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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Phyllis were at the hotel talking about the accident. He marveled at the odds of three people they knew in separate cars being in the same accident. Jack thought the merciful part was that, according to the news, Rey died instantly, so he didn’t suffer. He was sure Ashland and Victoria were devastated. Phyllis knew Sharon was having a horrible time. Jack was going to visit Sharon later today. Phyllis shifted gears and said Diane was upstairs, and Kyle was on his way to town. Jack was dreading the conversation he had to have with his son. Phyllis was glad Jack didn’t tell Diane Kyle was on his way, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to restrain herself. Jack grumbled about Diane showing up unannounced and unwelcome.

Upstairs, Diane seemed upset. She remembered Jack lashing out at her. He was angry that she went back on their agreement and came to town before he spoke with Kyle. Diane had explained that she’d thought Phyllis was right that Kyle would leave without seeing her. She came because she just wanted to be close by. Jack said Kyle had the right to leave without seeing Diane. Furthermore, that’s what Jack wanted to happen. Diane wished Jack wouldn’t be so heartless. She asked if it was that impossible for him to believe she’d changed and was worthy of being a Kyle’s mother. He didn’t believe she changed. He couldn’t ignore the past and just take her word that she wouldn’t break Kyle’s heart. He spat that he didn’t want her in their lives.

Downstairs, Phyllis was glad to hear Jack put Diane in her place. He said it didn’t do any good, since she was still here and determined to spend time with Kyle. Phyllis had ways of keeping an eye on Diane. According to Phyllis, Diane was staying in her room, for the most part. Jack was hoping to tell Nikki about Diane soon, but given what happened last night, he was sure Nikki would be focused on Victoria and Ashland. He hoped Diane would stay hidden. Phyllis said Diane would stay hidden if she knew what was good for her. Meanwhile, Diane got fed up with hiding out. She put on her hat and sunglasses and left her room.

Jack was telling Phyllis about Kyle’s travel plans when they saw Diane exit the elevator. They rushed over and ordered her to go back to the room. Diane wasn’t planning to see anyone, she just wanted to stretch her legs and go for a walk. Jack didn’t want any of Diane’s enemies finding out she was alive before he had a chance to talk to Kyle. Phyllis said this was her lobby, and she wanted Diane out of it. She said perhaps they’d send a masseuse up to the room, and a bottle of wine, without arsenic. Diane commented that it sounded like a threat. Nikki came in, and Jack went over to her, while Phyllis hustled Diane back into the elevator.

Nikki wanted to know who that woman was that Phyllis put into the elevator. Jack asked how Victoria was. She was physically fine, but they were all shaken up about Rey. Jack said Rey was a good man. Nikki said Victoria was quite upset, even though it wasn’t her fault. Jack asked how Ashland was, and Nikki said he’d be fine. Nikki asked why Jack evaded her question about the woman in the elevator. She could tell he was hiding something. He asked if she had the time and emotional strength to discuss this. She was doing fine, and her meeting was canceled, so she had the time. He announced that Diane was alive, well and in Genoa City.

Nikki thought that this woman was an impostor, since Diane was dead. Jack said he and Phyllis had spoken to Diane at length. He explained that Diane had made an enemy of everyone in Genoa City, so she faked her own death and started a new life. Nikki spent years thinking she killed Diane in self defense. She asked how Diane pulled this off. Jack said Deacon Sharpe helped. Nikki called Deacon an SOB. He said Diane was still a master manipulator. Nikki insisted on seeing Diane.

Don’t you dare leave this room without a word to me first, please,” Phyllis said. She and Diane were back upstairs in the suite. Diane wanted the free wine, and Phyllis said no. She wasn’t giving Diane a free massage either. Diane noted that Phyllis lied to her face. Phyllis was unapologetic. Phyllis said she’d lie to Diane until she understood the severity of the situation. Diane did understand. Phyllis said she could take more stringent measures, like taking Diane’s phone, handcuffing her to the bed or locking her in the closet. Diane told Phyllis to stay out of this, because this was about her, Jack and their son, not Phyllis. “This is very much about me,” Phyllis stated, noting that Kyle was her son in law. She refused to go anywhere.

Diane knew Summer and Kyle were married, but she refused to acknowledge she and Phyllis were on the same family tree. Phyllis found it equally abhorrent. Phyllis said whatever Diane did to Kyle affected Summer. Phyllis noted that Diane made an agreement not come to Genoa City until Kyle knew the truth and had time to process this. Diane asked when that would be. Phyllis said she had no idea. Phyllis said Diane was free to broadcast her return and parade around town, but she didn’t think Kyle would appreciate the lack of sensitivity. Diane said Phyllis had a talent for blowing things out of proportion. Diane was going to take a walk in disguise – she had a teeny bit of experience remaining undetected. Phyllis said not in Genoa City. Diane didn’t care what Phyllis believed – the only people who mattered to Diane were Jack and Kyle. Jack brought Nikki up to the room, and she came face to face with Diane. Phyllis smiled.

Kyle and Harrison arrived at the Abbott house. Their plane got in early. Nobody was home, even though Jack had said he’d be there all day. Kyle wondered what came up.

Mariah and Tessa were at home. Tessa was surprised Mariah wanted to be here instead of at Sharon’s. Mariah thought that Sharon would want some space after getting home from the morgue, since it seemed like having all those people around was getting to her. Tessa was surprised Faith decided to go to school. Mariah suggested that Faith wanted to keep busy. Mariah called Faith and left a message saying to reach out if she needed to talk. Mariah thought Rey and Sharon should’ve gotten many years together, but that was lost now. Noah dropped by to check on Mariah and Tessa. Noah felt horrible, but he knew it was nothing compared to what Sharon was feeling. He left the house hoping that Nick could help Sharon the way the rest of them couldn’t. Noah wanted to do something. Tessa suggested that just being there for Sharon would help. Noah felt like nothing would be enough. He couldn’t wrap his head around Rey’s life being cut so brutally short. He said Sharon and Rey were happy together. Tessa said Rey and Sharon worked really hard. Tessa said there was a quiet, beautiful intimacy between Rey and Sharon. Tessa said Rey made an effort to plan romantic nights, and Sharon always had a coffee waiting when he got off work.

Fireworks are fabulous, but it’s nothing without a foundation,” Tessa added. What Rey and Sharon had felt like it could survive everything. Noah said it survived Sharon’s illness and Adam’s interference. Mariah worried for Sharon, and she felt sick about Rey, but underneath that, she was thinking about what it would be like to lose a person who was your whole life. Mariah felt selfish and guilty for even thinking that. Tessa thought Mariah’s feelings were natural. Mariah wondered if people were insane to even love so deeply when there was so much to lose. Noah said that it was hard to find love, so when you did, you had to hold onto it as hard as you can without fear. Tessa said she was safe and well, and she’d do anything to stay by Mariah’s side, for better or worse. Mariah believed that, and she said Tessa’s reassurance sounded a lot like wedding vows. Mariah thought the wedding should be postponed. Tessa agreed, but Noah didn’t think that was fair to Sharon.

Noah noted that Mariah and Tessa chose a date – Friday the 13th. Tessa knew the next one wasn’t until January. He thought they should honor Sharon’s wishes and have the wedding. Mariah doubted Sharon knew what she wanted since she was in shock after the death of her husband. Noah conceded that in the past, Sharon didn’t always realize what was best for her, but after everything she’d been through, she was stronger than ever. He suggested that this wedding could help Sharon cope. Noah didn’t mean to pressure the couple. He said if they needed to postpone because of their grief, they should do so, but he didn’t think they should push it back for Sharon, when she made it clear that she didn’t want that. Mariah said Noah was pretty smart. Mariah suggested it was the perfect time – saying their vows while they grieved Rey and spreading a little hope and joy.

Nick and Sharon were at her place. He thought she should hold off on going to the morgue until she made plans about Rey’s funeral. Sharon realized it made sense for Celeste to want Rey buried in Miami. She asked what she should do – let Rey be buried in Miami or keep him here, where he built a life with her. He asked if she really wanted his opinion, or if she was thinking out loud. She truly wanted to know what he thought. He thought she should think about what Rey would want. Sharon smiled as she thought back to visiting Miami with Rey. A couple of times, Rey asked if Sharon could see herself moving to Florida and getting away from snowy Wisconsin. She thought he was joking, though. She thought part of Rey never left Miami, more than he was willing to admit. She knew he wished he could spend more time with his family there, and now they’d never get to see him again. She thought Rey would want to be buried near his family, where they could visit him and feel close.

Sharon said she’d call Celeste so she could make arrangements. Sharon was going to do as much as she could to help Celeste with that. Nick wanted Sharon to let the family help her with this, but she said she needed to do this herself. Once she was finished, she could focus on the wedding. Abby and Chance came by with food and condolences. Sharon knew Chance must be shattered to lose his partner and friend. Chance said some kind things about Rey’s impact on the community.

Nick said he’d call Celeste back while Sharon visited with her guests. He just wanted to do this for her. She appreciated that. He left the room. Abby and Chance said they were there for Sharon. Sharon noted that Chance was the last one to hear Rey’s voice. She asked how he sounded. Chance said Rey sounded normal. Sharon said the last time she saw Rey, she kissed him and said she loved him. It was very casual, and they’d done that many times before. She was glad she did that. She had no idea it would be their last goodbye. She cried, and Abby took Sharon’s hands.

Sharon apologized, but Chance and Abby made it clear they didn’t mind. Sharon said she had to keep herself together, or she’d turn into a puddle. According to Chance, Paul often said he respected Rey’s instincts. Rey was a good influence on the younger officers. Everyone knew Rey always had their back, and not just at work. Rey had been kind and patient and supportive with Chance. Chance knew Rey would be straight with him, even when it was tough. Chance would never forget Rey. Later, Abby and Chance left. Nick said Celeste was grateful Sharon was honoring her request. Nick called and made arrangements to have Rey transferred to Miami after the autopsy. Sharon realized that meant she didn’t have that much time to get to the morgue to say goodbye. She asked Nick to go with her. He said yes, but he asked if she was up for that. She wasn’t sure how she could ever be ready, but she knew she needed to see Rey.

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