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Belle can’t believe EJ would casually say that Shawn’s baby might die and that would be a bright side to this as she pours herself a drink. EJ points out that Jan Spears having this baby is the reason that Belle and Shawn were separated. Belle stops him and asks what is wrong with him.

Shawn sits with Jan in the hospital as Jan worries about her stomach cramps. Shawn encourages that they are going to get her an IV to slow them down. Jan asks what if the baby comes today when it’s too soon.

Sarah goes to the hospital and asks Marlena if Kayla is on duty. Marlena responds that she thinks she might be in surgery. Sarah then cries that she needs help as she thinks the antidote is wearing off.

Lucas remains at the counter of the Pub, staring at the drink that Clyde left on the bar until Kate walks in and questions if he’s drinking. Lucas tells her that the drink is not his and that it belongs to Kate’s ex-boyfriend Clyde, who just left. Lucas swears he didn’t take a drink. Kate admits she saw Clyde leaving as she was coming in. Lucas complains about Kate not trusting him. Kate then takes the drink. Lucas tries to stop her by saying Clyde drank out of that glass but Kate says she needs the drink after just talking with Chad. Lucas asks what the big deal is. Kate reveals that Chad thought she should know that he told Abigail that Lucas is the one who kidnapped Sami. Lucas argues that she has to be kidding.

Abigail and Chad sit together in the town square. Abigail tells Chad about Gwen not being happy that she broke her mug and saying she would make her pay. Chad asks if Gwen said how she was going to do that. Abigail blows it off as Gwen just trying to scare her. Abigail tells Chad not to look so worried since Gwen is behind bars so there’s nothing she can do to her…

Gwen calls Leo from prison and says she needs to talk about Abigail. Gwen declares that if she doesn’t get to spend her father’s birthday with him, then neither does Abigail. Leo remains in the DiMera wine cellar and thinks she’s being a little dramatic. Gwen complains that she asked Abigail for one favor to get Jack the gift that she made for him for his birthday but Abigail smashed in to a million pieces. Gwen orders Leo to find the nearest, sharpest object and stab Abigail in the heart with it.

Marlena asks Sarah what makes her think the antidote is wearing off. Sarah tells her that she and Xander went to see Maggie to tell her that she got her memory back and that they were back together. Sarah states that while they were there, she had a hallucination of Kristen with a syringe and she thought she was coming after her but then she realized it was just Victor with a pen in his hand. Sarah says she didn’t let on because she didn’t want them to worry but admits she’s scared to death. Sarah asks Marlena if she knows what’s happening to her. Marlena encourages her not to panic. Sarah asks how to do that when she’s seeing things that aren’t there. Sarah asks if she’s losing her mind and what Gwen did to her.

Leo tells Gwen that this sounds a little extreme even for her. Gwen reminds him that their double wedding was supposed to be the day that changed their lives forever and then they got dumped by Xander and Craig. Gwen questions why they are always the ones that suffer while Abigail and Chad live their perfect lives together. Leo says he’s just as infuriated as she is. Gwen asks if he’s folding as she thought he wanted to inflict pain on all who hurt him. Leo brings up what he did to Chad and Sonny. Gwen blows that off as everyone knowing it was lies. Gwen declares that they need to hurt them the way that they hurt them. Leo says his phone is about to die. Gwen hopes so is Abigail. Leo then hangs up. Leo then picks up the knife from his breakfast tray and puts it in his bag.

Abigail tells Chad that Gwen will just sit around like she always does and it’s nothing new. Chad informs Abigail that he told Kate that Abigail knows Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad admits that Kate was not pleased but he assured her that she would keep her mouth shut.

Lucas questions Kate as to why Chad told Abigail. Kate explains that he didn’t have a choice as Abigail got it in to her head that she wanted to solve the mystery and was planning to publish an article about it in the Spectator. Kate adds that Abigail already dug up Lucas’s friend Pete and was determined to go interview him in Wisconsin. Kate says that Chad couldn’t talk her out of it and was worried about what might happen if she went to investigate, so he thought the best way out of it was to tell her that it was her beloved uncle Lucas who kidnapped Sami. Kate admits that she can’t blame him. Lucas argues that he can blame him. Lucas asks what if they tell EJ or anyone else and worries that he would be screwed.

EJ reminds Belle that if Shawn told her immediately after he slept with Jan, that she would try to convince her to take the morning after pill. Belle argues that is not the same thing as that prevents pregnancy and doesn’t end one. Belle declares that this is a life and she does not and has never wished the baby dead, but it could die. Belle says she’s feeling sorry for herself while Shawn is probably freaking out at the hospital. Belle decides she has to go. EJ questions why she would do that. Belle responds that whether she likes it or not, this is Shawn’s baby and she would never forgive herself if she wasn’t there. Belle then rushes out of the DiMera Mansion.

Marlena encourages Sarah that she’s not losing her mind. Sarah asks why she thought she saw Kristen then. Sarah argues that the antidote is supposed to reverse the effects of Dr. Rolf’s drug. Marlena points out that it has set aside a lot of the damage she has been through but because of her dosage, there might be flare ups. Marlena knows Kayla has prescribed medication for her that helped Abigail, but the dosage may have to be increased. Sarah asks if these hallucinations are just something she’s going to have to live with for the rest of her life. Marlena hopes not but says it’s hard to give any guarantees. Marlena says they can adjust the dosage of her new medicine but she thinks they have reason to be optimistic. Marlena suggests Sarah talk to Abigail since she’s been through all of this. Sarah agrees that is a great idea and thanks Marlena for talking her down. Sarah then walks away as Belle arrives at the hospital. Marlena greets her and asks what she’s doing here. Belle informs her that she was with Shawn when she called to say Jan is in labor. Marlena confirms that Jan was admitted a little while ago. Belle argues that Jan can’t have the baby now since it’s so soon. Marlena agrees that it’s soon and they have given her medication to hopefully stop the contractions. Shawn then comes out and announces that Jan just passed out, so Marlena rushes to the room with Shawn.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano, saying he was too direct with Belle just now as he thought he was comforting her, but she left deeply offended. EJ supposes he should find a way to make this right as he finishes a drink. EJ then walks out of the living room. Leo then emerges from the tunnels and remarks that he thought EJ would never shut up and leave. Leo says it seems like everyone around here uses Stefano as a sounding board. Leo asks Stefano what he should do about Abigail or to Abigail.

Chad agrees with Abigail that Kate and Lucas have nothing to worry about. Chad thanks Abigail for agreeing not to say anything and apologizes for putting her in that position as he never wants to ask her to lie, especially to her own family. Abigail points out that Lucas is her mom’s half brother while she’s not related to Sami, unlike he and EJ. Chad states that keeping secrets from each other is part of his family’s favorite pastime but keeping secrets from his wife is not something he will ever do again. Abigail assures that there’s nothing he can’t tell her as she will always be on his side and she loves him. Abigail informs Chad that she is ovulating, so Chad suggests they get out of here.

Shawn comes back out and informs Belle that Jan has been rushed to the operating room as she had a placental abruption. Belle knows a woman in her office who had that and that woman lost the baby. Belle tells Shawn that she’s sorry and asks what Marlena said. Shawn says she agreed to stay with Jan since they wouldn’t let him go with her. Shawn worries that they were all so serious and he has no idea what’s going to happen to Jan or the baby.

Kate encourages Lucas that Chad gave her his word that Abigail is not going to say anything. Lucas questions her buying that. Kate insists that Abigail won’t send her own uncle to prison. Lucas points out that she sent her own sister there. Kate argues that he knows that’s completely different. Kate says that Abigail hates Gwen and loves Lucas, so she would understand he was desperate to keep Sami from going back to EJ. Kate admits that Lucas did a boneheaded thing but Abigail won’t send him to jail just because she feels like it when she’s a good person. Lucas worries about Abigail being an editor at a newspaper and she was working on Sami’s kidnapping story, so what happens if she decides to run the story anyway. Kate thinks it would solve all of Lucas’s problems if he just told Sami the truth. Lucas mocks the idea of that working out great for him. Kate argues that he doesn’t know and brings up how many times over the years that they have forgiven each other for doing horrible things. Kate asks why wouldn’t Sami eventually understand and forgive him. Kate adds that if Lucas is thinking of marrying Sami, he can’t live with this secret between them.

Sarah goes to see Gwen in prison. Gwen questions what she’s doing here. Sarah responds that they haven’t been properly introduced so she introduces herself and brings up Gwen borrowing her face to break up with Xander as her, so it must be like looking into a mirror.

Leo sneaks in to Chad and Abigail’s bed room. He then hears them coming so he runs to hide in the closet. Chad and Abigail enter the room and start kissing.

Gwen tells Sarah that she doesn’t want to get in to this now. Sarah says that’s too bad. Sarah complains that Gwen knew Kristen was holding her prisoner on that island and she left her there, stranded. Sarah adds that she would probably still be there if not for Abigail. Gwen blames Abigail for Sarah ever being sent to that island. Sarah asks how it’s Abigail’s fault. Gwen brings up the syringe and how Kristen never would’ve gotten it if Abigail hadn’t left it in the DiMera secret room where she was planning to use it on her. Sarah mocks the idea that Gwen’s the victim in all of this. Gwen argues that she didn’t kidnap Sarah, so she tells her to go find Kristen and tell her all of her troubles. Sarah says she plans to but thought she would start with Gwen first. Sarah talks about Xander getting her the antidote and how that didn’t work for Gwen, so she made sure she got a double dose of the crazy drug. Gwen argues that Sarah got the antidote and is now good as new. Gwen asks why Sarah is here bothering her.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed after having sex. Chad wonders if this is the day they made a baby. Abigail jokes that if they didn’t, it wasn’t for lack of trying, but she feels like they did which excites Chad. Abigail asks if Chad is hoping for another girl or another boy. Chad says twins. Abigail jokes that they would be seriously outnumbered. Chad says Thomas and Charlotte are old enough to help out. Abigail asks what Chad thinks about taking a little trip with the kids tonight since tomorrow is Jack’s birthday, so they could all fly to Boston together. Chad calls that a great idea but notes that it seems pretty sudden. Chad asks if they can leave in the morning which Abigail agrees to, asking what difference one night would make as they kiss.

Shawn asks what Belle was doing at the hospital anyway. Belle responds that she was worried about the baby and Shawn as he must be scared. Shawn admits that he is. Shawn calls it the baby he never wanted to happen but then he started thinking about whether it was going to be a boy or a girl and taking care of a new baby. Belle encourages that Jan has the best doctors and care here. Shawn brings up that the baby might be deprived of oxygen and nourishment so it’s going to be touch and go. Belle hugs Shawn and encourages him to keep believing the baby will be okay. EJ arrives and sees them. Shawn wonders how long it will be before he knows something. Belle declares that no matter how long it takes, she will be there for him.

Lucas tells Kate that he’s not going to tell Sami the truth and argues that if she found out that he held her against her will for months, she’ll send him to prison and then go back to EJ so fast. Kate says she gets it and she doesn’t want the information to come out either. Kate worries that Roman would never forgive her either if he found out she kept the information from him. Lucas knows holding a grudge is in the Brady DNA. Kate says it’s fine to not tell Sami, she just hates seeing this eat away at him. Lucas feels he has no choice. Kate suggests they meet back at the Pub for dinner tonight. Kate jokes that she will annoy him so much that he’ll forget all about Abigail. Lucas agrees to meet her later.

Chad gets dressed as their kids Thomas and Charlotte enter their room. Abigail asks what they think about a trip to Boston to surprise Jack for his birthday. Charlotte asks if they can take the DiMera Jet which Chad agrees to. Thomas asks about the Tooth Fairy and says it’s a he. Thomas asks what about Minions which Abigail questions. Chad explains that DiMera is doing a special screening of the new Minions movie and he said they could go. Abigail asks what time the screening is. Chad says it’s in like an hour so they can still make it. Thomas asks if Abigail can come too. Abigail says she’d love to but she still has to approve a layout for the paper and her assistant is going to send it to her in one hour. Charlotte questions her not going to the movie. Chad asks if it’s okay if he takes them which the kids agree to. Abigail hugs her kids and sends them to go change clothes. Abigail jokes with Chad about it being that easy to make the kids happy.

Sarah questions Gwen asking why she is bothering her and if she really has to spell it out. Gwen complains that Sarah got what she wanted. Sarah informs her that she had to relive the death of her baby and asks if she has any idea what that’s like. Gwen responds that she actually does. Sarah tells her to try doing it twice. Sarah confirms she got her memory back but she’s still having hallucinations. Sarah calls Gwen miserable. Gwen complains that she’s paying for it now as she’s stuck in prison and has lost everything from her family to her freedom to Xander. Sarah says she did it all to herself. Sarah declares that she and Xander are back together. Gwen blames that on Abigail stopping the wedding. Gwen argues that Xander loved her and they were going to get married. Sarah assures they sorted all that out and are now very happy. Sarah tells Gwen to think about that as she is taken back to her cell. Sarah then exits.

EJ approaches Shawn and Belle. Shawn questions what he’s doing here. EJ says he wanted to inquire about the baby. Shawn argues that he couldn’t care less about his baby. EJ understands how worried he must be. Shawn says EJ is the last thing he wants to deal with and tells him to get the hell out. Marlena comes back so Shawn asks what happened in the OR. Marlena confirms that they stopped the bleeding and Jan will be fine, but they had to deliver the baby. Marlena announces the baby is small, but alive, and that Shawn has a son. Marlena explains that the baby was rushed him to the NICU and will be there for quite awhile. Shawn asks if he can see him but Marlena says they are still evaluating him. Shawn asks about Jan. Marlena says she was taken back to her room. Shawn decides he should probably be there when Jan wakes up. Shawn thanks Belle for staying with him as he then heads to Jan’s room. Marlena decides to go check on more information on the baby and walks away. EJ tells Belle that it must have been a lot to take in and wishes she would say something. Belle asks EJ to just get her out of here. EJ asks where she’d like to go. Belle has tears in her eyes as she says anywhere and then leaves the hospital with EJ.

Gwen notices the prison guard has fallen asleep. She sneaks back to the phone and makes a call, saying she needs their help.

Chad and Abigail talk about being lucky to have great kids as they kiss. Chad asks Abigail what the whole Tooth Fairy thing was about. Abigail says she will tell him when he gets back. Abigail tells Chad that she loves him. Chad says he loves her and then exits the room.

Lucas remains at the Pub with a drink in front of him on the table. Lucas says to himself that for all he knows, Abigail could be writing that story right now. Lucas adds that Will, Allie, and Sami will hate him and he might be headed for prison. Lucas then gets up and goes behind the bar . Lucas grabs a bottle of alcohol and sneaks out of the Pub with it.

Abigail sits in her room with her laptop while Leo remains hiding in the closet.

Kate sits at the bar of the Brady Pub, waiting for Lucas. She pulls out her phone and texts him, asking where he is as she thought they were having dinner.

Lucas passes out in his bed at the Salem Inn with the bottle of alcohol in his hand.

EJ brings Belle home to the DiMera Mansion and asks if she’s feeling any better. Belle jokes that the second bottle of wine took the edge off. EJ apologizes for what he said earlier and being unfeeling about a child’s life. EJ calls it a very ham-handed attempt to make her feel better. Belle says she does want to. Belle then asks EJ to make her feel better as they start kissing.

Gwen tries to sneak back in to the prison visiting room but the prison guard catches her, noting that she missed bed check and questions where she’s been. Gwen claims she was in the library but he says they searched there. Gwen claims she fell asleep in a corner and just woke up. Gwen asks where else she could have been…

Leo rushes outside to a bench, sweating in a panic as he grips on to his bag.

Chad returns home from the movies, shocked to find Abigail’s bloody body on their bed.

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