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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis caught Ashland as he skulked around Chancellor Park, and she asked why he was still in town. He told her to beat it, and she refused, since she was allowed to be here. He conceded he didn’t get to decide who came to the park or much of anything else these days. Phyllis said she might throw Victoria a party to celebrate her getting rid of Ashland. Phyllis realized Ashland must be here waiting for Harrison. She asked if he was planning to violate Kyle and Summer’s restraining order. He asked who appointed her the town police – he was just walking in a park and he had every right to be here. She listened to the Grinning Soul, and she was appalled by his cancer scam. He found it ironic that so many people with sordid pasts thought they had the right to judge him. He didn’t see why it was so terrible that he wanted to catch a glimpse of his son at a distance. She said she’d call Harrison’s parents if he violated the restraining order. She felt he and Diane had crossed a line they could never come back from. “You people have no mercy!,” he yelled. He didn’t see why it was so bad that he and Diane wanted to have a relationship with that sweet child. Phyllis accused Ashland of spinning out like a caged animal. She knew how dangerous that was. She left. He sank onto the bench and put his head in his hands. “Father!,” an excited Harrison yelled as he and Diane arrived.

Diane watched from a distance. She looked troubled, but made no attempt to intervene when Harrison ran to Ashland, or when Ashland scooped the boy up into his arms. Ashland told a white lie that he didn’t visit Harrison because he’d been busy with work. Ashland said he might have to leave again soon, so he was glad he was seeing Harrison right now. Diane flashed back to Michael asking her to let Ashland visit Harrison so they could catch him breaking the restraining order. Diane had balked about using Ashland’s love for his son against him. Michael said it was a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria. He told Diane that the Newmans would appreciate her cooperation, and Nikki might even be prevailed upon to drop the investigation into Diane’s past. In the present, Ashland wanted to buy Harrison an Italian ice from a nearby cart. Diane walked up and said she’d buy it while Ashland and Harrison talked. Ashland tearfully thanked Diane, and she told him to enjoy his time with his son. Diane told Harrison that she’d be watching him the whole time, so he should be good. He nodded.

Nikki grabbed coffee to go at Society, and she ran into Michael, who invited her to join him. She told him Ashland was back and that he came to Victoria’s office and asked Victor to lift the restraining order for Harrison. Michael already knew, because Victor texted him about it. Nikki didn’t like the idea of Ashland being around Harrison. Michael was hoping Ashland defied the restraining order. Nikki demanded an explanation. Michael said this was part of a contingency plan he and Victor came up with to have Ashland arrested for violating the order. Michael had asked Diane to help. Nikki thought that was a terrible idea, because Diane wasn’t trustworthy. “How can you put that child at risk?,” Nikki asked. Michael said Diane was Harrison’s grandmother, and she’d never put him at risk. Nikki didn’t think Diane had a protective bone in her body.

Michael said Diane refused to help, because she didn’t want to alienate Kyle. Nikki said Diane was thinking with her head for a change. Nikki hoped her investigator would help her find something on Diane that would drive her out of town. Michael said he hadn’t forgiven Nikki for firing him. She said Victor convinced her Michael wans’t suitable for the job. “No, Victor loves me,” Michael replied. Nikki added that there was a conflict of interest since Michael had befriended that woman for some bizarre reason. Michael said the PI firm in LA that he hired discovered something about Diane before he pulled them off the case.

Nikki said of course she wanted to know. Michael said, as he predicted, the PI firm found that Diane, or Taylor Jenkins, had a pristine record. Nothing so much as a parking ticket. Nikki was disturbed at how gleeful Michael was. She said that just because his firm didn’t find anything in the short time they searched didn’t mean anything wasn’t there. She didn’t understand how a man as savvy as him could be taken in like this. He asked if she’d never once needed forgiveness. She said she’d never done anything as evil as what Diane had done to Nikki and her family. Diane texted Michael that Harrison and Ashland were together at the park. Michael triumphantly told Nikki that Diane had made a step toward rectifying some of her so-called evil.

Back at the park, Ashland said that while he wished he could spend more time with Harrison, he knew Harrison was having fun at the Abbott house and that his father and stepmom loved him. Harrison added that Dee Dee loved him too. Diane overheard Harrison and smiled. Michael texted back that he’d alerted the police. He told Diane to keep Ashland there.

Nate was in Lily’s office. He showed her pictures of Elena sightseeing in Hawaii after a successful presentation at the conference. Imani entered, then apologized for interrupting. She heard about the pictures and asked to see, so Nate showed her. Imani said it looked like Elena didn’t have a care in the world. Lily was sure Elena missed Nate. Lily was sorry Nate had to miss the trip because of work. Imani was glad Nate stayed because he was a huge help to her last night. Lily asked how. Nate explained that they were going to meet with Sally to try and get Elena out of her contract with Newman so she could do a medical podcast for Chancellor Winters. Lily hoped they could make that work because they needed more podcasts and having the face of AskMDNow back would be a huge win. Lily thought Amanda would be able to get anyone out of a contract. Imani said she hadn’t discussed it with Amanda, because she was busy dealing with their mom’s health issues. Nate continued that Sally backed out of the meeting. Imani said she freaked out last night over her mom’s seizure, and Nate peeled her off the ceiling and eased her concerns. She spent all night researching that rehab facility he told her about in Virginia. Now she just needed to convince her dad and Amanda to go along with it.

According to Imani, Amanda and Devon spent the night where Naya was. Last night, Nate had made Imani see that Naya had a long road to recovery and that an inpatient rehab was for the best. Imani talked to her family last night, and her father thought her mom would be more comfortable at home, and Amanda didn’t think Naya would like the idea of going to rehab in Virginia. Nate said that the rehab would increase Naya’s chances of getting her life back. Nate thought Naya would likely need intense physical and speech therapy. Imani said an aide coming to the house a few days a week wouldn’t cut it. Imani had learned the facility kept a strict schedule, and since Naya was stubborn, that could be a conflict. Lily was sorry – she knew how difficult this could be. Nate said the whole family had to be on board, starting with the patient. Imani was going to try and talk everyone into it, and even if that didn’t work, she appreciated having Nate there last night to lift her up. Lily seemed to observe the way Imani talked about Nate.

Nate decided to leave, and Imani was going to head out too, but Lily kept her behind for a chat. Lily was sorry if she pressured Imani about Elena’s contract. This company put family first, Lily said. Imani said there was no need to apologize. She was sure she could handle the workload and her mom’s situation. She said Nate helped her. Lily offered Imani time off with her mom. Imani thought it might be best to let Amanda handle things in person while Imani handled stuff from a distance and picked up the slack at work. Imani said the tension was causing some stress between her and her sister.

Imani went to Crimson Lights and talked to Amanda by phone. She thanked Amanda for convincing their mom to go to rehab. Amanda asked about work, and Imani said it was under control. Nate arrived, and Imani filled him in. he hoped he didn’t push her too far by suggesting a facility out of state. She thought this was just what Naya needed. He said Imani did her family a good service by convincing them to send Naya there. She was near tears, and she admitted she was scared. He held her and said it would be okay.

Chelsea met Kyle and Summer at Dive Bar. She broke the news that she wouldn’t be able to accept their job offer. Summer said that if this was about money or creative control, they could work something out. Chelsea said she realized she’d jumped into a stressful environment way too quickly. She said it was one thing to go back to a fashion platform that was already up and running, but it was with Adam, so he was her boss, her ex, they were co-parenting – it was too much. Summer thought that was part of the reason Chelsea was happy at Fenmore’s without Adam. Chelsea said she was, but she and Chloe had to deliver a whole new line in record time, and the chaos and pace caught up to her, and she had personal issues she had to deal with. She was glad she recognized it before she destroyed her friendship with Chloe. Summer and Kyle were understanding. They assured Chelsea that the offer was on the table if she ever wanted it and that they’d help if she needed it. Chelsea saw Billy show up. She said she already had something that would keep her busy.

Billy joined the group, and Chelsea said he asked her to consult on his podcast. That wasn’t what Summer was expecting. Chelsea said it couldn’t be further from the podcast world, yet it was still creative. Billy congratulated Kyle and Summer on making it home and bringing Marchetti with them. He was sure Jack and Phyllis were happy. Kyle added that Phyllis wasn’t happy Diane was back. Billy was pulling for Diane and hoped she’d redeem herself, which wouldn’t be easy in this town with all her enemies. Kyle said people were judgmental. Billy said it probably wasn’t easy for Phyllis either, because Diane put her through the wringer back in the day. Billy knew it must be hard for Kyle and Summer to be stuck between their mothers. He had some experience with that, as he had a mother with a reputation for being difficult too. Summer was impressed Billy was able to empathize with everyone. He replied that it took him long enough to mature. Michael texted Kyle about Harrison and Ashland being together. Kyle told Summer they had to go, and they rushed out.

Nikki and Michael showed up at the park, and he had to stop her from running to separate Ashland and Harrison. At that point, Diane returned with the Italian ice. Ashland tensed up when he saw that he was caught. Ashland got one last hug from Harrison and handed him off to his grandmother. Diane took Harrison out of the area. He tried to leave, but Nikki and Michael walked over, and Kyle and Summer approached from the other direction. Kyle demanded to know where his son was.

Chelsea had so many fun ideas for Billy’s podcast. He said it was their podcast. Her instincts told her this was what she needed. “So giving me grief about my take on the world is life-affirming for you. Good to know,” he quipped. She said it actually was, because by critiquing his self-analysis, it forced her to reflect on herself. She’d thought she was going in the right direction with her designs, but she was actually just treading water. No wonder Chloe was so worried, Chelsea said. Chelsea had been so focused on staying on her A game that it suddenly became more about quantity vs quality. She said she was stuck doing the same thing over and over, and nothing new was coming to her, and she started procrastinating and missing deadlines which drove Chloe bonkers and strained their friendship. Realizing all that felt like an awakening to Chelsea. He was glad to hear her say that because he had a similar moment when he decided to go forward with the podcast.

Billy took Chelsea to the recording studio. She thought their listeners would be intrigued if she and Billy told shared their past as a gambler and con artist. She said it would be about getting past the layer of salaciousness and exploring the notion that they were all just humans living in a competitive world. She said they’d have to be honest in what they’d done and how they changed, and the key was that they had to call each other out and they couldn’t let each other off the hook.

Chelsea sensed ambivalence in Billy. He said he loved the idea, but he wanted to remind her that Connor would hear this. He’d thought long and hard about Johnny and Katie and he went over it extensively with Lily before he put out the first episode. Chelsea already told Connor about it. She said she had no choice but to tell him because they went to see Anita. Anita had spent hours regaling Connor with stories of every scam. Chelsea was mortified and her mother kept telling her to lighten up. Chelsea had turned things around and used it as a teaching moment for Connor. Lily called Billy, and he told her he was in the studio with Chelsea. Lily told Billy not to forget about a meeting he was attending in her place. He said he’d handle it, then he said he loved her. Lily had something else to say, but Billy had already hung up.

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