used it to make Marlena, Kate, and Kayla very sick. Kristen realizes that’s what John meant when he said Marlena could be dying. Kristen asks if it’s really that bad. Dr. Rolf responds that she should not be surprised since she’s seen this illness before when it almost killed Roman. Kristen questions him saying that the women have the same illness that Roman had 25 years ago. Dr. Rolf confirms that and if anything happens to them, he could be blamed since Orpheus stole the toxin from him. Dr. Rolf declares that now she can understand why he doesn’t have time for her ridiculous obsession with Chloe.

Stefan asks Chloe if he can still give her his birthday gifts as a friend. Stefan gives her a bottle of champagne and suggests they have a toast. Chloe thinks it’s a little early, so Stefan offers her a mimosa which Chloe admits does sound good. Stefan pours their glasses and toasts to the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met. Brady then walks in to see them having drinks together. Brady questions what the hell is going on here. Stefan says he’d expect Brady to comment on it being amazing that he’s alive. Brady says he’s glad to see that but he’s not glad to see him with his girl having drinks. Chloe clarifies that it’s okay as Stefan knows she and Brady are in a relationship and that they were just establishing that they are just friends. Stefan adds that he just came by to wish his friend a happy birthday. Brady realizes he forgot her birthday. Chloe tells him it’s okay as she doesn’t like making it a big deal. Brady apologizes and promises they will do something fun tonight. Stefan comments that he’d ask Brady to join them in a toast but he’s still not drinking. Brady wants some alone time with his girl so Stefan agrees to get out of his hair. Stefan tells Chloe happy birthday and that he’ll see her sometime soon. Stefan finishes his drink and then exits the room.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that so far, no one knows he was in possession of that toxin, but if it were ever traced back to him then he’d be in a world of trouble. Kristen questions what the hell he was doing with it anyways. Dr. Rolf says he was preserving it for research purposes and never meant to hurt anyone. Kristen points out that he did and if anything happens to Marlena, Rachel would be devastated. Kristen adds that Dr. Rolf saved Roman once when Stefano instructed him to come up with a cure. Dr. Rolf recalls Stefano offering to trade the cure from his freedom from prison. Kristen remembers them bringing John and Hope to his lab. Dr. Rolf says only Stefano’s brilliant mind could conceive the projects he had him working on. Kristen reminds him of how he perfected the cure for Roman and says he cured this disease once before, so she asks if he can do it again.

Rex shows John and Steve the lab results of Roman’s from 25 years ago which are very similar to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Rex admits the symptoms are slightly different but Orpheus infected them with a very serious toxin so he thinks the best way to treat this illness is the same way they treated Roman’s and to pray that it cures them.

Stefan returns to the DiMera Mansion and tells the portrait of Stefano that he’s making progress and taking it one step at a time. Stefan declares that he will win because whenever he wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance and he wants Chloe Lane, so he will not stop until she’s his.

Brady questions Stefan just showing up and not even calling. Chloe confirms that he did. Brady is sure Stefan was happy that he wasn’t there and that he forgot her birthday. Chloe assures it’s okay as he has so much going on. Chloe asks how Marlena is doing. Brady says it’s not good as her symptoms are getting worse just like Kate and Kayla. Brady worries about if they don’t find a cure as Chloe hugs him.

Stephanie talks to Kayla about how she used to take care of her when she was sick, so now she wants to take care of her. Stephanie calls it a rare opportunity to take care of her and says she loves her so much.

Roman tells Kate that he just got a text from Rex and he’s in to the hospital system. Roman encourages Kate that he has total confidence that Rex can help her. Kate hopes so as she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. Roman tells her not to give up as she has to hang on for him and her kids. Roman says he loves her way too much to let her give up.

Kristen comments on Dr. Rolf looking exhausted. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s been working around the clock. Kristen asks him to tell her what he’s been working on. Dr. Rolf decides that he will instead show her.

John tells Rex that curing Roman was a bit more complicated than just getting a prescription because he and Hope had to go through the jungle to find the rare orchid that Dr. Rolf used for the serum. Steve declares that they need to get their hands on one of those orchids then.

Dr. Rolf presents the orchid to Kristen as the key to bringing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla from the brink of death. Dr. Rolf declares that this can save their lives.

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