Days: Beyond Update Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

In Monte Carlo, Monaco, “Kristen DiMera” is in a nightclub, reading an article about Kristen’s arrest and how she is back in the hands of authorities. She tosses the newspaper aside and says there’s nothing like bad press. A man at the bar asks if there was anything interesting in the paper. She says it was just some news from back home. He acknowledges her as a fellow American and introduces himself as Phil but she doesn’t reveal her name. Phil offers to buy her a drink to get her to open up which she accepts. Phil asks what brings her to Monte Carlo. She says it’s business. Phil says him too as he’s a professional gambler and a big thing in the poker world. Phil asks what line of work she is in. She claims human resources for a very small company. She decides she doesn’t want to talk about herself, but about him. Phil asks what she wants to know. She asks if he’s had any luck gambling this week. Phil reveals he was at a huge private poker game last night and won a very valuable artifact. She calls that fascinating and flirts with him. She suggests he take her up to his room for a nightcap so he immediately calls for the check.

Phil and “Kristen” have drinks in his room. Phil toasts to a night neither of them will ever forget. She asks if he has protection which he confirms, so she tells him to get undressed and join her on the bed. Phil moves towards her but she headbutts him down. “Kristen” then removes her clothes and wig, revealing himself to be Thomas Banks, the brother of Susan Banks. Thomas then pulls out a gun and shoots Phil, killing him. Thomas then steals the valuable artifact that Phil had. Thomas thanks him for the nightcap and exits the room.

Paul answers his door expecting Shane, but instead meets Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan of the ISA. Paul asks if Shane sent Andrew to deal with this. Andrew confirms that Shane is tied up with another case. Paul wonders what could be more important than one of Shane’s best friends being abducted. Andrew asks how about two of his best friends being abducted..

Megan Hathaway notes John and Steve knowing who she is even though she left had town before they arrived. John says she means that she was murdered by Larry Welch. Megan remarks that Stefano always said the pawn was a master of intelligence but he must be mistaken. Megan asks how she could have been murdered if she is standing here in front of them. Steve guesses that Dr. Rolf brought her back from the dead. Megan says there will be plenty of time to discuss but she’s every bit the Phoenix that her father was. John questions who it was that kidnapped them. Steve adds that he better not be going after their families. Megan assures that he’s not concerned with Kayla at the moment because he has another woman on his mind…

Hope and Michaels kiss, surprising Ciara and Ben. Hope then introduces him as Commander Harris Michaels to Ciara and Ben. Harris says he is with the navy and he met Hope at a naval base while Hope was island hopping at Greece. They talk about meeting at a restaurant and then going on a walk on the beach. Harris states they’ve been seeing each other ever since. Harris adds that Hope has told him so much about Ciara, Shawn, Belle, Doug, Julie, Eli, and Claire. Ciara calls that interesting because until this moment, they haven’t heard a single word about him.

Bo watches from Heaven, encouraging Ciara to give him Hell. Angela interrupts Bo, who complains about another man making moves on his wife and he doesn’t believe his intentions are honorable so he asks how to stop him. Angela reminds Bo that they’ve been over this that Hope is not his wife anymore and that they weren’t even together when he transitioned to the other side. Angela declares that Hope moved on a long time ago. Bo argues that in his heart, she has always been his wife so it’s difficult to watch this character take her for a ride. Angela argues that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do and adds that Bo wouldn’t even know the man existed if he didn’t hotwire the live stream. Bo says he knew something was going on and his gut tells him that Harris has an agenda. Bo tells her that she’ll see he’s right if she lets him watch a little longer. Angela reluctantly agrees to allow him to watch.

Ciara questions Hope and Harris seeing each other for over a year and they are just now hearing about it. Hope claims that she was just about to tell her when the doorbell rang. Ciara asks why not when they were talking last night or last year. Ben asks Harris where he’s from. Harris reveals that he’s from Salem and went to Salem High. Ciara guesses they must know a lot of the same people then. Hope confirms they know some and admits that Harris briefly dated Eve Donovan. Harris says he wasn’t too kind to her back in high school. Ciara notes that Eve is not so kind herself. Harris feels bad about how he treated her back then. Hope insists that Harris is one of the good guys…

Paul questions Andrew about John and Steve both being abducted by this maniac and argues that it can’t be a coincidence. Andrew assures that they are looking in to it and promises to do everything he can to bring John and Steve home. Paul asks what the plan is. Andrew says they will see if they can track Michaels on security camera to find out what he was doing before kidnapping John.

John asks Megan where they are anyway. Megan asks if her associate didn’t give any details. Steve reminds her that they were both unconscious when they were brought in. Megan tells them that they are guests on the DiMera Family Compound in Venezuela. John can’t believe she had them shipped all the way to South America. Steve guesses this is where she’s been hiding for the past several decades. Steve warns her about hurting his family. Megan assures that his family is fine as far as she knows.

Paul and Andrew find Harris Michaels on the security camera. Andrew retraces his steps to see where he was coming from. They notice a gym, so Andrew decides that’s a good place to start.

Tripp and Joey return to their apartment which is blocked off by caution tape. Joey notes that the local police searched the place last night. Tripp suggests maybe they missed something. Joey says if they did, Shane will have their head on a pike. They head inside. Tripp wonders where to start. They then hear a noise and realize someone is inside so they go to search the apartment.

Ciara questions why Hope didn’t tell her that she was seeing someone. Hope calls it complicated and says she wanted to make sure. Harris comments that it sounds like Bo was a great guy. Ciara assures he was the best. Harris knows his relationship with Hope has taken Ciara by surprise, but he wants her to know that he has nothing but the best intentions towards her and the utmost respect towards Bo. Harris prays that he can live up to the impeccable standard that Bo set.

Angela tells Bo that Harris isn’t so bad but Bo isn’t buying it. Angela points out that Hope thinks Harris Michaels is a great guy. Bo says that’s what worries him.

Andrew and Paul check out the gym as the last place Harris visited before coming to Paul’s apartment. They ask Chris at the front desk about “Officer Michaels” and are informed that he’s been coming in like clockwork the past few weeks but he isn’t interested in a membership and just keeps buying guest passes. Chris notes that he’s not the most friendly dude but he comes in pretty much every day. Chris introduces himself as Chris Kositchek and notes that he and his wife Savannah have owned the Body Connection for almost 40 years. Andrew asks if they can have a couple guest passes which Chris allows. Chris advises them to check the hot tub, commenting that people say it is to die for…

Steve warns Megan that if she did anything to his wife, he will make her wish that Larry Welch fried her ass in the hot tub all those years ago. John says that goes triple for him. Megan mocks them as two restrained senior citizen super spies. Megan adds that Larry Welch thought he had killed her before dumping her body in the hot tub at the Body Connection. Megan remarks that was meant for her nemesis, Hope. Megan calls murder by hot tub quite the concept.

Paul and Andrew go to the hot tub and Paul questions how this is supposed to help save his dad. Andrew reminds Paul that Chris said Michaels always comes in and uses the hot tub. Paul questions if he’s just going to come in for a quick soak after a couple kidnappings. Andrew says it’s the only lead they have right now and asks Paul to trust him. Andrew adds that it’s better than standing around, looking suspicious and suggests maybe they’ll meet someone who knows or is working with Michaels. As Paul and Andrew head to the hot tub, a worker enters and opens the door to the electrical breaker system…

Joey and Tripp discover that someone went through all of their stuff. Tripp says they seem to be gone but they then catch an Asian woman attempting to escape from the apartment. They catch her and struggle with her. Joey demands to know what she is doing in their apartment. She promises not to run if he lets her go, so he allows her and asks who she is. She says she’s none of his business. Tripp says she can tell the police then or the ISA. She stops him and introduces herself as Wendy Shin. Tripp questions what she is doing in their apartment. Joey asks what she knows about Steve’s disappearance.

John asks Megan if Larry murdered her and then electrocuting her. John says he’s used to the DiMeras having nine lives but she seems particularly resilient. Steve asks how she did survive all of that. Megan reveals that Stefano had her put in a cryonic state until he could find a cure for her injuries. Steve jokes that it’s like defrosting a chicken. Megan argues that they know anything is possible when dealing with Stefano DiMera. Megan brings up when Stefano lived inside of Steve for awhile. Megan says they are the lucky ones as she can think of a couple others who might not be so lucky. John and Steve question what she’s talking about. Megan responds that she just has a feeling that history is about to repeat itself…

Paul tells Andrew about how John flew in to help him celebrate Pride. Andrew acknowledges that it makes a big difference to have parents that are allies. Andrew then reveals that he is also gay. Paul asks how his parents took it when he came out. Andrew says they were incredible and supportive. Andrew jokes that it was no sweat after what his sisters put them through. Paul recalls flirting a bit with Andrwe’s sister Theresa when he first came to town as he was in the closet. Paul says there was a lot of guilt and confusion, but then finding his dad and having him love and support him meant everything. Paul questions what this psycho wants with John and Steve. Andrew encourages that they will find them as the man in the room pulls the breaker switch.

Harris says he feels awful for showing up unannounced and interrupting their big reunion. Harris offers to make everybody lunch. Harris decides to go to the seafood market. Hope kisses and hugs him.

Bo complains about watching Hope with Harris while Angela praises him. Bo insists that there is something fishy with Harris. Bo continues watching the stream as Harris makes a call.

Harris exits Hope’s place and makes a call, saying that Hope’s kid showed up with her husband and is asking a lot of questions but declares that he won’t let her or anyone get in the way of what they have planned for Hope.

Bo gets upset that Hope is in trouble and tells Angela that she has to let him go help her. She tells him to calm down and that he doesn’t know his family is in peril. Bo brings up hearing Harris on the phone. Angela says there could be other explanations but Bo insists that she has to let him go back to warn Hope and Ciara about this guy. Angela reminds him that it’s impossible since he broke the rules when he went back before. Bo argues that he’s just trying to prevent his family from ending up dead.

Wendy tells Joey and Tripp that she doesn’t know anything about their father’s disappearance and that she’s just trying to make a name for herself at DiMera. Tripp realizes Wendy is related to Mr. Shin at DiMera Enterprises. Joey argues that the DiMeras have been targeting his family since before he was born and asks if that’s why she is here. Wendy says no. Tripp questions her connection to the DiMeras. Wendy reveals that she is Li Shin’s sister and the daughter of the original Mr. Shin. Wendy adds that she’s just a lowly IT grunt in the pharmaceutical department in Fairbanks, Alaska. Joey doesn’t get why she’s a lowly grunt if her dad is the chairman. Tripp questions why an employee from Alaska is sneaking around a crime scene in Seattle. Wendy then opens her backpack and reveals a photo of Harris Michaels, saying she’s looking for him. Joey recognizes him as the pizza delivery guy, saying he kidnapped their dad and almost killed their sister.

John tells Megan that they are tired of playing her game so she can tell them why she’s holding them or just piss off. Thomas Banks then arrives. Steve and John recognize him as Susan’s brother and question what he has to do with this. Megan responds that a girl can always use a good hitman and she just happens to have several on the payroll.

Andrew and Paul catch the guy messing with the breakers at the hot tub. Andrew says he’s been watching the guy since they came in. Paul asks if he was trying to electrocute them while Andrew questions who he is working for. The guy tries to escape but Paul punches him out. Andrew questions what he did that for. Paul points out that he was trying to get away. Andrew guesses they can’t interrogate him now.

Thomas tells Megan that he held up his end of the bargain, so now it’s her turn. Megan makes a money transfer via bitcoin to his offshore account. Thomas then hands over the valuable artifact, a prism, that he stole from Phil’s room. He asks if she wants him to find the other two. Megan says that won’t be necessary but she will have another job for him soon. Thomas says it’s always a pleasure and exits. Steve comments on Thomas giving him the creeps. Megan marvels at the prism, revealing it’s one of three developed by Larry Welch’s father and when the three are combined, the prisms will reveal hidden technology that could potentially cure all medical abnormalities. Steve recalls hearing about those as Stefano thought they could cure his brain tumor. Megan confirms Stefano thought they were the answer to everlasting life. John tells Megan that Stefano is dead now for real this time, so she can have a whole warehouse full of prisms and she won’t bring Stefano back. Megan guesses they will see about that. John questions if she seriously thinks she’s going to bring back Stefano with a couple chunks of glass. Steve asks if Megan has Stefano on ice or something. Megan assures all will be revealed in due time and says to focus on the job at hand, which is heading to Hong Kong to retrieve the next prism. Megan remarks that Stefano would love that she’s getting them to do her dirty work. John laughs at her and declares there is no way in Hell they are ever going to help her. Megan says maybe not under the current circumstances, but when she gets through with them, they won’t have a choice as she pulls out two cards.

Tripp questions why Wendy is looking for the guy who kidnapped their dad. Wendy says she doesn’t know anything about a kidnapping and just came across this man’s name and picture while hacking in to her brother’s files, so she needs to find him. Tripp asks why. Wendy responds that he might have something she needs. Joey asks what that is. Wendy says he wouldn’t understand. Tripp tells her to try them as it’s the only way they are letting her out without calling the police. Wendy gives in and reveals that she was hoping the man could lead her to one of the missing prisms that her brother Li has been searching for. Joey questions the prisms as Tripp explains that they harness energy as if they could have mystical powers. Wendy calls it science and says in the right hands, they could revolutionize medicine. Tripp asks what Li plans to do with them. Wendy says the first step is to unveil one of them at a big investor call in Hong Kong. Wendy states that Li has one prism but is desperate to find the other two and seems to think Harris Michaels is too, so she figured if she tracked Harris down, he would lead her to the other prisms and then she could crash the gala and show her dad that she’s every bit as valuable as her brother. Wendy says she’s doing all this because her brother Li is running DiMera while she is exiled to the IT department in Alaska. Wendy argues that Joey wouldn’t understand but Joey says he has overachieving siblings himself. Tripp says the prisms, Harris Michaels, and Steve’s disappearance are all connected. Tripp asks how long a flight to Hong Kong is. Wendy argues that she can’t show up there empty handed. Joey points out that there’s a good chance Harris shows up at the gala. Tripp calls it a matter of life and death. Wendy remarks that he’s lucky he’s cute.

Chris apologizes to Paul and Andrew in the locker room of the gym as that was not their regular maintenance guy at the hot tub. Paul understands Chris didn’t know he was putting them in danger. Chris wishes they told him that they were ISA so he could’ve helped them from the start. Andrew notes that they did a key to a locker from the guy. Chris says he will check with the security team about keeping an eye on their would-be killer. Paul thanks him. Chris says to ask if they need anything else as he exits. Andrew uses the key to unlock a locker which turns out to belong to Harris Michaels. In the locker, they find Harris’ police outfit and his ticket for him and a guest to the private DiMera Enterprises Gala Event in Hong Kong with a plus one. Paul notes that the gala is tomorrow. Andrew asks about Paul’s frequent flyer miles.

Ben, Ciara, Hope, and Harris eat together. Ben compliments the lunch that Harris made. Ciara admits it was really good. Hope hopes they saved room for dessert. Harris says that a little birdie told him that Ciara loves tiramisu. Ciara says she’s really stuffed so Harris says they will save her leftovers as they have a really big day ahead of them.

In Heaven, Bo complains about Harris. Angela encourages him to just keep watching.

Ben suggests he and Ciara walk around the docks to work off some of their lunch. Hope says they will stay and watch baby Bo. Hope suggests Ciara wear something a little warmer for the docks. Harris then gets down and proposes to Hope.

Bo argues that this can’t be happening.

Harris says he knows they haven’t been together that long, but at this point in his life, he doesn’t believe in waiting around because when you know, you know. Harris says from the moment he saw her in Greece, he knew she was the only woman for him. Harris asks Hope to become his wife. Hope says yes and accepts his proposal. Harris puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Bo calls Harris a son of a bitch and tells Angela that she has to let him go back. Angela reminds him that it’s impossible. Bo declares he has to talk to the big man himself then.

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