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Brooke: You’re coming home?

Ridge: I’ll be there before


Brooke: Oh, I can’t believe it.

Ridge: Well, I’m on the plane now. I told the prince I have to get home to my beautiful wife.

Brooke: She can’t wait to see you.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen, the party has arrived.

Douglas: Mommy said I could stay up all night.

Liam: Oh great.

Brooke: Oh, hope and liam and the kids just arrived.

Ridge: I’ll see you soon. I love you.

Brooke: I love you too. Hi guys!

Hope: Hi! Somebody looks ready to celebrate!

Brooke: Yeah. Well, that was ridge. He’s on his way home. So after I celebrate with you, I get to celebrate with him.

Liam: Oh, that’s cool.

Brooke: Guess what? There are some goodies in the kitchen! Who wants to go see?

Liam: Oh, no, we’re going to be up all night.

Hope: Mom… thank you again for allowing deacon to be a part of this night.


Brooke: Of course, honey.

Hope: Thank you.

Deacon: Hey, malcolm, you got that bottle of non-alcoholic champagne for logan?

Malcolm: Right here. It’s my first stop on my delivery run.

Deacon: Great.

Malcolm: As long as you have sarah restock and get those bathrooms clean, I’m good to cut out early.

Deacon: Thanks, man.

Sheila: Alcohol free or

the real stuff.

Brooke is never going

to know the difference.

You never threatened me, brooke. No one messes with me and my family.

Finn: Kid’s napping?

Steffy: Yeah. Kelly’s charging her batteries so she can stay up for our little party.

Finn: Okay. Which sweater should I wear for a little celebration?

Steffy: Neither. Have a little time right now. Why don’t you charge me up instead?

Zende: I hope this is to your liking.

Paris: It is very romantic.

Zende: I promised you a special night. I hope it’ll be one you’ll never forget.

Quinn: Hey, carter, still working?

Carter: Almost finished.

Quinn: Do you have any big plans for tonight?

Carter: [Laughs] I’ll meet up with some friends. What about you?

Quinn: Oh, I’m just going to stay home with eric. I don’t know. What is it about new year’s eve, it makes people… hopeful. They wana… start something new in their lives.

Carter: Talking about taylor coming home to be with her family again, huh?

Quinn: No, no. I’m talking about the zende. He has got some big plans for paris tonight.

Zende: Thank you. Pa: Are you serious, zende? That champagne is expensive!

Zende: Only the best for you. Plus, we have a lot to celebrate. Pa: Yeah, I mean, you’re right. This year has been amazing.

Zende: You walking into my life was the most… wonderful, unexpected surprise. Tonight, I want to show you how grateful I am for you. All the amazing things I see in the future.

Taylor: Good news travels fast.

Woman: Clients have filled up your schedule, and the university called about a guest lecture.

Taylor: Okay, we can deal with all of that after the holiday. Go home. Enjoy your days off.

Woman: Thank you. Oh, there’s someone waiting for you–


Taylor: Sheila.

Sheila: I– I know you’re busy. I’m not going to stay

Taylor: I have a minute. It’s– it’s okay.

Woman: Thank you.

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Sheila: I don’t mean to intrude. I really don’T. I just wanted to thank you. You gave me the greatest gift christmas eve, talking steffy into allowing me to see my son and my grandson? Believe me, I just I wish there were more like you out there.

[Children chattering]


Douglas: Look at this one!

Hope: Grandma sure knows how to entertain her grandkids.


Brooke: Ah! Wonderful!

Malcolm: Your special order champagne.

Brooke: And that’s non-alcoholic, right?

Malcolm: Yes, I double checked the label. Nice house.

Brooke: Okay. [Laughs] Well, thank you so much for coming by.

Malcolm: No problem.

Brooke: Bye.

Hope: What’s that?

Brooke: Oh, it’s a bottle of the non-alcoholic, bubbly champagne. I tried some over at eric’s on christmas eve, and it was really good! Tastes just like the real thing. So I was looking forward to having a glass or two. Liz, you nerd, cough if you’re in here!

Carter: So zende asked you for a favor.

Quinn: You wanted me to design a ring. You know, one that no woman could refuse.

Carter: An engagement ring?

Quinn: Yeah, but you have to pretend you’re surprised when paris walks in and she starts flashing it around, you know, because I don’t want to be the one that let the cat out of the bag.

Carter: Well, he hasn’t proposed yet.

Quinn: No, no. But zende is going to propose to paris tonight.

Zende: A toast to new adventures with the one you love.

Steffy: I’m excited for tonight. It’s the family celebration I was hoping christmas eve would be.

Finn: I thought it was great.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, it was. It was really nice. I mean, it was hazel’s first christmas. Kelly’s letter to santa, the cookie as it was all magical. I just… wish it was us. I’m sorry, I know sheila is your birth mother, but you got to admit it was bizarre.

Finn: Yeah, it was a little tense, I know.

Steffy: Hey, I’m just glad we’re able to celebrate tonight. And hopefully that means we won’t see sheila for a very long time.

Sheila: Just a little something, just a gift.

Taylor: No, sheila, you shouldn’t–

Sheila: It’s a cactus. It’s a cactus, symbolic…

Taylor: Of you?

Sheila: I guess so.

Taylor: Very resilient. Survive on almost nothing. And they know how to protect themselves.

Sheila: Sometimes they even flower.

Taylor: Thank you.

Sheila: I’m going to get out of here. I know you’re probably really busy, been invited to a million parties tonight and… probably gonna just go home and see the kids and the grandkids. I know that’s what I would do. Who knows? Maybe ridge will come by and it’ll just be a perfect family celebration.

Taylor: Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen.

Sheila: Why, brooke won’t let rich come see you?

Taylor: No, no. Ridge is out of town. He’s not going to spend the evening with either of his families.

Liam: Those kids cannot get enough of that movie. There’s just something about large, colorful canines, I guess. I don’t know.

Hope: Mom, is that okay? I mean, they’ve basically taken over your entire bedroom.

Brooke: Yes, of course! I love having them here. It was so nice to be able to celebrate this new year’s with you. You know, bringing in a new year together once again.

Liam: Yeah.

Brooke: And having you guys so close! Oh, I’m getting a little sentimental.

Hope: Oh, no, it’s okay! I mean, that happens on new year’s eve.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah!

Brooke: Would you like me to pour you one?

Hope: Ohm no, I’m okay, but thank you. I think one glass of the real stuff is good enough for me.

Liam: Yeah, yeah.

Brooke: Well, you should try some of mine because this non-alcoholic, bubbly is great. Like the real thing.

Liam: Well, good.

Brooke: You can have as much as you want.


Deacon: Hello, hello.

Hope: Dad! Oh, my gosh! Join the party! Sensei.


Deacon: Brooke, thank you so much for inviting me. So where are the kids?

Liam: They’re upstairs watching a movie.

Deacon: Okay, and ridge?

Brooke: He’s on his way home from a business trip. He should be here later.

Deacon: I see you got your bottle of champagne from il giardino.

Brooke: Oh, I did. Thank you.

Hope: Should we toast? Dad you want to?

Deacon: What the hell? I suppose one won’t hurt.

Hope: Ah, I would offer to make a toast, but I feel like I will probably get emotional, and I don’t want to ruin my makeup so… uh, liam? Do you want to help out with that?

Liam: Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. Uh, uh… here’s to a happy, healthy, peaceful future for all of us.

Hope: Oh!

Deacon: Cheers.

Together: Cheers women choose renew life probiotics

Paris: You’ve been a little quiet.

Zende: Have I?

Paris: And a little distracted.

Zende: Um… because of you. You’re so beautiful. Actually, there is something small I need to take care of. Can you, um, would you excuse me for a minute?

Paris: Sure.

Taylor: Oh, sheila, I don’t mean to be rude, but thank you for coming by.

Sheila: No, no, no. It’s all right. It’s all right. I just, I wanted to thank you again. You, you extended an olive branch. Good things happen to good people, taylor. You’ll see.

Deacon: It was fantastic.

Hope: Well, we called it: The kids are fast asleep, so I think that means it is time to go.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: What? Wait! It’s so early.

Hope: Well, you know, the kids have so much fun. We wore ’em out.

Brooke: Okay! Uh, well, you know what? I would like to make a toast first before everybody leaves. Ah… to better days ahead, for all of us. And I like what you said about health and patience. What was it?

Liam: Peace.

Brooke: Peace! I like that. Yeah, I second that. May we all have a wonderful, happy and healthy future together.

Hope: Here-here.

All: Cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Hope: Oh– ooh! Excuse me!

Brooke: Mmm!

Hope: Alright! Well, mom, thank you for a wonderful party. And, dad, I’m so happy you could join us.

Deacon: Me too, baby.

Hope: I’ll see you.

Deacon: Okay. Bye.

Liam: Alright, let’s grab those kids. Outta here.

Hope: Got it all?

Deacon: I got to thank you again. Thank you so much for letting me be here and just giving me a second chance, letting me be back in hope’s life. You know, brooke, you could have shut me down. You could have fed her doubts. Instead, you saw that I was really trying and you gave me the support I needed to turn my life around. I’m a new man. And I’m so grateful to you. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Quinn: Zendaya’s going to

propose to paris tonight.

Carter: It’s not what she wants! Not at all.

[Phone pad clicking] So where were we?

[Message sending beep]

[Phone chirps]

[Zende sighs]

Zende: So, where were we?

Paris: That is a good question.

Zende: You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known. My life hasn’t been the same since I met you. I feel so incredibly lucky to have you in it. That’s why I want you in my future forever.

Taylor: Hi.

Steffy: Hi! The kids are napping, so if you need to transition from like doctor mode to grandma mode, go for it.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. You know, I thought it was going to be really hard to get my practice up and running, but I’m off to a really quick start.

Finn: What’s that? A cactus?

Taylor: Yes, it’s a thank you gift.

Steffy: Wow, your patients really missed you.

Taylor: No, it’s not, actually– it’s not from a patient. I had a surprise visitor today. Sheila came to see me. She wanted to thank me again for inviting her to the house for christmas eve.

Sheila: Non-alcoholic. And the real thing. It tastes almost identical. All I had to do was switch the labels. You wanted a little bubbly for the holidays, brooke? Happy new year…

[Door clicks]

Brooke: Oh, ridge!

Deacon: Oh. I, uh, I forgot my phone.

Brooke: I haven’t seen it.

Deacon: I was right over there swapping photos of beth. I see it right there. Yeah.

Brooke: Oh.

Deacon: It’s not like me to be forgetful, you know. I must’ve gotten a little buzzed tonight. Probably should have had some of that non-alcoholic champagne your drinking. Ridge isn’t home?

Brooke: No, no.

Deacon: You look beautiful in that. Ridge is lucky guy.

Brooke: Thank you. Goodnight, deacon.

Deacon: Goodnight.

[Phone ringing]

Brooke: Oh, r–

[Chuckles] Ah! Ridge?

[Laughs] Did you land? Are you coming home?

Ridge: Hey, honey. I’m calling with news, and it’s not good news.

Brooke: You sound disappointed.

Ridge: I am disappointed. A mechanical problem, and they fixed it and just put it behind, and now the storm is coming, and we’re grounded.

Brooke: Grounded? But you promised me that you would be here. I was really looking forward to spending this evening with you. We need this time together. I love you so much.

Ridge: I know we do. And I’m– I’m sorry. And if something changes, I will let you know. But it doesn’t look like I’m going to be there for new year’S. I’m sorry.

Brooke: So I’m going to be alone on new year’s eve?

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