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Nicole has a dream about getting back together with Eric, but then wakes up alone in bed.

Eric wakes up in bed with Sloan, who brings him coffee. Sloan comments that the coffee is hot but not nearly as much as he was last night as they kiss. Sloan asks if he has any regrets about last night.

Kate goes to Jada’s room and brings her tea. Kate comments that Jada looks good and relaxed. Jada responds that she’s feeling a lot better. Jada adds that she’s not happy that Eric is in jail but admits it’s a relief that he’s not right down the hall. Kate then reveals that Eric is no longer in jail as Roman told her they released him yesterday thanks to his new attorney, Sloan Peterson.

Eric assures Sloan that he has absolutely no regrets about last night. Sloan says she can tell something is wrong. Eric says he just has a headache since he doesn’t really drink a lot these days. Sloan offers an aspirin but Eric says he thinks he just needs some breakfast. Sloan offers a a granola bar but Eric says he was thinking something more substantial as they kiss in bed.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ is on the phone with Susan’s husband Roger, understanding that he couldn’t change his plans considering Susan’s memorial was rather impromptu. EJ remarks that he hopes the woman who murdered Susan is burning in Hell, while Ava watches him from outside the side door.

Kate tells Jada that she thought she knew but Jada says she hasn’t heard from Eric. Kate thought Eric would’ve at least checked on her when he got out to see how she was doing. Jada guesses he feels there’s no reason to now. Kate feels that Eric owes her that much. Jada disagrees and decides she’s glad that Eric is staying away. Jada declares that she and Eric are history, so he’s somebody else’s problem now.

Eric reminds Sloan about how Belle said that getting in to bed with Sloan would be the worst mistake of his life. Eric states that he doesn’t think she could’ve been more wrong.

Johnny goes to Nicole’s room at the DiMera Mansion to get some of Susan’s things for the memorial. Nicole tells him that she’s sorry about Susan and says she was a sweetheart. Johnny apologizes for acting like a jerk when he found out that EJ was letting her stay here. Johnny tells Nicole that he really likes her and he really likes Rafe, so he hoped things would work out between them. Nicole says she was too but she realized that she and Rafe were wrong for each other from the start. Nicole declares that Rafe is a really good person while she is not and never will be.

EJ finishes his call with Roger. Ava looks to open the door but stops as Rafe arrives. EJ asks Rafe what he can do for him. Rafe responds that he needs a statement about Susan’s death as EJ missed two appointments to give him one. EJ doesn’t know what more there is to say. EJ repeats that the ransom exchange went badly, Ava panicked and drove off the road, killing herself and Susan. EJ calls it very unpleasant for him to talk about. Rafe understands and respects that he is grieving, but he needs more details. EJ asks why and says it’s a bit late to bring Ava to justice. EJ tells Rafe to let the dead stay dead, or rot in Ava’s case. Ava remains outside watching him through the door.

Eric tells Sloan about how he left the priesthood the first time for Nicole, but he went back when things didn’t work out, and the second time was on a technicality. Sloan asks if she can presume he won’t run off to the priesthood for a third time. Eric says that’s a safe bet as he had some clear signs that he was on the wrong path anyway. Eric then continues kissing Sloan.

Johnny opens a jewelry box and takes out a cross which he says is a symbol of all things important to Susan. Johnny says Susan was truer to herself than anyone he knew and she never cared what anybody else said or thought about her. Johnny comments that she never changed or even wanted to and he has to admire that about a person. Johnny says he was just a kid when Nicole was his stepmom, but he remembers that she took really good care of him and Sydney regardless of her relationship with EJ. Nicole says they were a delight. Johnny recalls Nicole staying up with him all night and reading him a bedtime story after he had eye surgery. Nicole can’t believe he remembers all that. Johnny says it meant a lot to him. Johnny adds that as much as Sami may have despised her and tried to convince him that she was a horrible person, he never believed her. Johnny says they loved spending time with her and says she was funny. Nicole calls him very sweet. Johnny says he has to get to the church and exits.

Steve goes to the Brady Pub and greets Roman at the bar. Roman comments that he got back from Seattle fast. Steve responds that he and Stephanie are going to fly back for Christmas to join Kayla, Tripp, and Joey. Roman asks how Tripp is doing. Steve says he’s still broken up about his mother. Roman is glad Steve could be there for him and says he was lucky to be in Seattle when Ava was killed. Steve responds that it wasn’t exactly luck.

Rafe tells EJ that if someone other than Ava was in any way involved in Susan’s death, he would want them brought to justice. EJ questions what he’s implying. Rafe finds it strange that EJ is so reluctant to tell him the whole story about what happened. EJ repeats that it’s very difficult for him to talk about. Rafe wants to start with why EJ didn’t call the police when Susan was missing. EJ responds that Ava threatened to kill Susan if he told anyone, so he thought it would be a good idea to handle it himself. Rafe brings up EJ saying that something went wrong with the ransom exchange, causing Ava and Susan to lose control, go off the cliff and die. Rafe asks what went wrong. Nicole then walks in and apologizes for interrupting as EJ greets her. Rafe is surprised and questions what the hell she’s doing here. EJ tells Rafe to use his detective skills and remarks that obviously Nicole spent the night.

Sloan tells Eric that his stamina was impressive but jokes that he has a lot of time to make up for. Eric tells her that casual sex was never in the cards for him since he had standard dreams of kids and a white picket fence but it became obvious to him that was never really in his cards, so he needed to stop fooling himself and getting emotionally involved. Eric wants to make it clear that he’s not really in to getting in to a relationship. Sloan assures that she is the same and that she’s never really believed in happily ever after. Eric is glad they are on the same page. Sloan toasts to no emotional attachment and just pure, wild, passionate sex if he’s up for it. Eric assures that he is and kisses her.

Nicole tells Rafe that it’s not what it looks like and explains that EJ offered her and Holly a place to stay until she finds a place. EJ confirms they are welcome to stay as long as they like. Rafe comments on how generous that is of EJ. Rafe tells EJ to enjoy the consolation prize since both of Nicole’s exes rejected her. Rafe adds that since EJ is determined to stonewall his investigation in to Susan’s death, he will find the information elsewhere. Rafe assures the case is not closed and he will find out the truth as to what happened between EJ and Ava. Rafe says he’ll be in touch and exits the mansion.

Roman asks Steve why he happened to go to Seattle in the first place. Steve calls it a long story to get in to. Jada and Kate come downstairs. Jada greets Steve and says it’s good to see he’s back. Kate asks how Tripp is doing. Steve responds that he’s hanging in there and thanks her. Roman asks how Jada is feeling. Jada says she’s much better and is actually heading to work. Steve asks if she was sick. Jada responds that she took a few days of medical leave, but she’s better now. Steve mentions that he’s heading to the police station as well and offers to give her a ride as he wants to discuss a police matter with her.

Ava hides out in the DiMera Crypt. Her vision of her dead son Charlie appears once again and says he heard today was the big day which Ava confirms. He presumes she has a plan. Ava says it’s simple, direct, and she doesn’t know why she didn’t think of it before. Charlie asks how they are getting their final revenge on EJ DiMera. Ava declares that EJ is going to die.

Eric reminds Sloan that he originally came over to pay his retainer so he still owes her and hopes that’s not the only reason he was welcome here. Sloan invites him to stay another night if he wants. Eric thanks her but says he should get back to the Pub. Sloan points out that he will run in to Jada there. Eric states that he’ll have to face her at some point.

Nicole goes to the Brady Pub and orders a black coffee to go. Nicole asks Kate if Jada is around. Kate responds that she missed her as she just left for work. Kate adds that she doesn’t think Jada wants to see her. Nicole responds that Jada can decide that. Kate remarks that Jada should make her own decisions. Nicole knows Eric blames her for Jada’s choice but argues that she did not force Jada’s hand. Kate questions if Nicole was doing Jada a favor by telling her how horrible her life would be if she had Eric’s baby. Roman points out that he and Kate were both on Nicole’s side and hoping that she and Eric would find their way back to each other. Nicole asks if he’s saying it’s all her fault and that she messed everything up. Nicole thought the baby was her and Eric’s biggest problem but it turns out their biggest problem is that there is no more baby.

Steve goes to the police station with Jada. Jada asks Steve about making a statement. Steve says he wants it on the record and he doesn’t want any secrets from Rafe, so he wants him to hear this too. Rafe then arrives at the station and asks what he wants him to hear. Steve then informs Rafe that EJ kidnapped Tripp and he needs to pay for it.

Ava’s vision of Charlie says he is confused since Ava’s original plan was to kidnap Susan and make EJ pay them back with blood, sweat, tears, and lots of money. Ava points out that EJ kidnapping Tripp changed things. Charlie questions if Ava driving Susan off a cliff and incinerating her wasn’t revenge enough for her. Ava responds that it wasn’t and she’s not going to let EJ live long enough to ever lay another finger on Tripp again.

Johnny goes to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and informs EJ that he took Susan’s cross to the church so it can be on display at the memorial. EJ thanks him and wishes he told him as he would’ve gone with him. Johnny says he didn’t want him to and acknowledges how hard this must be on EJ. Johnny still can’t believe it’s real. Johnny adds that Father Bernard did ask him if they wanted to arrange for some kind of marker in her memory since there are no remains. EJ admits he was thinking about that since he would like a place to visit where he can feel close to her. EJ suggests a plaque in the DiMera Crypt but notes that it’s getting full in there. EJ jokes that last time they added Jake, Stefan came back, so maybe someone else will rise from the dead this time. EJ then suggests they go to the Crypt to find a spot for Susan…

Charlie guesses it’s a good thing that their plan didn’t work out after all. Charlie remarks that he thought they were going to live happily ever after in the underworld but it turns out that Ava is hard to kill. Ava agrees and jokes that she must be on her 8th life now. Charlie points out that Ava had a chance to end EJ’s life while he was passed out on the roadside but she didn’t, so he questions why she didn’t.

Nicole asks how Jada is doing. Kate responds that she’s about as good as she’d imagine. Nicole tells Roman that she knows Kate is not interested in hearing her out, but she never intended for things to turn out this way and she’s sorry that Eric is hurting. Roman responds that Eric is responsible for his own actions, so it’s on him that he assaulted two people and wound up in jail. Roman asks if Nicole has heard from Eric since his release. Nicole confirms she did as he was with his new attorney. They ask her what he said. Nicole reveals that Eric said he never wanted to see her again. Roman questions when that was. Nicole says it was yesterday and asks why. Roman hopes that Eric didn’t get into any more trouble since he didn’t come home last night.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows he has to go back home and he can’t go back to working with Nicole. Sloan talks about how there’s no escape for him. Eric says he just needs time and a reset. Sloan tells him that he’s always welcome here with no strings as they are just friends with great benefits. Eric thanks her and says it’s been a long time since he had a real friend.

Jada questions Tripp being kidnapped and asks if he’s okay. Steve says he’s fine as he and Kayla managed to rescue him and that’s why they went to Seattle. Rafe questions thinking EJ is behind it. Steve says he knows it. Rafe says it makes sense since he knew something had escalated between Ava and EJ. Jada goes over that Ava kidnapped EJ’s mom, so EJ kidnapped her son. Steve explains that when they freed Tripp, EJ lost his leverage against Ava. Rafe says that made EJ desperate and a desperate EJ led to a ruthless Ava. Jada adds that it’s what led to Ava and Susan being killed in the car crash. Rafe says it all makes sense now as that is why EJ was so down at the crash site, since he knew that if he had just given Ava the ransom money then Susan would still be alive. Jada adds that EJ essentially kidnapped Tripp and committed a felony for nothing. Rafe questions Steve saying that he and Kayla rescued Tripp themselves. Steve confirms that they had to work fast and under the radar. Steve says he won’t apologize for doing what he had to do to save his son. Steve adds that Ava asked for his help while conveniently leaving out her part in getting Tripp kidnapped in the first place. Rafe questions why he didn’t get the authorities involved sooner. Steve explains that Ava begged him not to and he agreed to at least until he found that Tripp was safe. Steve adds that he would’ve come to Rafe right after that, but then they found out Ava died, so he didn’t want to leave Tripp. Jada says Steve is telling them now and that’s the important thing. Rafe points out that it’s all hearsay. Steve confirms that Ava told him that EJ kidnapped Tripp but he doesn’t know or have any proof and the henchman wouldn’t name names while now Ava is dead. Rafe bets EJ is feeling pretty good that there’s no proof of his involvement. Steve says that’s why he needs their help in figuring out a way to make EJ pay.

EJ suggests they go to the DiMera Crypt but Johnny stops him and says he doesn’t know if Susan would really want her marker to be in the family crypt. EJ asks why not. EJ knows Susan is technically not a DiMera but she is family. Johnny reminds him that the Devil held her hostage there so he doesn’t know if she’d want her memory to be associated with it for the rest of eternity. EJ decides Johnny may be right since it is gloomy down there and haunted by so many ghosts.

Charlie goes over how Ava and EJ struggled over the gun at the crash site until he fell and hit his head, then Ava was standing over EJ with the gun. Charlie asks why she didn’t kill him and if she lost her nerve. Ava responds that she wanted to give EJ more time to suffer with the guilt of what he did to his mother. Charlie asks if now EJ has suffered enough. Ava declares that he’ll never suffer enough, but she thinks that more people need to pay for the way they treated her and the perfect opportunity has presented itself. Ava declares that today will be their final act.

Jada tells Steve that she’ll do anything to help but points out that Tripp was kidnapped in Seattle which is out of their jurisdiction. Steve knows that limits what they can do. Rafe points out that EJ probably managed everything from here, so if they can prove that then they have jurisdiction. Jada and Rafe decide they are all in. Rafe adds that he’s all for anything he can do to bring down EJ.

EJ pours a drink. Johnny comments that it’s a little early for a drink. EJ says not these days and certainly not today. Johnny asks what happened today. EJ tells him that Rafe came by and tried to implicate him in Susan’s death. Johnny argues that he can’t do that. EJ remarks that Rafe was just angry that Nicole is staying there and tried to take it out on him. EJ brings up if Rafe asks Johnny any questions. Johnny says there’s nothing he could tell him as he only knows that EJ did everything in his power to bring Susan home safely. EJ agrees that he did and adds that Johnny is more than welcome to invite Wendy to the memorial to keep up the cover of them being romantically involved. Johnny thanks him. EJ adds that the entire family is going to be there, so they need to be very careful of what they say to each other so no one hears them talking about what they know. Johnny assures that if Stefan finds out that EJ brainwashed him, it’s not going to be from him.

Eric and Sloan eat together in bed. Sloan praises his cooking. Eric says he’s been cooking for himself for many years while Sloan says she’s been ordering in for many years. Eric suggests they clear the table. Sloan suggests they pick up where they left off. Sloan jokes about handcuffs and Eric getting his priest collar being a fantasy of hers’. Eric says he’s pretty free without the collar. They decide who needs clothing and agree to go shower together.

Nicole questions Roman about Eric not coming home last night. Roman says he even checked with Rafe to make sure he wasn’t back in lockup while Kate adds that they even checked the hospital. Roman is sure Eric is okay but he’s wondering where he could be. Kate asks if Nicole has any idea. Nicole says she doesn’t. Nicole then claims she remembered she had something to do and quickly walks out of the Pub, leaving behind her coffee order. Roman wonders where Nicole went in such a hurry. Kate thinks she was thrown by Eric not coming home. Roman says he’s worried about Eric. Kate responds that Nicole is too but for a completely different reason.

Eric and Sloan get out of the shower together. Sloan then answers the door to see Nicole and questions what she’s doing there as Nicole sees Sloan and Eric in towels.

Rafe tells Jada that he’s glad to see her back at work and asks how she’s feeling. Jada says she’s fine and tired of everyone acting like she’s a fragile little doll. Rafe says people just care about her. Jada just wants to focus on work and put everything with Eric behind her. Rafe says he would love to do the same with Nicole but it seems the universe is conspiring against him. Jada asks what happened now. Rafe informs her that he went to see EJ to question him and didn’t expect to see Nicole there, walking out in a bathrobe which shocks Jada. Rafe says evidently Nicole has moved in with EJ, which he was very happy to inform him of. Jada says she’s so sorry. Rafe says it’s okay as nothing Nicole does surprises him anymore, but he would like to wipe the smug grin off EJ’s face once and for all.

EJ tells Johnny that Harold will serve a luncheon after the service. EJ talks about how the food and music doesn’t matter as he just wants to honor Susan properly and he doesn’t want anyone to forget her. Johnny assures that no one will forget about her.

Ava says it’s a good thing that EJ was drunk that night and his brothers convinced him that he imagined the whole thing, so he still thinks she’s dead and will never see it coming. Ava declares that now she can get revenge on the whole lot of them. Ava declares it will be a memorable memorial as she then unveils a briefcase with a bomb inside and says it’s going to be a blast.

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