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Sarah questions Xander wanting to get married today. Xander points out that if Kristen hadn’t taken her to that island, they’d be celebrating their one year anniversary by now so he doesn’t want to wait unless she’s changed her mind. Sarah assures that she can’t wait to marry him but asks if he doesn’t want a wedding with his friends and family. Xander says his only friend just reminded me there’s no guarantees in life so you have to seize the day. Xander declares that the only person he needs for a real wedding is her, so he asks her to marry him today. Sarah says yes and they kiss. Sarah then tells him he can put the ring back on her finger now.

Gwen sits in her prison cell with a book and finds pages missing. A guard then brings in Kristen DiMera as Gwen’s new cellmate.

Nancy runs in to Leo in the town square and asks if he’s heard the news. Leo guesses she’s joining the circus and asks what her news is. Nancy says it’s all about Clyde and asks what’s it to him anyway. Nancy then reveals that Clyde was exonerated as he has an airtight alibi for the night Abigail was killed. Leo says he’s shocked. Nancy says she told him that he was innocent and the only thing he’s guilty of is buying a piece of stolen jewelry. Nancy declares that the person he bought it from is the real killer.

Marlena hypnotizes Lucas in the interrogation room. Marlena wants to take him back to June 10th and asks where he was. Lucas recalls being at the Brady Pub with Kate and she just told him that Abigail knows the truth that he kidnapped Sami. Marlena asks what happened next. Lucas says he was freaking out as he knows that if Abigail tells anybody then that’s it for him. Lucas adds that Kate tried to tell him that Abigail wouldn’t say anything but he didn’t believe her and then Kate left. Lucas recalls stealing a bottle of liquor from behind the bar. Marlena asks him what happened next.

Gwen questions Kristen being her new cellmate and says she’s a bit surprised, asking how a mastermind criminal like her ends up here. Kristen says it was by choice. Gwen guesses the authorities finally caught up to her then. Kristen says she could’ve outrun them for the rest of her life but she missed her daughter and couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing her again. Gwen complains about being behind bars and now having to bunk with the woman who destroyed her relationship with the love of her life.

Sarah asks Xander if he still has the ring since Kristen gave it back to him. Xander reveals that he no longer has it. Sarah asks if he threw it away when he thought she broke her heart. Xander assures he wouldn’t do that but he sold it because there was something he really needed to buy. Sarah asks what that was. Xander then pulls out another ring which Sarah notes is very different from her original one. Xander then admits he had bought the ring for Gwen. Sarah questions him selling her ring to buy one for Gwen. Xander tries to explain how he thought there was no hope for them and thought she ran off with Rex. Sarah remarks that was before she was given a second dose of a mind altering drug by the woman he was about to marry. Xander assures that he never would’ve bought the ring if he knew what Gwen was capable of. Sarah understands why Gwen was so desperate to hang on to him, but wish she chose to do something less extreme. Xander knows Gwen put her life in danger and says he’ll never forgive her. Sarah suggests forgetting her then. Sarah points out that her meds are working so it’s probable that her hallucinations have stopped. Xander hopes so since he knows how terrifying it’s been for her to see Kristen. Sarah adds that she wanted to kill Kristen when she envisioned her, so she’s really glad there was always a third person there to talk her down or else she could’ve really hurt someone…

Kristen remarks that Gwen wouldn’t have been with Xander if she hadn’t shipped Sarah off to that island. Gwen mocks being grateful to Kristen and says she’s in prison because of her. Kristen argues that Gwen isn’t smart enough to stay out of prison. Gwen complains that she’s the one who helped keep Kristen out of prison since she blackmailed her in to helping her escape or else she’d tell Xander the truth. Kristen reminds Gwen that when Xander started looking in to the truth, she’s the one who gave Gwen the mask to pose as Sarah. Gwen talks about convincing Xander as “Sarah” to be with her. Kristen argues that she gave Gwen everything she needed to walk down the aisle with Xander, but Abigail is the one who got in her way, so if she wants to blame someone for destroying her relationship, she can blame her little sister.

Leo informs Nancy that the cops already have someone in custody for Abigail’s murder and shows her his tablet. Nancy is shocked that it’s Lucas Horton, calling that impossible since he’s Abigail’s uncle and loved her. Leo points out that Lucas also loved Sami, yet he’s accused of kidnapping her so it sounds like he was on quite a crime spree. Nancy argues that she’s known Lucas for years and he’s incapable of murder. Nancy guesses it must be the brain tumor which Leo questions. Nancy then remembers Lucas made that up. Leo questions Lucas lying about having a terminal illness and remarks that even he’s never sunk that low. Leo adds that Lucas sure sounds guilty to him. Nancy acknowledges that Lucas has done some terrible things but he would never have killed Abigail. Nancy declares that the police are barking up the wrong tree and storms off.

A woman enters the Brady Pub as Clyde is blaming Rafe for the fact that he could lose everything. Clyde threatens to sue Rafe and the rest of the cops for false arrest. The woman interrupts and says Clyde could sue, but he’d lose, as Rafe had every right to bring him in since he was in possession of stolen property which was linked to a murder. Clyde argues that he was wronged by the cops, so he is going to hold them accountable. She warns that if Clyde sues, what he did to EJ DiMera will likely get dragged in to this. Clyde questions how she knows about that. She says it is EJ’s word against his, but a good prosecutor could build a strong case against him and she hears that Melinda Trask is desperate for a win and will do anything to get it. She suggests Clyde back off. Clyde questions who the hell she is. She then introduces herself as Jada Hunter. Clyde decides to take his break and walks off. Rafe stands up and admits that was very impressive. Jada asks if that means she’s hired.

Sarah asks Xander what he’s going to do with the ring. Xander responds that he’ll trade it back to the pawn shop where he sold her ring and get it back. Sarah asks if he thinks they still have it. Xander says he’s very optimistic. Sarah decides they just need someone to officiate the wedding then. Xander suggests Maggie since she got ordained online last year and married Justin and Bonnie. Sarah jokes that she bet Victor loved that. Xander says he heard Victor behaved himself and it was a lovely ceremony. Xander adds that there’s a rumor going around that Bonnie and Victor are getting along well, so if that’s possible then pulling off their wedding should be a piece of cake. They declare they are really doing this and then they kiss.

Gwen questions Kristen wanting her to blame Abigail for her troubles. Kristen guesses she can’t blame her that much since she’s dead, but tells her not to take her frustrations out on her. Gwen feels it doesn’t leave much people to take it out on. Kristen brings up that Abigail was viciously murdered, stabbed repeatedly in her own bed, so clearly whoever did that was filled with rage. Gwen suggests it was a robbery and Abigail was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kristen thinks this was personal and that whoever came at Abigail with the knife, hated her with a passion like Gwen. Kristen says that Gwen despised her sister for exposing her right before she was about to marry the love of her life and she took it all away. Gwen asks if she’s her prime suspect then and suggests she’s been reading too much. Kristen asks if she’s saying she didn’t have a motive. Gwen admits that she did but she couldn’t have killed Abigail because she was locked up in prison.

Marlena asks if Lucas stayed at the Pub and drank the bottle that he stole. Lucas tells her that he went to the park as he was beyond upset and knew that if Abigail told anyone what he had done, he’d lose Sami and everything. Lucas says he just wanted to forget so he kept drinking, but then he left the park. Marlena asks where he went. Lucas recalls going to the DiMera Mansion, knocking on the door and shouting that he needed to talk to Abigail now. Lucas realizes that he was there and went to see Abigail.

Nancy finds Clyde outside the Pub and says she heard he was released. Clyde says it’s good to be out and even better to see her. Nancy heard he has an airtight alibi with security footage from the dock. Clyde is glad he was caught fishing. Nancy is glad as she knows he’s done questionable things but she knew there was no way he could’ve killed Abigail in cold blood. Clyde swears he did not commit that crime but admits that not all of his misdeeds are in the past. Nancy asks what he means. Clyde feels he owes her an apology because it was wrong of him to give her the stolen bracelet.

Xander bumps into Leo in the town square, dropping the engagement ring which Leo picks up and mocks. Xander takes it back and tells him that he and Sarah are getting married together. Leo asks what about Gwen. Xander argues that Gwen destroyed he and Sarah’s relationship when she poisoned Sarah with the second dose of Dr. Rolf’s drug. Leo remarks that Sarah must be okay now if they are getting married today. Xander clarifies that Gwen didn’t cause any permanent damage but Sarah has been struggling for months and just figured out her dose so she’s finally back in her right mind. Leo asks if he’s sure about that since she’d have to be nuts to marry him with that ring. Leo argues that Gwen only did what she did because she loved him and he led her to believe that he loved her too. Leo remarks that it wasn’t that long ago that Xander was putting a ring on Gwen’s finger as he then walks away.

Kristen asks about Gwen being in prison when Abigail was murdered. Gwen thinks back to sneaking back in to the visiting room where the guard questioned where she had been. Gwen tehn tells Kristen that she was in prison thanks to Abigail outing her at her wedding, so she was already serving her time here. Gwen adds that since she was locked up, it should be obvious that she could not have possibly killed Abigail. Kristen supposes that would be an airtight alibi to a regular person but a criminal mastermind like her knows plenty of ways to get in and out of prison. Gwen says Kristen had someone that looked exactly like her to take her place while she has no twin, no friends, and no way out. Kristen guesses Gwen’s right then that she has an alibi.

Sarah goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie. Sarah asks her what’s wrong. Maggie says she was just reading about Lucas and she’s still trying to process that he kidnapped Sami. Sarah guesses some people just go to extremes for love. Maggie adds that as awful as that was, she cannot believe that Lucas is the one that murdered Abigail. Sarah doesn’t think so either but says it does sound like he fell off the wagon pretty hard. Maggie guesses Lucas was in a very dark and desperate place which she knows about herself. Maggie declares that the Lucas she knows is not capable of that kind of violence. Sarah agrees. Maggie wishes someone would convince the police.

Rafe tells Jada that he appreciates the assist with Clyde but they still have to go through the formality of the interview. Jada notes that Steve let her know that he is very diligent. Rafe adds that Steve had many good things to say about Jada as well and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Jada states that Steve was one of her father’s oldest friends so he can take that with a grain of salt. They talk about Jada’s father, Marcus Hunter, who Jada notes was a doctor in Salem for years and always said it was a great place to live. Jada says when she heard they were down a couple detectives, she took the opportunity to call in on the Abigail DiMera case. Jada asks Rafe about Clyde’s alibi. Rafe assures that it’s rock solid but they do have another suspect in custody. Jada says she heard about Lucas but it doesn’t seem like they have much to hold him on. Rafe admits the evidence is thin but they are working on that now.

Marlena questions Lucas about going to the DiMera Mansion that night. Lucas recalls banging on the door and yelling for Abigail. Marlena asks if she answered. Lucas says that she didn’t, so he tried the door but it was locked. Marlena asks if Lucas then left. Lucas admits he did not and he went in through the side doors, looking for Abigail but she wasn’t in the living room so he decided to fix himself a drink and wait. Lucas remembers he was slicing a lemon and the knife slipped which is how he cut his hand. Marlena asks what he did next and if he left. Lucas says he wrapped his hand and started slicing another lemon for his drink which is when he heard a noise upstairs.

Gwen says there are so many things she wishes she did differently. Kristen calls regrets a waste of time. Gwen responds that all she has is time. Gwen admits Kristen was right that if she had been more clever and careful and not made stupid mistakes, she’d still be with Xander. Kristen argues that Gwen is better off without Xander and calls him a monster, who made her think her baby was dead. Gwen argues that was only because she couldn’t bear to tell Sarah that she lost her baby. Kristen questions doing it for love making it okay. Gwen clarifies that she didn’t say that. Kristen declares that what Xander did was sick, wrong, and twisted. Kristen acknowledges that Sarah did give her Rachel back even if she did have to chase her to Paris. Gwen asks if she doesn’t blame Sarah then. Kristen says that she doesn’t because she was a grieving mother but Xander made her pain worse with his lies. Kristen tells Gwen that if Sarah wants to be with Xander, let her have him. Kristen encourages Gwen to just sit back, relax, and watch their relationship combust on it’s own. Gwen doesn’t think that’s ever going to happen. Kristen is unsure because Sarah is still a little bit off.

Maggie tells Sarah that as worried as she is about Lucas, she wants to hear how Sarah is doing. Sarah responds that she’s doing better as her hallucinations are under control thanks to her meds and she hasn’t seen Kristen in a couple days which is good. Maggie is glad as she was really worried that what Gwen did to her would keep her from getting on with her life. Sarah doesn’t think she has to worry as she is hopeful for the future and she wants to seize the day. Sarah then asks if Maggie is busy. Maggie says she’s not and asks why. Sarah announces that she and Xander were wondering if Maggie would marry them because they don’t want to wait. Sarah adds that Xander is picking up her ring as they speak and then they’ll be good to go. Maggie asks if she’s sure that’s what she wants. Sarah says more than anything. Maggie knows that’s what Xander wants as she saw him while Sarah was gone and he was a broken man. Maggie states that Xander never got over her. Sarah responds that he doesn’t have to because she’s back and they can finally start their life together.

Jada asks if Rafe found the murder weapon. Rafe says not yet, but there is another person of interest in the mix which he’s looking in to but Clyde’s description has been less than helpful so at the moment, they are focusing on Lucas. Rafe decides he should get back to the station to see if there’s anything new and asks Jada if she’s coming. Jada asks if that means she got the job. Rafe welcomes her to the Salem police department and they shake hands.

Marlena asks Lucas about what he heard upstairs. Lucas responds that he’s not sure. Marlena asks what he did next. Lucas remembers walking towards the foyer and hearing a commotion so he stopped and he saw someone rushing down the stairs towards the front door. Marlena questions who it was. Lucas’s eyes open wide as he shouts “Oh my God!”

Maggie asks Sarah if she’s almost ready. Sarah then enters the living room in her wedding dress and jokes that it’s not bad after months of storage on a tropical island. Maggie says she looks beautiful. Xander walks in and agrees. Sarah tells him that she’s not complete without him. Xander then reveals that he got her ring back which she is thrilled by. Xander puts the ring on her finger and says he would’ve gone to the ends of the earth to track it down for her as they kiss. Sarah declares that now all they need are wedding bands which Xander presents her with. Maggie decides they have everything now so they will make them husband and wife.

Clyde wishes he could tell Nancy how much he’d like to just go to a fancy jewelry store and buy the most expensive bracelet they have, but he can’t afford that. Clyde says if he’s going to give her the kind of present she deserves, he has to cut corners. Nancy tells him that he doesn’t have to buy her fancy gifts to impress her. Clyde figured that’s what she’s used to and that Craig would give her anything she wanted. Nancy responds that’s except for what she wanted the most, a man who loves her. Clyde questions Craig not loving her. Nancy explains that Craig was never in love with her and spent years lying to her and to himself. Clyde calls that tough. Nancy tells Clyde that the best and most valuable thing that he could ever give her is honesty. Clyde declares that from here on out, it’s nothing but the God’s honest truth, though he does have to say that even though he lied about he acquired the bracelet, he was not lying about who he got it from. Clyde just wishes he could remember exactly what the guy looked like.

Rafe brings Jada to the police station and directs her to a desk. Marlena comes out from the interrogation room. Rafe introduces Jada to Marlena as the psychiatrist who hypnotized Lucas. Rafe asks Marlena how it went and if Lucas was able to remember anything about the night Abigail was murdered. Marlena confirms that he absolutely did.

Nancy informs Clyde that the police have someone in custody now. Clyde notes that she doesn’t sound too happy about that. Nancy explains that she’s known this person for years and doesn’t think it’s possible for him to have killed Abigail. Nancy shows Clyde a picture of Lucas Horton, asking if that’s the person who sold him the bracelet. Clyde acknowledges that as Lucas, Kate’s son, and confirms it was not him. Clyde wishes he could figure out who this weasel was to make him pay for what he did. Nancy responds that that she just had to deal with her own weasel, Leo Stark, the man that her husband left her for. Clyde remarks that he did Nancy a favor then, and did him one too. Nancy calls that very sweet but says Leo Stark is pond scum and makes whoever sold him that bracelet look like a prince. Leo then comes around the corner and sees them. Clyde declares that if he finds out who it was, there’s going to be trouble.

Marlena returns to the interrogation room and tells Lucas that Rafe said not to worry as he’s on it.

Rafe calls Chad to give him a heads up that he’s bringing in a person of interest.

Maggie begins the wedding ceremony of Xander and Sarah. Maggie asks if anyone can offer just cause of why they should not get married. Jada then walks in and says she can.

Gwen asks Kristen what she means by saying Sarah seems off. Kristen responds that before she was transferred here, Sarah came to visit her at the police station and chewed her out for ruining her life and said she was still having hallucinations as apparently she sees her everywhere. Gwen mentions hearing that. Kristen guesses Sarah is still feeling the after effect of the second jab Gwen gave her. Kristen tells Gwen to cheer up because if Sarah is stuck in crazy town, then maybe she and Xander won’t be riding off into the sunset after all.

Maggie questions who Jada is. Jada introduces herself as Detective Jada Hunter from the Salem PD. Maggie questions her objecting to the marriage. Sarah asks if Xander knows her. Xander says he’s never seen her before in his life. Maggie worries about what Xander has done now, but Jada then reveals that she’s here to bring Sarah in for questioning.

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