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Johnny and Allie go to see Chanel. Chanel announces that she has decided which one of them she wants to be with. They both say that’s great. Chanel talks about how it’s taken her a long time and she cares about them both. They tell her to just tell them.

Paulina and Kate toast to Jake at the Bistro. Paulina calls Jake a hell of a man even though Kate points out that she didn’t know him. Paulina says she’s taking Kate’s word for it and she’s sorry for her loss. Kate doesn’t know why it’s hitting her like this since Jake dumped her for Gabi.

Ava questions Gabi talking about voting shares when Jake’s body isn’t even cold yet. Gabi complains that EJ is coming after her and wants her job as some of them still work for a living. Ava remarks that some of them aren’t living at all. Ava complains that all Gabi can think about is what Jake’s death is going to cost her. Gabi argues that it’s not personal, it’s business, as if EJ gets his hands on Jake’s DiMera shares, then she has nothing and there’s no way she can stop it. Gabi then declares maybe there is because EJ wouldn’t get Jake’s shares if they went to Jake’s widow. Gabi points out that if Ava and Jake were married, the shares would go to Ava and there’s nothing EJ could do about it. Ava notes the one problem is that they weren’t married. Gabi asks who says?

EJ complains to the portrait of Stefano that he told Chad that he could stay in the house but it was his decision to take his children and move out, so he can’t help it if the house is so eerily quiet. Kristen then walks in and says not anymore as she tells EJ long time no see.

Chanel starts to announce her decision but gets distracted by the cherry pie remains on Johnny’s face. Johnny and Allie explain that they smashed pie in each others’ faces and got a little competitive. Chanel hates what this competition is doing to them, so she wants them to promise that what she’s about to say won’t come between them or throw more pies in each others’ faces. Johnny tells her to just tell them what she decided and he’ll act like a grown up from now on. Allie promises to do the same.

Abe sits at the bar of the Brady Pub with Roman. Roman asks about Chanel having an important talk with Johnny and Allie about the future. Abe says that he and Paulina decided to clear out of the apartment for a bit. Roman jokes that he hopes they put away the breakables before they left. Roman asks how Eli and Lani are doing. Abe responds that Eli got a great apartment in Washington DC while Valerie is helping with the twins and things are working out as well as could be expected. Abe admits he’s missing them like crazy. Roman relates to hoping Lucas and Sami were going to settle down here when they got married but now nothing. Abe asks who would have thought that Lucas would’ve kidnapped Sami and remarks that no one had any idea that it was him. Roman reveals to Abe that some people did as Kate knew and let EJ go to prison for her son’s crime and she let Lucas take Sami off to Europe. Abe tells him that he’s very sorry and asks what that means for he and Kate. Roman declares they are done.

Kate tells Paulina that she was feeling a bit bitter and vindictive, so she used her power to make Jake suffer for what he did to her. Kate says she got her revenge but it didn’t feel right because she was really hurt. Kate admits it took her awhile to open up her heart again and Roman was so patient and kind. Paulina says she felt so bad when Kate told her that Roman broke up with her since they seemed so happy together. Paulina asks what’s wrong with Roman but Kate admits it was her fault.

EJ tells Kristen that he knew she would show up here eventually. Kristen responds that she didn’t come to see him, but to offer her condolence to Chad. EJ informs her that she’s come to the wrong place then because Chad and the children have moved out. Kristen points out that EJ will have even more empty bedrooms here than usual, so she will be moving back in. EJ laughs at that and questions her just deciding that. Kristen says it’s better than crashing with Jake and Ava and the place is very big, so they don’t have to see each other. EJ tells her that he could actually envision them getting close again, so they could join forces and vote Gabi out once and for all to take back their father’s company.

Ava questions Gabi as to who would believe that she married Jake on the same day that he died. Gabi asks if anyone can prove that she didn’t marry him this morning. Ava guesses not and points out that they got robbed right as they bought the ring. Gabi suggests saying it was spur of the moment. Ava tells Gabi to shut up and questions being her partner in crime when the man she loves is lying here dead. Ava reminds Gabi that she actually despises her. Gabi suggests Ava help herself before her life comes crashing down. Ava warns that better not be a threat.

Sonny goes to see Chad at the Horton House with a lasagna that Maggie made for Jack and Jennifer. Chad informs Sonny that he’s not just visiting as he and the kids are staying and just moved in. Sonny sees why he wouldn’t want to stay at the DiMera Mansion but Chad says that’s not why, so Sonny asks what happened. Chad responds that EJ kicked them out.

Kristen tells EJ that she couldn’t double cross Gabi since she’s been very good to her since she’s been out. EJ questions how. Kristen reveals that Gabi put her in charge of Basic Black which is right where she wants to be, between Chloe and Brady. EJ says he knows her so well that she will want to hear him out. Kristen agrees to listen. EJ informs her that he just came in to possession of Chad and Kate’s shares of the company, so if he could have Kristen’s, they could take over the world. EJ says Kristen could keep her position at Basic Black and move in to her old suite here while her daughter Rachel has the one next to her, assuming she wins custody. Kristen stops him and questions how he has Chad’s shares. EJ reveals that Chad betrayed him, so it was the price he had to pay. Kristen asks how she’s supposed to trust that EJ won’t betray her. EJ says he’d be a fool to do that when he needs her shares. EJ asks if they have a deal.

Ava tells Gabi that she’s not going to help her take on EJ DiMera. Gabi warns her not to make such rash statements, pointing out that now that she’s on her own, she doesn’t have a dime so without her help, her life is going to fall apart. Ava questions why Gabi would help her. Gabi says she’s read the company by laws and knows that if Ava and Jake were married, his shares would go directly to her. Gabi tells her to think about the lovely dividends that would go in to her account every month. Ava questions why she’s so concerned with her finances. Gabi admits there is something in it for her as EJ wouldn’t be able to generate enough power to kick her out as CEO. Ava is surprised that Gabi came up with this plan. Ava says if Gabi is right and she gets Jake’s shares, she questions what is to stop her from teaming up with EJ to help bury her.

Chanel tells Allie and Johnny again how hard this decision was, but what hit her was that she and Johnny never would’ve been together. Allie says if she was just honest about her feelings while Johnny argues that they were together. Chanel says she knows and their time together was the most romantic few weeks of her life until he broke her heart in a million pieces when she thought he didn’t love her anymore. Johnny complains that she knows that wasn’t him. Johnny calls her the best thing to ever happen to him and says he never stopped loving her. Chanel declares that she loves both of them, but the person that she wants to be with, hopefully for the rest of her life, is Allie.

Kate informs Paulina that she knew Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami after she was rescued but kept it to herself. Paulina is surprised but understands that she was protecting her child. Kate points out that it was done at the expense of Roman’s child. Paulina remarks that from what she’s seen of Sami Brady, she can take care of herself. Kate says she’s still Roman’s baby so he won’t forgive her. Paulina compares Abe to Roman and says she’s broken his trust more than once. Paulina says they come from the same place, both started with nothing, and got beaten down by men who claimed to love them so it’s hard to trust after that. Kate appreciates her trying to let her off the hook. Paulina says she has to let herself off the hook if she expects Roman to. Kate clarifies that she doesn’t expect Roman to. Paulina points out that Abe forgave her. Paulina recalls Kate telling her at the hospital to be patient and not to give up on the love between them. Paulina advises Kate to take her own advice and not give up on Roman now.

Abe tells Roman that he’s sorry but asks if he thinks he might be willing to give Kate another chance. Roman says no way after what she did. Abe points out that he said the same thing about Paulina as he thought he would never be able to trust her again, but now they are happily married. Abe says people used to say they need to give happiness a chance and points out that Roman was one of those people.

Chad tells Sonny that he doesn’t know if he could stand living in the DiMera Mansion anymore since everywhere he looked, he saw Abigail and the last time he saw her alive was in their bedroom when they were hoping they had made a new baby. Sonny doesn’t know what to say. Chad says he never wants to see that room again. Sonny tells him that he’s really sorry. Chad says EJ just gave him the push he needed to get them out of that house and it’s a relief since the kids love the Horton house. Chad adds that he doesn’t know what they would do without Jack and Jennifer, so he has no idea what they are going to do when they go back to Boston. Sonny responds that there’s room at the Kiriakis Mansion, so they can stay there as long as they need.

Gabi warns Ava that if she teams up with EJ, her shares won’t be worth a cent because she knows Ava and Jake didn’t get married, so if she double crosses her, she will out her and she’ll be left with nothing. Ava takes it that Gabi is threatening her. Gabi says she can’t take what she doesn’t have. Gabi declares Ava either works with her and they both win or she screws with her and they both go down, so it’s her choice.

Kristen tells EJ that they definitely do not have a deal. EJ points out that he’s offering her a significant upgrade to her current situation. Kristen questions how long it will last since she can call the shots with Gabi. EJ is not so sure as he talks about Gabi being on the outs with Jake since he’s sleeping with Ava. EJ asks how Gabi feels about Kristen living with Jake and Ava. EJ questions since when Kristen has such a close relationship with Jake. Kristen warns EJ not to be a snob, reminding him that she took care of her during his vegetative state. Dr. Rolf then emerges from the DiMera tunnels, interrupting them. EJ questions what the hell he was doing in there. Dr. Rolf responds that he needed somewhere to stay after he was pardoned and he didn’t want to impose. EJ remarks that he thought the house was feeling quite empty. Dr. Rolf guesses EJ hasn’t heard about his dead brother, Jake, leaving EJ and Kristen confused.

Kate appreciates Paulina’s encouragement but doesn’t know if she can take herself off the hook, noting that Roman isn’t the only one having a hard time forgiving her these days since Allie and Will are as well. Paulina doesn’t know Will but feels Allie might be in a more forgiving place after she talks to her daughter. Kate asks why that would be. Paulina reveals that right now, Chanel is telling Johnny and Allie which twin she wants to be with. Kate jokes that she might be in a better place or a worse place, depending on how it goes.

Allie tells Chanel that she is so happy as Johnny steps aside, disappointed. Allie tries to tell Johnny that she’s really sorry but Johnny doesn’t believe her. Chanel says this is why it took her so long to make a decision, because she hated the idea of hurting either one of them. Johnny argues that Chanel can’t say she didn’t feel something between them. Chanel argues that her feelings are still there and that’s why she had to make a list of what she loved about both of them. Chanel says she just had more time with Allie since they are best friends and work together every day, but still love each other which is amazing. Chanel feels they never really had the chance to see where things might go between them and she thinks they deserve that chance but Johnny tells her that he can’t understand that.

Ava argues that Gabi can’t pull this off since the board of directors will want to see a marriage license. Gabi says she will take care of all that because money talks. Ava complains that Jake just died this morning and all she wants to talk about is money. Gabi says she wants to talk about the future. Gabi acknowledges that Jake was not the love of her life but they cared about each other and in the end, they just weren’t right for each other. Gabi says they wanted each other to be happy and she won’t be happy if she loses her job and she knows Jake wouldn’t want to see Ava out on the street. Ava decides she needs time to think about this but Gabi says it’s now or never and asks what it’s going to be.

Sonny tells Chad that he’s serious as he already knows Victor and Maggie would love to have them at the house and how big it is. Sonny adds that his brother Alex is already there. Sonny explains that he didn’t know he was coming to town and just showed up. Chad asks how long he’s staying. Sonny says he’s not going anywhere as he apparently wants to work with him at Titan. Chad asks how Sonny feels about that. Sonny doesn’t know yet as Alex just assumes he will give him a job and guesses there’s no reason not to. Chad says he can think of a few reasons. Chad declares that in his book, working with his brother is a really bad idea.

Dr. Rolf informs EJ and Kristen that Jake was shot by someone attempting to rob him and he was taken to the hospital but they could not save his life. EJ decides he should get there but Kristen asks why since EJ doesn’t give a damn about Jake. EJ argues that someone has to take charge and he is his next of kin. Kristen guesses EJ just doesn’t want anyone to beat him to the shares of stock that Jake owned. EJ admits that he doesn’t. Kristen guesses he doesn’t need her anymore then. EJ points out that Kristen rejected his offer, so he expects her to be gone when he gets back. Kristen mocks EJ’s grief as he exits the mansion. Dr. Rolf questions her. Kristen argues that she barely knew Jake, but she didn’t hate him on sight like the rest of the family. Kristen declares that she’s not racing EJ to the hospital to take advantage of Jake’s death. Dr. Rolf suggests perhaps she should.

Allie questions Johnny not accepting Chanel’s decision. Chanel reminds him that he promised he would. Johnny admits that he did. Johnny calls Allie a lucky woman. Allie says she knows. Johnny offers his hand, so Allie hugs him. Johnny tells Allie to be good to Chanel. Allie says she will. Johnny decides he has to go and says he’ll see them around as he then exits.

Paulina notes that she hasn’t heard from Chanel yet, so she can’t go home and neither can Abe, so he’s hanging out at the Pub. Paulina asks Kate if Abe could count on her support if he ran for Governor. Kate assures that she would and asks if he’s thinking of running. Paulina says she’s planted the seed. Kate responds that Paulina did the same for her as she’s been thinking about what she had to say, so she’s going to go to the Pub to talk to Roman. Paulina encourages Kate to go get her man as Kate then exits.

Roman argues that his situation is a lot different than Abe’s was. Abe asks why since both Kate and Paulina were keeping a secret to protect their children. Roman asks what about his kid. Abe asks if he really believes Lucas would put Sami in danger. Roman points out that he kidnapped her. Abe calls it bad judgment, but he thinks Lucas did it because he loves her so much. Roman says that’s what Kate said and admits he hasn’t been a great judge of character lately since his ex-wife and two of his grandkids got possessed by The Devil and he didn’t have a clue. Roman adds that Clyde Weston is making his chowder right now and soon after he hired him, he bought stolen jewelry and got locked up for Abigail’s murder while now Clyde’s old partner in crime is being let out of jail by the Governor. Abe says calling it a rough year an understatement. Roman questions if Abe has any idea why the Governor would let somebody like Orpheus out of jail early. Abe wishes he knew. Roman remarks that at least he can’t run again in November. Abe mentions that Paulina thinks that he should run for Governor and even invited Governor Mitchell to dinner as part of a big plan to get him to endorse him. Roman assumes that was before the pardons. Abe says that made his seal of approval worthless which means Paulina’s big plan is not going to work out. Roman comments that not a whole lot is working out lately. Roman then goes to check on Abe’s dinner.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that he lives by the creed of “What would Stefano Do” and in this case, there’s only one choice to make. Kristen asks if he really thinks he can do it. Dr. Rolf says yes, with her help.

EJ goes to the hospital and tells Kayla that he just heard about his brother. Kayla says she’s so sorry. EJ states that Jake was so young and claims that they had gotten quite close recently which Kayla says she did not know. EJ states that he would like to have Jake’s body buried in the DiMera Crypt. Kayla points out that there is paper work to be filled out by his next of kin, which she guessed was Vivian. EJ argues that Vivian is a convicted felon, so he doesn’t think the hospital wants to enter any agreement with her. Kayla asks who he suggests then. EJ declares that he is the head of the family now, so Kayla goes to get the forms. Gabi approaches EJ and comments that she sees the vultures are already circling. Kayla brings EJ the forms and tells him to read it over before signing. Gabi questions the forms and argues that Jake’s next of kin would be his wife. EJ points out that Jake didn’t have a wife. Gabi responds that he didn’t until this morning.

Ava remains sitting next to Jake’s body and says this morning seems like a dream. Ava talks about how they were so happy when they bought the rings. Ava puts the ring on Jake’s finger and declares that she will always remember this morning and she will always love him.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and greets Abe. Abe thought she was with Paulina. Kate confirms that they were hanging out and mentions that she heard Abe has been exiled from his apartment. Abe hopes it’s not for much longer. Kate thought she would come by to talk to Roman and asks if he’s around. Roman then comes back to the counter. Kate asks if he has a minute to talk.

Johnny goes to the Bistro and greets Paulina. Johnny informs her that she’s safe to go home now as Chanel announced her decision. Paulina guesses he’s not here to celebrate. Johnny confirms that Chanel wants to be with Allie.

Chanel and Allie sit together and talk about being the happiest women in the world now. Allie tells Chanel that she wants her so bad, but it feels a little weird to celebrate when Johnny is miserable. Chanel knows what she means but asks how long they should wait before they celebrate. Allie doesn’t know as it feels like they’ve been waiting forever. Chanel agrees and says the whole point of being together is to really be together. Allie decides that Chanel is right. Chanel declares that they have waited long enough as she and Allie then kiss.

Chad tells Sonny that he’s sure Alex is nothing like EJ. Sonny is glad Chad was honest and notes that he gets along with Alex fine, but he’s never been his boss before. Chad gets a call from Tony and asks what’s going on. Tony informs Chad of Jake’s death. Chad asks if he’s sure and thanks him for letting him know as he then hangs up. Sonny asks what he said. Chad reveals that Jake was shot and died.

Gabi tells EJ that Ava and Jake got married. EJ questions when this happened. Ava comes over and says it was this morning. Kayla says she did not know. Ava says everything was happening so fast that it didn’t occur to her to tell her, but they were husband and wife. Kayla is sorry to bring this up now but there are forms to be signed by Jake’s legal next of kin, frustrating EJ.

Dr. Rolf asks Kristen if she’s ready to go. Kristen says not until he tells her what sort of help he needs from her. Dr. Rolf complains that there’s no time for explanations as they must act now, so Kristen follows him out.

Roman tells Kate that he doesn’t have time to talk because he just found out his boiler is on the fritz and he doesn’t have a lot to say to her. Roman then walks away. Abe encourages Kate not to give up hope because Roman will come around. Kate says that Paulina said the same thing. Abe adds that he told Roman to give Kate another chance. Kate thanks him but doubts that he’s going to do that. Abe tells her to just give it some time.

Paulina tells Johnny that between them, she was pulling for him.

Allie and Chanel lay in bed together and say “I love you” to each other as they continue kissing.

Sonny doesn’t know what to say to Chad. Chad doesn’t either as he wasn’t that close with Jake but he was Abigail’s friend and now they are both gone.

Gabi tells EJ that it was a nice try. EJ claims to have no idea what she’s talking about. Gabi guesses he was about to sign the next of kin papers but now he can’t get his hands on Jake’s shares of DiMera stock. EJ tells her not to be so sure since this marriage came out of nowhere and is awfully convenient. EJ warns that he will get to the bottom of this and then exits the hospital. Kayla informs Ava that the orderlies are here to pick up Jake’s body and take it to the morgue. Kayla adds that when Ava has made the funeral arrangements, he will be released to her. Ava remarks on having to make funeral arrangements on her wedding day.

Dr. Rolf and Kristen sneak in to Jake’s hospital room, dressed as nurses. Rolf uncovers Jake’s body and asks if he’s ready for his next adventure. Kristen comments that she really hopes he didn’t lose his touch in prison as they then wheel Jake’s body out of the room.

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