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Recap written by Christine

At Victoria’s place, Nick asked if Victor knew more about Ashland’s disappearance than he was letting on. Victor stated that he didn’t know anything. Victoria worried about what Ashland was going to do next, and her father and brother promised her she’d be safe. Victor was certain the cops would find Ashland. He invited Victoria to stay at the ranch, and she said she’d pack a bag. Nick thought they should have someone clean up this place after the investigation so Victoria didn’t have to come back to it looking like this. Victor agreed. Nick didn’t understand how Ashland made it out of the house when he wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Victoria said Ashland was so angry with her that he was unstoppable. Victor was glad Ashland didn’t kill Victoria tonight. Nick said he was just trying to protect his sister. He asked if Victor would’ve done anything different. Victor said he would’ve done the exact same thing – in fact, he’d risk his life for any of his kids. However, Victor thought Nick might have put himself in a tough legal situation. Nick agreed, but that paled in comparison to thinking he’d killed someone. He was prepared to face the consequences. Victor said Nick was a good person, and Victor promised to take care of things. Nick said he’d take care of things at the house while Victor took Victoria to the ranch. He said he might even burn some sage to get rid of the bad energy. Victoria hugged Nick and said she wasn’t sure what she’d do without him. He was just glad she was okay. Victor and Victoria left. Nick flashed back to the key events of the night, then he paced around the room. He saw Ashland’s ring on the floor.

Victoria and Victor took a detour to Newman to pick up some files she needed for a meeting tomorrow. He understood that she wanted to work in a situation like this, because he tended to do the same thing. Nikki walked in and was surprised they were here at this hour. Victoria and Victor explained that Victoria would be staying at the ranch because Ashland came by the house in a rage, and Nick protected Victoria. They didn’t go into more detail. Nick called to ask about the ring. Victoria explained it was a Valentine’s day gift to Ashland that he brought to the house and waved around. Victoria remembered Ashland putting the ring back in his shirt pocket. Nick wondered how it got on the floor. All Victoria knew was that she never wanted to see that ring again.

Victoria told Nikki everything that happened tonight. She said while she was in the kitchen about to call the police, she thought she heard Ashland say he was going to finish what he came to do. When she went back into the room, he was on the floor, and Nick was checking for a pulse. Victoria finished the story and wondered how it was that Ashland was gone, even though he didn’t have a pulse. Nikki didn’t know. Victoria said when Ashland came after her, she’d sworn she would do whatever it took to fight him off. If Nick hadn’t come, Victoria said she could’ve killed Ashland. Nikki was relieved neither of her kids killed Ashland, so they didn’t have anything to apologize for or regret. Victor agreed with Nikki. He said the most important thing was that the family was safe.

Chance was at Crimson Lights instructing an officer to keep an eye out for Ashland. Michael walked up. He’d heard the news from Victor, and he fished for updates on Ashland. Chance wondered if Victor sent Michael on this fishing expedition. Michael said he was the Newman attorney, and he cared about the family. Michael thought Victor was entitled to have information on the search for the man who tried to kill his daughter. Michael noted that Chance and Victoria were family, through Abby. Chance said he still had to play it by the book, and he wasn’t going to let his father-in-law interfere with the investigation. Chance had already told the Newmans he’d contact them once he located Locke. Michael made it clear that he was willing to relay anything Chance heard. Chance excused himself.

Victor stepped into the hallway of Newman Enterprises to take a call from Michael. Victor asked if he was still watching Chance. He was, but there wasn’t anything to report yet. Ashland hadn’t been found.

Back in the office, Nikki couldn’t imagine what it was like for Victoria to be attacked in her home again. Victoria said when Ashland came at her, it triggered a heavy rush of memories about JT. Victoria noted that JT was violent because of a brain tumor, and it had nothing to do with her, but she brought Ashland and his chaos into the family. Nikki said Victoria fell in love with the wrong person, and everyone in the family had made that same mistake. Victoria admitted she kept falling for damaged men she deluded herself into thinking she could fix, like a struggling company that she could buy and make profitable. Nikki didn’t think it was bad that Victoria wanted to see the best in people she loved. Victoria said she had a blind spot in relationships – they all warned her about Ashland, and she didn’t listen. She said she forced the family to accept Ashland and made excuses for his lies and he did exactly what Nick and everyone else said he would. She wasn’t sure how to forgive herself.

Nikki didn’t know why Victoria felt guilty. Victoria said she didn’t take all the blame. She felt disgusted by what Ashland did. It felt so good to turn the tables on him and make him pay. Victoria said that Ashland looked so defeated when she left him in NY, and she thought something may have shattered in him. She’d wanted to punish Ashland and hurt him the way he hurt her and get some revenge. Nikki said that if Bobby DeFranco, because they were going to call this monster by his real name, didn’t realize that every predator was someone’s prey, he’d learned a valuable lesson. “Nobody messes with the Newmans. His feelings got hurt. That’s on him,” Nikki said. Victoria never thought of it like that. Nikki thought the way Victoria was feeling was understandable, since she was a caring, forgiving person, and she once loved this man. Nikki said Bobby was never the man he’d made Victoria believe he was, and he never deserved Victoria or her sympathy. Victor came in and said he couldn’t agree more.

Nick walked into Crimson Lights just as Michael ended the call. Nick correctly assumed Michael was talking with Victor. Michael was sorry for what Nick had been through. Nick asked for an update. Michael didn’t think there was any news. Michael asked how Nick was holding up. Nick wanted Ashland to disappear, but he didn’t want to have a role in taking a man’s life. He wondered if Ashland was hurt or suffering. Michael said Nick was a good man who had every right to protect his sister and himself. Nick just wanted Ashland to be found. Michael said he would be, and justice would be served. Michael told Nick to try and get some rest.

Nick went to the patio and thanked Chance again for his help. Nick gave Chance the ring, explaining that Ashland had put it in his pocket. Chance asked if the ring fell out. Nick didn’t know. He said maybe Ashland took the ring out to look at it. Chance put the ring in an evidence bag and thanked Nick for bringing it to him. Nick asked about the search. Chance thought it was odd that Locke hadn’t been found yet, but he said they would locate him. Chance asked if Nick had anything else he wanted to get off his chest. He didn’t. Chance got a call. Nick asked if it was about Ashland. Chance didn’t want Nick getting involved. Nick wanted to be able to give Victoria something to put her mind at ease. Chance said there was no positive ID, but there was a car at the bottom of a ravine. Nick wanted to go to the scene, but Chance refused to let him get involved.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Nikki wanted to get Victoria to the ranch to rest. Victoria thanked Victor, and he said he’d always protect her. Michael showed up, and he waited for the ladies to leave before he talked to Victor. Michael said he was informed by a member of Victor’s team that the police found Ashland’s car. Victor asked if Ashland was inside. Michael nodded. “Good,” Victor said.

Adam woke up in his suite and saw Sally sitting on the couch. He asked what she was doing here, and she said she was like one of those ghosts in a Dickens novel, here to give him a chance to make the right choice, so they could reclaim their future. He was frustrated that she ignored everything he told her earlier and broke into his room. She held up a key card and said it was their room. She’d told the lady they always saw when they rented this room that Adam forgot to give her a key. He asked how she knew where to find him. She knew he’d come to the place where they made so many memories and where they felt safe and understood. She said she understood him. He told her she was reading way too much into where he decided to sleep tonight. She knew he left the ranch because he was angry with Victor. He said she was only repeating things he told her. She felt he’d opened up to her because of their connection. He said he purposely got her to fall in love with him. She knew that she wasn’t just another one of his conquests, because she pursued him.

Adam wanted Sally to stop acting like this. She said he had to know she wasn’t just going to give up. He thought she’d have the self respect not to keep throwing herself at someone who didn’t want her. She said she had enough self confidence to take what he dished out until he dropped his defenses. He insisted that he didn’t want a future with her. She had tears in her eyes, and she said she knew what they still had, and she didn’t want to lose it.

Adam said he didn’t mean to hurt Sally. She told him that if this was an apology it wasn’t a good one. He told her she didn’t need love to succeed at Newman Media. She knew that, but she wanted love in her life, and she wanted to be with him above anything else. She told him he wasn’t an expert on her. She knew he was aware that her parents vanished from her life when she was very young, and she and her sister had to fend for themselves. This left a black hole where her heart should’ve been. She was glad she had her sister and grandmother. Every time she reached high and fell hard, her grandmother and sister were there, but something was always missing. He suggested she should call her family. She ordered him not to give her advice – she knew what was best for her. So many times, she thought she found the perfect job or man of her dreams, but she got her heart broken or her hopes dashed. She never let it break her spirit, because she knew the right man was out there. When she met Adam, that black hole vanished. She felt like she’d known him her whole life and in every universe. “This is our time. This is the right place to be. And all of the stars are aligned,” she said. She said she wasn’t his enemy, and she’d never stood between him and his family or him and anything he wanted, because he wanted those same things, and they could have those things together. She told him to just admit he still loved her and that she was good for him. She implored her to stop resisting and start working with him so they could find their way back to each other.

Adam told Sally that was beautiful, but he didn’t feel the same way she did. She told him to remember when they first started working together. They’d wanted each other so badly, but they knew if they got too close they’d burn up in each other’s atmosphere. She said he’d never met another woman like her, and he’d been waiting for her his whole life. He coolly said that was then, and he’d moved on. She scoffed. She wasn’t sure if he was pretending he didn’t love her or if he’d actually convinced himself that he didn’t, but she knew him well enough to know he’d eventually realize this was a catastrophic mistake. She said the sad thing was he probably wouldn’t realize what a massive screw up this was until it was too late and she’d moved on. She asked him to think about what he’d be losing if he let her slip away.

Adam said he’d thought this through and what was done was done. Sally said okay and wished him a good night. He asked if they were done, just like that. She said yes, but she was going to resign from Newman Media first thing in the morning. He told her she couldn’t do that – she loved that job. She said she didn’t want it anymore because it may have cost her her happiness. Adam fixed himself a drink, then he booked a flight to Las Vegas.

Sally ran into Nick at Crimson Lights and asked if his world was falling apart and he wished he could get a do-over. He asked how she could tell, and she said he looked like hell and misery loved company. She offered to buy him a coffee.

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