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Lani goes to the police station with a worried look and thinks back to shooting TR. Lani tells herself that she was just trying to wound him but wonders why he’s dead then. Chanel arrives and tells Lani that she just heard Eli is awake, so she asks if he’s okay. Lani confirms that he is. Chanel says she’s so happy for her. Lani calls it the best thing ever. Chanel adds that she also heard about TR and asks if it’s true that Paulina really shot him dead.

Kayla and Steve sit together at home. Kayla talks about everything going on in town and says she’s trying to get her head around Lani’s birth father shooting her husband and then Lani’s mother shot her birth father. Steve comments that Paulina confessed to killing TR but she seems more like a woman who uses words not bullets. Steve adds that he doesn’t know how Paulina could’ve got her hands on what looked like a police issued weapon.

At the hospital, Shawn finishes a call and tells Ben that there’s been no sign of Allie or the car she was driving. Ben tells them that they better be off of the DiMera Crypt since Tony and Anna found the pacifier there hours ago which means Allie had his baby there and God only knows where she is now.

Ciara wakes up in her hospital bed and cries for her baby Bo. Ciara wonders where he is and what is happening to him right now.

Devil Allie holds baby Bo in the cemetery and declares that it’s Friday the 13th, a fitting day to fulfill her plans for him. Bo starts to cry. The Devil tells him not to cry as it will all be over soon.

Susan sits with Johnny in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Susan looks at a photo of Johnny and Allie, saying she loves the picture of them and how when they were little, they used to be best friends. Susan encourages Johnny to think back to that time and try to get that connection again. Susan has Johnny look at the picture for help and urges him to try one more time. Susan talks about Johnny and Allie’s childhood. Susan declares that they need to find Allie before the Devil makes her do something that she’ll never come back from. Susan has Johnny close his eyes and says they are sending their love and energy to Allie.

The Devil calls baby Bo a handful and says he’s going to need help dealing with him and he has just the person in mind. The Devil calls upon Allie’s rapist, Charlie Dale to raise from the depths of Hell.

Johnny tells Susan that he’s concentrating as hard as he can. Susan says she feels something and then they both get a jolt, causing the photo of Johnny and Allie to drop. Susan says she fears no evil. Johnny asks what that was. Susan says they almost reached Allie but The Devil broke the connection. Susan picks up the photo, now with a cracked frame, and asks who else would have done this.

Charlie rises from his grave and comments on Allie. The Devil clarifies that he’s not Allie, he’s just taking control of her body. Charlie calls it a pretty good choice. The Devil says he did not summon him to talk about his time on Earth but he’s been chosen by him. The Devil talks about falling from grace out of Heaven and how Charlie also knows what it means to be passed over which makes him perfect for his purposes. The Devil orders Charlie to bow before him and swear his allegiance so he knows that he’s worthy to receive his instruction. Charlie then kneels and asks what he desires of him.

Ciara prays to her father, Bo, and cries that she needs his help right now. Ciara prays for Bo to bring her baby back to her. Evan/Christian then enters the room, dressed in hospital scrubs and says they meet again.

Ben tells Shawn that they have to have some idea where Allie is. Shawn insists that they found nothing in the DiMera Crypt or mansion and they set roadblocks around it, so not even the Devil will be able to travel with a newborn. Ben comments that the Devil seems to be damn good at getting help whenever he needs it, plus Evan is still on the loose…

Evan tells Ciara that he heard her prayer to Bo but he doesn’t think he’s coming for her this time. Ciara warns that he has 5 seconds to get out or she will start screaming. Evan grabs a scalpel and threatens to fix it so she and her dad can be together forever if she does that.

Lani tells Chanel that she can’t speak about TR since it’s an open case but confirms that Paulina was arrested. Chanel brings up hearing that TR shot Eli and not the drug dealer which Lani also confirms. Chanel talks about Paulina thinking TR had changed. Lani says it makes her sick to think about that man going through her children. Lani says TR only took care of himself and didn’t change one bit as he lied to everyone. Lani complains that everything out of his mouth was a lie and he wasn’t the only one. Chanel asks who else was lying.

Kayla questions if Steve thinks Paulina is lying about who killed TR and if it could’ve been a policeman. Tripp comes home and greets them. Kayla offers to make him dinner. Tripp says he’s okay. They insist but Tripp says he’s good. Tripp asks if there’s any news on Ben and Ciara’s baby but Steve says no.

Shawn assures Ben that the baby is his nephew, so he’s not going to rest until they get him back. Shawn decides to call Rafe to find out what he knows. Ben prays there is something so he can give Ciara some good news when she wakes up since this is killing her…

Ciara asks Evan where her baby is. Evan says he knows what it’s like not to know where his son is and blames Ciara. Ciara argues that Evan killed his baby’s mother and let Ben take the fall for it. Evan complains that Ciara rode to his rescue and now they are living the dream while he rots away in a cell. Ciara argues that Ben has changed while Evan hasn’t. Evan remarks that the baby is better off where he is instead of having Ben as a father. Ciara demands to know where her baby is. Evan tells her not to worry since she’s the one lying helpless here. Ciara warns him not to be so sure about that. Ciara talks about being right that they didn’t kill Ben and brings up how many times Evan has tried to kill them and failed. Evan argues that God was on their side in the past but he has his own backup now as The Devil is on his team so he thinks they are pretty evenly matched. Ciara tries to run but Evan grabs a hold of her and starts choking her.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion which excites Susan. Marlena asks if they have heard anything about Allie and the baby. Susan says they got a message from the Devil which Marlena questions. Johnny explains that they were trying to make a connection with Allie but the picture dropped out of their hands. Susan thinks it was The Devil saying this is war and now God has sent them a weapon. Susan tells Marlena that there is no one she’d rather have on her side. Susan joins hands with Johnny and Marlena, planning to drum up all the love for Allie so they can save her soul. Johnny argues that they already tried. Marlena decides they will try again since she is one more person that really loves Allie.

The Devil talks to Charlie about fighting off exorcists, loved ones, and the internal struggles of tortured souls. The Devil declares now it’s time to rest so the new baby will be his vessel for his entire lifetime as he knows no other touch but his and doesn’t have the bonds of love to restrain him. The Devil plans to take residence in the baby and when he’s a grown man, he will make Hell on Earth through him. Charlie asks what he can do to assist him. The Devil tells Charlie that his chance to be a father was taken from him, so he’s giving him the opportunity to raise another child. The Devil says when the ritual is done, Charlie will take the child and keep him as his own.

Susan tries to get through to Allie and asks God to break the Devil’s hold on her spirit. The electricity in the mansion starts to flicker while the wind picks up outside. Johnny says he can feel Allie but can’t tell where she is. Johnny wonders if Allie is gone as the lights go out, but Allie’s voice says that she is there.

Steve assures Tripp that the entire police department is looking for Allie but so far there is no trace of her. Tripp talks about Henry missing her so much. Tripp remarks that Allie doesn’t care what happens to him. Kayla says that’s not true. Tripp admits he shouldn’t talk about her like that. Steve asks Tripp how he is doing.

Johnny asks if they all heard Allie’s voice. Susan confirms that they did and tells Marlena to talk to her. Marlena tries to speak through to Allie, saying they are here and can hear her. Allie calls out to Marlena and says the Devil is too strong. Marlena says they will help fight him but they have to know where she is. Allie mentions the Devil having Ben and Ciara’s baby. Johnny asks where she is now. Allie reveals that she is at Charlie’s grave at the cemetery and tells them to come before it’s too late.

The Devil places baby Bo on a pentagram symbol and lights candles all around it. The Devil orders Charlie to not let mortals disturb the ritual and if they do appear, this is the perfect place to bury them.

Evan continues choking Ciara until Ben bursts in and grabs Evan. Evan and Ben start to fight and punch each other.

The Devil summons all forces of evil to let the transference begin.

Chanel asks Lani who else is lying. Lani asks if she said that and claims she’s just running on fumes so anything could come out of her mouth right now. Chanel apologizes for pumping her for information. Lani says it’s fine since Paulina is her mother too and she deserves to know. Lani thinks back to Paulina telling her that she knows what she’s doing in taking the fall. Chanel then asks Lani what she deserves to know. Lani brings up Beth, who swore that TR didn’t use drugs or hit her, and wonders if he threatened her to keep her quiet. Lani recalls Beth saying she had something to tell her but she seemed scared. Chanel wishes Beth told her, then Paulina wouldn’t be in this mess.

Tripp doesn’t know what to say as he didn’t keep it a secret that he loved and trusted Allie, but she couldn’t tell him about how she felt about Chanel and that she cheated on him. Kayla knows how much that hurt him when he found out. Tripp says he’s fine and dealing with it. Steve asks if he’s sure. Steve knows Tripp is tough but encourages that he doesn’t have to keep it inside and pretend it’s not bothering him. Steve advises Tripp to talk to them because he won’t feel better until he does.

Johnny declares that he has to get to the cemetery. Marlena says not by himself. Johnny argues that Allie always talks about how tough she is, but they heard how scared she is, so she needs help. Johnny shouts that she is his sister and he’s going to get her. Susan warns him that the Devil could get him again. Johnny doesn’t care but Marlena says they do. Johnny refuses to let the Devil keep Allie or hurt the baby. Johnny tells them to call Ben and the cops and tell them where to go as he rushes out of the mansion.

Evan and Ben continue fighting. Ben knocks Evan down and demands to know where his kid is. Evan fights back and grabs the scalpel as he holds it to Ben’s throat. Evan argues that God doesn’t dirty his hands with guys like them as they are both going to Hell but he’s going to make sure he sends Ben there first.

The Devil continues the ritual and declares that he takes baby Bo’s uncorrupted soul as his own.

Evan tells Ben to say hi to Jordan for him. Ciara recovers and knocks out Evan by hitting him from behind with a hospital tray. Ciara and Ben then embrace.

Charlie asks The Devil if the ritual is done. The Devil declares that he is leaving this form. Charlie asks what he’s supposed to do with Allie once he leaves her body. The Devil responds that he has no use for Allie anymore, so he can do what he wants. Johnny then arrives and declares he’s not going to lay a finger on her.

Tripp talks about growing up feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere until Steve and Kayla found him and took him in, otherwise he doesn’t know who he would be now. Tripp knows he put them through hell for awhile but here they are. Tripp thought he would have what Steve and Kayla have as he saw him and Allie raising Henry together and having their own kids but then right after he asked Allie to marry him, Johnny told him about her and Chanel. Steve reminds Tripp that it wasn’t Johnny, it was The Devil’s work. Tripp asks why it matters since it was the truth. Tripp knows what Allie must be going through but he wishes she would’ve been honest with him. Tripp talks about taking care of her after what Charlie did to her and she knew how he felt about her and Henry. Tripp wonders why Allie couldn’t just level with him or else he wouldn’t have made all those plans. Tripp thought it would be them against the world and that nobody could ever hurt Allie again.

Johnny tries to charge the Devil but he uses his powers to force him back, saying he’s not welcome in the circle and he’s not happy with all of Johnny’s attempts to interfere with his plans. Johnny says that’s too bad. The Devil warns that he’s playing with fire. Johnny says he underestimates the love between he and his sister and that he doesn’t get his family. Johnny remarks that his two grandmas could take him on which the Devil laughs at. Johnny tries to get through to Allie and urges her to fight. The Devil tells Charlie that he knows what to do with this resistance. Charlie approaches Johnny and says that he does. Johnny recognizes Charlie’s picture as the pig who raped his sister. Johnny declares that he wanted to kill him when he found out and now he’s finally got his chance.

Shawn enters Ciara’s hospital room and arrests Evan. Ciara assure they are okay. Ben says they will be when Evan tells them where to find their baby. Evan laughs at them thinking they can stop the Devil. Ben points out that he stopped Evan. Evan says they are too late as by now, the Devil is the proud owner of their baby’s soul.

Marlena calls Ben and leaves a message to call her as it’s urgent. Marlena wonders if they should go help Johnny but Susan doesn’t know what help they would be. Susan declares that this is Johnny’s fight so they should let him and the police take on The Devil.

Evan declares that The Devil is not going to kill their son, he’s going to be his son. Evan announces that once the Devil becomes one with baby Bo, he’ll be unstoppable as he will be raised from within on the guy that wrote the book on wickedness. Evan argues that they fixed it so that he couldn’t see his kid while now they will have ringside seats to their son making the whole world miserable. Ben screams at him, asking where his baby is. Shawn argues that Evan will say anything right now as he holds Ben back. Evan says all he knows is the time, but not the place. Evan reveals that the Ritual of Transference is happening right now. Shawn says he’s taking Evan to the police station but urges them not to give up hope as they are going to find baby Bo. Shawn takes Evan away as Ben hugs Ciara while she cries.

Chanel wants to see Paulina but Lani says she’s going through the booking process right now and can’t have visitors for awhile, so maybe tomorrow. Chanel cries that she can’t do a damn thing to help the people she cares about, especially when they are in big trouble. Lani guesses she’s talking about Allie as she heard she ran off with Ciara’s baby. Chanel doesn’t even know who Allie is anymore. Lani acknowledges that Chanel has been through a lot too. Chanel remarks that Johnny and Allie did a number on her but guesses that now that she knows it wasn’t them doing it all, it helps her a little. Lani says she has to get back to Eli at the hospital and invites Chanel to come with her which she accepts. Chanel calls it nice to have a sister as they exit the station together.

Tripp tells Steve and Kayla that no matter how he feels about Allie, he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Steve notes that they never had a chance to straighten things out. Tripp doesn’t think things will ever get straightened out. Kayla suggests they might turn out to be friends but Tripp is unsure of that. Kayla wonders what would’ve happened with them if the Devil hadn’t played with their lives. Steve points out that Chanel was a happily married woman and made her choice which Allie knew. Kayla adds that it maybe allowed Allie to fully commit to Tripp. Tripp finds it hard to think of what might have been since he and Chanel are friends now which he never saw happening. Kayla encourages that people and feelings change. Tripp mentions that he was telling Chanel that maybe it gotten too much for Allie. Steve brings up all that Allie has been through while Kayla notes that she had a rapist’s baby. Tripp says that Allie’s life went sour when she met Charlie, while he thought he would make things right for her again. Tripp questions why this had to happen to her. Steve says he doesn’t know. Kayla thinks part of Tripp still loves Allie and wants to help her. Tripp worries that Allie is in a place now where nothing he does will make a difference.

Ben gets his phone and sees Marlena called six times so she must know something. Ben calls Marlena back and asks her what’s going on. Marlena reveals that they found Allie heading for the cemetery but she doesn’t know for sure about the baby. Ben thanks her and hangs up. Ciara tells Ben that he’s not going without her. Ben reminds her that she just had a baby. Ciara declares that she’s going to be there when they save him and Allie. Ciara tells Ben to help her find her clothes.

Charlie grabs Johnny and says he’s not getting away as he had a lot of time to work out in Hell. Charlie then rams Johnny’s head in to a statue and knocks him out. Charlie asks the Devil if he should finish him off now.

Shawn brings Evan to the police station and says the van to prison is on it’s way. Evan says he will sit there and think about Shawn, Ben, Ciara, their families, and the whole town as they look on helplessly as his nephew and the rest of the world go straight to Hell.

Tripp guesses Steve and Kayla were right that he was holding a lot of that in. Kayla is glad he opened up to them. Steve assures that they will find Allie and help her. Kayla declares that she will be saved because so many people love Allie Horton. Tripp admits he’s one of those people even after everything that happened as he’s still in love with her.

Marlena and Susan hold the photo of Johnny and Allie. Marlena prays for God to watch over them and bring them home safely tonight and deliver them from evil.

The Devil tells Charlie that once the Ritual of Transference is completed, he can get rid of Johnny and Allie. The Devil then places his hands on baby Bo but Ben and Ciara ride up on their motorcycle. Ciara tells The Devil to get the hell away from her son.

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