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Recap written by Christine

Kevin figured that whatever Chance wanted to talk about must be top-secret since they were meeting at Crimson Lights instead of the station. Chance asked what Kevin knew about Locke’s death. Kevin heard Ashland lost control of the car and drove into a ravine, news that wasn’t met with an outpouring of grief. Chance realized Kevin didn’t read the police report. Kevin had been busy with IT stuff. Chance said that Locke’s death might be more complicated than originally thought. Kevin asked if there were signs of foul play. Chance said that there was nothing he could point to just yet. Chance laid out the facts of the case – Ashland showing up at Victoria’s, the confrontation with Nick that got physical, Ashland seemingly not having a pulse, but then leaving the house while Nick and Victoria were outside waiting for Chance.

Kevin suggested that Ashland’s death was hitting Chance harder because he’d recently lost his partner, Rey. Chance said it was a reminder that not everything was the way it initially seemed. When Chance found out Rey had a heart attack, it he understood why Rey didn’t make an attempt to avoid the collision. Chance wanted to know exactly what Ashland did every minute leading up to his death, and he wanted Kevin to help. Kevin didn’t think he could help, since he wasn’t a cop or a mechanic. Chance told Kevin to go see the medical examiner. Chance had learned that she and Kevin both liked some fantasy game, and he thought they could bond over it. Chance said Kevin should invite the doctor to join his group of players. Kevin knew Chance meant a guild. Chance said once the medical examiner was buttered up, Kevin should let her know that this autopsy was a top priority. Kevin guessed that was simple enough. Chance needed Kevin to learn the police report inside out. Kevin was excited, because he figured he and Chance were a team. He bounded out of the coffeehouse.

Victor was at Society on the phone with someone. He learned that everyone on the security team who’d been watching Victoria’s house on the night Ashland died had been interviewed by the police and that all the interviews went smoothly. He wanted to be informed if anything changed. Adam walked in and watched Victor from afar. Victor was pleased by something the caller said. He ended the call just as Noah arrived for their meeting. Noah asked if Victor had looked at his proposal to turn Top of the Tower into a nightclub. Victor had, and he thought it was a hell of a concept. He could tell Noah put a lot of work into it.

Noah thought that during the day, the club could showcase cutting edge art from around the world. He said the space could be a gallery, an event venue and a nightclub. He said they could utilize augmented reality to change the space and give people an immersive experience. He said he’d handle curating everything himself. Victor said Noah was a Newman, and he was very bright. However, Newman Tower was a business, and they needed Top of the Tower. Victor said that Noah’s idea was impressive and it was a recipe for success. Victor said that when you were young, sometimes it was important to spread your wings, like Nick did, and now he was coming back to Newman, and he was going to apply all he learned to the company Victor built. Victor knew that Noah would do the same thing one day. They shook hands, and Noah started out. Noah acknowledged Adam as he left.

Adam wondered why Victor wasn’t drinking tequila to celebrate Ashland’s demise. Victor invited Adam to sit, and he did. Victor didn’t grieve Ashland, but he didn’t think Adam should be so glib about his death. Adam understood that Victor didn’t want to seem too happy about it in public, given that Chance was implying there were a lot of questions surrounding Ashland’s death. Victor sat up straighter. “Oh, now I have your attention,” Adam said.

Victor didn’t realize Chance and Adam buried the hatchet. Adam said he wouldn’t go that far. He explained that he’d been about to leave town. He didn’t have a job or prospects, so he thought he was due a vacation. Victor asked where Adam was going to go. Adam was gong to go to Vegas for R&R and maybe a few poker games. He ran into Chance, who told him about Ashland. Adam wasn’t surprised no one in his family told him the news. Victor said they were preoccupied. Adam was sure Victor would’ve contacted him if he needed anything underhanded or shady done. Victor asked what Chance said. Adam explained that Chance told him to stay in town because the family might need him. Adam didn’t tell Chance he was a Newman in name only. Victor said that was Adam’s choice. Adam complained that Victor left him no other choice. Adam asked if he was supposed to keep letting Victor use him and just play the dutiful son, trying to earn his respect? Adam didn’t think they needed to rehash this again. Victor wanted to know what Chance said. Adam said that Chance told him the official version was that Locke got into a car crash. It was interesting to Adam that Chance added that qualifier, like he might think there was a different end to Locke’s story.

Adam wondered why the police were looking into what appeared to be a simple car crash. He asked what Victor thought. Victor thought Adam was wasting time asking questions about the dead. He asked if Adam wasn’t concerned about his sister and her children. “I guess you’re only interested in twisting the knife,” Victor said. Adam pointed out that yesterday, he’d come to Victor and Victoria and warned them that they’d pushed Locke too far. He said Victor had Ashland arrested just for seeing his son. Ashland knew it was Victor, and Adam couldn’t deny it. Adam thought the arrest was completely unnecessary. Adam knew Locke was out of control and planning to use Victoria to get revenge. “He wanted to hurt you [and Victoria], and he was gonna use your precious daughter to make his point,” Adam said. Adam didn’t know what Ashland’s plan was, but it didn’t matter now. “You got your happy ending. You wanted Locke gone, he’s gone. But that was just a crazy coincidence wasn’t it,” Adam said, with a knowing look. “You’re beginning to piss me off, and that’s never a good idea” Victor stated.

Victor was adamant that Ashland died in a car accident. Adam thought it was funny how things worked out for everyone, except Locke. Victor said Adam didn’t even like Locke. Adam found the situation very intriguing. Victor acknowledged that Adam walked away from the family, but he said that when a Newman was in trouble, they all forgot about their differences and pulled together. Adam said Ashland was dead, and the threat was gone. “I don’t give a damn whether that son of a bitch is gone. Do you honestly think that when one threat disappears others aren’t lurking?,” Victor asked. Victor told Adam that he was a Newman, and he should remember that. Victor walked out, and Adam got up and went to the window to watch him leave.

Noah went to Dive Bar and met with Allie. He said Victor turned him down, but getting to see Allie was helping cheer him up. She said they should work on plan B – the location his sister suggested. It was in the Grand Phoenix, and Noah wasn’t enthused about working with Phyllis. Allie understood how Noah felt about Phyllis on a personal level, but this was business, and she thought Phyllis must be good at running a business. Noah said there was always some drama swirling around Phyllis in her professional life too. Allie said Noah didn’t have to be Phyllis’s best friend to lease a space from her. He thought Allie was almost mercenary in how she was looking at this. She said she was practical. He liked that. She toasted to all the no’s that brought him here and the one that would lead him to a yes. He stared into her eyes, but then he got a text, and she told him he should probably take it. The text was letting him know Ashland died.

Allie only knew the news alert was about Ashland, and she asked what the jerk had done now. She felt bad after she found out he died, but Noah didn’t think she should. He said Ashland did some abysmal things to innocent people. He thought she should feel bad for his victims, not Ashland. Allie knew Ashland hurt a lot of people Noah loved. Noah was sure Victor already knew Ashland was dead, and he found it odd that Victor failed to mention this gigantic event that affected the family and the business.

Allie suggested that Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s death out of respect for Noah and his pitch. Noah said that would be sweet and considerate, which were two things Victor wasn’t. Allie said Victor might want Nick to tell Noah. Noah said that Victor liked to handle things himself. Noah said Nick loved Victor and would do anything for him, but he left Newman Enterprises so many years ago because he couldn’t stand to be around the plotting and scheming anymore. “He can’t be that bad. Can he?,” Allie asked.

Noah apologized for making things sound so ominous, but then he decided that Allie should know what his family was all about, so she knew what she was getting into. Allie grinned and said from the day she and Noah met, he peddled this whole story about the twisted dark Newmans and their arch-rivals, the Abbotts. She was making light of the whole thing. He said he wasn’t making it up. She knew there was a history, because Jack and Ashley mentioned it many times, but no one ever told her the exact issue. She said she met Victor and found him pleasant. Noah said that was because Allie hadn’t given him a reason to put her on his enemy list.

Allie wanted to know one specific thing Victor did. Noah said that once Victor organized a hostile takeover of Jabot and stole her family’s company. Allie said Victor didn’t own it now. Noah said it took years for Jack to get Jabot back, but if he hadn’t, there was a good chance Allie wouldn’t be interning there now. Allie wasn’t fazed about something that happened so long ago. Noah said that it was just a matter of time before Victor got upset with the Abbotts again, and there was a good chance Allie would get caught in the crossfire, so he’d understand if she wanted to run in the other direction. Allie wasn’t going to run from Noah. She didn’t scare easily, and she knew he wasn’t the manipulative guy he’d described his grandfather as being. Noah clarified that Victor was also a generous loving man who’d do anything for his family. Allie thought it sounded like Victor was human, and therefore he had a contradictory nature. She said her father hid her family history from her. She still struggled with it, but she loved him nonetheless. He suggested again that she might want to get out while she still could. She asked how she could think about leaving just when things were getting good between them. He kissed her.

Nick was working at a little table in Victoria’s office. He flashed back to everything that happened the night that Ashland died. Sally showed up and told Nick she was staying at Newman Media. He noted that she’d sounded sure about quitting. She said she’d let her personal life cloud her judgment and she wasn’t thinking about what was right for her. She’d just been reacting. He said that could get you in trouble. She said she’d been reacting to things Adam was saying and doing, and that was a huge mistake. She knew she’d been given a unique opportunity. She’d been underestimated her whole life, and now that someone was taking a chance on her, she thought she owed it to them to show them that they were right to do so. She also wanted to prove it to herself. He was happy for her. She thanked him for the epiphany. He was sorry he’d been so blunt with her that night. He used to think Adam had stopped trying to sabotage his happiness, but now he felt that Adam must need chaos in his life. Sally got a news alert about Ashland’s death, and she was shocked.

Nick said he already knew Ashland was dead. Sally asked if he had any details about what caused the car accident. She wondered if Ashland had been drunk or if someone in another car had run him off the road. She asked how Victoria was doing. Nick said Victoria was on a trip with the kids. He added that Victoria planned the trip weeks ago. Sally clarified that she wasn’t insinuating anything. “You were with your eyes,” Nick countered. Sally guessed it was a good thing Victoria was out of town and out of the spotlight. Nick didn’t think Newman Media should dig too far into the story, out of respect for the family’s privacy. Sally thought that Newman Media could tell this story like no one else – the death of Victoria’s ex, the disgraced former co-CEO of their parent company. Nick said there was a lot more to it than that. Sally thought Nick should tell her with he knew before she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Nick said what he was about to tell Sally was off the record and not to be shared with anyone else. He told her he already spoke with the cops. He thought that this story might eventually come out, so he wanted her to hear this from him.

Nick said he had a confrontation with Ashland before he spoke to Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally said it was obvious something had been weighing on Nick last night, and the last thing he wanted to deal with was her personal drama. He said that was the last thing he wanted to deal with any night. She understood now why he was harsh when she told him she was leaving Newman Media. She said talking with him really helped, and she’d like to return the favor. She was sure this was a lot for him to deal with. Chance texted Nick wanting to meet. Sally asked if that text was about Ashland. Nick said he just had a lot of work to do, now that Victoria was gone. He needed Sally to leave the office, but he made it clear that he was glad she was staying at the company. He brought up the story on Ashland, and she said that Newman Media would stick to the facts. He said it was nice to know he could count on her. Sally left.

Nick and Chance met at Crimson Lights on the patio. Chance didn’t want to make a difficult situation any harder on Nick. Chance said Nick could tell Victoria everything they discussed today. Chance talked to the security team who watched Victoria’s house, and all the stories lined up with what Victor said, like they were reading from the same script. Nick asked if Chance would prefer the stories not to line up. Chance had been doing this for long enough to look for red flags. Nick said the people Victor employed were smart enough to know what they were doing, and they were just trying to give Chance the information he needed. Nick said he’d been nothing but open and honest with Chance, and he had nothing to hide. He asked what Chance wanted from him.

Chance just wanted to give Nick an update and he didn’t mean to upset him. Nick didn’t believe that. Nick said Chance was family, but he didn’t have to deal with Ashland’s scams and lying and worrying every day what he was going to do to Victoria. Nick said Ashland was gone now, but the chaos remained. Chance was trying to cut through the chaos and figure out what happened, especially from the moment the security team called Victor. Nick thought it sounded like Chance should be talking to Victor then. He walked off.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights. He’d charmed the medial examiner into giving him the autopsy report. It said Ashland hit his head on the windshield and died instantly. Chance asked if she said definitively that the head injury was caused by the crash. According to Kevin, she wouldn’t say that was definitely what happened. Kevin asked if Chance was thinking about the fight Nick and Locke had and trying to connect the dots. Chance said he didn’t have an agenda – he was just trying to evaluate the evidence and reach the correct conclusion. Chance said Nick was in good shape, and he threw a punch, and Ashland fell. Kevin realized Chance’s theory was that Nick threw the punch killed Locke. “And if he did, then how the hell did that guy wind up dead in a ravine?,” Chance asked.
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