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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Nick wanted to know what was going down between Ashland, Victor and Victoria. Adam said he’d call Nick if there was news. Nick decided to stay at the office instead. Adam asked if that meant Nick was ready to team up with Victor in calling Ashland out. Nick didn’t know what he was going to do, but if Victoria was in trouble, he couldn’t walk away. Adam said it was too bad Nick wasn’t here earlier to help him stall Victoria. Adam tried, but he was Victoria’s least favorite person, and she left early on. A suspicious Nick asked Adam how hard he tried. “Things could be blowing up with Dad and Victoria right now. I don’t think you’d have a problem with that,” Nick said.

Adam said there was no part of him that was enjoying this situation. “You and Vick aren’t close. You don’t support each other,” Nick stated. Adam pointed out that he did a lot to support Victoria at the wedding. Nick countered that Adam did that for Victor, not Victoria. Adam said, regardless of his motives, he did a hell of a lot more than Nick, who didn’t even go to the ceremony. Nick explained he told Victoria who Ashland really was, and she asked him to stay away from the wedding. “Neither you nor I wanted this guy to be part of the family,” Adam replied. After Victor welcomed Ashland with open arms, knowing what he was capable of, Adam decided to trust Victor’s judgment and keep his mouth shut. Nick thought Adam had been filled with resentment ever since, especially after Victor sold Newman Media to Victoria and Ashland. Adam thought Ashland was a backstabbing SOB, and he was glad he wouldn’t have to answer to Ashland anymore, assuming Victor’s plan worked. However, that wasn’t the same as celebrating Victoria’s broken heart. Adam said he wasn’t that vindictive or small. He suggested Nick was projecting his own feelings about the situation. Nick had predicted Ashland would do something terrible, but he wasn’t happy to be right about it. He said Victoria had been through more betrayals than anyone he’d ever met, and she’d be crushed when she found out Ashland had been playing her for a fool.

Nick suspected Adam knew what Victor’s plan was. Adam understood why Nick would think that, given what happened in Tuscany, but Adam really didn’t know. Nick believed him. Adam speculated that Victor was going to try and get Ashland to confess and turn himself in to the police. Nick said faking cancer wasn’t a crime. Adam thought Ashland committed fraud when he used the fake illness to trick Victoria into marrying him. Nick said it was grounds for annulment, but he wasn’t sure it was a crime. He thought that it would be hard for Victoria to get Ashland out of her life, since he owned half of Newman Locke.

Adam thought it was ironic that Victoria got all this praise for making the merger of the decade, when she was actually falling into a trap and taking the whole family down with her. “If I find out you’re using this to your advantage…” Nick warned. Adam said none of this was his fault. He told Nick to go find Locke if he wanted to punish someone. Adam contended that Nick wouldn’t confront Locke, because he wanted to stay neutral. He told Nick to stop trying to be the good guy when he didn’t have skin in the game. Nick wasn’t neutral; he was pissed, but he was staying out of it because he didn’t know what Victor’s plan was. He would be there for Victoria if she needed him. Adam thought Victoria would need more than a shoulder to cry on. Nick said he saw this coming fifty miles away, and he tried telling everyone, but nobody would listen. He said he could tell Victoria that she made her bed, or he could let Ashland get away with all this. Neither option would be easy for Nick. “You always pretend to be above it all, bu the truth is when the chips are down and someone comes after one of the Newmans, you’re gonna get pulled back in just like the rest of us,” Adam said.

Sally visited Adam after Nick left. She saw Nick and Victor leaving earlier, and she asked if this family drama was none of her business or something that could affect Newman Media. He told her that Ashland and Victoria’s marriage was likely about to implode. Sally hoped that was a horrible joke and that the relationship wasn’t already over after that incredible wedding. Adam said things weren’t always as they appeared, especially when it came to Locke. Sally said she’d never forgive Locke if he was cheating on Victoria. Adam didn’t realize Sally was so invested in this relationship. Sally wouldn’t put it that way, but she felt for Victoria, whose wedding made international news, partially because of the dress Sally designed. Sally said Victoria would be heartbroken and humiliated. Sally knew Victoria and Adam weren’t close siblings, but Sally thought that he had to be somewhat sympathetic to his sister. Adam said of course he felt bad. Not long ago, he got his heart broken by someone he loved and trusted, and he wouldn’t wish that on his worst enemy. Sally asked why Adam was so calm. He said that Victoria was a survivor, just like the rest of the Newmans, and the family would rally around her. Sally assumed Victor was disappointed because he was counting on Victoria and Ashland to run his empire. If Ashland got kicked to the curb, Victoria would be distracted and question her decisions; she could lose focus and Newman Locke could suffer. Sally and Adam exchanged a look as they thought about the future of Newman Locke. She asked who’d be in charge if this happened. “Ten billion dollar question,” he replied.

Victoria knocked on her office door and called out to Ashland. Inside the locked office, Victor asked Ashland if they had a deal. Nikki walked up hoping to fill Victoria in on the marketing meeting. Nikki learned Victoria was locked out and her key was inside. Nikki went to get her key. Back in the office, Victor said he had proof that Ashland lied about his illness. Ashland countered that Victor only had theory. Victor said he could show Victoria the proof, but he’d rather not upset her unnecessarily. Victor said that if Ashland loved Victoria at all, he’d tell her his cancer was back, return to Peru and then cut ties with her as painlessly as possible. “If you don’t follow my terms you will suffer the consequences of your deception,” Victor warned. Victoria got into the office, thanks to Nikki, and asked what the hell was going on.

Ashland lied and said he must’ve accidentally locked the door when he came in. Victoria asked Victor what he was doing there when he said he wanted to meet in Adam’s office. Ashland said that was his fault too. He stated that Victor reached out and wanted to talk to him privately about the plan to make Ashland c-CEO of Newman Locke. “Apparently Nikki was right, and your father has reservations,” Ashland said. Victor asked Nikki when she found out about this. Nikki said she found out today, and told Victoria to discuss it with Victor. Victoria wanted to know how Victor found out. He didn’t think that was important. She asked why he wanted to talk to Ashland alone. He assured her that he and Ashland had a productive conversation.

Victoria made it clear that she and Ashland were a team. Ashland assured Victoria that he and Victor both wanted what was best for her and Newman Locke. Victoria asked what issue Victor had with Ashland becoming co-CEO of the company that bore his name. Victor pretended he was concerned about Ashland’s health. Victoria said Ashland cleared this with is doctor. She stated that Ashland was like her and Victor – he was fueled by his work. She’d seen that Ashland was getting stronger, and she thought it would be good for the company if he took a larger role. Nikki sided with Victor. Victoria said that if Ashland’s condition worsened, he could take a step back. Victoria saw no reason to deny Ashland the tile he deserved. She was prepared to sign the papers right now. She grabbed the contract, and Ashland looked back at Victor and smiled. Nikki thought they should at least wait a day or two. Ashland was amenable to that. Victoria was determined to sign the papers today. She said it was her decision and it was the right thing to do.

Victoria signed the contract, while Nikki shot an alarmed look at Victor. Ashland suddenly doubled over while breathing heavily. Ashland said he was okay, he just needed to go outside for air. Nikki was very concerned as she watched Victoria hustle Ashland out of the office. Victor told the worried Nikki that what she’d just witnessed was all an act. “He did exactly what I asked him to do.” Victor told Nikki about the ultimatum he gave Ashland. She asked if Ashland admitted to the lie. He thought it was telling that Ashland backed off from signing the document. Victor contended that Ashland was a monster. She was concerned Ashland was really sick. She said that Ashland might be telling Victoria everything right now, and Victoria would side with him and be furious with Victor. At that moment, Victoria returned, saying Ashland insisted on being alone.

Victoria told Victor that what he’d done to Ashland was unacceptable. “You upset and you insulted my husband. Acting like we’re doing him some favor by allowing him to help us run this company that he half owns!,” she snapped. She stated that Ashland was a brilliant businessman who was feared and respected by top corporate leaders. She asked why she’d keep an asset like that on a sideline. Victor saw no issue with Ashland advising Victoria sometimes, but he saw no reason to give Ashland all this authority. Victoria said it was frustrating for Ashland to work this way. Victor said that Ashland may have had a relapse. Victoria thought that Ashland just had a reaction to the pressure Victor put on him. She didn’t believe Victor was objecting because of Ashland’s health. Victoria thought that Victor just wanted to be in control, and he couldn’t stand the fact that she was making decisions. She asked why he couldn’t learn to trust her judgment. She stated that she deserved to be in the place, and she wanted him to let her do her job at her company as she saw fit.

Victoria stormed out of the office and ran into Nick in the hallway. She asked what he was doing here, and he said he came to check on her. She didn’t believe he just happened to be in the neighborhood. “You’re here because you knew exactly what Dad was up to,” she said. She asked if the whole family had been discussing this behind her back. Victoria wondered how old she had to be and what she needed to do do live her life without constant interference from their father. Nick thought Victoria should get out of the business – the closer you are to the fire, the more you were burned. Victoria said that Victor had been going behind her back and spying on her, and she thought Nick came because he knew what Victor was up to. Nick clarified that he had nothing to do with it and only found out a little while ago. Victoria made it clear that Nick had better not be lying to her. He said he was telling the truth. He learned awhile ago not to get involved in her life. “I didn’t even know Dad was gonna tell you about it,” he said. Victoria realized she and Nick were talking about different things. “Wait a minute. Tell me what?,” she asked.

Ashland was on the phone at Society. “You need to find everyone who’s talking to Michael Baldwin and put an end to it. Immediately and forever. Do we understand each other?” he said.

Devon dropped by the Chancellor Mansion, and Abby told him that if he was there to see Dom, his timing couldn’t be better, because the baby was fresh out of the bath. Devon wondered why Dom was bathed in the middle of the day, and Abby explained that he’d had sweet potatoes and peas for the first time. Devon was happy to hear Abby had pictures of the event. She was glad Dom’s appetite was back. Devon wanted Dom to come to his place for a couple days if that was okay with Abby and Chance. Abby said the baby was still in recovery, and they had to be careful. Devon said he would be. Abby wasn’t implying otherwise. Chance came home from his walk, and Abby filled him in. it was hard for Abby to imagine Dom not being here; she still woke up a couple times a night to check on him. Devon understood – he kept waking up at night worrying about Dom. Chance thought this wasn’t such a bad idea. He reminded Abby that he’d been a little worried, given what was happening later. He told Devon that he had his first therapy session today. Chance thought he may have still been avoiding all this if it weren’t for Devon’s encouragement. Chance told a curious Abby that Devon helped him realize he couldn’t do this alone. Chance was concerned he’d be a bit “off” after the session, and he didn’t want Dominic to see him like that. Abby said Chance was right, and she apologized for hesitating earlier. Devon told Abby she didn’t ever have to apologize to him. She went to pack Dominic’s stuff.

Devon appreciated Chance helping Abby be cool with this. Chance felt lucky to have a friend like Devon. He reiterated that hearing Devon open up about his struggles helped him. Devon said that it took a strong person to do what Chance did, and this would help his whole family. Devon said therapy wasn’t like flipping a light switch, but he had no doubt Chance would make it to the other side. Later, Devon left with the baby. Abby wondered if it would get easier to watch Dom leave. Chance said Abby would get used to it, and by the time Dom went off to the first day of school, she’d be a tough mom who didn’t cry at all. She didn’t even want to think about that. She said Dom would have a great time with Devon, and she could give Chance her undivided attention when he got home from therapy. She wanted to ride with him, and go shopping while he was in therapy. He promised he’d be fine. He wasn’t even sure he’d click with this doctor. She told him there was no pressure today, and it would all be okay, because she’d be here waiting for him when she got home. He found that comforting. They kissed.

Devon took Dominic to the penthouse and told him he’d always have a home here, even when he was an adult with a family of his own. Devon played a song on the piano for Dom.

Chance met with Dr. Huffman, who was ex-military like Chance. Chance asked if he saw action. Dr. Huffman saw things he couldn’t forget. He asked how Chance found his way here. Chance explained that Sharon Rosales was a close family friend, and she thought Chance would be more comfortable with someone who served. Chance wasn’t comfortable at all though. Dr. Huffman didn’t think anyone was at ease on their first day. He asked why Chance was here. “I just want to be me,” Chance replied. Chance opened up about his marriage – Abby was great and supportive. He said he had one child so far. He explained the circumstances surrounding Dominic’s conception; how Chance needed a donor because of an infection he got after he was shot while working as a police detective. Dr. Huffman learned that Dom was carried by a surrogate and that Chance missed the whole pregnancy. Chance said he missed a lot, and Abby said he’d catch up, but… He explained that they were now sharing custody with the donor, a close friend. Dr. Huffman asked if the custody change was difficult for Chance. It wasn’t for Chance, but it was for Abby. Chance saw that Devon adored Dom. Chance was still waiting to connect with Dom and feel like Dom was his son. “You know the way that I would feel if I was the man I was before I went on that mission,” Chance said. Dr. Huffman thought Chance needed to talk about what happened in Spain.

Dr. Huffman asked what happened in Spain. Chance said his team’s cover was blown, but they had no warning. He was bringing groceries into the safe house when all hell broke loose. It was like the earth was ripped in half. He was blown back and he was pretty out of it. When the smoek cleared, the whole building was gone. He looked for his team and didn’t find anyone. He saw some men slowly walking through the site. They were looking for survivors to finish them off. Chance buried himself in rubble and played dead. When everyone heard the sirens, the men took off, and Chance did the same. Some former medic friends of his patched him up. His family was told he was dead. Abby didn’t believe him and went looking for him. His family kept saying he was lucky and a hero. It didn’t sit well with him. Chance replayed that day in Spain every day. He said there were certain triggers like smells, or the sky being a certain shade of blue that brought him back to that day. He dreamed about it too. Usually, he just saw faces of his team. Chance felt like he was being punished for failing his team.

Chance went home. Abby wanted to know what happened at the meeting, then she said it was none of her business. He said he was exhausted, and there was a lot of work to do. She knew he had a lot of broken pieces that needed to be put back together, but she loved him always and they’d get through it together. She was proud of him.

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